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This story is a sequel to Equestria Ninja Girls: Forgotten Friendship

The Festival of Friendship is interrupted when the Storm King Invades Equestria. Now Princess Twilight and her friends and ninja friends must ban together and voyage to lands unknown to look for help to stop the evil King and save Equestria.

Chapters (8)
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well it finally happened. this will be fun.:raritywink:

This chapter of the new story is awesome 😊

I think this is gonna the BEST STORY I EVER READ IN MY LIFE FROM YOU!!!!!!

Uhhh, Blad was a member of the Storm army? cool.

Funny. I always thought Grubber was a honey badger. Oh well.

Blade Swipe’s got a beef with Tempest Shadow. The ponies and ninjas got away, with Sunset Shimmer, Blade, and the Fugitoid.


?????: “We can’t let them know there’s a fifth alicorn here! Let’s help our friends out by protecting Flurry Heart!”

Bebop: “Yes sir! We are on it.”

Rocksteady: “Okeys-Dokey! We protect baby pony!”

Bonus points for the pacing, one thing I appreciated about the movie is that it wasted no time getting started so I'm glad you didn't drag the beginning out. Looking forward to more.

"I need all four for the staff to work." Tempest reminded Grubber.

?????: “Phew, it works. They don’t even know little Flurry exists.”

Bebop: “So what’s next on the agenda boss man, sir?”

*Some guards pass by and noticed*

?????: *Gets in a huddle* “Here’s the plan! You go in deep! You take the sides! And I’ll take Flurry, got it?”

Rocksteady: “Dah!”

Bebop: “I don’t get it, yo!”

Together: “Ready, BREAK!!”

????: “Set! Hut!”

Rocksteady: “We squishes you like the blueberries!”

Hey. I'm a huge fan of your crossover stories. I've just got a question.
When do you plan on updating the movie fanfic? I love that one!
Well, I won't bother you anymore. Hope you have a good day!

Suddenly many residents were surrounding them, as one motioned to Spike, "How much for the giant gecko?!"

Mondo Gecko: "Huh? Did somebody call my name?"

"Get her now!" Tempest ordered, as her two guards went after them.

*Enter Mondo Gecko*

Mondo Gecko: "You shall not pass!!" *flies at Tempest Shadow while doing crazy skateboard tricks* COOOOOOWWWWWAAAAAAAABUUUUNGAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! *Gets punched in the face by Tempest, followed by some karate moves* "Now I know how a practice dummy feels like." *faints*

Grubber: "Oooh! Gecko boy got dropped!"

Out in the desert of the Badlands, the heroes were trekking through the endless sandy grounds hoping to find the Queen of the Hippos. As they walked through the sand, Mikey spoke up, "Guys, just think of it as a very long day on a really big beach in a very dry year."

Just have to point this out, the Badlands are where the changelings live while the Desert is a completely different location south of the Badlands. Don't worry this is the third story I've seen make that mistake.
Here's a map:

And yes it does raise more questions than it answers XD.

Which one of your stories is the previous one?

8676153 Mutant Apocalypse is an alternate story so it doesn't matter when it ocurs

well the earliest is Equestria Ninja Girls and you just work your way up until the final sequel at which point there are a few side stories like this one.

That said it might help if he put a link in the description for people who have never read the other ones.

Yay! A new chapter! Thank you so much for uploading this, amazing as always! Can't wait for the next one!

Hey I’m just wondering if u can make a story of the 80s shredder and turtles meet princess twilight and her friends and thorax and Pharynx and the pillars of old equestria in including stygian in equestria pretty please?🙏🏻

Alright, not relevant, but just LOL

Hey it's me again and i just wondering if u can make a story about 1987 shredder and krang to take equestria instead of new york city ok?

0_o well........ looks like this is going crazy.

Rainbow asked sheepishly, "Ya think she saw my sonic rainboom?"

Twilight snapped, "Are you kidding me?!"

Smart move Rainbow Dash, ya just blew away your cover, literally!

Also Mikey, Tempest just ate a cupcake with your words on them......



*Flurry Heart and her babysitters were flying through the air*


????: “Hey look! A Sonic Rainboom!”

Bebop: “Whoa! That’s tight, yo!”

Rocksteady: “Dah, comrad Bebop! It’s enough to make grown man cry...But not the Rocksteady! Get back in the diamond eyeball tear!”

*Resumed screaming*


Flurry Heart: “Wheeeeeeeeeee!”

Bebop: “I knew this was a terrible idea boss man! I’m gonna kill you if we don’t survive!”

???: “How should I know Flurry Heart has an explosive baby toot?”

Flurry Heart: “Wheeeeee!” *giggles*


???: “While we scream for our lives, let’s see where the turtles and friends are now.”

Flurry Heart: “Eh oh!”

Fugitoid was galloping around, "Oh, if only I could help my friends, but on all fours there's not much I can do!" suddenly as if responding to his words he started turning upward as his robot body converted to an anthro mode, "Oh, this will do!" he held out his arms as his blasters were engaged, and he began shooting his opponents.

Am I detecting a reference to a certain Space-Age Western from the 80's here?

Wow, Twilight. For being one of the smartest of the bunch, you can afford to make stupid choices once in awhile.





Flurry Heart: “Whee! Again! Again!”

????: “I can’t believe we survived that horrifying crash landing experience without a scratch!” *Trips* “Whoa! OW!”

*Flurry Heart giggles*

????: “Well, at least you’re having a good time.” *Flurry’s tummy growled* “Oh that’s not good. Someone’s getting hungry, eh? Looks as sad as an empty bag of gems.”

*Everybody’s tummy growled*

Bebop: “She ain’t the only one dawg! We gotta find food and fast! Or we’ll all starve to death!”

Rocksteady: “Da! Um, how does moldy ketchup with dead cockroach sound to you?”

????: “Pass! Why don’t you readers go get yourselves a slice of pizza, while we feed Flurry and ourselves?”

So cool! I can't help but love every single chapter, the story's just too good! Great work, as always!

Definitely one of my favorite scenes in the movie. Even more powerful when you consider Twilight's horn sparking would probably be the equivalent of her raising a hand to strike pinkie in anger.

Plus how awesome is it that Pinkie wasn't just used as comic relief in the movie XD.

"IT'S ALL MY FAULT!" Twilight sobbed

Discord: "There, there Twilight. It is your fault."

"All right, team. We're in this together!" Raph declared, as they cheered.

"We're coming, Twilight and Leo! As soon as we bake up a plan!"

????: "Well let's go kick some STORMY BUNS!!"

Bebop: "Oh yeah! It's on like Diddy Kong!"

Rocksteady: "Let's go save mama pony!"

Flurry Heart: "MAMA!!!!"

*just finished reading "Friendship Falls Apart"*
So....AWESOME!! I'll say it right away, awesome chapter. Seriously though: This scene was so emotional, I can't do anything else but applaud you right now. Once again, very well done!

I TOTALLY ship Blade and Tempest.

Do you think you could include a reference to the ending from the 1990 movie?

"I have heard a great deal about you. You lost your horn at a young age, ran away from home, joined the Storm King's army, captured the Princesses, chased my family to the ends of Equestria, handed Twilight over to your master nearly resulting in the destruction of Equestria! And..." Tempest prepared herself for more guilt to be placed on her, until Splinter spoke calmly and with pride, "You have saved my sons and their friends. For that I am very grateful." he bowed his head to her much to her surprise.

*All the ponies bowed down to Tempest Shadow. Even Flurry Heart's babysitters.*

???: "Our little baby all grown up, and saving Equestria."

Rocksteady: "Da! It's enough to make the Rocksteady cry. It's okay tears, leave the diamond eyeball."

Bebop: "Do you have a tissue?"

This was so great! Amazing work! I can't wait for the next one!

you are good with those 2 & who ever is the mystery guy is. keep it up.:raritywink:

That is the best story I read from you sense turtles of Equestria and the turtles meet the pillars of old Equestria and Equestria ninjas girls from you EEEEEEAAAAAAAVVVVVVEEEEEEERRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!😍😊😄

And Special Guest Stars

J.B.Smoove as Bebop
Fred Tatasciore as Rocksteady
Robbie Rist as Mondo Gecko
John De Lancie as Discord

Bebop: "Whoa, whoa, whoa, WHAT?! We've been babysitting little Flurry Heart, and keeping her out of danger, and we don't get any recognition for this?!!"
Rocksteady: "Da! This is the out of rage, man! We risked our lives to save baby pony, we played the hand ball with the storm apes, we got ourselves blown up by baby pony's baby toot, we rolled down the mountain, then we helped comrade turtles and comrades ponies and talking cat and talking birds fight evil Storm King, and this is the thank we get?!"
?????: "Don't be so sure boys."

Princess Cadence: "Flurry!" *Mom and daughter hug each other* "I'm glad you're safe, sweetie."
Flurry: "Bebop! Rocky! Fun!"
Princess Cadence: "Oh, have you been watching over my sweetie this whole time?" *Flurry Heart's Babysitters exchanged agreements* "Thank you all. For that, I'm eternally grateful to all of you."
Flurry: *giggles*
????: "All in a heroes' work, your majesty."
Bebop: "Yeah, princess dudette! We'd do anything for your baby princess!"
Rocksteady: "Da! We loved baby ponies! And I love mama!"

Princess Cadence: *Smiles and looks down at Flurry Heart* "Y'know, Twilight and the girls are busy. And Flurry needs a babysitter, and she obviously took a liking to all of you. I don't suppose..."
????: "Well, let me check my schedule...."
Bebop: "We'll take the job!"
Rocksteady: "Da! Da! We love babysitting! We excellent at sitting the baby!" *Bebop elbows Rocksteady* "I mean, we sit for baby, yeah?"
????: "....Yay..."

Awesome (You Are My Hero)
Bebop and Rocksteady are partying the night away, in the crowd, with Discord and Mondo Gecko.

*shrieking loudly* What. An. Amazing. Story!! This was so well done; I loved that you took the actual scenes from the movie and mixed in your own scenes and dialouge with the turtles and their friends! It fit so well with the rest! If this ever git animated I would easily prefer this over the original. Once again: A great story! Congrats on finishing another one!

well hopefully the turtles will get to know equestrea more down the line. maybe some help from bishop.

Oh! Do Forgotten Friendship! FORGOTTEN FRIENDSHIP!!!! :pinkiehappy: Puh-lease?

I'm just wondering, you tell amazing stories with this crossover, please do another crossover with Mlp EQG and Transformers RiD 2015.
The great story telling!:ajsmug:
The funny dialogue!:pinkiehappy:
The character interactions!:raritystarry:

Please consider it. If not please someone consider it!:twilightsmile:

Nice touch with the Mulan quote I was hoping that the fight against the storm king would be like tmnt 2 out of the shadows against kraang

Great story :)
Though personally I'm still a little sore about what Twilight did and my trust in her has only partially recovered but I'm glad everything worked out.

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My favorite part of this fan fiction is at the end, that it shows the list of cast members. Great Job!

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