• Published 16th May 2020
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Fun and Friendship or Invasion and Destruction? A My Little Pony Movie x Beerus Crossover! - MarlonCalpe4000

Beerus arrives at the King of All's Palace where Present and Future Lord Zeno gives Beerus an honorable exile for his retirement in Equestria. He gets teleported in the city of Canterlot for the first ever Friendship Festival is going to take place.

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Tempest meets her match! The attack on Canterlot!

At the City of Canterlot

Everypony was enjoying the party, games, music and food at the First Ever Annual Friendship Festival. The ponies were having a good time, even Beerus the God of Destruction had calmed down while he was lying down on his beach chair with a bathrobe on, a sunglasses over his head and enjoying a glass of orange juice with a bendy straw on his hand. Beerus the destroyer was about to take another nap when he zip past the crowd of ponies after smelling the delicious aroma of Tokoyaki Balls from Neighpon all the way from the other side of the street.

It had been a pretty nice day for him so far with his interactions with the popstar idol Songbird Serenade but she had to excuse herself for a while because she had to prepare the equipment at the stage needed for her concert. Everypony gathered in one place to await the entrance of the Princesses when all of a sudden, a black storm cloud appears in the sky over Canterlot.

Twilight gasps as she saw the sky darkening around her. "Storm clouds? I ordered perfect weather! Rainbow Dash?!"

"Uh... I... don't think those are storm clouds." Rainbow Dash says staggering as she was more afraid of how Beerus the Destroyer would react to the thick smog of darkness when she was clearly assigned to clear the weather for the festivities.

Beerus walks over to Twilight and the others who were gathered at the plaza. "Hey.. whats going on here Twilight..?! I thought you ponies were better than that! I was just relaxing myself and trying to have a good time when all of a sudden, I get no sunlight!! Whats with you ponies?! Even if i was to destroy something, I don't do it in darkness!!" Beerus exclaimed cupping his fists in a furious rage as a purple aura of God Ki sourrounds him scaring ponies around him as stallions and mares hold fillies and colts around them.

Pinkie Pie sat down beside Lord Beerus and Twilight tapping her chin with a forehoof completely curious. "Soo... How do you destroy entire worlds Lord Beerus sir?" "Do you really want to know..?" Beerus asks back with a low dark tone to his voice and a wicked grin on his face" "Oh yes most certainly sir!!" Replied Pinkie Pie with glee. "PINKIE!!!" Shouted the Mane 6 and Starlight protesting in anger.

Beerus unleashes his God Ki as purple aura as Beerus starts to levitate higher and higher into the sky as he surrounds his body with a sun-like energy sphere, then fires a purple energy wave from his palm aiming it at all the ponies below until....

"BEERUS STOP THIS INSANITY RIGHT NOW..!!!" Twilight ordered Beerus in her Royal Canterlot Voice as the crowd of ponies looked at her in shock. Beerus didn't even flinched but reluctantly disintegrate his sun like energy sphere by flicking a small hakai energy at it destroying it out of sight.

A large, ominous airship emerges from the clouds and lands on the festival grounds.

Everypony was shocked at the sight. Some were frozened with fear, others placed their young behind them, and other fainted at the sight.

"The evil gods? Looks like i have some cleaning up to do." Beerus exclaims with a dark tone and wicked grin on his face scaring the ponies who are already intimidated by him and confused on who they should be more afraid of.

"Ooh! I bet those are the clowns I ordered!" ” Pinkie said optimistically until the ship landed and smashed party favor’s balloon stand. “Or definitely not the clowns I ordered.”

“That’s a blimp warship Pinkie Pie.” Beerus said annoyed. “And their are going to be more of them coming.”

Once the ship landed the hatch door opened pulling out a ramp and it squished the last balloon standing. Everyone gasped.

“Brian NOOOO!” shouted party favor.

A small hedgehog named Grubber comes out of the ship to announce his arrival on behalf of the Storm King. Grubber recomposes himself for a bit fixing his spines as he clears his throat and speaks into the Storm King megaphone that transformed from the small metal box he was carrying earlier. "Ponies of Equestria, we come on behalf of the fearsome, the powerful, the almighty... Storm King!"

"Pfftt... Amateurs..!!" Beerus scoffs mockingly. Grubber gets angry after hearing this offensive comment and snarls at the anthropomorphic purple feline. "You shut your damn mouth..!! You scrawny punk..!!!" "What did you just say..?!" Beerus says snarling back as he starts to stomp towards the airship where Grubber was, each of his heavy steps creating a huge crack underneath his feet.

Twilight quickly teleports in front of Beerus as she was putting her forehooves on his chest as Twilight gives the God of Destruction a pleading and sympathetic look that actually softened him up a bit. "BEERUS PLEASE...!! Please... Stop this... please...". "If you won't do it for everypony else, would you just do this for me...? Please...

"Alright fine... I'll stop this attack.. Just as long as nobody hurts you" Twilight smiles as she hugs Beerus who calmed down for now. "T.. Thank you L..Lord...I... I mean Beerus". Beerus shares a sympathetic look with Twilight as his heart starts pounding in a strange manner causing him to hug back with a genuine smile on his face.

"Awwww... They look soo sweet" Said a mare in the crowd which caused all of them to cheer loudly seeing the Princess of Friendship in love. "Hey...!! Hey..!! Hey...!! Stop that...!! Be scared you fools!!!" Witnessing the scene around them, the ponies start getting into a love hug frenzy, something you would see at a sleepover after a night of pillow fighting or watching a romantic movie and getting all mushy. "Hey... Hey...!! Hey!! Stop being so happy!!" Grubber tried to break them up but to no avail, The ponies are just ignoring him, up to the point where the hedgehog felt that he had enough. Grubber was so mad that he was going red all over his face and steam was coming out of his ears and nose as he puts a thermometer on his mouth causing the mercury to fill it up to the very brim and explode. "Hey! Hey...!! Hey!!! HEY!!! STOP GIGGLING!!!!" All of the ponies turn to him giving him a sly smile and smug grins on their faces.

Grubber recomposes himself as he pulls out his megaphone getting ready for another entrance. "And now, to deliver the evil, evil methage, put your hooveth together for..."

"Ooh, ooh, more guessing games!" Pinkie Pie lightheartedly surmised. "Um, Hokey Smokes! How about...Queen Meanie! No! Black Snooty, Black Snooty-"

An apple from Applejack quickly muffled any other answers from the pink mare.

"Ooh! Me next! I want a turn!" Minuette waved. "Midnight Sky? Blacken Cloudy? How about Duchess Darkness? Am I warm or-"

An apple fritter from Lemon Hearts shut this one up.

"Commander Tempeeeesst!" Grubber shouts his showdown entrance for Tempest on the Storm King Megaphone as out stepped a dark purple pony with and a red Mohawk mane and what would appear to be a broken horn.

"Yes.. Yes.. How scary! A dark purple unicorn with a broken horn and a chicken mane.. Ohh puh leaasee..!! You think you can intimidate someone like me..? " Beerus steps forward to where Tempest was stepping down from the dark airship spitting on the side which breaks a row of bottles on a shooting gallery stall much to the shock of the ponies around them as tensions rise between him and the princesses aside from the strange newcomer into the scene.

“Is that a unicorn?” Twilight asked.

“I think so but what happened to her horn?” Spike asked

Play for an authentic experience.

I knew i shouldn't have gotten out of bed today..! Diamond Tiara groans in frustration. I wonder what Silver Spoon is up to? Diamond Tiara wonders.

Meanwhile at Silver Spoon's Family Mansion

Silver Spoon was lying down on a beach chair in front of the family pool with hayburger, hay fries, hay dogs, waffles and a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice beside her while she was watching her favorite Power Ponies Cartoons. 'Would that be all Miss Silver Spoon?" Her young butler asks. He was a a teenage stallion with a white coat and a black mane styled in a pompadour with a spoon and fork for a cutie mark. "Oh yes of course! Oh and also take this bag of bits as a tip". The butler pony gladly recieve the bag of bits from Silver Spoon. "Oh and one more thing butler." 'Yes?" Her butler asks. "You can take the rest of the day off!" Silver Spoon says gladly as the Butler happily trots off outside the pool area thanking her to have plans in buying something for his marefriend.

Now back to the reality of the situation!

"Step aside Equines, This is my bidding, A business concerning the God of Destruction". "Hey!!" Princess Celestia shouts feeling disrespected as she gets shoved to the side by a great force from Beerus as the same with Princess Luna and Princess Cadence as they fell to the ground. Nevertheless they picked themselves up. "Please keep him from doing anything destructive!!" Princess Cadence whispers to Twilight who nod in return as the princesses trot over behind Beerus to face Tempest Shadow.

Lord Beerus the God of Destruction from Universe 7 of the outer dimension walks forward to meet this self proclaimed Storm King who refused to show up along with his minions the hedgehog and this dark purple unicorn mare with the broken horn who thinks she can scare and intimidate any of the ponies here which was supposed to be his job as a former destroyer. As he faces this supposedly weapon of a pony, there was a flashback unbeknownst to him was being played by Pinkie Pie in the projector which got everypony's attention including the princesses.

At the end of the short film flashback by Pinkie Pie, All of the ponies in Canterlot started to fear the terror that is Lord Beerus the Destroyer as fillies and colts start to tremble and hide behind their parents only to be hugged and comforted, hoping that this purple feline God of Destruction is on their side as a result of Twilight's friendship.

Princess Celestia trots forward to greet Tempest Shadow."Tempest" is it? How may we help you?"

“I’m so glad you asked.” Tempest said. “How about we start with your complete and total surrender?.”

Twilight soon went to the princesses hoping to talk to tempest. “Hi there, Princess of Friendship. Not exactly sure what’s going on, but I know we can talk things ou....” Beerus the God of Destruction steps in cutting off Twilight as he puts an arm in her face much to her annoyance. "Shut up mere pony!! Who are you to give me orders?!!" Beerus snarled in anger making some ponies scared.

"Don't you realize the predicament that you mere feline and your low little pony friends got yourselves into?!' Tempest barked back. "A PURPLE KITTEN LIKE YOU IS GONNA BE SLAUGHTERED REALLY EASY!!!" Tempest snarled getting in Beerus face as her as lightning starts to ignite from her horn.

Oh, goody. All four Princesses. Here's the deal, ladies. I need your magic.

Give it up nicely, please,

or we make it difficult for everyone"

Beerus cuts off Tempest as he rushes off to the purple mohawk mare and punches her in the face sending the lieutenant of the Storm King tumbling hard down into the ground much to the shock of everypony. Tempest coughs up some blood as she glares at Beerus. "I... I... was... hoping... you... c...choose...difficul..." Beerus cuts her off as he keeps punching her in the barrel and in the face. "SHUT UP...!!! YOU DONT KNOW, YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW ME!!!" Beerus takes flight into the air grabbing her at jet speeds and throws her to the ground and proceeds to slamming her face repeatedly in the concrete for a dozen more times."

"SHUT UP!!! I KNOW WHAT YOUR TRYING TO DO!!! YOU WANT TO TAKEOVER THIS CITY OF EQUINES CANTERLOT HUH?!!!" Beerus keep slamming Tempest's head in the ground with his left arm while he keeps punching Tempest on the face over and over again into the concrete until the crater on the pavement keeps getting deeper and larger much to the shock of the horrified ponies as some of the adults tried to hide the fillies and colts behind their flanks at the sight of such violence as to what a God of Destruction is capable of. Even Fluttershy starts to feel pity for the purple mare as she starts to sob as Rarity hugs her trying to comfort the butter yellow pegasus.

"WELL FIRST OF ALL YOUR GONNA HAVE TO GO THROUGH ME!!! GOT IT...???!!! Got it...??!!! got it...??!!!" Beerus shouts as his words echoed to everypony present in the city centre. All of the ponies and even all the storm guards were paralyzed in shock for a moment at the horrendous amount of blood spilled on the city concrete.

"How the mighty have fallen..." Beerus says as he grabs Tempest in the neck and looks into her half lidded eyes. "Beerus you don't have too..." Princess Twilight was about to intervene when Beerus cuts her off with a hard in her face. "SHE'S THE EVIL MARE RIGHT?! SHES THE VILLAIN!! THE EVIL EQUINE WHO WANTS TO TAKE OVER CANTERLOT!!!"

"Thats an evil look in your eyes i see... How terrifying..." Beerus scoffs dryly in a mocking manner as he slams Tempest Shadow into the other side of the road as he kicks her in the Barrel and stomps at her hind legs, putting extreme pressure not protected by her armor as she screams loudly in pain. "HOW COME!!!! WHERE ARE YOU NOW??!!! COME UP HERE AND FIGHT ME!!!!". "WHO DO YOU THINK YOUR SPEAKING TOO??!!!" Beerus starts punching her rapidly in the stomach like a gatling gun with his fists infused with purple God Ki aura. "WHO..??!!!" "WHO...??!!!" "WHO???!!!!" Beerus screams in her loudly, his voice echoing in her head with a purpose to deafen and finishes her off with a kick to her gut with just enough consciousness to call out for help .

Beerus the Destroyer stands tall, all high and mighty before his defeated foe, Tempest Shadow as well as all the ponies around him with a speech of his own "Hahahahaha! The beginning is upon us! I suggest you prepare! Were setting off in a new era where the true fighters will survive! The weak should run while they still can or be swept away by the tides of time! As we roll back to reveal a new era of champions! BWUHAHAHAHAHA!!!"

"Tempest!! hang on!!" Grubber runs over to his lieutenant to see how she was doing in her obvious bad condition. "I... I... n... need... Energy Enhancers.." Tempest was struggling for breath when Grubber goes beside Tempest and gives her an Energy Echancer which are magical strengthening gumballs which restores any pony to full health and gaining more physical power, speed power and magical power when eaten, a must in the Storm King's Army but eating too much can tear the body apart as it must only be used in emergency situations. "It looks like we have to use... that THING after all.. Tempest exclaims". "I guess that purple feline is a lot more powerful than i thought... If i run into them again with that purple pony princess... They're dead..!!! DEAD!!!!" Tempest stomps her hoof down on the concrete floor hard, creating a large crack in it.

Beerus was on his way to the Canterlot Gardens for some well deserved R and R when Twilight suddenly teleports in front of him. "Hold on mister! What do you think your doing?" Twilight accuses him angrily. "Well i just saved your behind thank you very much!" "By the way YOU'RE WELCOME!!!" Beerus sarcastically snaps back growling in Twilight's face.

"All you have to do is subdue her long enough for us to interrogate her on what her motives are! You don't have to shed so much blood in front of these ponies!!" Twilight answers back trying to convince him that this is an unnecessary action. "What?! Do you want to be her next victim?!" "Well im sorry Twilight Sparkle! Im a destroyer..!! Its kind of what i do okay?!" "I have been living for millions and millions of years and my specific job was to destroy planets in my old world to keep the balance between the universe!! Do you understand me..?! I mean... Gaahhhh!!" Beerus slams a tree in frustration, knocking the entire thing down in one chop and throws a stone into the ground, disintegrating it instantly.

"Because you could have hurt somepony..." Twilight puts his forehooves on Beerus shoulders and looks at the purple feline god with pleading look in her eyes and gives him a warm comforting hug. "Please just promise me that you won't make any more violent actions against other ponies okay..?" You are living a new life here in Equestria and i just want you to be yourself.. Please be your true self Beerus.. I know for a fact that you have a heart, Thats why i know that your capable of love and caring for somepony...". "Please be the pony.. er creature that you truly want to be, not just the creature who is bounded by rules of what he is supposed to do in the old world..Beerus you have a heart that is capable of doing the right thing so please.. Do what is right okay?"

Twilight hugs Beerus tightly with tears forming in her eyes that made Beerus felt a little bit sorry as Beerus slowly lets her go and wipes the tears in her eyes with a handkerchief. "Just please... Think about what other ponies will say.. Think about what Spike.. Your best friend will say and..." Twilight was about to get sentimental again before Beerus cuts her off midsentence. "Yes... Yes... Friendship and flowers and bunnies and all of that mushy sappy stuff... I get it..!!" Beerus sighs in irritation which made Twilight giggle, seeing his funny expressions on that despite being a powerful and terrifying figure.

Back at the City of Canterlot

"And why should we cower before you?" Luna said bravely. "There's one of you and hundreds of us."

Suddenly more airships came out from the smog carrying a lot of Storm Guards of the Storm King. Everyone was shocked.

"Its a raid!! Its an all out raid!! DUCK AND OVER PEOPLE!! ON TO BATTLESTATIONS!!!" Grubber shouts the commands over his Storm King megaphone.

“MAN YOUR STATIONS RED ALERT RED ALERT!!! “TAKE COVER!” Grubber says as he orders the Storm Guards to hold every position and capture everypony in sight.

Soon, Tempest leaped in the air and kicked an orb straight at the princesses. Cadence put up a shield to try and stop the orb but it broke through and began freezing her in obsidian.

“What’s going on here!?” Beerus asks quite shocked what happened when a Energy Weakening Bracelet was cuffed into his leg, completely weakening the purple feline destroyer god in the process. "This one's on you Twilight!! Go and save all your pony friends..!! A..and don't forget to set me free!!" Twilight was about to question this decision when Beerus throws her in the direction where her friends were completely trusting this situation on her.

Twilight gasped seeing what happened.

“Cadence!” Celestia said.

“I can’t stop it!” Cadence said as she was completely frozen in obsidian.

Tempest dashed towards them.

“Luna quick, go south beyond the badlands. Celestia quickly instructed her sister. “Seek help from the queen of the hippo- arrrgh” Before she could finished, another obsidian orb hit her and froze her as well. Luna gasped and tried to fly away but she was also hit by and orb that freezed her as well. she almost fell but twilight caught her in time.

“URRRGH, Luna!” Twilight said in distress.

Soon Tempest launched another orb at Twilight.

“Twilight!” shouted somepony who pushed Twilight out of the way. But Tempest believed she got her.

“Easy as pie.” Tempest gloated.

“Ohhh I love pie.” The hedgehog said. “Ohh you totally got the last Princess Tempest.”

But It was revealed to be Derpy who saved twilight.

“That’s not the princess.” Tempest said in a fiery rage. “Grubber, GET HER NOW!.

Grubber ran to tell the others of the orders as Tempest crushed a crown under hoof.

“Over here ya'll” Applejack shouted to the others.

"Wait everypony! Girls take us with you!!" Starlight Glimmer said as he tried her hardest to buck down a Storm Guard who was out to get her. "Yes! Yes..!! Please..!! Trixie doesn't in any way want to be here right now more than you do!!" Trixie makes a run for it with Starlight as she throws a few smoke bombs on the Storm Guards to distract them from the sidelines and buck them down.

"Twilight the key..! The key!! Get it now to unlocked these Energy Weakening Bracelets..!! Go! Go!! GO!!! COME ON!!!" Beerus exclaims as he points to a Storm Guard near him with a key hanging by his torso. "Twilight gives Starlight and Trixie a serious nod as they work together to distract the lone Storm Guard using smoke bombs from Trixie and a game of Tag from Starlight as they both buck him down really hard on the the balls while he was lost and distracted in the smoke making the Storm Guard fell down unconscious while holding down unto his family jewels.

"Thanks Starlight! I guess all those time learning to Applebuck on AJ's farm really paid off" Trixie says being grateful to her Best Friend as they finally free Beerus from his Energy Weakening Bracelets with the key that they stole from the unconscious Storm Guard. "Awww shucks, You know i would do anything for my friendship with you". Trixie holds unto the Magic Weakening Bracelet and the key as she hides it under her hat. Starlight and Trixie nuzzle each other for the moment before two Storm Guards are heading down with their weapons towards Starlight and Trixie before each of them get knocked out by the two unicorn mares from being bucked down hard in the balls screaming in pain.

Lord Beerus, Trixie and Starlight soon caught up with Starlight screaming her head off and Trixie mocking the Storm Guards.

“HA HA, try and catch us now you stupid- huh?” she said before he notice a bunch of them. “AHHHH!!!”

“Run faster Trixie.” Starlight told her. Soon the ten of them were running from the Storm King's army. They got to the bridge before being cut off. Starlight and Trixie screamed and Twilight tried to use her magic but it was deflected and broke the bridge causing them to fall in the water and fall off a waterfall. Canterlot was conquered by the army of the Storm King. Grubber and a couple of Storm Guards looked over the side of the waterfall.

“Which one of you guys is going down their?” Grubber asked.

“*Grunt*” said one of the guards.

Grubber sighed. “I would but I just had a big meal and I will but i would have side cramps.”

“*Grunt*” Said the other soldier.

“I’m very big boned.”


“ I will sink quick.”

They soon left to give Tempest the bad news.

To be continued...

Author's Note:

What do you think will happen next in this deviation? Find out in the next chapter!

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