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Fun and Friendship or Invasion and Destruction? A My Little Pony Movie x Beerus Crossover! - MarlonCalpe4000

Beerus arrives at the King of All's Palace where Present and Future Lord Zeno gives Beerus an honorable exile for his retirement in Equestria. He gets teleported in the city of Canterlot for the first ever Friendship Festival is going to take place.

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Canterlot Falls and Tempest's Legions enter the City of Light! Through the Desert of Death to Klugetown!

At the City of Canterlot

Meanwhile, back in Canterlot, most of the ponies have been captured and put in chains while there were ones that were bound in ropes as they were forced to mine rocks and move huge stone blocks for them with a crack of a whip as well as build statues and other structures for the Storm King to fulfill his lust for power.

At the North Side

A random pony stallion was struggling to carry a large sack of cement on his back as he stumbles down and a Storm Guard whips his back as the pony scream in pain.

"Get up old man!! PUT YOUR BACK INTO IT!!" The Storm Guard pushes Randolph who is Diamond Tiara's butler up the scaffolding for the Storm King's Statue that was being constructed. Randolph was carrying a hollow block on his back the best way he can with the strength he has as the Storm Guard threatens to whip him. "FASTER!!! FASTER!!!"

Dr. Whooves was being walked by two Storm Guards to his designated location bound in ropes when he heard a cry of pain from an elderly stallion. "Ahhh!! Uhh... Ahhh!!!" Randolph screams as the elderly butler gets pinned down into the ground by the Storm Guard as he receives the pain from the crack of whip over and over again from the Storm Guard. "I said hurry!!!" The Storm Guard gives Randolph a glare before threatening to send pain into the old pony through the crack of a whip. "Stop it..!! Please! Somepony stop this!!" Berry Punch cried out but Amethyst Star tried to stop her from drawing more attention to the Storm Guards as they were assigned to give liquor like hard apple cider and wine to the Storm Guards. "Berry Punch!! Will you please..!!!" Amethyst Star yells as she grabs her friend putting both of her forehooves in her face before looking at her with a dejected look. "There's nothing we can do..."

"Ahhh!! Uhh... Ahhh!!!" Randolph screams as the elderly butler gets tortured from the repeated crack of whips by the Storm Guard as Dr. Whooves is having non of this any longer as he bucks down the two Storm Guards walking him by the rope and punches the other two Storm Guards in front of him knocking them to the ground before biting off his ropes and galloping forward to where Randolph was getting more and more beaten.

"Ahhh!! AHHH!!! AHHHH!!!" Everypony just closed their eyes and trembling in fear as the screams of the elderly stallion echoed in their ears, scared that they might be next if they don't work faster.

"Stop..! Stop it..!! Leave that pony alone!!!" Dr. Whooves quickly gallops up the scaffolding for the Storm King's Statue and strikes the Storm Guard at the back with a swift kick sending him down into the ground killing him.

A group of ponies gathered around the dead body of the Storm Guard as one of the troops pushes past through them. "Out of my way! Out of my way! Move..!!!" "Who... Did this..?!" The Storm Guard asked as he gives the group of ponies a glare terrifying most of them. "Up there! Up there! Its him!!" One of the Storm Guards pointed out pointed out as Dr. Whooves makes a run for it.

Dr. Whooves gallops down from the scaffolding of the Storm King Statue being constructed as he throws down every Storm Guard right in front of him, punching them in the face or bucking them in the stomach. Dr. Whooves was almost out of the city when a Storm Guard strikes him with a lightning spear rendering him unconscious.

Everypony in the crowd gasps as Dr. Whooves gets taken away by four Storm Guards who decided to step in as the brown coated stallion was thrown into the electric cage.

At the South Side

The ponies stepped off to the side in fear as a large orange stallion with a messy scarlet red mane and a cowboy hat for a cutie mark was panting heavily as he walks by with a large collar on his neck. The stallion bumped into Carrot Top who fell to the ground in front of him. "O..Oh..!! I.. Im so sorry..!! W..Wait..!! What are you..?!" Carrot Top was cut off as she gets picked up by the stallion on the neck much to the surprised of everypony who gasped.

"No...!! I didn't mean to... Stop..!! Stop it please..!!" Carrot Top was struggling by the stallion's grip on her neck trying to squirm through and get out.

"You better help me!" The stallion looks into her eyes pleading for life."Huh?" Carrot Top looks into the stallion's eyes as he suddenly gives her a fearful and begging look for mercy.

"Im begging you! Get it off..!!! Get this thing off me..!!!" Carrot Top gives him a confused look as the orange coated stallion grabs hold of his collar, trying to get it off.

"I... I just want to leave..!! I... I JUST WANT TO GO BACK HOME..!!!" The Stallion screams loudly scaring everypony else around him.

"ANYPONY PLEASE..!!! JUST... JUST GET ME OUT OF THIS DAMNED THING..!!!" Carrot Top tries to get away from the Stallion's tight grip on her neck but to no avail. "BRING ME SOMETHING!! SOMEPONY BRING ME A DAMN TOOL..!!" Everypony gasped in shock not knowing what to do but be frozen in place out of fear. "AN AXE..!! A SAW..!! SOMETHING TO GET THIS THING OFF ME..!!!"

"ALL I WANT.. IS TO GO BACK HOME..!!! PLEASE..!! I DON'T WANT TO HURT ANYPONY..!!!" Carrot Top starts crying as she tries to free herself from the grip of the captured stallion as she looks at him in the eye "Please sir.. Let go... Don't kill me..." The stallion looks at her one more time before she throws her into the ground with a yelp. "I GIVE UP! I DON'T WANT TO GO A ADVENTURE ANYMORE..!!!". "PLEASE..!!! I'VE GOT A WIFE AND KID BACK HOME!!! I'M BEGGING YOU HERE..!!!". "MY LITTLE COLT.. I LEFT WHEN HE WAS JUST A FOAL HE DOESN'T EVEN KNOW WHAT I LOOK LIKE..!!". "HELP ME!!! PLEASE!!!" The large stallion throws himself down on the ground kneeling and begging for everypony's help with tears streaming down his face.

The ponies felt deep sympathy for the enslaved stallion but they could do nothing but start backing off concerned as more Storm Guards move in to neutralize the situation "I WANT TO GO HOME..!!! THAT'S ALL THAT MATTERS NOW..!!! I WON'T HURT YOU..!!!" The enslaved stallion keeps trying to get the collar off as it starts ticking like a time bomb "This Collar!! If... I can only... Get this thing off my neck..!!! STOP IT PLEASE..!!! STOP TICKING!!!!" "DAMN IT..!!! DAMN IT!!! GET IT OFF..!!! GET IT OFF ME!!!" The Slave Stallion starts running off out of Canterlot but the Slave Collar on his neck explodes sending shrapnel everywhere much to the shock of the other enslaved ponies around them as four Storm Guards arrived as they approach the runaway slave and electrocute him using their Lightning Spears before throwing him into a separate Electric Cage.

The enslaved stallion with the collar on his neck inside the electric cage looks at the other enslaved ponies out breathing heavily in pain from his wounds. "Please... Help me... Just let me go home to my family... I... I don't want to be an adventurer anymore..."

At the East Side

One of the Storm Guards pounces into the air and pins down Bon-Bon Aka: Sweetie Drops on the ground as another Storm Guard points a Lightning Spear at her. "N..No... Please...Somepony... Anypony out there..!! Please save me..!"

"YES!! YES!! YES!! GIVE ME!! GIVE ME!! GIVE HER TO ME NOW!!" The Storm Guard cheers before he slowly walk towards Bon Bon laughing maniacally. "Re hehehehe..!! Re HEHEHEHEHE!!! REHEHEHEHEHE!!!"

"Hey!! What do you think your doing to my Best Friend you Jerks!! You can't do that you BASTARDS!!!"

"I'd like to see you try pony!!" The Storm Guard picks up BonBon who was frozen in fear up to his face as Bon Bon pleads for her life. "W..Wait.. W... What are you doing?! W..Wait..!! Please..!! N..No!! I have a special somepo.." The Storm Guard puts his lips on Bon Bon's muzzle as he starts kissing her roughly with his claws on her cheeks by force as Bon Bon tries to pull away but to no avail. "The Storm Guard finally lets go of Bon Bon as she starts crying softly putting her hooves in her face as the other troops of the Storm King just laughed at her.

Lyra Heartstrings was struggling through the chains between her four hooves as she was walked by four Storm Guards doing the best she can to kick her hooves around trying to save her Bossom Buddy when one of the Storm Guards puts a mouth guard on her muzzle as she gives the Storm Guard a vicious death glare. "HEY SHUT UP PONY!!!" The Storm Guard who put a muzzle on her turns to face the Sea Green Unicorn and slaps Lyra hard on her flank where her Cutie Mark is as it starts turning red. "When i get out of here.. Your gonna pay for this! With your life!!!" Lyra says loudly in her thoughts as she gives the Storm Guard a Demonic Angry Glare.

One of the troops picks up BonBon holding her tightly as she tries to squirm and struggle, flailing her hooves around but to no avail. "Please let go of me!! Stop it!!" Bon Bon cries out. "Take her to the airship for me" The Storm Guard who kissed her commands to the other guards as they responded. "Yes sir!"

At the West Side

The Storm Guard executioner walks around the guillotine stand giving the signal to the other Storm Guard to Whip the gray earth pony mare who was known as "Octavia Melody". "When the Master gives you something, You take it! He gave you a name! Its a nice name! Its Basilisk! And its going to be yours till the day you die. Now i know you understand me, And i want to her it!!... AGAIN!!!" The Storm Guard slashes Octavia with the crack of the whip causing her to cry in pain.

The executioner of a Storm Guard walks over to Octavia leaning his face close to her "I want to hear you say your name. Your name is Basilisk. Whats your name?"

"Octavia.. My name is Octavia Melody you screw loose of an old fart, Or you can call me Tavi but scratch that, Your not worthy of calling me that you Perverted Furball!" Octavia gives him a smug look even in the face of danger as she spits in his face causing the Executioner to signal to the other Storm Guard to whip her three more times.

"Waaahh..!!.. AHHHH!!! AHHHH!!!" Octavia cries out with tears streaming down her eyes like a waterfall after the third time of getting whipped by a Storm Guard as she faces everypony on what seems to be a guillotine but after a while, she turns a brave face towards all of the Storm Guards around her and everypony else.

"Sweet Celestia i hope somepony out there saves us..!! They are gonna put her dead!! Please just say that name right now so they can stop!!" "Please Tavi im begging y.. AHHHH!!!" Vinyl Scratch gets shocked by the Lightning Spear holding by the Storm Guard standing who was grunting in annoyance getting really ticked off of how loud this pony is.

"WHAT'S YOUR NAME..?! ITS BASILISK!!" "SAY IT!!!" "BASILISK!!!" "WHO ARE YA?! SAY YOUR NAME!!!" The Executioner gives another signal to the Storm Guard by the Guillotine and slashes her with the crack of a whip causing Octavia to scream out cries of pain that can be heard from all over the streets of Canterlot as her tears stream down from her bloodshot eyes and into the concrete floor of the streets.

"So whats your name?" The Storm Guard asks the grey mare on the Guillotine Stand as she can't stop crying from all the pain thats irritating and getting a sting on her back. "B..Basilisk.." Octavia answered while struggling to choke between tears.

"Aye... Say it... SAY IT AGAIN SO THAT THEY OLE CAN HEAR YA!!! WHAT'S YOUR NAME??!!" The Executioner snaps as he faces Octavia glaring at her as he points a Lightning Spear to her face igniting with blue lightning.

"B..Basilisk... My name is Basilisk.." Octavia faces against her tormentor with bloodshot eyes from all the crying after he gaver her this name that tarnished her or even anypony for that matter.

"Aye... Now thats a good pony mare" The executioner exclaimed after caressing Octavia's cheeks as he turns to the other Storm Guards. Now take her down and put her in the airship!"

Inside the Canterlot Castle

Inside one of the cells of the Canterlot Dungeons Lieutenant Tempest Shadow was doing push ups with every count eating a Energy Enhancer Gumball until she hoped to achieve this body of a god fit for combat needed to defeat this purple feline called Beerus the Destroyer but that was an afterthought for her, She thought that Twilight and her friends as well as that purple feline called Beerus were dead for they would not be able to survive that fall from the bridge earlier or in the earlier battle they had.

Tempest Shadow starts doing sit ups and pull ups from the upper bars of the prison cage with one hoof before proceeding to do push ups on the floor with one hoof while eating another Energy Enhancer Gumball steroids to strengthen her body once more.

As Tempest was about to finish her workout by having an energy drink that she snatched from the Castle's Royal Kitchen, Her assistant Grubber walks into the dark prison chambers of the Canterlot Dungeons where Tempest doing her rough and rigorous daily workout and training exercises. "Ehemm..!!" Grubber holds a Storm King's Handbook as he informs Tempest of the meeting. "Commander Tempest, Its Time". "Yes Grubber I'll be there!"

As Tempest walks out of the Canterlot Castle and inside a Royal Carriage, She rides off into the City Hall where she gets greeted by a Battalion of Storm Guards playing Military Marches with the instruments they acquired from the captured ponies earlier.

The Battalion of Storm Guards are holding up their Anti Magic Shields and their Lightning Spears for Commander Tempest with their usual stoic postures as well as flags of Storm King's face and the Storm Kingdom as even Grubber gets honored as one of the Storm Guards put a suit jacket on the assistant hedgehog with gold epaulettes on the shoulder sleeves flowing in the wind as the lone Storm Guard receives a salute from Grubber.

At the Canterlot City Hall

At the Canterlot City Hall, Commander Tempest is celebrating one of the National Holidays which the Storm King declared which is the Anniversary of his conquest of the Kingdom of Abyssinia.

"All hail Commander Tempest!! ALL HAIL OUR LEADER TEMPEST!! LONG LIVE COMMANDER TEMPEST!!! All hail Commander Tempest!! ALL HAIL OUR LEADER TEMPEST!! LONG LIVE COMMANDER TEMPEST!!! " All of the Storm Guards inside Canterlot City Hall rise up in a thunderous applause in honor of their leader serving the Storm King as Tempest steps up into the podium to calm them down by lowering her right hoof.

Tempest taps the microphone twice as she starts her speech"...and if some fool asks, If you have taken Equestria, why is there still fighting in the streets? I reply that it is not worth another world war. It is immaterial to me, whether it takes one, or two, or three months to smoke out the last of these rat's nests! Since we will be in Canterlot for a thousand thousand years!!!"

All of the Storm Guards present in the Canterlot City Hall once again rise up to give a thunderous applause and loud cheering that could be heard from outside the city streets. Grubber stands up at the side of the podium as he gives a military salute to Tempest Shadow and encouraging the rest of the Storm Guards to do the same with a loud voice. ""All hail Commander Tempest!! ALL HAIL OUR LEADER TEMPEST!! LONG LIVE COMMANDER TEMPEST!!! All hail Commander Tempest!! YEAAHHH!!!" Tempest salutes back to the ever loyal Storm Guards as the Storm Troops kept clapping loudly.

After the speech that Tempest made, all of the Storm Guards present in the Canterlot City Hall were talking to each as she starts to walk out of the building for some fresh air seeing that everyone was enslaved by the Storm King's Army. "All this power wasted on parties when there are far greater uses". She said. “When their are far greater uses.” She then heard a ringtone for a jar of liquid that acted like face time that Grubber brought in.

“YOU!” she shouted at Snips who was her prisoner.

“Waaah, what?” He asked in fear.

“Answer it.” she ordered.

"Hey come on!! You do this one!!" Snips urges Snails to come forward who begrudgingly follows her command. “Ummmm ok.” He said not knowing how to use it but he took it from Grubber and inspected it wondering how to activate it. “Ok how am I going to do this? Uhhhhhhhh.” He wondered until he found a cork, opened it and pored the liquid into the gauntlet it then erupted into a fiery blue flame with the Storm king trying to fix his.

“Where am I supposed to be looking? Oh come on, I never understood how these things worked.” He said. “TEMPEST!!”

Snips and Snails was disturbed by his appearance.

“Over here your Excellence.” Tempest said.

“Where?” He asked trying to find the part of the flame communicator where she was. Tempest, Snips and Snails directing him to find the spot till he found it. “Oh there you are. I see you got yourself some mediocre prisoner losers.”

“Mediorce?” asked Snips and Snails in unison.

"Oh. There you are. Here's the deal. I'm in the middle of a big re-brand here. "The Storm King" is tracking well as "intensely intimidating", but you know what? I need to back it up. You know what I need to back it up with? A storm! That would be great! You promised me magic that could control the elements, and right now, I'm holding a what? A branch. A twig. Bleh!

"Uh, that would be the Staff of Sacanas, Your Excellency, and it will... ...channel the magic of the four rulers of this land. You'll soon have the power of a hundred armies". Tempest told him.

So that would be a yes on your locking down the four Pegacornicuseses, or whatever you call them?

“Alicorns.” Tempest corrected him. "Give me three days. I'll have everything ready for your arrival.

As they conversation continued, the Storm King starts talking with a dark tone to his voice giving Tempest a low growl. "Remember, Tempest. Only I have the power to make you whole. Make this twig work, and you'll get your reward. Fail me, and your horn won't be the only thing that's broken".

“It will be done.” Tempest said.

"Great! I'm ready to power up, crash and bash, and be the biggest, baddest bugaloooooo..." The Storm King became so upbeat that he decided to wear a black suit with a black fedora but something was disrupting the call.

“Sorry bad spell service. You want me to call him back? Grubber asked.

“Do you have the Princess?” Tempest asked.

"Well, uh, funny story. It kinda seem like she... she might've like, you know, got away... a little bit. I know you're disappointed, but I got some words for you.. Uhhh... You want a sponge cake?"

Tempest wasn't amused by this joke of a nonsense as she gives Grubber an angry glare and blasts him with her lightning as he cries out in pain. "Ahhhhh!!"

Tempest wasn’t happy about it but Snips and Snails laughed before being shocked by Tempest’s broken horn as well..

"Owwww..." Snips said as he falls down on the floor Canterlot City Hall as black and burned from being electrocuted while Snails keep jumping up and down holding his flank. "Owww!! Owww!! Owww!! Owww!!" Snails desparately looks for a place to cool off until he sees the punch bowl and jumps inside it. "Ahhhh... Much better..."

“I need all four for the staff to work.” Tempest angrily said.

I know, I know.” Grubber told her. “I want the Storm king to fix your horn as much as you do. It looks like a crackly chipped tooth on top of your head. We know you don’t look good in that.”

Snips and Snails gulped worrying grubber made Tempest angry, and she was.

"That Princess is not gonna keep me from getting my horn back! Prepare my ship!" She ordered Grubber and he ran off to do that.

"Please. How far could one little pony get on her own?" Tempest scoffs.

“And you two.” she turns towards Snips and Snails.

“ME!?” Asked Snips and Snails in Unison.

"Go have some cake.." Tempest turns to the banquet table with different types of cakes, pastries and other desserts inside the Canterlot City Hall as Snips and Snails mouth watered at the enormous amount of food.

"Oh and one more thing colts, Here's a little something for your compensation" Tempest Shadows whistles a quick call as a Storm Guard approaches her holding a largest sack of bits anypony had ever seen before. "Enjoy Boys" Tempest Shadow leaves before ordering the Storm Guard to take care and protect them at all costs.

"So long Boys". Tempest says to Snips and Snails who jumped into the enormous sack of bits. "Have a safe trip Commander Tempest!!" Snips and Snails replied with a proud salute to their heads to the Storm King's Lieutenant.

Out in the desert, our 10 heroes bravely, but tiredly pressed on through their journey but they were really hot and tired. Starlight and Trixie were tiredly cheering of saving the day while Pinkie was going crazier than usual.

“Huff.. Pant.. “Are we there yet?” Trixie asked still tired as her hat starts to get wet and droopy from all of the sweat.

“We must be close by now.” Starlight breathed heavily until she spotted a sign with some dirt on it, covering some words, mostly a part of a word that she and the others believed it was the full word. “Guys look!” She shouted. “We’re doing great. The kingdom of the hippo- is only two days away.

But a bush flew off revealing more info.

“By any aircraft vehicle.” Trixie said.

"You know im the fastest creature alive here since Im also the most powerful God of Destruction back in my home universe". Rainbow Dash crossed her hooves and sticks her tongue out at her not liking the purple feline's big bad intro about him being a Destroyer God and all about how powerful and mighty he is.

"I can easily carry you all on my back if i so wish" Lord Beerus smirks with a proud remark as he crosses his arms over his chest.

"Really? Oh thats great!" Twilight exclaimed with stars and hearts in her eyes as she starts dancing in a circle with Starlight, Trixie and Pinkie as the pink mare brings out her party cannon and fires it exploding confetti everywhere "Oh Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Were saved guys! Were saved!"

"There's just a teeny tiny bit problem with that" Beerus exclaims as he gives the group of ponies his ever rare look of nervous smiles. "Really? Whats that?" Twilight asks with a smile. "Im sure its nothing we can fix right girls?" "Right!!" All of the mane 6 join in on the group hug excluding Spike celebrated with Starlight and Trixie dancing the Mexicolt Mariachi with them.

"Yeah.... About that... Beerus exclaims as he wipes off a sweat from his brow. "I don't exactly know where this Hippo Kingdom is... That your talking about Purple Princess".

"WHAT??!!!!" Everypony and Everycreature fell down face first into the desert sand in Anime Chibi Form.

Starlight groan in frustration and they pressed on.

“Saving *pant* Equestria. Pinkie said letting out an insane laugh. “Oh look, maybe this guy knows where to go.”

Pinkie picked up a vulture skull and held it to her ear waiting for a response while a spider crawled across Pinkie's face. Everyone but Trixie had though Pinkie had officially lost it. “Hey! My friends talking to you! Trixie panted at the skull. A moment of silence past till Pinkie spoke.

“What's that friend? We’re lost?” Pinkie insanely laughed, then coughed up sand, then giggled insanely, then fainted.

Trixie wasn’t doing so good either. “Must..*pant* keep..going. *cough*”

Spike then weakly spoke. “We.....Could be going in...circles. Endless...sand. *gasp* Nothing for miles.....but sand *pant*....and this rock *Cough* and this cactus. *Long gasp* .....and this road.” He gasped then lied on the road.*gasp* this roooooaaaaad.”

“Trixie got to get out of here.”Trixie weakly said then coughed as Starlight quickly trots over to her friend letting her drink from a Water Canteen. "There, there! Everythings going to be alright Trixie... there.. there... Im here for you, We're in this together okay?" Trixie nodded with a small smile as Starlight takes off the Magician's hat and squeezes it tightly draining all of the water off the hat and putting it back on her best friend's head, good as new.

"Oh please put a sock in it!!" Beerus replied with his snarky sarcasm. "I've been rougher environments and survived far harsher planets than this!!". "Yeah... Yeahh.. God of all things purple feline, We get it okay?!!"

"What did you say punk...?! Do you know i can pound you to dust if i ever so wanted to?!" Beerus exclaimed as he gives Rainbow Dash a nasty glare. "I'd like to see you try Cat Face!! All I'm seeing now is a kitty who's going to get his clock cleaned!!"

"Why you??!!!... Grrrr.... GRRRR!!!!" Rainbow Dash and Beerus were now butting heads face to face as lightning starts to strike between their foreheads.

"Girls..?!" Twilight sighed as she tried to ease the situation as he pinches her forehead and yells one more time. "GIRLS..!!!" "What is it Twilight?! Everypony and Everycreature asked as Beerus and Dash little scuffle quickly ended in a heartbeat.

Twilight then realized. "Hmm? A road? Where there's a road, there's a..." Twilight gasps.

Starlight quickly realized what Twilight was saying and hurried to the nearest rock near the road with moss on it.

“Hmmmm. I think towns this way. Moss always points north.” Starlight said.

“The pioneers?” Twilight said amused.

"Well Twilight if you must know is that the ponies from my village are pioneers if you already observed how ponies lived in "Our Town!" Starlight exclaimed putting her right forehoof on her chest.

"Yeah and my family basically travel alot thats why I'm basically considered a pioneer! Me and my family do magic shows at different cities, Manehattan, Phillydelphia, Las Pegasus, Trottingham, Saddle Arabia, Canterlot.. I basically live in my wagon same as all the other members of my family who are basically on the road most of the time".

"Yeah Twi! How come you didn't know about Pioneers?" Applejack asked bewildered. "Didn't i already told you that Granny Smith is a pioneer and that she is the founder of Ponyville?"

Twilight looks to her friends with a nervous smile as sweat starts to run down her forehead and in a funny manner as all of her friends were confused at one moment except for Beerus who was amused of Twilight's facial expressions right now. "W..Well i... I...". "Yes Twilight we're mighty confused as well". Trixie turns to Twilight and gives her a smug look as she puts her left forehoof on her shoulder. "Is the Great and Powerful Twilight been slacking off on her studies recently since she's now the Princess of Friendship?"

Applejack trots over to Twilight and she looks at the purple pony princess with a raised eyebrow. "Next time you and me talked with Granny.. We're gonna have a little pop quiz if you REALLY KNOW WHO GRANNY SMITH IS...AND THE HISTORY OF PONYVILLE".

"ANYWAYS..." Twilight says as she tries to change the subject as Applejack was getting uncomfortably too close to her.

And Starlight was right. When they go to the next hill, they found on the horizon a city. Everyone was amazed and relieved to find civilization.

“Ooooo, A city.” Pinkie said happily. “We’re doing it you guys.”

“You know what they say!” Rarity said excitedly. Where theirs a city, theirs a spa!”

“Who says that?” Rainbow dash asked.

“Well i say if there is a City, There is food! Wonderful, Sweet Smelling, Delicious Food!! FOOD!!!. Beerus exclaims excitedly

“You may seem to have forgot we’re on a mission to save Equestria.” Applejack told Rarity.

"Oh relax Applejack!" Rainbow Dash says as she starts flying up into the air at breath taking speeds and starts doing punches and karate kicks up high. "If there are any bad guys around, Well just smacked them around and beat like always".

"And don't forget that we have a God of Destruction on our side to blast any evil away like we always do! Hihihi!" Pinkie says with a smile as she bounces off with the group.

“And I can multi task!.” Rarity told her.

To be Continued...

Author's Note:

What do you think will happen next in this deviation? Find out in the next chapter!

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