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In another world
In another Equestria
A new legend is born

In a parallel version of Equestria where ponies coexist happily with each other, and with their elven brethren, the world was once protected and guided by The Paladins of Harmony. But after they dispersed, the world fell into ruin. The three pony types—Earth ponies, unicorns and pegasi—and the three elf types—earth elves, mages, and fairies—now only live with their own kind.

Earth ponies and earth elves reside at the bay.

Unicorns and mages in the forests.

And pegasi and fairies in the high mountaintops.

Sunny Starscout is an earth pony living in the seaside town of Maretime Bay, alongside her childhood best friend Keith Kogan, an earth elf. They grew up with stories about the Paladins of Harmony and Sunny still believes there is hope for this divided world.

One day, a lost unicorn named Izzy Moonbow and her mage friend, Katie Holt, wander into Maretime Bay. The town's residents react in panic, believing that Izzy and Mage are hostile invaders. Sunny and Keith, finally given an opportunity to make friends with a unicorn and mage, shelters Katie and Izzy in their home, and the two reveal that unicorns and mages no longer have magic powers following their sudden disappearance.

Together, with their childhood friends, Hunk Garret and Hitch Trailblazer, and the Pegasi princesses, Pipp Petals and Zipp Storm, along with their fairy friends, Lance and Allura, they embark on an adventure and travel across Equestria on a mission to restore magic to the land.

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Enter a reality where one small difference changes everything. Where one thing that differs affects everypony. Where heroes become villains. Where villains become heroes. Where history is rewritten. And everything you thought you once knew turned into something entirely different.

And at the end you will be left pondering the question........


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This story is a sequel to Cinematic Adventures: Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope

The Death Star has been destroyed and the galaxy is safe...for now. Three long years have passed since the Battle of Yavin and the rebellion still stands their ground in the war with the Empire. Twilight Sparkle, Storm Shield, and the rest of the Mane Six are still searching for their lost friend, Sunset Shimmer. What they don’t know is the tragedy that has already befallen their former friend.

In the heart of the Empire, Sunset Shimmer has embraced the dark side of the force and taken on the name of Darth Seraphina: The Emperors Fury. With the three Dazzling Inquisitors and General Grievous by her side, the galaxies newest Sith is ready to carve a path of destruction across the galaxy.

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Music has become a staple of Equestrian life. Several pony citizens can't go two weeks without at least one song. A certain mare trapped in a filly's body plans to take advantage of this. She utilizes her stolen powers to summon villains of old in the name of the rap demons.

To combat these enemies, Equestria will need to fight fire with fire. Unfortunately for the rap demons, the Tree of Harmony summons something much more powerful: Some young stallion wearing a baseball cap and a similarly aged mare in a red dress. They brought their own microphones.
Friday Night Funkin' is property of Newgrounds user NinjaMuffin99, Phantom Arcade, and Evilsk8r.

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As many recall, in the season 4 finale, "Twilight's Kingdom": Tirek easily dispatched Shining Armor before going after the princesses. Only to learn they had removed their magic to stop his ambition. Afterwards, they were sent to Tartarus, and he learned of Princess Twilight, anyway.

But what if things happened differently upon encountering Prince Shining Armor? What if he put up a much more decent fight then before? And what if his determination intrigued Tirek enough to give him the idea to use him? Especially when he learns of the young prince's connection to one of the princesses? All this, and more as delve into a mild, but still intriguing alternate take of "Twilight's Kingdom."

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A My Little Pony parody of Spaceballs, where the evil Dark Helmet plots to take all the fresh air from the planet equestria, and only a ragtag group of Ponies and a Dragon can stop them. Get ready for a story full of references, guest stars and ludicrous speed.

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Applejack abandons her pie deliveries out of worry and goes back to check on her little sister who's home alone. As a result, she winds up acting extremely over-protective to Apple Bloom, to the point of stalking her.

But what if, instead of sneaking out to make the pie deliveries herself, Apple Bloom snapped and said something in a fit of anger that cut deep into her sister's soul?

An alternate take on Somepony to Watch Over Me

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This story is a sequel to Cinematic Adventures: Corpse Bride

After graduating from Canterlot High, Sunset Shimmer finds herself unsure of what she is to do next. Does she go back to Equestria for good? Does she stay and go off to college? An accidental malfunction with the television portal sends Sunset off to a galaxy far far away and it is up to Twilight Sparkle and the Mane Six to save her.

Follow them as they meet Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Princess Leia, and the Rebel Alliance who are in the midst of battling the evil Galactic Empire. Whether they win or fail, one thing is clear. The force shall be with them...always

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It has been a few weeks since Superman's death at the hands of Lex Luthor's abomination, but the world is still in a stage of not only great mourning, but of great fear. For now that their greatest defender is lost, who can possibly protect them when the next threat arrives?

Bruce Wayne knows that something is coming. Ominous visions and Luthor's promise of a bell which can not be unrung sets him on a path to ensure that the Earth and it's people will survive this new age of aliens, Gods, and powers beyond human understanding.

But his experience with Clark taught him that it cannot possibly be done alone.

And while Luthor's files gave him clues to find some of these extraordinary people, an ominous vision and the echoes of a haunting, desperate voice leads him to search in another place first.

A seemingly innocent city by the name of Canterlot.

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This story is a sequel to Cinematic Adventures: Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone

Life currently couldn’t be any better for the Mane Six. Pinkie Pie is adjusting to life as a mother pretty well and her sister Maud Pie has recently come into town to visit her new nephew. After a little side trip to see the Great and Powerful, Trixie, the girls are summoned on another mission into the cinematic world.

This time they venture to Victorian England where they meet a helpless young groom named Victor, who is to marry a woman he has never seen nor spoke to. Events take a weird and creepy turn during a night in the forest when Victor accidentally ends up marrying a living corpse. Follow them on this bizarre story from the mind of Tim Burton for a tragic tale of romance, passion, and a murder most foul.

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