• Published 4th Apr 2021
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A Secret Admirer - 1jckuhn

The Mane Six, Starlight Glimmer, the CMC, Gabby, and Smolder are all getting multiple love letters and gifts from an anonymous person and they're determind to find out who it is, but they're in for a shock when they finally unmask them.

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Chapter IV: Finally Revealed/Coming Clean

Author's Note:

I'm not really good when it comes to these little confessions, but, like the funeral speeches, I gave it my best shot. Please enjoy. Next and final chapter coming April 16th.

"SPIKE?!" The Element Bearers and Starlight said simultaneously.

"You're the admirer?!" Rarity asked.

Spike was in unimaginable pain. His right leg hurt like no tomorrow and his right wing wasn't as mobile as it was before. No doubt in his mind that he sprained, if not broke, them both.

"Ugh, yes, girls. You caught me," Spike groaned. "I'm the admirer."

The Element Bearers knew now wasn't the time to ask questions. They helped Spike out of his coat and called for help. Spike was loaded onto a stretcher and taken to a hospital. The seven ponies made it their goal to see him first thing in the morning.


Spending the night at the hospital wasn't a whole lot of fun for Spike. The bed was uncomfortable, so he didn't get a good night's sleep. The searing pain in his leg and wing wasn't helping him much either. Then, he was woken up at 7:00 A.M. for those annoying hospital tests and so the doctors could X-ray his wing and leg. Now, the tests were done, and Spike was sitting in bed with his leg and wing now wrapped in a bandage. His bed sat next to a window which gave him a clear view of the Friendship Castle. He let out a sad sigh and tears welled up in his eyes.

"The girls probably hate me now," he said to himself and began to cry silently.



The second the seven ponies' alarm clocks went off, they were up like rockets. They had never been so quick to get out of bed before. They managed to freshen up and be out the door in about 15 minutes. The trip took another ten minutes, so they had to spend 25 grueling minutes trying to get to their Spike. Wait, their Spike? Why were they thinking that? They couldn't be falling for him, could they? No. No, it couldn't be that. Could it?

The second they heard about Spike being the admirer, Smolder, Gabby and the CMC became very excited. They did feel extremely bad he got injured, but were happy because they now knew that Spike felt the same way towards them as they did towards him.


At long last the twelve girls were in the hospital.

"Hello, girls," the nurse said. "Who are you here to see?"

"His name is Spike," replied Twilight. "He's a small, purple Dragon with green eyes."

"Ah, I know who you're referring to," the nurse said. "Follow me."

As they were nearing Spike's room, they could hear what sounded like quiet crying. Then, they heard six words that shocked them to their core.

"The girls probably hate me now."

That sentence coupled with hearing Spike crying made Smolder, Gabby, and the CMC's hearts break into a thousand pieces. They knew they needed to set things straight as soon as possible. The boy they loved was in despair, and after all the times he had helped them out of their funks, they felt it was high time to return the favor.

The Element Bearers and Starlight also felt a pain in their chests listening to their Spike cry. Wait, what? It happened again. Why did they keep thinking of him like that? It couldn't be love, right? Sure, Spike was their friend. Yes, he was always such a kind, sweet, loving, and overall caring soul. Not to mention he seemed to always help them out of a jam, and he was so eager to help out no matter what he was doing. Was this how Smolder, Gabby, and the CMC's felt about Spike? Did they really love him this much? It must be for them, but that couldn't be the case for the Element Bearers and Starlight. Could it?

They walked into the room to see Spike sitting on the bed, wiping fresh tears out of his eyes as he silently cried. He didn't seem to notice them come in. The nurse cleared her throat and got the crying Spike's attention.

"Good morning, dear," the nurse said. "You have visitors."

She left the room and left the teary-eyed Dragon alone with his love interests. Spike let out a sniffle.

"I know," he sighed. "You all probably hate me now for putting you through this, and I understand."

"Spike, we don't hate you for this," Twilight said.

Spike's demeanor changed from sad to surprised.

"Wait, what?" Spike asked. "But what about all those letters I sent to all of you, and it irritated you all to no end? Then, when I heard about Smolder and the Cutie Mark Crusaders had their own love interests. I internally felt bad for pestering them so much even though they had no interest in me."

Smolder was next to speak. She walked up to Spike, took his hand, and looked her crush right in his eyes. Her sky-blue irises making contact with his emerald irises. She felt warm touching his hand with hers.

"Actually, Spike, there's something that I, as well as the Cutie Mark Crusaders, need to tell you," Smolder said. "The person who we've had our eyes on..."

Smolder paused for a moment to let Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo walk up. Now, all four girls were facing their love interest, and they felt like fainting.

"...is you," they finished together.

Spike was even more shocked. Gabby also moved up to join the other four girls.

"I also have to admit that I, too, love you, Spike," she confessed

"What? But, why me?" he asked.

"Do you remember the time you helped my brother, Garble?" Smolder asked.

"Yeah?" Spike said unsure of where this was headed.

"Well," she continued "After you reformed him, I began to feel strange around you. My heart would always start to pump faster, and all I wanted to do with you was wrap you in a tight hug and never let go. You're just an overall kind and sweet boy who'd do anything to please anyone. I fell in love with you because of your kindness and big heart."

Spike blushed red and smiled.

Up next was Apple Bloom. She was speaking one again on not just her behalf, but also Sweetie and Scootaloo's behalf as well.

"You've always been there to help not just me, but Sweetie and Scoots as well, out of a jam. You've helped all three of us with trying out over forty talents in hopes of finding our Cutie Marks, you've stood up to those who've bullied us, and then there was the time you took care of me when I had a cold on your day off and you didn't even ask for anything in return. It was when I woke up the next morning feeling almost completely better that I began to feel something strange when I thought about you. When I asked Big Mac about it, he told me it was love. It was, like Smolder, your big heart and kind soul that gave my friends and I a crush on you." she confessed.

"Actually," Sweetie added. "If I'm being honest here, I had a crush on Spike since I first laid eyes on him."

"I started having feelings for Spike once I really got to know him," Scootaloo said. "He's always made me laugh or brightened my day when I was feeling a bit down."

Spike's blush deepened. Gabby went up next.

"Do you remember that dreadful brute, Rocky?" she asked

Spike's blush disappeared.

"Please don't remind me of that idiot," he groaned.

"Well, after you helped me out of my slump, I too started having feelings for you. I was so excited whenever we hung out together. It didn't matter what we did, I just wanted to be with you." Gabby confessed.

Spike's blush returned and it grew ten times deeper when all five girls suddenly surrounded him and smothered his face and the top of his head with kisses.

"You have no clue how long I've been wanting to do that to you," Smolder said as she stroked Spike's cheek and gave him a seductive look.

Spike smiled.

"You know, Smolder, I think what I like most about you is how much you've grown and become such an open and inviting soul. I'm not going to lie when you're happy around me I feel happy too," Spike smiled. "You've also shown me that Garble's not the only one who can act like a burnt marshmallow. You did act a bit smoky when you first came here, but you very quickly revealed your sweet side and I wouldn't change a thing about you."

Smolder chuckled and blushed.

"Aww," she said. "Thanks, Spike."

Spike then turned his attention toward the CMC and Gabby.

"Then, there's you three," Spike smiled. "You girls have determination that I've never seen in anyone to find your purpose in the world. Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo, you've really matured right before my eyes even before you got your cutie marks. You're always so eager to complete a task even before you start to complete it. I admire that a lot about someone. If I were to have to pick one of you to be with, I couldn't leave the other two out. You're all perfect and, like Smolder, I wouldn't change a thing about you."

The Cutie Mark Crusaders all blushed heavily before fainting from their crush telling them exactly how they felt about them.

Spike then turned his attention to Gabby.

"Gabby, when it comes to being cheerful, you've clearly taken tips from the always loveable Pinkie Pie."

Pinkie blushed and giggled. She was starting to embrace these newfound feelings for Spike.

"Like Pinkie," Spike continued. "You always know how to brighten someone's day. You're sweet, loving, and, quite frankly, the coolest Griffon I've met. Yes, I too didn't care what activities we did together. I just wanted to be with you. As we hung out, I felt myself grow closer to you. You can't really blame me, right?"

Gabby giggled and blushed, "Not one bit."

"Well, now that we have you five out of the way," Rarity said. "It's time for Spike to tell us why he loves us."\

Spike smiled warmly at his other seven best friends turned love interests. He would've been nervous, but telling the CMC, Gabby, and Smolder how he felt about them, as well as listening to what they had to say about him, motivated him to finish what he started. He cleared his throat.

"Well," he started. "I've always loved how Rainbow Dash was loyal to me after the dragon migration. She kept checking in on me and even took me to a Wonderbolts show. Twilight, of course, cast a cloud walking spell on me for that one. I told her it was alright, but she was persistent because she felt she owed me after she teased me. I fell in love with her because of her determination to right a wrong no matter what the cost and how she always aims to please a friend if they are down."

"Well, thanks kid," Rainbow Dash said. Her usual, somewhat cocky tone was gone. She felt touched.

Spike then turned his attention towards Pinkie Pie.

"Pinkie," he said. "I love how you're always there to make me laugh or smile and you're always unpredictable, but in a good way. I remember, after the dreadful Sludge incident, you baked me a double-decker cake for my "Make Spike Feel Better" party. I felt truly touched by your gesture of kindness. You claim to bake sweet goodies, but you don't even realize that no matter how many sweets you bake, they will ever be as sweet as you are. I love you because of your joy and sweet personality."

Pinkie blushed and then walked up and pecked Spike's forehead, before the lovestruck dragon turned his focus to Applejack.

"Applejack," said Spike. "Do you remember when I worked off that life debt I owed you?"

Applejack chuckled, "Yeah?"

"Well, when I was working of that debt, I thought, "why not try and really get to know more about the Apple Family?", and that's just what I did. I learned how you and Big Mac inherited the farm at a very young age and how you and your brother balanced taking care of the farm with raising Apple Bloom and caring for Granny Smith. In the process of learning your family history, I felt myself grow closer to not just you, but the entire Apple family. You're hard workers and have sweet souls. I do know that, like Pinkie, you make tons of apple pies or other sweets, but they don't come anywhere near being as sweet as you. In addition to me being in love with your hard working and kind attitudes, the southern charm of both you and your sister seemed to hit it off with me really well."

Applejack went redder than one of her apples. Apple Bloom, who had awoken shortly before Spike started his little confession to Applejack, fainted again, still blushing heavily.

"Uh, is she going to be okay?" Spike asked.

"It's alright," assured Applejack. "Bloom's always been like that when she talks about you to Mac, Granny, or me."

Spike then looked at Fluttershy, who was blushing heavily and trying to hide her face behind her mane. She walked up to Spike so she could listen to what he had to say. Spike gently brushed her mane away from her face, mentally noting how silky it felt to touch, so he could get a good look at her.

"Fluttershy, I knew you and I were going to hit it off the second I met you," Spike chuckled. "I still remember how you scooped me up in your hooves and took me inside your cottage when you first saw me. In the time that I've known you, I've seen you really come out of your shell and show all of us the kind Pegasus you really are. I know you were originally scared of Dragons, but I saw you overcome that fear thanks to me and I began to feel these strange feelings for you shortly after I met you. I realized that I had grown to have a crush on you, but now I was at a crossroads, because, at the time, the only other mare I had a crush on at the time was Rarity. I thought I would've grown out of it because I was younger then. However, I felt my feelings of love for you grow stronger and it was about that time I began to notice my other best friends romantically. I think they were cemented when I was visited by you every day for a week just to make sure I was okay after Sludge left. Your sweet personality and how you always cared for me in my time of need captured my heart like a bee to a freshly-bloomed flower."

Fluttershy smiled warmly. She felt truly touched by Spike's confession. She planted a kiss right on his cheek and nuzzled his head lovingly. Leaving him blushing even more than before.

Then it was Starlight's turn.

"Starlight, you've and I have always had a close relationship. Your knowledge on friendship really has grown right before my eyes and Twilight's eyes. I know sometimes you've had a minor mishap here and there, but you learned so much from it, and you've become a lot more confident in trying to make friends with others, from reconnecting with Sunburst to trying to reform Chrysalis even though she didn't accept your offer. That's something I really admire about someone. I loved how you always were by my side in my time of need, and I did the same to you. I began to notice you romantically after the Sludge incident, when you checked in on me once every hour. You even went to the Dragon Lands to try and find him. I've loved you for your confidence and your ability to take the lead in any situation to help any of us out of a jam."

Starlight blushed, giggled, and blew Spike a kiss.

Now, it was time for Spike to face his very first love of his life, Rarity. Spike felt his heart pump faster than it had ever had. Even though he had been encouraged by Gabby, the CMC's, and Smolder to finish his confessions to his seven best friends. Spike still felt a bit nervous.

"Rarity, I believe you're aware that I've already had a crush on you," he started.

Rarity nodded. She walked up to him and wrapped a hoof around him to motivate him to keep going.

"Rarity, your generosity for others knows no bounds. I remember having a crush on you from the moment I met you. At first, i just felt like that because of how beautiful you looked, but as time went on, I really didn't care how you looked. I mainly began to love you because of how generous you were to me as well as the others. I felt reborn again every time you gave me a kiss on the cheek."

Rarity blushed slightly as Spike continued.

"I still remember all the times I helped you with Gem Hunting or Dress Making. It was hard work, but I was motivated to complete it just to see you smile. Your smile or happy expression is the only thing I want out of helping you. Not a few gems that I can eat later, not a kiss for appreciation, as much as I enjoy those. Just seeing you happy is what I desire most. I also want to make clear that you're a very talented mare when it comes to designing dresses or other fancy clothing. I love you because of your generosity and your creative nature."

Rarity's blush tone turned from a slight blush tone into a tone that was as red as a rose.

"Aww," she said.

Before anyone could stop her, the fashionista kissed Spike full on the lips for a solid five seconds. She pulled away so Spike could get to the final pony in line, Twilight Sparkle.

"Then there's you, Twilight. You and I have been together since the beginning. You've taken care of me, waited on me hand and foot, and we've become close friends very quickly. In the 13 pony years we've been together, I began to be drawn to your intelligent nature and your determination to please the Princess. You've always considered me not just your assistant, but as your best friend. I've felt the same way towards you, but after the Sludge incident, I noticed you romantically after you comforted me, and you stood by me every step of the way. You even let me cuddle with you in bed every night for a week. You know, come to think of it, I think I started to really fall in love with all of you after that fiasco. I've loved how you always cared about me especially after that incident with Owlowiscious. You and I seemed a lot closer after that and it didn't stop there. Like Rarity, I know I do a lot of hard work for you, but in the end, your happiness is the only reward I want, because I love you, Twilight. That goes the same for the others as well."

Twilight felt absolutely touched by her best friend's confession to her. As she processed what he said to her, a switch flipped in the Lilac Alicorn's head. She was unsure, at first, about considering Spike more than a friend. After his confession, however, she began to realize, not just the things she'd done to him, but the things that he had done for her. The other Element Bearers and Starlight seemed to be thinking the exact same thing. How he was always there for them in their time of need, how he always dropped what he was doing to help them with whatever they were doing, and how he was always ensuring that they were all happy, so that he could be stress-free knowing that fact.

"Now that I've gotten all those out of the way, there's only one question left. Who gets to be with me? I love you twelve, you twelve love me, but I have to pick one of you and the other eleven will have their hearts broken," Spike sighed.

After the twelve girls heard that, they immediately walked toward Spike and wrapped him in an affectionate hug.

"Actually, Spike," Twilight began. "That's not the case. When Celestia gave you to me to take care of, she also gave me a book on dragons. As it turns out, your breed of dragon is a rare breed that is known to build a harem of up to 15 girls. If they do build this harem, their instinct to build a hoard, as well as go into a greed-induced growth spurt will disappear."

Spike's face lit up.

"S-So this means-" he started.

"Yes, Spike, it does," Smolder said.

They all broke away for a brief second before Starlight spoke up. She had a little something she wanted to say on not just her behalf, but also the behalf of the other eleven girls that stood by her today.

"You know," Starlight began. "You've always talked about how we've always been there for you, but you never stop and think about how you've been there for us. You always have put aside your needs or what you're doing to help any of us with the slightest problem we encounter. You've always considered me your friend despite my screw-ups, which you never get mad at me for by the way, you successfully changed Fluttershy's opinion on Dragons, you are always eager to help out a friend if you feel that they need to be repaid when they've done something good to you, you always prove someone wrong when they underestimate you and you don't even gloat about it, and you're eager to clear creatures' names if you believe they have good in them. Not once have you been wrong on that subject, I should add. You also helped Rarity try to woo Trenderhoof despite your own feelings for her and you work yourself to the point of exhaustion with you getting barely, if any, reward from it at all. That, however, ends today."

Tears of joy welled up is Spike eyes as his new harem members huddled together around him and wrapped him up in another embrace. He felt calm and at ease in their embrace as he listened to their individual heartbeats.

"I love you, girls," he said in a soft tone.

"We love you too, Spike," all twelve girls responded simultaneously.

Yes, life, it seemed, was only going to get better from here on out.