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When Twilight is accused of nepotism, her friends rush to her defense! Sortof.

Written in four hours during a speed-writing exercise. Totally unedited. Enjoy!

Chapters (1)

Equestria is a bright and shining kingdom. Its residents are content and safe in their idealic lives, thanks to the efforts of their benevolent princesses. And it has been as such for centuries. ...Or so everypony has always thought. But when an ancient sarcophagus is dredged up off the coast, Manehatten- and Equestria at large- will have to face the truth that there was something older in the world. A civilization and predators that moved through its shadows.

For before there was a world of harmony....there was a World of Darkness.

Now with cover art by Jake Was Here!
And fan art by CyanJames2819!

Chapters (14)

Octavia isn't finding it very easy to adjust to her new life in Ponyville. The place seems so different from what she is used to and seems to be full of crazy ponies!

However, the population seem to have plans of their own and invite her and her fellow element bearers to a party in their honour. Octavia is used to formal dances and the like, surely this Hoe Down thing can't be much different. Can it?

Oh and maybe she might have just the teeniest bit of a crush on a certain red stallion who might happen to be at the dance, but that shouldn't be a problem.

A Cadenceverse story set about a week after The Music of Ponyville.

Thanks to Grass and Clouds 2 for his help in making this story.

Chapters (7)

Those annoying Cutie Mark Crusaders have always been a pain in Diamond Tiara’s flank, but Rainbow Dash adopting Scootaloo as a little sister was the last straw. Now Diamond Tiara is off to the Ponyville Hospital to shop for a new little sister of her own, but she should be careful.

She may just get more than what she expected.

Editing assistance by Peter, Sind, Bad Horse and Seether00
Cover picture by the fabulous Muffinexplosion on Deviant Art.

Chapters (2)

This story is a sequel to Hot Heads, Cold Hearts and Nerves of Steel

DASHVERSE: (Takes place several months after the events of http://www.fimfiction.net/story/68962/hot-heads-cold-hearts-and-nerves-of-steel)

Rainbow Dash and her friends are off to Canterlot to help in the preparations for the wedding of Princess Cadance and Shining Armor! But once she arrives, Rainbow learns of a sinister plot against Equestria. What's worse, she can't even rely on her friends to help her because one of them is not who she seems...

Chapters (20)

It's well known the damage the Cutie Mark Crusaders can cause. But one day, their damage causes a near personal tragedy for Princess Twilight, which in turn causes her, in a rage, to ban Crusades ever again. Now the Cutie Mark Crusaders must find a new way to find their marks. But how can they, when Crusading is all they've known?

Chapters (3)

Rainbow Dash has never been to the eye-doctor. One afternoon Twilight takes her to the clinic to check her eyes after a minor flight accident. They end up finding out something that makes no sense whatsoever to any pony in Ponyville.

Woke up this morning to see that my random story that was published for no reason got featured 2/28/14. I'm not complaining, but it isn't a work of art :P. I guess anything a teenager writes about multicolored ponies amuses you.

Chapters (3)

Captain Rainbow Dash of the Wonderbolts.
Has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?
Certainly her dream job.
Well, dreams and reality are two very different things.

Especially when our newly minted captain has to deal with an empty roster, budget cuts, the first non-pegasi cadets, and the pressure of finding out your best friend is now your boss, let alone a princess.

If that weren’t enough to make her quit, her three wing commanders might. Cloud Kicker is a sexual harassment lawsuit waiting to happen; Surprise makes no sense; and Lightning Dust is, well, Lightning Dust.

Meanwhile, Scootaloo arrives at the academy, ready and raring to prove she’s got what it takes to be an elite flyer. Pressure mounts as Scootaloo aims to make her hero proud.

Now on Equestria Daily
Editors: ping111

Thanks for pre-reading go to:
John Perry
Distaff Pope

Cover art used with permission by GSphere

Chapters (4)

Everypony loves Cheerilee -- except, apparently, for an old friend of hers from college, who has just returned to Ponyville with a score to settle! It's a wild race around town as Cheerilee attempts to flee her former companion long enough to figure out what, exactly, she did -- she was a bit drunk at the time, and her memories are rather hazy -- and how she can make it up to her. Not to worry, though: if Cheerilee can't set things right, her students are happy to help out!

...for a generous definition of 'help.'

Lunaverse story, set in the Fall portion of Season 2. Thanks to Blackbelt for helping and betaing!

Chapters (6)

Bluenote has been teaching Octavia jazz, and Octavia is looking for a way to repay her friend. Since Bluenote is a gourmand, Octavia decides to teach her how to make some traditional recipes from her hometown, including one that she often made with her mother. Unfortunately, Bluenote then tries to share the recipe with others before having fully mastered it... and when others dislike the result, it's Octavia who takes the blame and the humiliation. Can Bluenote find a way to make it up to Octavia?

A Cadanceverse story. The first Cadanceverse story is here, but you don't need to read the others to understand this one.

Chapters (5)