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Twenty-five years in prison is a long time for anyone. Maybe less for an Alicorn-Blood, but a lot of things can happen in a quarter of a century. Like finding out an adopted nephew. Will Luna be able to come to terms with her inner demons? Perhaps with the aid of her new nephew she might.

All characters are humanized and of legal age!

*Rated Teen due to themes, a few scenes, and some language*

Story commissioned by Anonymous!

CoverArt by franschesco, one of my personal favorite artists, you can find him on Derpibooru.

*If you are feeling generous you can buy me a Ko-Fi! or support me through Patreon*

Chapters (1)

When two children’s lives crumble before there very eyes, the run away from home and meet each other.

Chapters (5)

Inspired by Homeward Bound and A Dog's Way Home.

After a successful performance at a charity fair, the Rainbooms were on their way home. Unfortunately, in their haste, they accidentally left poor Spike behind.

Lost, and a long way from home, Spike must learn to adapt to survive in a harsh world, where survival means everything, if he is to stand a chance to return home.

Chapters (4)

Two Trixies. One tires of her shows being nothing more than smoke and mirrors and wishes for real magic. The other just wants to be appreciated and accepted.

Each Trixie has what the other desires, so when they get the chance to trade places with each other, they of course take the chance. Will they truly be happy with their new lives, or will their exchange take a sudden bitter turn?

Chapters (2)

Princess Ember, daughter of Dragon Lord Torch, would never admit her feelings to anyone.

She's not hurt that her father would rather scour the whole Dragon Lands, and find a stranger's child to become the Dragon Lord, than raise his own daughter. No way. Maybe a bit mad.

Dragons don't do heartbroken.

The core events of this story are arguably compatible with the TV series canon, but a buttload of implications made in the third chapter are only compatible with Reverie Equestria.

Image produced by me specifically for use as this story's cover image

Chapters (3)

When blinded by uncontrollable emotions, mistakes are often made. Sometimes those mistakes create the worst problems, and sometimes those mistakes take you down a better path. Universe fans know her as the forgotten jester. Equestrian enthusiasts know her as the Element of Laughter. They share the same purpose -- and now they share the same world.

Spoiler alert for Steven Universe: The Movie.

Chapters (6)

Right after the events of the sonic rainboom, it is decided that Spike the newly hatched dragon is to be sent to live with his own kind, but with all the negative relations with the dragons, it was bound to cause trouble, the guard tasked with the transport of the whelp decides why risk his flank, so he flies to the Everfree Forest and deposits the baby. But he is unaware that he flew over 5 little fillies who all happened to making their way to the small village at the forests edge.

They see the guard leave the poor defenseless baby in the forest, so they retrieve him, but this has its consequences. Spike who started out with no family, now has 5 mommies.

Inspired by all the stories about Spike in other families.

First feature 11/14/19, 11/18/19,11/20/19,11/21/19,12/4/19

Chapters (54)

Celestia needs a cake for her upcoming party, and not just any cake will do.
So she contacts the greatest catering service in the multiverse.
Unfortunately, they were all booked up, so she settled for the second best: Mung Daal's Catering.
Maybe she should send a chef along as well, just in case.
Now who would be good at cooking extravagant desserts with a ragtag group of eccentrics?

Chapters (1)

Trixie steals the deed to the Golden Oaks Library. She quickly finds out this doesn't mean what she thinks it means.

Inspired by this blog post by MythrilMoth.

Trixie vector create by Silentmatten

Chapters (1)

It is a tale well known to all: Twilight Sparkle, immortal alicorn, forced to face the world without her friends. Time having separated them, never to meet again, leaving only one Princess all alone, the last to remember those happy times. Alone in her castle, mourning all she has lost.

...too bad certain ponies have no sense of the dramatic and are too inconsiderate to actually be dead.

Chapters (1)
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