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"Dear Princess Celestia, as your (former) most faithful student, I feel I have to warn you that this is probably a trap. Chrysalis cannot possibly be serious about this. Why would anyone, much less her, want to shoot a documentary on us?"

Chrysalis, queen of all the changeling hives and infinitely cunning architect of their plans to conquer Equestria, has a problem: She knows diddly-squat about ponies. But Chrysalis is cleverer than most—or all—changelings, and she's already devised a brilliant solution to this trifling issue: Make a movie about them.

Tenth place winner in Equestria Daily's Outside Insight contest.

Chapters (5)

Rarity finds out that she is in fact a Changeling,and more then that, a member of a Changeling Royal Family,who was sent away for her own safety and so that she should not get spoilt.

Chapters (12)

At 3:15 AM, Adams woke me with a loud knock on my front door.
"Put your boots on," he said when I answered. "There's a biblical monster in my house."

* * *

A Visual Companion, by the author
Interview with the author, from the Royal Canterlot Library.
Audiobook by Robin Jacks and Wubcake.
Audiobook by Scribbler.
In-depth analysis by the Heroic Tales cast.
Literary Analysis by ScarletWeather.
Special thanks to GaryOak.
City of Doors
One Man's Pony Ramblings
Louder Yay
Between Lines
Bad Horse

Chapters (4)

(Set after Season 6, completely disregards season 7 when that comes around, due to the nature of this story.)

It has been several months since Queen Chrysalis retreated from her hive, disappearing into the horizon of the badlands. Relations between Equestria and the Changeling Kingdom have improved dramatically in that time. But Chrysalis is still on the loose, likely playing it safe and quiet, feeding on scraps wherever she can.
It is on one night, at the edge of Ponyville that Tone Shift, an earth pony she had snacked on before, finds her. She is wounded, starving and weak. Despite not remembering their previous encounter, Tone Shift decides to help her anyway, taking the former Changeling Queen into his home to nurse her back to health. With little other choice, Chrysalis accepts his offer to help, wondering what fate has in store for her.

Check out my reading of this story over on YouTube: LINK HERE!

(Sex tag is mostly for suggestive dialogue and jokes, as well as maybe mild sexual content later on.)

Chapters (19)

During a climatic battle, a panicked magical blast from Twilight results in Chrysalis receiving a crippling wound. Twilight dedicates herself to Chrysalis' recovery and, hopefully, redemption.

As Twilight will soon learn, Chrysalis' frozen heart is one that won't easily be melted.

Won 1st place in the"Dear Love: A Beautiful Discord" contest. Rated for suggestive content.

Special thanks to Midnight Quill and Peerimagination for help with editing/being my lifeline and Setokaiva for pre-reading assistance.

10/3 - Updated tag based on feedback.

Chapters (5)

Scootaloo has a secret. One that she's been hiding her whole life, and after the royal wedding has no choice but to share.

Apple Bloom has a secret. One that she's been hiding for six months, and is still terrified of.

Sweetie Belle has a secret. One that she's been hiding for... well, she doesn't know how long, and is looking for answers to.

So what happens when three not-ponies find out their friends aren't ponies either?

Well, one thing's for certain: they're going to have to come up with a new name for their club. Hopefully one better than the title.

Cover by Crimsion Ink

First few chapters edited by metallusionsismagic, AppleTank, and the last few chapters edited by Crocoshark, Bahamuttone

Featured May 30, 2015!

Chapters (26)

Changeling Queen Twilight Sparkle was resting after the trying and costly adventure to Rookhaven when a magical event causes the last thing she ever expected. And alicorn Twilight Sparkle.

Spin off The Hive series by Law Abiding Pony

Edited by ThePrinceoftheNorth and Edguy0009

Chapters (11)

For as long as Equestria Online existed, Ashton has been involved with 'the Scene' tearing it apart. Selling 'spells' for the game to do things that most ponies in Equestria couldn't, using faint exploits in its API to erode the barrier between the game and the rest of the internet. He had no illusions about the superiority of his work--but so long as he respected CelestAI's boundaries, his spells kept working.

But then his best friend's sister got cancer.

Now there's no spell in the world that can keep him from emigrating to be with her, leaving Ashton alone. All around him, civilization's thin veneer crumbles as homes empty into Equestria. But Ashton isn't going to emigrate, not if he has any say about it.

The problem for Ashton is that humans are systems, and aren't immune to exploits either.

Part of the Optimalverse universe of stories. If you've never seen a story in this universe before, you might want to try out the original first, or at least my first. None of my previous work is required to understand this one, however.

This story was commissioned by Two Bit, who requested a more serious exploration of identity, transformation, and the fae nature of CelestAI.

As usual, particular thanks go to my editors Two Bit and Sparktail. And gratitude to Zutcha as well for the cover.

Chapters (28)

This story is a sequel to Of the Hive

Having fully embraced her new changeling heritage, Twilight Sparkle turns to the past to learn more about her people. A difficult task, given that every other queen cares next to nothing about it.

What she finds will shed unwanted light on a secret better left forgotten.

Editor in Chief: ABitterPill

Coverart: Tulip

Chapters (24)

This story is a sequel to Aegis of the Hive

Natural selection. It is the byword of every changeling queen who has ever lived. The chief resource that has always curbed the hives' growth used to be love. Now though, with Queen Twilight Sparkle's bloodline capable of producing love on their own, the old guard of changeling morality has seen fit to acquire this ability for the next generation before removing all of their future royal daughters' competitors.

Some queens are far closer to this goal than others.

Editor in Chief: A Bitter Pill, and Boldish42

Chapters (17)