• Published 4th Apr 2021
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A Secret Admirer - 1jckuhn

The Mane Six, Starlight Glimmer, the CMC, Gabby, and Smolder are all getting multiple love letters and gifts from an anonymous person and they're determind to find out who it is, but they're in for a shock when they finally unmask them.

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Chapter II: Rainbow's Discovery/Stunning Revelations

Rainbow Dash was out the door in a flash and soon, she was in the air looking around for any place where someone might want to blend in. Unfortunately, every place that she thought she had a good lead turned up empty. That was until she walked into a small shop on the other side of Ponyville. She was originally looking for a small snack before heading back outside, but something caught her eye. Towards the back of the store, there was a shelf of envelopes with letters inside them. She wouldn't have paid it much attention if it weren't for the fact that most of the envelopes closely resembled, if not were an identical match with, the envelopes and letters that her friends and she kept getting. She immediately went to the front of the store to explain to the clerk what the situation was.

"Excuse me," she said. "Listen, I don't know if you're aware or not, but my friends and I have gotten anonymous love letters for the past three months now and your envelopes closely resemble or identically match with the ones with the ones you sell here. We decided to finally take action and finally track them down. Did you, by chance, see someone walk in here and purchase a bunch of these envelopes?"

"As a matter a fact I did," the clerk said. "He came by my store yesterday."

"What did he look like?" Rainbow Dash asked.

"Well, he was a rather short fellow, but he did have the ability to fly. He wore a tan trench coat, a grey hat, and red-rimmed sunglasses," the clerk relayed. "He actually comes by my store to pick up the same envelopes. He also gets several bouquets of roses and heart-shaped boxes of chocolate. He's very polite and kind, but at the same time is quiet and tries to blend in with his surroundings. He usually comes by once a week."

Rainbow Dash pondered the new information for a minute. Although she was glad that she now had new information on the physical description of the admirer, she didn't know anyone dressed like that.

"Oh, okay. Thanks for the information," Rainbow Dash said.

"You're welcome," the clerk responded.

With that, Rainbow walked back outside, after purchasing a snack of course as it was what she originally came in there to get and flew back to the castle to notify the others of the new info.


Rainbow flew through the air as fast as her wings would let her. She almost did a sonic rainboom twice on the way back. She blew through the door, panting and out of breath. She took a quick look at the clock on the wall. It was now nearing 3:00 P.M.

Twilight and the others came out to see what the noise was, and they saw Rainbow Dash catching her breath in the hallway. Smolder, the Cutie Mark Crusaders, and Gabby had also stopped by too so they could hear if Rainbow had any new information. They took her inside and sat her down and gave her a glass of water so she could regain her ability to talk a bit quicker. At last, she was ready to share the new information with the others.

"How'd it go, Rainbow?" Starlight inquired.

"It was mostly uneventful, until I walked into a shop, and I saw that the store was selling the same kind of envelopes and letters that we've been getting," Rainbow explained. "I went to the clerk and explained to him what the situation was, and he told me that someone usually stops by there to pick up cards and occasionally gifts for all of us. When I asked him what the creature looked like, he told me that it was a boy, but couldn't tell what species he was because of what he always wore when he came in there. The clerk claimed that the dude was short but had the ability to fly. He wore a tan trench coat, a grey top hat, and red-rimmed sunglasses. The clerk also said that he stops in there once a week. The last time he stopped by there was yesterday."

The other 11 girls thought about the new information. Like Rainbow, they too had never seen someone who fit the description she relayed.

"We don't know anyone who looks like that," Applejack said.

"Yeah," Smolder agreed. "At least now, however, we know where he hangs out. Maybe I'll swing by there and catch him in the act and tell him I'm not interested in him because I have my eyes set on another Dragon."

"The girls and I also have our eyes set on someone, too," Apple Bloom said.

"Same here," Gabby announced. "I have my eyes set on Spike."

Almost immediately afterward, Gabby covered her beak and blushed a deep red. She hadn't meant to say that.

"WHAT?!!" came the shocked replies of Smolder and the Cutie Mark Crusaders.

"Oh," Gabby said, grinning sheepishly. "Did I say that out loud?"

"Yeah," Smolder said sternly, her cheeks wearing a light blush. "You did."

Gabby noticed Smolder's blush and then noticed the light blush on her fellow crusaders' faces and, slowly but surely, began to put two and two together.

"Wait, you four have a crush on Spike too?" she asked.

The Cutie Mark Crusaders sighed in unison. There wasn't any point in lying to their friend.

"Yes," Sweetie said.

Smolder, however, wasn't so quick to admit it. Her blush deepened and she looked away.

"U-Uh, I-I don't have a crush on Spike. I-I have no clue what you're talking about," she stammered.

"Smolder," Gabby said, knowing full well she was lying.

Smolder let out a defeated sigh.

"Alright, you got me," she said. "Can you really blame me, though? The kid's a pure sweetheart."

"Well, let's hear why," Gabby said. "I won't say anything to anyone else, I promise."

"You can count on us," Starlight added.

Smolder went first.

"Well, I started having feelings for Spike after he helped reform my brother, Garble. Whenever I was around him after that, I always felt my face slightly heating up, my heart would always start to pump faster, and all I wanted to do with him was hug him and never let go. He's such a kind and sweet boy who'd do anything to please you. I fell in love with him because of his kindness," Smolder explained. Her little confession made her think of Spike, and she wore a dreamy expression and let out a heavenly sigh.

Apple Bloom went up next.

"He's stuck up for not just me, but Sweetie and Scoots as well, when someone was bullyin' us, he's helped all three of us with over three dozen talents to try and get our cutie marks and lifted our spirits when we didn't succeed, and, this is the icing on the cake by the way, I'd say the best thing he did for me was when he spent his day off from work with me at Sweet Apple Acres because I had a cold. I remember explicitly being put to sleep by a lullaby he sang for me. He didn't even ask for anything in return. So, like Smolder, we also fell in love for him because of his kindness," Apple Bloom said.

Sweetie and Scootaloo nodded in agreement.

"What about you, Gabby?" Sweetie Belle asked. "We never heard your reasons for liking Spike."

Gabby smiled and blushed. Just the mention of Spike's name made her feel warm and fuzzy both inside and out.

"Well, when we first became pen-pals, I had a boyfriend named Rocky. He acted charming and laid-back when I was around, but behind my back, I found out that he was arrogant, lazy, and rude. Then, one time, I came home to find Rocky kissing another Griffon girl. I had never felt so betrayed and heart-broken in all my life. Then to top it all off, he had the gall to say it was my fault he cheated on me because I wasn't good enough for him. I kicked him out of my house and wrote Spike the next morning to tell him about what happened. He came over to Griffonstone to see me no later than three hours after I sent that letter to him. He told me to forget about Rocky and that there are plenty of guys out there who'd be more than grateful to be with me. He helped me find my way back to my normally cheerful self in less than a week," Gabby explained. "I began to have strange feelings for him after that. At first, I didn't know what to do about it, but then I realized that it was love. Like the four of you, I too had fallen in love with him because of his kindness and empathy."

"That just leaves one question: Who gets him?" Smolder said. "We all like him for the same reason and we all know our feelings for him aren't going away that easy."

After hearing this, Twilight spoke up.

"Actually," Twilight spoke up. "After I got Spike, Celestia gave me a book about Dragons and how to care for them. In the book, there's a chapter about the love lives of Spike's breed of Dragons. Hang on a minute, I'll go get it."

She left the room for a few minutes then returned with a large, thick, brown book that had cursive italicized letters on the front cover that read, "ALL ABOUT DRAGONS". Twilight flipped through the pages until she found the chapter she was looking for.

"Alright," she said. "It says here that Spike is a very rare breed of dragon that is known to have multiple mates, up to 15 of them. If Spike's breed of Dragons does build a harem, their instinct to build a hoard and go into a greed-induced growth spurt will be gone. It also mentions that this particular breed is rather gentler and kinder than most breeds of Dragons."

Smolder, the CMC's, and Gabby all cheered. It seemed that they could be together with Spike after all. Presently, the front door to the castle opened and in stepped none other than Spike, who was tired and ready for a nap. Babysitting the Cake Twins was a real hassle, but for the extra bits, it was worth it. Immediately, the five lovestruck girls ceased their cheering to avoid Spike catching on to what they were doing. Twilight hid the book just as Spike walked past. He stopped and turned to face them.

"Hey, girls," he mumbled. "How'd the search go, Rainbow?"

"It went great, Spike," Rainbow Dash. "I didn't find the culprit, but I did find out where he's getting his supplies from. I also know what he's wearing now too. Now, all we have to do is catch him in the act and we can finally confront him."

"Sweet," Spike said. "I'm glad you finally got a break, Rainbow Dash. I wish you the best of luck in finding him. I'm headed upstairs for a nap. Trying to put the Cake Twins to sleep was almost impossible and tired me out. Wake me for dinner."

With that said, Spike walked upstairs and into his room. Meanwhile, Twilight and the others began to cook up a plan to catch the secret admirer.

"Okay, so what's our plan?" Applejack asked.

"Well, since he stopped by the store yesterday, we've got another six days before he goes back there again. That's when we'll strike," Rainbow Dash said.

So, it was arranged. With the plan in place, Twilight, the other Element Bearers, the CMC, Starlight, Gabby, and Smolder could only wait in anticipation for the day they could confront and finally unmask this mysterious admirer.

Yes, one way or another, they'd catch this lovestruck creature and he'd have to fess up to them about why he kept doing this.