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My Art

My art

Artist, not writer

Hi! As whoever stumbles through my humble lair,
Yes, I haven't written a single entry until just now, and you know why? Because I simply and uterly SUCK at writing! I'm more a reader myself, and I leave the words to those that can use them. I for instance prefer to draw!
Here! Have a look! My real palace
Now you know! If you want to watch a few good pics and comic pages don't doub it, this is your place , or instead if you need a drawing or two for your newest fanfic, just get in contact with me. I'm by far the fastest and cheapest commisioner that will be. Satisfaction guaranteed ! So be sure to follow, subscribe or just plainly stalk me like a creep while I draw shit that looks awesome and don't forget that commissions are open and I have no boundaries or limits to what to draw. Just ask for more info

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Take your time. After all I have some things to correct in the chapters that I had wrote. Good look for your exams.

Sure I will get to it as soon as I can, I just haven't been able to read much since the exams and stuff, so I have a LOT to catch on

There are new chapters of Undead Raiser if you want. Although I was actually correcting multiple grammar errors that I had put when I was writing it. If you had some problem with the text, you can inform me.

Although that the main character is the focus and I would not have a actual idea of how I'm going to lead Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle in this zombie story, trust me.

The Bloods will be there... After I had gone through the flashback segment and a couple of chapters being set in the present of course.

I actually had played Undead Knight, but never could beat the final boss, the white bitch was too hard for me and I never could complete it I'm afraid. Still I can't wait to read your fic and see where you take this concept X3

  • Viewing 70 - 74 of 74
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