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Spike had been captured by a alien group called the Kraang for some time now, he was taken away after he just wanted to have some time to reflect. He was taken away from Equestria and brought to another dimension, he was in captivity for some time, but he then meets two strange creatures called" Human's" and are thrown into his cell, he meets a girl called April who has caught they're interest as well.

After some time waiting they are rescued by a group of 4 mutant turtles, after they fail to rescue April's father, Spike is now freed but without anywhere to go, so the turtles take Spike in and is trained by Master Splinter to stop the Kraang and return home.

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HELL YEAH! Spike being a Ninja Dragon is dope as shit!

This comment gives me "American Dragon" vibes.

Looking forward to seeing where this goes.

Great show lol. But same~

They kept on running until they were stopped by a gross looking grass creature with vines and fly eaters for hands and a heart beating in the middle, Spike looked absolutely terrified by this thing, it was something he never thought he'd see in his life." What.. the.. ****" Spike thought to himself horrified.


Is Spike gonna become a mutant at some point?

I wonder if the Main 6 wonder if Spike's missing, and if they're going to either try and get him back or watch his progress and he'll find a way back.

What weapon will Spike be given?

Look the history "Equestria Ninja Girls" for that.

The pacing was a bit fast. And usually you would make a new paragraph when another character starts talking.

yeah, i'm seeing the error, but that's also how the pacing of the show goes at times, what weapon choice do you think Spike would work best with? I've been thinking of giving him special metal claws that Donnie made for him from the tech of the Kraang, but what do you think would work?

Maybe tonfas with extending blades like what Snake Eyes used in GIJoe Rise of Cobra.

Has Spike met Spike? AKA Slash?

Isn't spike a magic dragon he can use magic ?

i don't think it would properly work if he tried, i'll try to find someway.

Do read Another Hatchling by Tatsurou and Do know what is phazon / I think it's it has a good idea to power up spike by drink mutagen

i've actually read that story believe it or not, i really like it. it's fun it's kind of like a retrospect story, focusing on the aftermath of it all and it being explained over time, i really like that story. maybe i should have Spike be in Metroid Dread at one point...

So if phazon gave spike strength and power does the mutagen gave spike strength only ? I think the phazon more powerful of the mutagen

that can be really different given the lore of these races, i think mutagen would mutate Spike, and not just give him more strength, and those who have been mutated, have also almost lost they're minds in the process, Like how Karai struggled to keep her sanity after she was

You are right but spike are not human and if I remember correctly Leatherhead and turtles and kind not lost they are minds in process right and Spike AKA Slash still have memory before and after expose mutagen

Leatherhead was experimented on by the Kraang.

For me, that was a fair thing(:raritywink:), the fact that Spike stole the gun.

I imagine that when the information about the "living dragon" reaches the Destroyer he will double or triple the efforts of his henchmen to capture him.

I wonder what the destroyer's expression will be like... from what little I understand of Japanese culture... dragons are revered by them.

Whoa, just started reading this story & it sure started darker than any of your other Spike stories (besides Ori that is:twilightsheepish:) Need to caught up with the rest of it in between Star Ocean second story R sessions (hard to put that game down:rainbowdetermined2:)

Keep up the great work Dragonfan! :moustache:

Hmm not liking that Spike's on Shredder radar (with Mikey's help - unwillingly :ajbemused:) That makes me worry for something awful coming for my fave purple draggie! (especially with that future scene shown with him falling into mutagen alongside Karai Hoping he comes through ok on that ordeal! :moustache:

this is really good.

Spike had been handling things a bit better since the encounter with Chris and Xever, since Spike stole that sword that belonged to him, Spike has been training with Leo to get a better hang of it, it felt strange at first getting used to it, but he's started to adjust, Spike just thinks maybe an extra blade will be better like with what Leo can do. Spike had been keeping his training up as he knows the Shredder is after him, and Spike knows it is not for anything good, since Spike's the only dragon in this world, it makes him quite the target for anyone, and Spike needs to be prepared.

I swear, if you cause Spike to learn how to use three swords, I am going to facepalm.

oh don't worry, that would be dumb, that won't happen i promise

Spike's vision is blurry as he sees two shadows come up to him, not pony's or dragons.. it's something else.. "Is this the one called.. a dragon?" One asks in a strange voice "Not just the one called a dragon, it's the one called the dragon, the one Kraang has been searching for." T he other one tells him. "We must take him to base, to begin what experiments are in store for him." The other says as they grab his arm, Spike sees them open a portal of somekind much to Spike's shock. "No.. no! Twilight!!" Spike says weakly as he is brought to it.

I wonder if Spike will be experimented on at the same time as the season 1 finale? I don't know what will happen. Plus if you want to see the show, check on Netflix.

For those wondering what the Randori punishment looks like, here you go

"That which is know as revenge will be called on those who call themselves the turtles, and that which is known as the dragon will be re captured by Kraang once again." The robot said before the brain on top screeched and tried to attack Donnie, Spike growled in anger before he used his sword and sliced the guy in half. "That's for Metalhead." Spike said in anger.

Did Spike just do a murder on that Kraang?

i don't think he'd feel remorse for it, i mean, they did kidnap him from his home and were going to experiment on him, so i don't think Spike would hesitate, even if it's not in character for him, even if it's just this one scene

Sweet weapon upgrade for Spike there, borrowing a bit from your Ratchet/Clang story!:moustache:

Still wonder if Spike was the only one taken from his home planet though or did the kraang had a secret outpost on Equestria?:rainbowhuh:

Keep up the great work Dragonfan!:moustache:

I thought that the kraang captured spike because he was a dragon and also because he was more "accessible" than the other dragons in the lands of dragons which are in large numbers and therefore it will be more difficult to capture one.

it's also for other reasons that i'll go into later

I wonder if he’ll change his tune once he meets the Utrom?

"Allow us to demonstrate." Splinter told him, Splinter went up to him and tried punching him but Mikey bent down and then dodged when Splinter tried attacking him with a chop and flipped over Spike after he tried sweeping his legs( Ultra instinct Mikey ya'll.) , Donnie was in complete shock as he saw this.

That scene with Mikey dodging all those moves is seriously my favorite scene.

Next chapter: the first battle with SHREDDER!!

OOOOooooOO~ I can't WAIT for this absolute BEATING that's about to commence!

"Enough!" Shredder shouted as he got up from his chair and walked down. "I shall deal with Hamato Yoshi's deciphers and capture that dragon myself." Shredder said in anger as he walked out of the room..

Now I'm worried for spike.

To say the first encounter with Shredder went poorly for our heroes would be an understatement, with Spike getting the short end of the stick during the process!:fluttercry:

Will Spike find a way to be normal again or are things gonna be worst for him from here on out though?:fluttershysad::moustache:

I will say Poor Spike and hope the mutation on his arm doesn't spread to his entire body. He'll have to stay in the sewers until he master his mutation also... the title FKA Enter Shredder? Isn't suppose to be AKA Enter Shredder?

No, that's what it says on the title when i streamed it, it could have been a typo on they're part

This was a great chapter

I look forward to continuing your work.
I'm wondering if the top six will appear? They'll look different when they're in the skull world

Sorry for the little wait in the next chapter everyone! I've been a bit busy working on other stories behind the scenes and wanting to take my time, i know it's a bit of a wait but i'm working on the next chapter and i'll post it soon, i promise!


Did spike get a weapon?

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