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Flurry Heart attempts to court Cozy Glow. Luster Dawn nearly dies as a result.

Chapters (1)

When the world is ending, where do you go?
Into Ships, sailing off into space? Hoping some new world will fare better than your last?
Into Vaults, buried deep underground? Waiting in stale air and light for the world to hopefully heal without you?
Into Portals, to new reflections of reality? Praying that alternate people made different mistakes?

When Equestria passed its point of no return, her citizens did as they always had in times of crisis: they herded together in one place.

And then they built a Spire.

Several centuries later, the daily life of your average pony is unrecognizably different...

...and yet, the more things change the more they echo the past.

Written for the 2023 Seerver Fic Exchange for Silent Whisper whose request was for a cyberpunk dystopia.

Chapters (5)

There’s no end to the monsters that lurk in the dark.

Ghosts, werewolves, mad scientists, cultists, mutants, zombies, vampires, aliens and more lie in wait in the dark corners of Equestria, terrorizing the night. But the most infamous and dangerous of them all is the legendary witch Twilight Sparkle, with a five hundred million bit bounty on her head.

Seeking fame and fortune, Rainbow Dash sets out to defeat the legendary witch and collect the massive reward. The one thing she wasn't counting on was Twilight being less evil than she expected.

More stories set in this AU can be found here.

Cover art is a work in progress by Abode_WTF

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The attached documents are currently pending investigation from the Solar Corporation’s Risk Management Team.

The following documents were taken from the employee email communication servers and the AMIS Hard Drive post-incident, with personal notes filed under “private”.

Please note that the AMIS system should not have a “private” section of its hard drive. This security oversight is also under investigation.

Written for both Red Parade's FiddleDust Contest and Bicyclette's The Twilight Files Contest.

Chapters (13)

Twilight is having a difficult time adjusting to being an alicorn. Everything is changing, and it's nothing like she expected. She's wanted this all her life - so why is she always turning into a monster in her nightmares?

Her friends keep telling her that it can't be that bad, and whatever changes may come, being a princess is worth it. Especially Rarity, who looks at her a little differently now that she has wings and a title. But if Celestia won't tell her what it's really like being an alicorn, what else is she hiding?

Written as a gift for Seer, who deserves all the RariTwi in the world. Cover art by the fantastic Shaslan.

Massive thanks to all my prereaders - I never would have written this story without you.

CW for several varieties of unhealthy relationships.

Story updates weekly.

Chapters (6)

Nightmare Moon has been gone several years, but not gone for good. And when Luna asks Twilight for help in ridding her of this curse, the Princess of Friendship decides to forgo magical rainbow blasts in place of a far more relatable approach.

Tonight, they're gonna paint the moon red.

This story was inspired by the song of the same name by L-Train (feat Koa, TheMusicReborn, Zephysonas & General Mumble).

Narcotics tag for alcohol and cannabis use.

Cover art from Yakovlev-Vad on Deviantart

Pre-reading and editing by Holtinater, Snow Quill, and Atom Smash.

Chapters (8)

The Cutie Mark Crusaders are a team. Even now that they're adults, their friendship has never wavered.

So when something arises to threaten that friendship, Sweetie Belle will do everything in her power to protect it. No matter what.

Written as a Christmas gift for Wish, who has been trying to force me to write Sweetie Belle for years.

Chapters (1)

In the innocent city of Canterlot, two little girls grew up together. 

In the lonely city of Canterlot, one had to leave. 

In the beautiful city of Canterlot, two best friends reconnect.

In the dangerous city of Canterlot, a once unshakeable bond is tested.

Written for the fabulous Dawn!

Heavily inspired by Monochromatic’s story Crimson Lips, though this story is in no way intended to be canon to that one. Think of this as an AU of an AU. 

Rated T and tagged sex for discussion of sex work and adult topics, similar to Crimson Lips.

Thanks so much to Novelle Tale and n3k1dsk1llz for proofreading/editing and a big thanks to Mono for inspiring this story.

Cover art created using the Wombo app!

Chapters (5)

Rarity leaves a career in fashion behind to learn about designing new planets as ponykind spreads to the stars.

This is, first and foremost, a gift for a very kind, incredibly talented friend of mine, Novelle Tale. It is inspired in every way by her work, her friendship, and her love of grand stories filled with tiny, flawed, yet somehow perfect characters.

It also tied for first place in Bicyclette's Science Fiction contest! Hooray!!

Please be sure to check out attsupidupis's beautiful instrumental piece inspired by this fiction!!

Chapters (7)