• Published 16th May 2020
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Fun and Friendship or Invasion and Destruction? A My Little Pony Movie x Beerus Crossover! - MarlonCalpe4000

Beerus arrives at the King of All's Palace where Present and Future Lord Zeno gives Beerus an honorable exile for his retirement in Equestria. He gets teleported in the city of Canterlot for the first ever Friendship Festival is going to take place.

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Before Friendship comes Destruction! Twilight and the Princesses meet Beerus.

The Hallways of the Canterlot Castle

"Twilight...? Twilight...? Are you okay now...?" Spike asks while tending to the Purple Princess of Friendship who is now sitting on a beach chair while noticing for a sec that she has an ice pack on top of her head. Beerus is not the one for taking orders from other worldly lesser beings, much less a pony.

He hated that idea for the fact that he should be the one that would be treated like a King, Even more so a God compared to all of these strange equines. He doesn't like it one bit, Irritated that he is now serving a glass of iced tea and a sandwich to this pony princess named Twilight.

Nevertheless, He keeps reminding himself not to loose his cool and also for the fact that he is doing this for Spike, A great friend to him that showed him a good time today at Canterlot and someone he feels he could trust.

"Huh..? Oh, H...Hi Spike! What happened..?" Twilight asks her drake assistant, feeling a bit better now after drinking a glass of iced tea. "Oh im glad that your okay now Twilight. It seems that you have fainted once again after one of your panic attacks because you were nervous on what the Princesses might say to your creative plan to make this the best Friendship Festival ever in Canterlot!".

"Oh and Spike?" "Yes Twilight? What is it?" Answers Spike with curiosity. "Who's your friend and why is he still here?" Twilight asks. Beerus groans in pain as a small vein popped on his forehead, One of his greatest annoyances is that he doesn't like to repeat himself to anyone or anybody. Anyone that has tried to push his buttons may as well receive a punch in the gut or a Hakai attack to the face. Its one of his greatest annoyances that drives him crazy.

"Well if you must know, My name is Lord Beerus the Destroyer from the 7th Universe of the Outer Dimension" Beerus exclaims crossing his arms in front of the purple pony princess in front of him. Twilight sighs remembering his panic attack from earlier and trying to be careful that it doesn't happen again.

"Well Lord Beerus, My name is Twilight Sparkle, The Princess of Friendship! Welcome to Equestria and let me say its very nice to meet you!" Twilight says with a warm smile as she shakes hands with Beerus. "If i may please ask Lord Beerus. What are you doing here in Equestria?" Asks Twilight.

"Well if you must know Miss Twilight, You could say that i was meant to be here. I am the Former God of Destruction of Universe 7 from the outer dimension and Lord Zeno The King of All had finally announced my retirement and sent me here for my.... Honorable exile". Beerus says as he looks away from Twilight and Spike with a somewhat somber look in his face. Twilight and Spike quickly turns over to their new friend to give him a nice warm hug to comfort him. "Friendship.. After living for millions of years... Why haven't i thought of that..?" "Lord Beerus are you... Okay..? " Asks Spike? "Oh! Uhh... Umm.. Yes..! Its okay Spike!... Its just that...! Its been millions of years and i haven't quite grasp yet this understanding of the concept you call Friendship..."

"Well if you must know then..." Spike says as he brings out a Prench Horn like he is ready to sing another musical number. "A one..! A two...! A one two three...!" Spike was about to sing when Twilight suddenly cuts him off! Less singing and more walking Spike! We are already late and behind schedule as it is to meet the Princesses! I have to tell them my perfect plan for the celebration of this year's first ever Friendship Festival and maintain my image as a Princess!

I have a reputation to maintain for crying out loud!!" "Is she always like this whenever there is a huge party involved..?" Beerus leans over to Spike and whispers in his ears. "Oh don't worry about it Lord Beerus.. You get used to it after a couple of years living with her" "Ohh... Yes... Yes... Whoopee Doo..." Beerus answers in a sarcastic manner"

"Oh you should have seen it when Twilight Sparkle was nervous for not sending a Friendship report on time!" Spike says while creating imaginary drawings in the air that Beerus could somewhat understand in any way, shape or form. "Oh please do tell! Im intrigued..!" Beerus smiles in amusement of the story ready to listen. "Okay! This is what happened.. So it all started that morning when..."

Throne Room of the Royal Pony Sisters

Twilight Sparkle enters the throne room as a Royal Guard announces their presence inside the throne room with Spike and their new visitor on hoof. "Announcing the arrival of Twilight Sparkle the Princess of Friendship!" The Royal Guard taps the bottom pole of his spear two times as he lets them enter. Twilight Blushes from all of this unnecessary formality that just because she is a princess doesn't meant that she is better than anypony else."Together with the Princess is her Royal Assistant Spike the Dragon!! And...".

"Excuse me sir but.. What is your name..?" Asks the Royal Guard as he turns to the tall purple anthropomorphic cat who is wearing some sort of attire from Neighypt and could rival Princess Celestia in height. "Me..?" Asks Beerus in wide amusement to the Royal Guard as he gives him an intimidating somewhat evil smile on his face with black and purple aura surrounding him. "Call me Lord Beerus the Destroyer! God of Destruction of Universe 7 from the outer dimension beyond time and space itself!!"

"Oh okay!" The Royal Guard quickly fixes his composure as he taps the bottom part of his spear two times creating a loud echo in the throne room. "P..P... Presenting Lord Beerus the God of Destruction!!" Beerus turns around and glances at the Royal Guard with a smirk as the Royal Guard quickly nods and runs off in fear. "D...D...Destroyer..! G..G...God of Destruction!! Waaaahhh!!" The Royal Guard keeps running off as his whines could be heard echoing in the throne room.

"Good Morning Princesses!" Twilight Sparkle greets the three rulers of Equestria. Princess Celestia, Princess Luna and Princess Cadence who were waiting for her. "I would like you all to meet Lord Beerus!" Twilight exclaims as she and spike move aside as if they were announcing the arrival of a prince.

Celestia's attention directed to her new guest. When she stood to her full height, the being known as Lord Beerus was eye level with her. She smiled and bowed her head respectively. “It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance Lord Beerus,” she rose back to her full height, “I am Princess Celestia of Equestria, and I humbly welcome you to my kingdom.”

Princess Luna steps forward to Lord Beerus and gives her a respective bow. "My name is Princess Luna, The Princess of the Night and the Guardian of dreams to everypony!". "It is a pleasure to meet you Lord Beerus, I wish that you could enjoy the food and festivities that we have for you as a visiting Noble from Equestria's borders. I hope that your stay here in Equestria would be enjoyed to your heart's content!

Princess Cadence trots over to Beerus and bows down in front of him before raising to her full height. "My name is Princess Mi Amore Cadenza, But you can call me Cadence for short." She gives Lord Beerus a warm smile to make him feel welcome in the castle. "I am the Princess of Love and Ruler of the Crystal Empire". "I hope that you have a great time visiting Canterlot in this year's first ever Friendship Festival?"

"Charmed" Beerus said as bows down respectfully to the three Princesses in front of him. "Thank you very much for giving the warm welcome your majesties, I'd say that the city of Canterlot is so lively this time of year with all of these parties and the delicious aroma of food in the air! Its just so Exquisite!" The three rulers of Equestria were amused and surprised that the silent purple feline finally start talking, Just seconds earlier he was stunned by the grandiosity and elegance of his supposed red carpet welcome into this enormous castle that looks like something out of a children's fairytale storybook.

"Well now that introductions are over, How would some food?" Beerus asks the three princesses as he hears his stomach rumbling. "Because all of that fancy schmancy red carpet introductions sure has made me hungry...! Oh and im sure that your burning to show your creative proposal whatever this is to the three Princesses so get on with it!" Beerus points to Twilight who was itching to tell her three princess companions on how to make this the Best shindig ever.

Princess Celestia motioned for a guard to come near and whispers into his ear to bring the tea, cakes and deserts on the double. After a few moments, a royal guard trots up to Beerus and sets down the tea set complete with a fresh scarlet rose and a tray of assorted desserts right in front of him to chow down on as Princess Twilight trots over to the white board to show her bizzare plans to the princesses.

Twilight takes a deep breath and relaxes herself before starting on this lecture. "Good morning, Princesses. Thank you all for seeing me. I have an idea that I think will make our Friendship Festival the most wonderful celebration Equestria has ever seen!" "Yes, Twilight! We are very excited!" Says Princess Celestia with a warm smile. Beerus is seen in the background drinking tea and having doughnuts by himself as he decides to throw some of them to Spike who catches them in his mouth. Beerus regards Spike as a best friend ever since he came to Canterlot from some outer dimension.

"Ponies have been arriving from all over all morning". Says Princess Cadence amazed at the number of ponies that had come for the celebration. "I'd like to think it's to see us, but Songbird Serenade might be the bigger attraction." Says Princess Luna as she was planning to get an autographed photo of the famous popstar sooner or later on to add to her collection being a big fan herself.

"Yes, she is the... "mane" event!" Twilight giggles "And to make it extra special, I could use your help. Spike?"

As Twilight was calling Spike, she notices that the baby dragon was sitting down on the couch with Lord Beerus stuffing his face with cakes, pies, eclairs, ice cream, tarts, cinnamon rolls and other desserts, Much to the annoyance of Twilight.

Spike...? Twilight tries to call one more time but the baby dragon was on a eating contest with Beerus, Chugging down tea and hot chocolate as well as seeing who can eat more doughnuts, jelly rolls and cakes as they washed it down with more milk shakes on the side.

Spike...??!! Twilight calls out on a louder voice but Spike was too busy chowing down bowls after bowls of ice cream and Triple Chocolate Banana Split sundaes with Beerus, each testing their own limits while facing off each other in an ultimate chow down of frozen desserts.

SPIKE!!!!! Twilight Screams as she uses the Royal Canterlot Voice much to the sdden surprise of the other princesses, considering that Twilight rarely uses her Royal Canterlot Voice compared to the other princesses, except Princess Cadence on occasion. "Oh Sorry! Hehehe!" Spike chuckles and smiles sheepishly as Twilight as he starts to wipe off the whipped cream and chocolate from his face with his arms and slobbery tongue. After Spike licks himself clean of the molten food stuff, he wheels in the whiteboard.

Twilight sighs and gives Spike a smile before continuing with her presentation. "Songbird Serenade's performance is not scheduled to start until after you begin the sunset. And based on my precise calculation, to get the very best lighting for the stage, Princess Celestia, I was hoping you could make sure the sun stays about 28.1º to the south, and, Princess Luna, if you could raise the moon 62º to the north at the same time, it would reflect the sunlight on the other side and really frame the entire stage perfectly!" "Wait... I" Princess Luna tries to voice out but unknowingly gets off cut again by Twilight.

"But wait! There's more! Cadance, if you could use your crystal magic to create an aurora above the stage, the sun and the moon will shine through it and create a truly amazing light show!"

Twilight says as she continues to scribble down on the white board as Spike presents a puppet show of Songbird Serenade much to the boredom of Lord Beerus who was sitting on the sidelines for now. "Presenting Songbird Serenade!" Spike tries to balance on top of the white board while doing his little puppet show plays. "Yeah, yeah, yeah!" Spike struggles to keep his little balance, trying his hardest to stay on top of the plastic white board. "Whoa-ho!" "Whoa!" Spike falls down to the floor and smiles weakly trying to end his little show and tell for the princesses with a bang. "Ta-da...."

"So you're saying you want us to move the sun and the moon for the party..?" Asks Princess Luna. "Well, I'd do it myself, except I don't have your magic." Twilight snorts in annoyance. Princess Celestia trots over to Twilight and wraps her forehooves against her in a warm embrace.

"Twilight, each of us uses our powers to serve Equestria in our own way. You are the Princess of Friendship. You already have all the magic you need". Princess Cadence and Princess Luna trots over to Twilight as they caress her mane gently. "So... that'd be a no?" Asks Twilight who was now dissapointed.

"Everything is going to be turn out okay Twilight, You'll see! All you have to do is believe in yourself!" "Because we are here for you no matter what! We will always be there for you!" Princess Luna assures much to the disappointment of Twilight.

"I can help you with your little light show for today's show if you want Twilight". Beerus states as he was now picking his teeth using his claw after such a big meal. Really? How..? Twilight asks as she was now interested on what this purple feline was talking about now. "God Powers Twilight... God Powers of a Destroyer..." Beerus says with a dark tone to his voice as purple god aura starts to envelop him.

To be continued...

Author's Note:

What do you think will happen next in this deviation? Find out in the next chapter!

Dragon Ball is created by Akira Toriyama.
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is created by our Lovely Lauren Faust.