• Published 16th May 2020
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Fun and Friendship or Invasion and Destruction? A My Little Pony Movie x Beerus Crossover! - MarlonCalpe4000

Beerus arrives at the King of All's Palace where Present and Future Lord Zeno gives Beerus an honorable exile for his retirement in Equestria. He gets teleported in the city of Canterlot for the first ever Friendship Festival is going to take place.

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Beerus and his vacation in ruins..?! We got this together Twilight!!

Outside in the streets of Canterlot

In the wonderful city of Canterlot, ponies are still putting on the finishing touches to the food stalls and other food carts that have been arranged after a mere distraction from a dance performance by Lord Beerus earlier.

Beerus walks through the streets of Canterlot while putting his arms at the back of his head in a relaxing manner with Twilight and Spike as they discussed matters on what still needs to be done while Beerus could only think about food at this point thanks to the sweet aroma of flavors reaching his nose.

"Hey is it okay for me to exploring more food stalls while you two talk things out?" Beerus asks permission from Twilight and Spike in front of him even though he could have sneaked out just as easy but since these two act like two friends he could trust, It would be nice to cut some slack lower down the god status every once in a while. "Sure Lord Beerus, Have fun!" Twilight smiles waving to her new friend as Spike was about to join the purple feline. "Hey buddy wait for...!!" Spike was about to run and join Lord Beerus on his food escapades when he felt a magenta aura of magic pulled him back. "SPIKE!!" Twilight gives Spike a scolding look before the drake begrudgingly follows Twilight on his inspections for the festivities. "Fine....." Spike says as he walks beside Twilight and pulls out a gem from his pocket, tossing it into his mouth to calm himself down.

"Oh yeah! Done and done!" Rainbow Dash says as did some twists, turns and even impressive backflips in the air. "Sky's cleared and ready for the festival!"

While Rainbow Dash basks in his accomplishment, Pinkie Pie tries to blow more animal balloons and creates one in the size of Discord before it deflates and zips through the air before hitting Beerus in the face who was trying out some Neighpon Ramen Noodles by the stand causing him to freak out and accidentally hit his face on the bowl of hot noodles he was enjoying. Even though Beerus was ticked off, he politely asks the stallion behind the noodle cart to get him some cold water but he accidentally poured the hot tea on himself.

"Oh no! Wait sir...!! Thats...!!" The stallion manning the cash register was about to warn Beerus but it was too late. Beerus starts to get really angry as a strange purple aura known as God Ki starts to sorround him, failing to control his temper this time. "N..NOW....!!! YOU....!!!....MADE.... ME.....MAD!!!" Beerus screams as the ground starts to shake and tremble causing several ponies to run off and hide.

"Sir here is your..." The stallion behind the noodle cart tries to give him a glass of cold water but Beerus just slaps it out of his hooves as it shatters on the floor leaving the stallion shocked as Beerus gave him a death glare signifying that he was about the annihilate somepony"

"PINKIE....!!!!.....PIE....!!!!" Beerus screams loudly alerting everypony to duck and hide in fear of getting destroyed or even getting caught in the crossfire before Twilight runs off to stop whatever commotion that was happening.

Beerus whats going on?! Why... are you doing this?!" Twilight gallops off to where Beerus was channeling his anger before she notices Spike daydreaming his brains out munching on a chocolate drizzled vanilla gem cupcake as Twilight gives him a scolding look. "SPIKE!!!!" "W...Whaa?! I mean... Hehehehe!" Spike quickly tucks away his gem cupcake before he looks at Twilight laughing nervously". "Alright... Alright Twi im coming!" Twilight sighs and levitates Spike on her back running off to stop Beerus before its too late.

Beerus charges straight for Pinkie Pie to give him a piece of his mind knocking off some ponies unto their hooves in the process. "Now i got you you little piece of furball..!!" Beerus was about to charge up a Hakai Blast at Pinkie Pie who was oblivious to what was happening around her when suddenly....

"B...B... BEERUS...!!!... N....NO.....!!!!" Shouted Twilight as she runs up to Beerus with her wings flared up and her horn glowing with magic. Twilight was determined to put a stop into these menial and petty motives of destruction and face Beerus herself but Pinkie Pie had other plans. "W...W...WAIT.....!!!" Everypony turned to look at Pinkie Pie, who had broken off from the group, and was now rummaging around inside her picnic basket. After digging deeply, she smiled.

“Found it!” Pinkie Pie pulled out a box and opened the lid. Beerus immediately lowered his hand as a smell hit his nostrils. He sniffed a few times and then did a deep inhale. Pinkie approached him and raised the box toward him, inside were six jumbo grade cinnamon buns.

Pinkie Pie smiled sweetly up at the cat, “Here, try one! As I always say, ‘when you’re feeling mad, have a cinnamon bun to sweeten your mood!’”

Beerus sniffed the container again, “A cinnamon bun you say,” he raised an eyebrow as he stuck one of his claws in the center most one and lifted it out.

Pinkie was still smiling while the others held their breath in both shock and confusion. Beerus gave one last sniff before he took a bite out of the pastry. He stood still for a moment and swallowed, a tremble went up his spine, and a massive smile spread across his face as his eyes lit up.

“IT’S DELICIOUS,” he practically screamed, “the golden brown and perfectly baked texture mixed with the grandness of the cinnamon is only rivaled by the sweetness of the frosting,” his tail whipped back and forth happily as he closed his eyes and savoured the taste, “It’s baked perfection!”

Pinkie squeed and handed him the container, “Here you go then, “ the girls stared in utter confoundment as Lord Beerus sat cross legged on the ground and started to slowly eat the pastries.

Twilight approached Pinkie as the ponies seated themselves from Beerus, “Pinkie….how did you?”

Pinkie giggled, “Come on Twilight, everypony knows that nopony can stay mad when they eat great food!”

Beerus glanced up at the girls for a moment, and then went back to eating his pastries.

Twilight exhaled in relief, “Well at least we avoided a disaster,” she stared at Beerus, “I hope.”

Lord Beerus rubbed his stomach in satisfaction, “Ah that was superb. Oh Pinkie Pie!,” he said as he looked at Pinkie, “Thank you for the meal.”

Pinkie smiled, “No problem.”

Twilight cleared her throat, “Um…Lord Beerus.”

Beerus started to pick his teeth with a claw, “Yes?”

“You’re….not going to punish Pinkie Pie anymore….are you?”

Beerus stared at Pinkie Pie, then sighed in minor irritation, “Nah, I think she learned to respect the terror that is Lord Beerus,” He smirked at the pink mare with a cotton candy mane who was cleaning up the sweet mess that Lord Beerus had just made in the center of Canterlot around everypony who was just now starting to asses the situation and come out of their hiding places like the hayburger stalls, waffle stands and other food carts. , “Just as long as she never does it again.”

Pinkie Pie nodded with a genuine smile on her face, “Of course, my Lord.” Lord Beerus stands up and starts to check out the other desserts that are being served during the Friendship Festival that he is just dying to try, tasting each one of them and just having a good time.

"Hey, y'all!" Applejack calls out as she was hauling a cart filled with their Sweet Apple Acres World Famous Apple Cider. Applejack was about to pull out a megaphone when Rainbow Dash quickly zips by Applejack's cart to grab a hoof of the drink and gulp it down in one go, returning the empty cider up to her in one swift dive in the air."Ah! Thank you! Loved it!" Rainbow Dash says before rocketing up into the air once more.

Applejack trots up to Rarity to check on how the decorations were going along to prepare for the arrival of the popstar Songbird Serenade. "Wow, Rarity. It's a fine job you're doin' there. 'Course it might not get done 'til after the concert." Rarity turns to Applejack while she continues to sort different kinds of jewels and fabrics to decorate the stage very carefully, bit by bit and in a precise manner. "Applejack, darling, anypony can do "fine". Twilight asked me, so clearly, she's going for fabulous, and fabulous takes time."

"Fabulous takes forever! But "awesome"..." Rainbow Dash says as she zips by Fluttershy who got startled and gets wrapped in ribbons in the process. "...can get done in four seconds flat! Faster if I do my sonic rainboom!" Rainbow Dash exclaims while she tries to explain to Rarity that her plan is way better annoying Rarity in process who is already scrutinizing every ity bity detail. "Aah! Nono, oh no! Don't you dare, Rainbow Dash! It looks wretched enough already."

"Oh come on, it's fine!" Rainbow Dash retorts. Rarity replies hoping not to offend Applejack who was nearby. "If you were raised in a barn! Ahem, no offense, Applejack." None taken." Applejack smiles taking the pun quite lightly. "Especially since I wasn't raised in a barn. My family just happens to have a barn. Where I was born. And... spent most of my formative years..." Applejack says as she was just about to pour herself another mug of Apple Cider when Rainbow Dash zips by taunting her "Raised in a barn!" Before she speeds up into the sky.

While all of these was going on, The God of Destruction Beerus was lying down on a beach chair while wearing a bathrobe for some reason and sun glasses over his eyes. He was being fanned down by four maid ponies on his side, two on his right and two on his left. They were given high orders from the princesses to look after Beerus and to always keep him happy, not to argue with him in any or form lest the festivities would be ruined.

After a long while of just sitting around, He takes off his bathrobe and sun glasses walking over to Twilight who was just about to be greeted by her friends.

"Okay, just two hundred and eighteen things left to do and we're ready." Twilight says while checking her list of preparations for the celebrations with Spike following her begrudgingly because he had to follow and assist Twilight. Not that he didn't want to, Of course he would! He is Princess Twilight's number one assistant ever since in like.. Forever! For now, He just feels like hanging out with his buddy Lord Beerus the Destroyer, Eat and just have a good time and maybe hear more stories about his past in the outer dimension as a God of Destruction.

"Hey, Twilight!" The five elements of harmony call up to Twilight huddling in front of her while Spike gets a heartfelt greeting from Rarity making him blush uncontrollably. "How'd it go with the other Princesses? They like your idea?" Applejack asks as Pinkie Pie jumps into the air and bounces in place. "I bet they loved it!" Twilight sighs looking at the floor glumly as she drops her quill and parchment in the process. "Not exactly. They think I can make today perfect without their magic."

Rarity trots up to her and puts a foreleg on her shoulder "And they are absolutely right, darling. This festival is your brilliant idea and we know you're up to the task!"

Twilight starts worrying about every detail of the celebration, getting nervous and hyperventilating in the process "But what if I'm not?! What if Songbird Serenade hates the stage?! Or nopony makes a new friend?! And if I fail at the festival, then who am I?!"

Twilight keeps hyperventilating much to the annoyance of Pinkie who gave her a disapproving look hits her on her head with her right forelead. "Hey!! What was that for Pinkie..! You could have....!!" Twilight starts babbling incoherently much to the slight amusement of Beerus who was silent all this time before Pinkie puts her hoof in Twilight's mouth to shut her up.

"Twilight, look at me! This will be the biggest celebration Equestria has ever seen! As the Princess of Friendship, you cannot fail! This day will define who you are! The pressure is intense! It's almost too much for any single pony to handle!!" Pinkie Pie screams as her five friends gasp much to the enjoyment of Beerus who missed seeing terrified faces who tremble in fear and cower in front of him as a God of Destruction who could possibly end all life, with a tap of his finger.

Beerus has a flashback of what King Kai tells about him as the picture fades in "The inevitability of his existence does not give meaning to what he does. Beerus acts only on his own whim. He is nothing but bottled chaos." Elder Kai says describing Beerus before the flashback ends.

"But you have us!! So stop worrying." Pinkie Pie says as she hugs Twilight to comfort her before the rest of her friends join for a group hug. Twilight looks up to Beerus who simply gave her a thumbs up and a warm smile to show that she is doing a pretty good job.

Twilight was still nervous about the certain events that were happening around her but despite her nervousness, her friends have the utmost confidence in her. Beerus sighs as he walks over to Twilight and gives her a warm smile. "Look... I don't know how you do things around her, How you do your job or whatever. All i know that if your friends believe that you can do it then you better show them that you can! We can never be in one place without the ponies that believe, Yes im talking about your friends! Sometimes they have to be there for us as we have to be there for them! Now get out there and show these ponies how you handle these things because you know as well as us that we are behind you all the way!!" Beerus says tapping Twilight on the shoulder once more and igniting the confidence inside her once more.

"Wow Beerus! When did you get all sentimental?" Asks Applejack in bewilderment that a God of Destruction from the outer dimension would be capable of such a feeling. "Mehh.... I have my moments" Beerus shrugged while putting his arms behind his head. "Wait...!! How old are you again...?" Rainbow Dash asked while hovering in front of Beerus not noticing that suddenly there was a large crowd of ponies surrounding them waiting for his answer. "Well about 75 million years if you must know Dear Rainbow Dash"

"W....W...WHAT...??!!!!" All of the ponies around them including the Mane 6 but Spike fell down on their hooves in astonishment which made Beerus chuckle

Beerus walks over to Twilight and helps her get up unto her hooves. "Come on Princess Twilight! Maybe this would be a great encouragement for you!" Beerus says as he calls up to her drake friend "Spike??" "On it!!" Spike saluted before running off to Vinyl clearly understanding what Beerus meant, even surprised that Beerus could even be a chill feline at times.

The Mane Five stand up and sorround Twilight clearly showing signs that they support her as they huddle up to start a song while Beerus stands beside them somewhat happy about his new friends and that made him smile.

Suddenly a giant party cannon shot out a giant cake and it landed on Twilight. “PINKIE!” Twilight shouted before a candle landed on her horn as Beerus laughs at her messy antics.

This is the best honorary exile that i have ever experienced! Well as long as nothing happens here that annoys me, "Maybe i won't have to do any destroying just this once... Maybe just this once... This ONCE... No one... Pony or whatever creature would pissed me off.." Beerus thought laughing to himself while taking a look at his scenery, hoping that this would be the best day of his life.

To be continued...

Author's Note:

What do you think will happen next in this deviation? Find out in the next chapter!

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