• Published 4th Apr 2021
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A Secret Admirer - 1jckuhn

The Mane Six, Starlight Glimmer, the CMC, Gabby, and Smolder are all getting multiple love letters and gifts from an anonymous person and they're determind to find out who it is, but they're in for a shock when they finally unmask them.

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Chapter V: Coming Home

Author's Note:

Surprise! This chapter was published way early. Please enjoy.


Today was the day Spike would finally be home from the hospital. The X-rays had shown that Spike had broken his right leg and fractured his right wing. He'd need to wear casts for at least six weeks. Spike, however, didn't care. He was just looking forward to seeing his new harem again. A nurse came to his room, pushing a wheelchair in front of her.

"Are you Spike?" she asked.

"Yes, I am," Spike replied.

"Well, today’s the day you’re being released from the hospital," the nurse said.

She quickly unhooked Spike from his IV link and loaded him into the wheelchair. The ride from his room to the hospital lobby took maybe 30 seconds at the longest. To Spike, however, that was 30 seconds too long. Eventually. they rolled into the hospital lobby. There, Spike's entire harem was waiting for him.

"Hey, Girls!" Spike smiled.

"Spike!" Gabby chirped.

They all surrounded him in another hug. When they broke away, Spike noticed something.

"Hey, shouldn't there be a pair of crutches or a wheelchair out here too?" he asked.

"Well," Smolder smirked. "I had a little talk with the staff here and we managed to agree that instead of having you receive a pair of crutches or a wheelchair, you'll be riding on our backs until you're fully healed."

Smolder pushed Spike's wheelchair over to the desk so he could get his pain killers and then pulled him by his arms onto her back, wrapped his hands around her neck, and the 13 lovers walked out the door and back home to the castle.


Spike and his harem arrived at the Friendship Castle. Spike had taken one of his pain killer pills on the way back and it kicked in a lot quicker than anyone expected. Now, Spike was half-asleep and trying to stay awake. He was carted upstairs, but he noticed that he wasn't going in the direction of his room.

"Hey," he said groggily. "Isn't my room back the other way?"

Twilight immediately trotted at a quicker pace so she could catch up to Smolder, who was still carrying Spike on her back.

"Spike, we're more than just friends now. We've left you out of one too many activities for far too long. If you think you're going to sleep off the drowsiness of your painkillers alone, you can think again," she said.

"Aww," Spike said. "Thanks, Twi."

"You're welcome, cutie-pie," Twilight responded. She flew up for a second to plant a kiss on Spike's forehead.

"Oh, and all our schedules are clear for the rest of today. I'd say cuddling with you is the best thing to pass the time," Smolder added.

Soon, they arrived at Twilight's bedroom. The Lilac Alicorn opened the door and pulled back the covers. Smolder set Spike down for a second and Twilight uttered a spell that would make the bed frame strong enough to support 13 creatures. In the time Spike was on the ground, Rarity kneeled down and provided him with her side as something he could lean against. Then, once she was finished, Twilight picked up Spike with her magic and set him down on the bed, his head resting in-between the two pillows. Then, all twelve girls crawled into bed and surrounded the drowsy Dragon in yet another cuddle puddle. Whatever parts of his body that weren't covered up by their bodies were enveloped by the silky manes and tails of the ponies. Rainbow, Fluttershy, Gabby, Smolder and Twilight even managed to wrap a wing around their little lover. Once they were all comfortable, Twilight used her magic to pull the covers back on top of them, wrapping them up in a thick cocoon of snuggles. While that occurred, Spike nuzzled against a large, angelically soft tuft of fur that had been pressed against the left side of his face as his new harem members were settling down. He felt someone plant a kiss on his head and looked up to find Rarity smiling down at him. He put two and two together and realized he was resting against Rarity’s chest fluff. He blushed slightly but didn’t pull away. Not that he could, as the tight grasps of his girlfriends kept him locked in his current position.

In addition to that, the teen Dragon was already tired, and therefore relaxed, from the painkillers, but the feeling of a dozen soft, or in Smolder's case, smooth and scaly, warm bodies, smooth, silky manes and tails, and four angelically soft, feathery wings, as well as one scaly wing, coupled with the thick blankets already trapping the body heat his lovers gave off made him relax even more. The heartbeat and soft rise and fall of the chest of his first crush was also helping to pave an easy route to Luna’s Dream Realm. He grew more and more tired as each second passed. He wasn't a stranger to cuddling, either. When he was younger and had nightmares, Twilight was always willing to welcome him into her bed and they'd sleep the rest of the night away together. Before he fell asleep, however, Spike wanted to ask something of his new harem members and see if they were okay with it.

"Hey, girls," Spike muttered. "How would you feel about taking turns cuddling with me one at a time every night?"

"That sounds like a wonderful idea, Spike," came the reply of Twilight. "Let's try it out tomorrow."

Spike smiled happily as his eyes slowly closed. He was looking forward to all the happy memories and cuddle sessions he'd have with his harem members.

"Good night, girls. Love you," Spike managed to say as his sleepiness began to put his consciousness on its last legs.

"Goodnight, Spike, we love you too," his dozen harem members replied simultaneously.

No sooner did they say their last word, than did Spike finally fall asleep. He looked absolutely peaceful as he began to sleep off his meds and pain. One by one, the rest of his harem joined the slumber, happily dreaming of all the great things they could do together now that they were more than just friends.

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Now when I think about it, who would actually want a harem?

No sooner did they say their last word, than did Spike finally fall asleep. He looked absolutley peaceful as he began to sleep off his meds and pain. One by one, the rest of his harem joined the slumber, happily dreaming of all the great things they could do together now that they were kore than just friends.

Think you meant to put more instead of kore.


Nope, sorry, buddy.

This story was so cute i loved it and don't care what other people say i love this story and its ships

This is a good story but could use a once over by a editor and some polishing on some parts. Overall a good story with an interesting selection of love interests.

Because, it seems like one of those questions are obvious, but I wanna see how many actually put some thought into their answer.

Well it certainly is good for those who love more than one person and it keeps people from fighting over you. If you love just one person than don’t make a harem.

Yeah, but I feel like it wouldn’t be that simple to choose. I feel like it requires more thinking.

That’s true, but who knows? Maybe there’s someone out there with twelve girlfriends.

I love it! But was also hoping Ember would've been part of it XD. Still an awesome story!

But what about the 13th secret admirer Spike's into. The 13th admirer

Smolder: Yeah, even if Spike was into Raven, she would’ve been too busy to spend time with him, being Celestia’s assistant and all. Plus, he overheard Raven saying how she didn’t “give a damn” that Chrysalis mocked him in his Grave and how we beat her up for it and, needless to say, he was not pleased. He had seen that whole confrontation and beatdown and felt that even though he wanted to give her the benifit of the doubt, there was no good in her.


Smolder: Yeah, even if Spike was into Raven, she would’ve been too busy to spend time wit him, being Celestia’s assistant and all.

Raven: Wow! You must be a mind reader or a good guesser, and remember this is an alternate universe different from yours so anything can happen.


Just like your cannon story.

Smolder: Hmm, true, but you have a lot to make up for if you want to be on his radar. Not going against his final wish to forgive Discord, he says, would be a start.

The answer is drum-roll please............................................ NOBODY!!!

Good to know

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