Spike never thought he would meet his Birth parents, he always thought he would have his questions not answered. But during Dragon Quest instead of meeting Garble and his crew he meets someone he never thought he would meet.

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I’m glad you wrote this I always wondered about what would happen if spike meet his mother

Any Story ideas you recommend? I've been thinking about having spike go though the events of Ori and the blind forest, but what do you think i should do

I'm glad the main 6 aren't involved in this as much. Now Spike can grow into his own dragon & find his real place in the world.

Sweet Spike parent story here, loving it so far! 😉

BTW will a certain cool orange dragoness be making an apperance on a future chapter? (Especially since she's only a few years older than Spike, plus she sorta became an unofficial big dragon sister to him in canon:moustache:)

Is Spike also going to meet his real father in this story?

sadly not I had explained that he became deathly ill, I'll give detail on what he looks like in a later chapter though

Just did a little update to chapter three, you might like it!

Just read it, very nice to see him & Smolder becoming friends! (not to mention Spike knowing about her & Garble's secret interests) :heart: Also interesting that Smolder hasn't gone though her own molt in this yet, wasn't expecting that one! :moustache:

Quite the heartfelt chapter for both Skystar/Nathen after the loss of their significant other!:fluttercry:

At the same time I'm glad there was a funny light jab at Spike's new female friend by both adult dragons here! :rainbowlaugh: Glad you were able to add Smolder to this tale after I mention her, looking forward to see how their friendship (possible romance?:applejackunsure::heart:) alongside Garble moves forward from here on out!:moustache:

Also wonder if Twilight & the rest will come across Spike later? Guess only time will tell! Keep up the great work! :twilightsmile:

what would you think if i had spike go through the events of Ori and the blind forest?, that's my next story idea but I'd like to know know what you'd think, and any other story ideas you may have.

That sounds cool to me, go for it! As for after that maybe some time between Spike/Smolder/Garble as they show Spike life in the Dragonlands, maybe even Spike/Smolder going though their own molts in later chapters! :moustache:

I might do that in a sequel story

have you played the Ori games? and if so what do you think of them. I love them a lot!

Decent start but you need editing, badly. You also need to fix bits of your dialogue and to be honest, that was really out of character of Spike to lie about his upbringing. Seriously, he sounds almost ashamed of being raised by Twilight.

Can't say that I have, may think to check it out later.

Just edited the first chapter a bit, I know it may be out of character for him to lie, but i made it in a way it might be more believable, if there's any other issues you have please let me know, even though this is my first story i want to make this the best it can be!

here's the opening of Ori and the blind forest so you know what story I'll be telling, the first ten minutes are like the opening in Pixar's Up! it is really emotional!

Just saw it & damn, it tug at my heartstrings! :fluttercry:

yeah i plan to make it an emotional journey for him, just released chap 5!

Oh damn, hope this has a better outcome for Spike's new family than that intro I saw! :moustache:

I have a hunch in the next chapter or two, we're gonna see FIREWORKS & SPARKS FLYING.

Maybe if I have time to read the rest I'll let you know.

Still hoping a peaceful outcome will come out of this, cause both Skystar/Spike deserve it! :moustache:

Please do, I want to make the story the best it can be!

A very tense moment indeed, glad it had a positive outcome! :moustache:

hope you listened to the music i had sent, it makes the fights sound 100x better!

Good to see Spike going with his mom/Nathen to learn about been a dragon. Looking forward to the next tale of his dragon adventures, maybe getting to hang out with a certain orange dragoness!:raritywink::heart:

lol now I wonder if the Mane 6 would tease him about it when they find out!
Spike * She's not my girlfriend, she's a girl & a friend, totally different!*:moustache:

Or maybe it’s Ember he could end up with.

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