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Everything seems to be okay. A whole year has past since The End of the End, and Equestria has finally found peace.

In fact, the whole multiverse has entered a period of prosperity. Nothing could bring it down.

Unless of course, some cosmic being decides to take pieces of each reality and place them all together.

With the opportunity to save or destroy the universe, two sides are selected to battle it out. Who will come out on top? Will alliances stick? Can friendship keep these rascals together, or are we just doomed?

Slightly based on the marvel comic of the same name
Shows included
Steven Universe
Adventure Time
Gravity Falls
Star Vs the Forces of Evil
OK KO Lets Be Heroes
Teen Titans
Miraculous Ladybug
And more down the line

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A lonely Pegasus, scared by the world around her and content just being by herself. On a faithful day, she earns her cutie mark. What if on the same day, she also found a dragon egg. How would one simple shift change Fluttershy and Spike's life?

AKA, a story I'm surprised didn't get made sooner.
Inspired by The Dragon of sweet apple acres, My Dragon Brother, and Spike Pie.

Special thanks goes out to
NaomisHeadspaceART at devianart for making the cover. Seriously, thank you for this! :twilightsmile:

Chapters (3)
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