• Published 2nd Nov 2023
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Spike And The Ninja Turtles - dragonfan101

Spike gets captured by an alien group called the Kraang and is brought to another dimension away from his home, he is rescued by 4 mutant turtles and is taken in by them and trained to stop them and return home

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5: Baxter Stockman

Spike had been handling things a bit better since the encounter with Chris and Xever, since Spike stole that sword that belonged to him, Spike has been training with Leo to get a better hang of it, it felt strange at first getting used to it, but he's started to adjust, Spike just thinks maybe an extra blade will be better like with what Leo can do. Spike had been keeping his training up as he knows the Shredder is after him, and Spike knows it is not for anything good, since Spike's the only dragon in this world, it makes him quite the target for anyone, and Spike needs to be prepared.

Spike and Splinter were currently meditating in the dojo alone, Spike thinks it would be best for him to try to do more meditation, to gain more focus and harmony with his combat, they are at perfect peace as they have they're eyes closed, it feels like they're in the cosmos. But they're meditation is interrupted by a loud sound.

"Guys guys, get in your spots!" Mikey's voice is heard and they open they're eyes.
"Alright Mikey, but this is the last time!" Raph's voice is heard as well.
"What are they doing now?" Spike asked as he and Splinter went out to see what the noise is.

Spike walks out and sees pizza is all over the place and he sees Mikey on a skate ramp and the others are huddled together as they are on they're knees.
"And now the kid goes for the world record! He will attempt to jump three mutant turtles!" Mikey announced.
"I can't believe he talked us into this.." Raph said annoyed.
"Ya! Booyakasha!!" Mikey shouts as he rides down.

"What is going on in here?!" Splinter asks annoyed.
"In the Lair Mikey, seriously?!" Spike asked annoyed as well, he may be young, but he often did more responsible things then what they're doing.

"Sensei! Spike!" Leo says shocked as the three of them get up, Mikey screams as he rides to them.
"Whoa!!" Leo screams as he smashes into all of them and they all go into a pile and groan in pain.

"How many times have i told you, no skateboarding in the lair?" Splinter asks as Spike picks up the food on the ground and throws it away.
"As well as making sure the place isn't a huge mess?" Spike asks as he throws the old pizza away.

"None Sensei, Spike." Mikey answers.
"Exactly, i shouldn't have to tell you!" Splinter says annoyed.

"Your right Sensei, we definitely should have known better, and we deserve to be punished. Eh some." Leo says as they look at Mikey annoyed before bowing they're heads in respect.

"And what do you think would be a fitting punishment?" Splinter asks, Leo looks at the others who try not to think of something.

"Well we should.. clean up our mess?" Leo asks, Splinter crosses his arms and Spike shakes his head and sighs as he's seen this behavior before.
"And.. think about what we've done." Leo finishes and the other turtles agree to this as well.

"What about being grounded for a week?" Splinter asks.
"Oh, i'm sure that's.." Leo says trying not to have that happen while the others try to avoid it.
"All of you except Spike are grounded for a week!" Splinter tells them.

"Why isn't Spike taking the blame here?" Mikey asks.
"Because he didn't do anything reckless like this, did he?" Splinter asks Spike.
"Sorry guys, someones gotta make sure things are proper around here, i know it's weird, but i'm sorry for this." Spike apologizes, all of them groan in annoyance, the ramp falls down behind them making a loud crash as they look surprised.
"If you'll excuse me, i'll fix this." Spike says annoyed as he goes to clean up that mess.

A few hours past after that incident with the ramp, Spike is sitting with the turtles reading a book while the others are just bored, Raph continues to groan as he hates this.
"I can't believe we're stuck down here for a whole week!" Raph says annoyed.
"Sorry guys, really, i wish i could help with this.." Spike tells them, Leo sighs at this.
"Let's just be glad your not grounded as well." Leo tells him.

"Guys guys! you wanna see what i made?" Donnie asks excited
"This is how bored i am, yes Donnie, i do." Raph answers.
"Sounds like something interesting." Spike says interested.

"Okay okay okay, remember the other day when i was scrounging in that military junkyard?" Donnie asks.
"No/no/no/yes" They all answer, Spike said yes because he was with him that day.

"Well i found an incredibly advanced A.I microchip, made from .. get this, self assembled chain linked copolymers!" Donnie says excited, they all don't know what that means though.
"That's my favorite kind of copolymer!" Mikey says before reading his comic again.

"Mine too! and i used it to make.. this!" Donnie says as he hold up a device of sorts.
"The most advanced music player in the world!" Donnie explains.
"A music player?" Spike asks as he looks at it.

"Whoa!!" They all say in awe.
"So, who wants to try it first?" Donnie asks
"I do! Toss me the Tpod!" Mikey asks.
"Tpod?" Spike and Donnie asks

"Turtle, Pod, Tpod, i'm so good at naming stuff." Mikey says as he takes it and plugs in some ear pieces.
"He really is." Spike said agreeing as he likes it.

"You really gonna plug a piece of advanced military tech into Mikey's head? What if it melts his brain?" Raph asks.
"It won't and even if it did who's notice the difference?" Donnie asks.
"Splinter maybe, but not any of us probably." Spike answers.

Mikey presses on the button but screams in pain.
"What?!" Donnie asks shocked.
"It's polka! Make it stop make it stop!" Mikey begs as Donnie just walks over and presses another button, Mikey thanks him as they use watch as he pulls of some dance moves, Spike bops his head as he can hear the music and it sounds sick.

"That's it, i gotta get out of here." Raph says having enough.
"Where are you going? Were grounded!" Leo tells him.
"Splinter's gonna get really mad if he finds out you do this." Spike warns.

"I don't care, i gotta find something to do or i'm gonna go nuts!" Raph says as he kicks up a skate board and catches it.
"Let's go find a skate spot." Raph suggests
"Skate spot? i'm totally in!" Mikey shouts as he listens to the music.
" What will master Splinter say?" Leo asks.

"I don't know what's going on because they snuck out while i was asleep." Raph says mocking his voice.
"Well i'm the leader, and as your leader your not going." Leo tells him.
"Well as your followers, we're going anyway." Raph replies as the others go next to him.
"Well as your leader, i am going with you to lead you away from bad stuff." Leo tells them
"And as the only dragon of the team.. i'm gonna go take a nap, try not to get into trouble out there guys." Spike says as he heads to his room

"Alright, don't sleep to much!" Donnie says as he leaves, Mikey screams again as the tune changes.
"What's wrong?!" Leo asks as he falls on the ground.
"It's back to polka! we gotta get some more tunes on this!" Mikey says annoyed.

Spike proceeded to head to his room again after the turtles left, Spike wasn't sure if it was the best idea to let them go out without him supervising, he wasn't grounded like the rest so they could get in more trouble. Spike knew things weren't still easy for him, Spike was a wanted target for the Shredder, and was told of how dangerous he is, one of the reasons he didn't want to go out, was risk him being seen by more Foot Clan ninja's or even being captured.

Spike had fallen asleep for a couple hours, he was tossing and turning as he was having a bad dream.

We cut to Spike in the forest of Equestria as he laid down by a tree relaxed, Spike had went out of the castle for a bit to reflect on himself, Twilight had always been busy with her duty's as a new princess after Tirek was defeated, the other mane 6 were busy with they're own things and Spike wasn't able to help as they were fine.

Spike sighed sadly as he was by himself right now, he felt pretty lonely and bored, he hasn't really been able to do anything aside from helping with chores around the castle, sure Spike was glad to help her, but it was never as big as what they always did.
"What if something big comes that's too much for everypony? Will i be able to help? Or will i just watch in horror as it takes everything away from me...?" Spike asks sadly, unknown to him a drone of somekind was watching him from the bushes.

"I know i'm doing good help with helping around the castle.. but i feel like i should try to be more involved with these adventures.. i should ask twilight about this.." Spike asks as he thinks to himself, the drone is right behind him as it charges up a energy blast.
"What?" Spike asks as he notices the drone, it fires an electric shock around his whole body.
"Ahh!!!" Spike screams in pain as the thing causes him to fall to the ground barely moving.

Spike's vision is blurry as he sees two shadows come up to him, not pony's or dragons.. it's something else..
"Is this the one called.. a dragon?" One asks in a strange voice
"Not just the one called a dragon, it's the one called the dragon, the one Kraang has been searching for." T he other one tells him.
"We must take him to base, to begin what experiments are in store for him." The other says as they grab his arm, Spike sees them open a portal of somekind much to Spike's shock.
"No.. no! Twilight!!" Spike says weakly as he is brought to it.

"No!!" Spike screams as he opens his eyes and gasps in fear, he takes heavy breaths as he regains his sight, he looks around and sees he's still in his room, and he sighs in relief.
"Twilight... i hope your okay.." Spike says sadly as he gets up, he hopes the others are back by now.

They did get back before he and Splinter woke up thankfully, Spike noticed the Tpod was missing, and that gave him some concerns, they we're currently in the Dojo training some more, Spike was doing what was instructed without much trouble, but the others were really tired.

"Knees higher Leonardo!" Splinter instructed, Leo falls on his back asleep, Mikey isn't fairing much better and Raph is just rolling around somehow.
"Raphael you call that a Koho Tenkai? Because i do not!" Splinter shouted, Donnie fell face flat on the ground still dizzy, not enough sleep he guesses.

"Ya Me!" Splinter shouts as he walks up to the others who bow, Spike is right besides them.
"Hmmm, is there something you want to tell me?" Splinter asks.
"Something we wanna tell you? Nope" Mikey answers nervously.
"All of you except Spike seem tired." Splinter says as Spike looks at them.
"Yeah you do, everything okay guys?" Spike asks as he knows what happened and knew this would bite them in the shells.

"We're not! wide awake! Fresh as daises!" They all say trying to avoid it, Mikey yawns again and falls on the ground asleep, Splinter hums as he sees it.
"Spike, stand next to me please." Splinter instructs.
"What's up sensei?" Spike asks.

"Tell me Spike, do you remember the punishment called Randori?" Splinter asks.
"Yes i do." Spike replies with a grin as he and Splinter pull out 2 wooden swords, Mikey gulps as they all brace themselves.
Spike and Splinter raise they're swords, in 4 flashes of each of the turtles colors, first was Raph, Donnie, Mikey, then Leo, as harsh smacks were heard, all of the turtles are groaning in pain as they finish the punishment.
"I hope you have learned your lessons turtles, that truth isn't the only thing that hurts." Splinter explains.
"It's also lying to your sensei." Spike finishes as he looks down at them in pain, he still feels bad for having to do that though.

Leo was watching his favorite show called Space heroes or something like that, but it is interrupted by the news.
"Oh!" Leo says disappointed, Spike looks at the Tv with concern
"We have received shocking footage of an assault on the TCRI office complex in Brooklyn!" The reporter says as they see the footage of a man in a robotic mech suit causing destruction, he says that he will have his revenge.

"Who are you?" A guy asks, the man tries to make a villainous monologue but it's interrupted.
"Baxter? Baxter Stockman?" The guy asks.
"No!" Baxter replies.
"Hey everybody, it's Baxter Stockman!" The guy says pointing at him.

" I think his name is Baxter Stockman." Raph says crossing his arms as they watch.
"Guys, you mind explaining to me what happened?" Spike asks looking at them, they continue to watch but they notice something.. he has the Tpod, and they all look at Mikey with anger.

"He has the Tpod?" Donnie asks upset at him
"Oh um... i might have dropped it during the fight?" Mikey says nervous.
"You guys fought that guy, what was he doing?" Spike asks.
"Was trying to break into a warehouse of sorts" Leo explains, Spike nods in understanding as he hears it.

"You dropped it during the fight?! Nice going Mikey!" Donnie says mad at him
"It's your fault!" Mikey argues
"How is it my fault?!" Donnie asks.

"You know i cant be trusted with nice things!" Mikey replies, Donnie suddenly becomes bigger then mikey as his head brings out steams of anger as Mikey slides down.
"So the A.I chip is upgrading his armor the same way it upgraded the Tpod?" Leo asks.
"If that's true, then we need to get it off of him, fast!" Spike tells them.
"Look, this has gone to far, we have to tell Splinter about this." Leo explains

"What that we turned some nutjob into a supervillain? Do you know what he'll do to us for that? He and Spike pounded us into the ground for just being sleepy." Raph argued back and Spike sighs.

"Look it doesn't matter if he finds out or not, if that chip goes to far with upgrading that weirdo, there will be to much for us to do, we need to find him and take that Tpod back." Spike told them.
"He's right, we have to find out where he is, come on!" Donnie says as he and the others run out the lair to find Baxter.

Spike and the others are currently making they're way through the rooftop to find out where Baxter is, they all look down from a window and see him in the suit still, Spike and the others sneak up behind him as they stay in the shadows, they'll distract Baxter while Spike looks for an opening.

"Alright Baxter, nobody want's to hurt you." Leo tells him
"We don't did i miss anything?" Raph asks
"We just want the Tpod." Leo explains.

"Give up my source of power? Why so you can laugh at me again? Throw me in a dumpster?!" Baxter asks in a robotic voice while standing up, they all look surprised before Raph growls and raises his weapons.
"Sounds good to me!" Raph says as he screams while charging at him. Raph and the turtles proceed to fight Baxter the best they can while Spike watches on with worry, he watches as he throws Raph into a wall, sends Mikey and Donnie flying with extendable arms, Leo tries to cut them off but they regrow much to his shock, the claw becomes a drone of sorts much to his surprise.

Spike is carefully sneaking on the ceiling to avoid being seen while he watches the thing latch onto Leo and he runs around screaming while it fires lasers at them with Baxter laughing all the while. Mikey gets out of the rubble and uses his nunchucks and wraps the chains around him, but Stockman resists and uses them against him and sends him flying more, Spike can't find an opening, and he keeps watching with worry as his friends keep trying to fight him but they are overwhelmed.

Baxter smashes through a wall while holding onto the turtles and throws them in a dumpster, Spike is on a rooftop and he pulls out a metal hammer that Donnie gave him earlier.
"Foolish turtles! did you really think you could defeat me?!" Baxter asks.
"Um.. yeah" Mikey replies.

"All my life, people have laughed at me, the other kids in my school, my co-workers" Baxter monologues, Spike sees this as the opportunity and ready's the hammer.
"But when they behold the power of this suit, they won't be trembling any Agh!!" Baxter screams as Spike whacks him extremely hard on the head much to the turtles surprise.
"Was that a hammer...?" Baxter asks weakly before falling on the ground, Spike then lands on the ground next to him.
"Leave them alone Baxter." Spike says as he walks up to him.

"Are you.. a dragon?!" Baxter asks surprised. Spike then pulls out his sword.
" yep, I know, your not the first one to be surprised." Spike says as he stabs his sword on the Tpod and yanks it out.
"No!!" Baxter screams as Spike takes it.

"Spike!" They all say in surprise as Spike walks up to them.
"Thanks for landing me this hammer Donnie, really helped out." Spike says as he gives him it, a bright red light flashes out of the armor and Baxter crawls out of it weakly.
"How.. how can there be a dragon in this city?! Your kind isn't supposed to be real!" Baxter says still surprised.

"Wouldn't you like to know?" Spike says as he crushes the Tpod with his claws making sure no one else uses it, they all gang up on him while he's nervous.
"So.. you wanna call it a tie?" Baxter asks.

"What do you say Raph, wanna call it a tie?" Leo asks.
"Not yet." Raph says they grab him and throw him in a dumpster again
"Now it's a tie." Raph says as they close it and laugh as they proceed to walk home.

"Spike, thanks for the help back there, that could have gone really bad." Leo says grateful.
"Hey, i'm still your guys friend, even though i was a bit of a jerk back there, i still care for you all a lot, i wouldn't want anything to happen to you." Spike says with a smile.
"Darn right your our friend, any longer with that Tpod, and it could have been much worse." Raph says relieved.
"Totally agree on that" Mikey agrees, they all groan in pain as Spike notices they're still beaten up.

"Splinter's gonna know somethings wrong guys, especially in your states." Spike says with worry as he looks at him.
"Honestly.. a punishment from him.. is better then more beating from that guy." Donnie says exhausted.
"Let's just head to the lair guys." Leo says weakly as he and the others head back.

Spike and the others made they're way to the lair again trying to be as quiet as possible. The light comes on as they see Splinter on the other side.
"Ah sensei!" Leo says surprised.

"Where have you been?" Splinter asks suspicious, Spike sighs as he proceeds to walk up to him.
"Sensei, it's a long story, but please hear us out." Spike begs as he looks at him, Spike proceeds to explain to Splinter about what happened, about the turtles losing the Tpod and having to stop Baxter, and they were able to avoid a disaster thanks to Spike's last second move, they were all in the dojo while Splinter was thinking it over.

"So, you and the turtles went out to tack back the Tpod from Baxter, who was using it to become more and more powerful, and you were able to avoid a disaster at the last second thanks to Spike?" Splinter asks them.
"Yes sensei, it was our fault, we shouldn't have gone out there with such a device, or at all.." Donnie says with regret.
"We almost unleashed a supervillain because of it, we're really sorry.." Mikey says afraid.
"What we did was reckless, and look what happened to us.. we sorry Splinter." Raph says as they look at the damage on they're bodies.

"Splinter look, i know what they did was reckless, but they're still teenagers, they do things like this sometimes, but they learn from they're mistakes, i promise if you forgive them, it won't happen again, right guys?" Spike asks them.
"Yes, we have definitely learned it, we're really sorry." Leo tells him, Splinter proceeds to think it over.

"Even though you were reckless and immature, but you learned from mistakes, and seem to have understood the consequences, so just for that, i forgive you all." Splinter explains, they all sigh in relief at that.
"So.. does this mean we're not grounded anymore?" Leo asks, Splinter looks at Spike and whispers something and he nods.
"Yes." Splinter replies and they all smile.

"But first..." Splinter says as he and Spike take out a wooden sword again.
"Randori!!" They both shout, the turtles scream in fear as they try to run away not to get their shells beaten out of again.

Author's Note:

Hey guys hope you liked this new chapter! I know it's shorter and rushed compared to my other chapters, but i'm a little busy right now and i was bringing the chapter along the best i could,

i know Spike seemed a bit like a jerk in this chapter, but i'm still trying to figure out how to properly work in his character, he's a bit more experienced with stuff then the turtles are but also still young. i think i'll have him be kind of a mix in of both responsible and a little reckless himself at times, let me know how you think he should be portrayed in future chapters, again sorry if he felt like a jerk here. Thank you all for reading this chapter and see you next time!

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