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Spike had been captured by a alien group called the Kraang for some time now, he was taken away after he just wanted to have some time to reflect. He was taken away from Equestria and brought to another dimension, he was in captivity for some time, but he then meets two strange creatures called" Human's" and are thrown into his cell, he meets a girl called April who has caught they're interest as well.

After some time waiting they are rescued by a group of 4 mutant turtles, after they fail to rescue April's father, Spike is now freed but without anywhere to go, so the turtles take Spike in and is trained by Master Splinter to stop the Kraang and return home.

New Cover art is thanks to Dragonknife 5, he helped make this and all credit goes to him.

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This story is a sequel to Ori And The Dragon In The Blind Forest

Taking place months after Spike was called by the Spirit tree to save the forest of Nibel, Spike has been becoming quite used to his new life. But he still feels worried as he has now become a hybrid of a dragon and Spirit guardian, and he feels afraid that he may lose himself. His fears of losing himself may come to be. because after he, Ori and they're new little sister Ku go on a flight, they are separated from him from a storm. Spike and Ori awaken in a new land called Niwen and they go on a journey to find Ku and save this new land from a terrifying threat.

Meanwhile the main 6 and two dragons, Garble and Smolder are sent to Nibel to try to find they're missing friend, while Garble is seeking to make up for what he did, with his sister Smolder seeking to help as well. but this may all come down when they see that Spike and Ori are out in a new dangerous place and they fear they all may never get they're chance to see him again...

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Spike had went on a walk to think to himself after what recently happened , the battle against Chrysalis and the reformation of Thorax and the others had recently happened and he needed to think to himself after all of it. however during the walk , Spike stumbles upon an ancient cave that looks extremely advanced, After further investigation he finds a device of somekind, but upon further examination, Spike begins to be sucked into it and is teleported away from Equestria,

He finds himself on a strange island where he meets a certain blue hedgehog and teams up with him and they go on an adventure to save not just the hedgehogs friends, but the entire world from a threat bigger then Spike's ever faced...

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After a teleportation spell gone wrong Spike is transported across the universe. He is found by Ratchet and is taken in and kept safe, when they almost complete a ship they find a small robot by the name of Clank who is trying to find someone to help save the galaxy, The three of them go on a galaxy wide adventure to save it and many more adventures to follow.

Shout out to Dragonknife5 for this idea!

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Spike had recently defeated Sombra and saved Equestria, Twilight had been busy with being the Princess of friendship and the other main 6 were busy with their roles in life, and feels a little depressed on it
Spike wishes to know what his destiny on a star one night and he falls asleep, unknownst to him destiny has much bigger things for him, he wakes up in front of an old turtle called Oogway and learns that he was brought here apparently by the Universe much to Spike's confusion,

Oogway tells him he is destined for something great and he is willing to teach Spike the art of Kung Fu and fulfill that roll, Spike accepts this and agrees to become a student, Oogway sends a message to Celestia about his destiny and she agrees to let him learn and decides to keep to tell the others at one point. From there Spike makes new friends and becomes what he was meant to be...The Dragon Master.

Sorry if it feels weird having the cover art for the movie i couldn't find anything on it, if you find or make something that is more fitting please send me a picture more fitting and i'll give you the credit for it.
Also if you can think of a better title name and allow me to use it i'll give you credit as well please

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When spike goes on a walk for some alone time in the woods he sits down near a tree, he reflects upon and goes back through the most recent events with nightmare moon, all he had done was simply sleep while they stopped her, he did nothing... he wished that one day he'll be able to help them all in his own way, as he thinks it over a strange spider crawls on him and bites him and he passes out, when he wakes up he feels nothing different at first, but after a couple days he notices strange changes... and after a strange earthquake Spike is sucked into another world where he must learn to master his new ability's and get home

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Feeling discontent with his life, Spike wishes upon a star to go somewhere where he can find what his purpose is , Meanwhile in a land far far a way from Equestria in a land called Nibel, The spirit tree is desperate to find someone who can help save the forest. When he reaches out across the world he sees spike wishing to go somewhere where he can find meaning, and it sees potential in him, he uses what little power he has to summon Spike to Nibel. Spike wakes up in a dark forest confused on where he was, after exploring a bit he encounters a spirit by the name of Ori, after seeing a light from a large tree restore her and save his life from injury, Spike himself feels something awaken inside him as well. From there they team up to try to save the forest from destruction while Spike goes on an emotional journey that will change his life.

Cover art belongs to DaichiDraws on DeviantArt

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Spike never thought he would meet his Birth parents, he always thought he would have his questions not answered. But during Dragon Quest instead of meeting Garble and his crew he meets someone he never thought he would meet.

Art cover belongs to QueenCold on DeviantArt all rights reserved

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