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Spike And The Ninja Turtles - dragonfan101

Spike gets captured by an alien group called the Kraang and is brought to another dimension away from his home, he is rescued by 4 mutant turtles and is taken in by them and trained to stop them and return home

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9: The Gauntlet ( FKA Enter Shredder)

It had been about a week since the last battle, Spike had been training some more after the incident with Xever, he was working to build up his strength more to be able to handle more foot soldiers as they kept on getting stronger. Leo and Raph were training together again, Spike was watching them fight as Raph was blocking Leo's attacks before they heard Donnie speak.

"Check it out guys, we are about to take our ninjutsu to a whole new level!" Donnie announced as he walked in with some strange eggs.
"Cool" Leo said right as he sweeped Raph's leg's and knocked him down.
"Last night, i figured out how to make.. ninja smoke bombs!" Donnie announced as he threw one on the ground and a purple gas covered him and he disappeared before appearing behind them.

"That is awesome!" Spike said in amazement.
"Whoa.." Leo and Raph said at once.
"Now to make em, i carefully had to a drill a whole in the egg without cracking em, slowly blow out the content, and wait for the inside to dry, then pour in flash powder before sealing the holes with wax." Donnie explained as he held it out.

"Blah blah, science, blah blah, do it again!" Raph encouraged.
"What i'm trying to tell you guys is that they take a long time to make, so use them sparingly." Donnie explained as Spike took a few.
"Got it." Spike said in understanding as he put them away for later.

"I'm making breakfast! Who wants Omelets?" Mikey announced and they're eyes widened.
"On no.." Spike said in fear
"Omelets? Mikey don't!" Donnie shouted before he appeared in a purple smoke and coughed some gas.
"I think that was a rotten egg." Mikey told them.

"Those aren't eggs Mikey, they're ninja smoke bombs." Donnie explained and Mikey had a look of surprise.
"Shut up!" Mikey said excited as he repeatedly smashed them down and appeared from multiple different places before coming behind Donnie.
"I love you man! Seriously!" Mikey said excited while Donnie looked really annoyed, they heard footsteps approaching and saw April come in.

"Guys! You'll never believe what happened to me!" April said in fear as she sat down and hugged herself.
"All right April calm down. Are you okay?" Donnie asked as he knelt down to her.
"I'm being hunted.. by a giant pigeon!" April said dramatically, Raph couldn't take it and laughed at her before Spike and the others looked at him upset before he stopped himself.
"I can't be the only one who finds that funny." Raph told them.

"It's not funny Raph! There's a creature out there trying to hurt my April.. our April, " Donnie said nervously as the others looked at him.
"This is serious, i better get Splinter" Mikey said as he held out another one.
"Mikey we don't!" Leo said as he dropped another down and Splinter suddenly appeared before them...
"Is this teleportation? It REALLY feels like it is." Spike said in surprise.

"Michelangelo said you wanted to see me?" Splinter asked, they all sighed as they let April explain everything as they sat down.
"He had these razor sharp talons, he would have torn me to pieces. If he hadn't slammed into the glass." April explained while everyone watched with concern and Raph laughed again much to everyone's anger.
"Really? Just me?" He asked before Splinter smacked his staff on his head.

"Raphael! Cleary April is upset!" Splinter told him.
"It is not the time to be laughing dude" Spike said upset at him Donnie sighed and got up.
"Don't worry April we won't anything happen to you." Donnie assured.
"Donnie's right, we're gonna set a trap for this pigeon-man, and make sure he never bothers you again." Leo told her.

"Well i know what we can use as bait." Donnie told them.

"Bread crumbs!" Mikey suggested as he slid in the conversation, he looked at everyone who was silent" Pigeons eat bread crumbs" Mikey defended.
"I meant April." Donnie corrected much to everyones surprise.

"Your gonna let him eat April?! I thought you liked her!" Mikey accused as he and Spike stood in front of her.
"Yeah!" April said upset as she was behind them
"What the heck dude?!" Spike asked in anger.

"Don't sweat it , we've got your back" Donnie assured, Spike sighed as he hoped whatever he had planned would work.
"Alright Mighty Mutants, let's do this." Leo said as he clenched his hands together
"Mighty mutants? What" Dancing Dorks" Was already taken?" Raph asked, they all started to leave before Splinter stopped them and they turned back.

"We do not yet know what we are facing. Perhaps you should study your enemy before confronting him." Splinter suggested while the others looked unconvinced.
"With all due respect sensei, it's just a pigeon" Leo told him.

"What you know is dangerous to your enemy. What you think you know, is dangerous to you. I fear you are all becoming overconfident." Splinter said with worry.
"Sensei in the past few months, we've rescued a dragon, taken down giant spiders and giant plant creatures, alien robots, and an army of ninjas. Maybe we're not overconfident, maybe we're just that good." Leo suggested while the others high fived eachother, they then ran out while Splinter sighed in worry.

Spike had a look of concern though, it was true, but despite the foes they have faced, they still haven't faced the Shredder yet.. And they do not know how skilled he really is..

Back at Shredders lair, Chris and Xever were in the throne room, Chris tried to pet a dog but it bit him in anger.
"He is not pleased with you. Nor am I." Shredder said as he walked in.
"I entrusted you both with the task of destroying Splinter and his loathsome turtles, and capturing this dragon." Shredder said as he walked forward and he looked at Chris.

"I spent years molding you in my image, teaching you my darkest secrets, and you shame me with your incompetence." Shredder said in disgust before he turned to Xever.
"I should have left you to rot in that prison where i found you." Shredder insulted as he walked to his throne.

"The turtles and dragon have been lucky so far, but it won't last forever" Chris told him.
"The next time we meet, i promise you." Xever said before he was stopped.
"Enough! I am weary of your excuses. I will now destroy the turtles and capture that dragon myself." Shredder said with anger.
"Master Shredder, what do you even plan on doing with that dragon when you do capture him?" Xever asked him.
"He has the potential to be of great use to us. Since you both have failed to capture him yourselves, i will take him on as my next student, and he will surpass you both when i am done with him." Shredder explained while the others scoffed.

"Master Shredder, he obviously won't be willing to accept you so easily." Chris argued.
"I never said i would have him willingly join us or not, he will join us. Even if i have to break him to do so." Shredder said with anger as he took out his claws again and looked outside the view of the city..

Back in the streets April was walking around an alleyway trying to get the monster to come out in any way she can, Donnie then came out behind her.
"April what are you doing?" Donnie asked confused while Spike appeared next to her.
"Why are you acting like that?" Spike asked as well.

"You wanted me to be bait. i'm bait" April argued.
"That's not how bait talks." Donnie replied.
"How do you know how bait talks?" April countered.
"I know know bait doesn't talk back." Donnie replied, the others Ooh'd in surprise coming out of they're hiding spots.

"Oh no you didn't!" Mikey said waving his finger
"Savage." Spike said laughing a little as the others hid away again and Donnie chuckled.
"Just act natural." Donnie said as he walked away.
"I'll stay close to you okay?" Spike asked as he looked at her
"Sounds good, let's get this over with." April said as Spike hid away too and she sighed.

"Here i am, acting natural. Just totally defenseless against any, i don't know, hideous pigeon mutant who might happen upon me?" April asked, she then heard a screech and looked up and saw the monster coming down to her, she screamed in fear as she tried to run away. But the monster was suddenly tazed and fell on the ground.
"Now!" Spike shouted as he and the others tackled him to the ground.

"Okay! Okay uncle, uncle! Geez Louise!" He said annoyed.
"He can talk?!" Spike surprised
"And you said i wasn't good bait." April said to Donnie who had a tazer in his hand.

"Okay start talking Pigeon man." Leo ordered.
"I have a name." He told them.
"Yeah we just don't care what it is." Donnie countered.
"It's Pete" Pete said as he looked at him.

"Why were you trying to hurt April, Pete?" Leo asked
"I didn't wanna hurt her, i just wanted to deliver a message from her father." Pete explained and they all gasped at that.
"Let him up!" April told them and they immediately did so.

"We were both guests of the Kraang. They poured some ooze on me and turned me into this!" Pete said looking at his body.
"Oh, that must have been horrible, being turned into a pigeon" April said with regret
"Actually i started out as a pigeon." Pete told her.
"Told ya bread crumbs would have worked" Mikey said before Pete grabbed him

"You've got bread crumbs?!" He asked as he looked over him.
"Um, my father?" She asked.
"Oh right!" Pete said before he dropped Mikey and handed her a phone which they all looked at.

"Something terrible is about to happen. I don't know what's about to happen but you need to get out of this city as fast as you can. Whatever they have planned for Spike is not good for anyone! Save yourselves, and remember, i love you April" Kirby said on the phone while the others looked worried.
"I love you too daddy.." April said sadly as she held it to her chest.

"Do you have any idea what he's talking about?" Leo asked him.
"I'm just the messenger." Pete replied.
"We have got to get you out of this city." Donnie said with worry.

"I'm not going anywhere without my dad." April countered.
"We can't just leave him behind." Spike said as he joined in as well.
"But you heard him, something terrible is gonna happen" Donnie argued back.
"Then we better hurry." April countered and Donnie stayed silent from that.

"Can you tell us where the Kraang are holding him?" Leo asked Pete.
"I can, but it's gonna cost you a lot of bread." Pete replied
"We're talking about actual bread right?" Leo asked and he nodded.
"Yep, Sourdough" He told them.

"Done!" Leo said in agreement
"Let's roll!" Mikey said as he tossed another smoke bomb and they disappeared again, unknown to them, more foot soldiers were watching from above and went to report this to the Shredder.

Somewhere else, a guy was in front of a fish tank and someone took the fish out.
"That, is the ugliest thing i've ever seen, present company excluded." Chris said as they looked at it and tossed it to the guy and put him on a staple.

"So we have a problem." Chris told him.
"No, you have a problem." Xever countered as he looked at him.
"We've both failed Master Shredder, can you live with that shame?" Chris asked him.
"If i had the opportunity, i would crush those turtles like bugs." Xever said in anger, Chris's phone rang and he picked it up and red the message and smirked.

"What is that?" Xever asked him.
"Opportunity.." Chris replied as the man held out an axe and slammed it on the fish..

We cut to Spike and the others on a rooftop as Donnie was opening a vent.
"Piece of cake." Donnie said as he opened it
"Let's do this." April said ready to go but Leo stopped her.

"We need you to wait here April." Leo told her.
"Are you crazy?! My dads in there!" April said mad at him.
"Along with who knows how many Kraang. This requires stealth and mobility. Leave it to the pros." Leo told her and she sighed.

"I can't just do nothing." She argued
"You won't be doing nothing, we need you to lower this rope when we give you the signal." Leo said as he held out a rope, she groaned as she took it.

They proceeded to head they're way inside the lair, Spike, Donnie and Leo quietly made they're way to the ground and hid behind a crater, but Mikey accidently made too much noise again and caused a robot to notice him, Raph jumped down onto him and stabbed him repeatedly on the back.
"So much for staying quiet." Spike said annoyed.

Mikey chuckled nervously as they started to move, they went to another hallway and Leo carefully snuck up behind a robot and sliced it apart and motioned them to follow as they went to another door.

Right as more droids were about to enter a room, Leo grabbed they're heads and smashed them together and Spike threw his knife at the head of the one in the room and they walked inside.

"Donnie, hack into the system and see if you can find out about that Kraang's plot. Raph and Spike your with me, and Mikey stay with Donnie" Leo told them.
"Why do i always get stuck with Mikey?" Donnie asked annoyed.
"Hey!" Mikey said offended.

"I don't want him, and i'm in charge." Leo said pointing at himself.
"Hey!" Mikey said again
"Well then let Raph take Mikey." Donnie countered
"Over my dead body." Raph said as he crossed his arms.

"Guys, can we please focus on this?" Spike said pointing at the device.
"He's right, have fun you guys." Raph said as they walked out of the room leaving Donnie alone with Mikey.

The three made they're way to the halls again as they carefully were sneaking around again, they ended up at another cell and looked inside.
"Mr O Neil? Are you in there?" Leo asked, Kirby walked up and looked outside.
"Your one of the turtles who rescued my daughter and Spike, is she okay?" Kirby asked with worry.

"Don't worry she's fine, she's right outside." Leo assured him.
"You mean that girl is still in this city? That girl is stubborn." Kirby said with worry as Leo took out a panel.
"Yeah, we've noticed" Leo said as he tried to work on it, Spike then looked at Kirby with concern.

"Kirby, have you found out anything on why they wanted me here?" Spike asked concerned
"I've only found out a little bit, i was able to find out what creature's DNA they wanted to mutate you with." Kirby said with worry.
"And what would that be?" Spike asked a little afraid.

"They had two separate options, one was to use that of either a Dinosaur from the Prehistoric era to be a vicious hunting predator for them. And the other would be that of a Cobra snake, having you inject poisonous venom in they're foes to make sure nothing would stop them." Kirby explained and Spike gulped in fear as he did not like the sound of that at all.

"Well.. at least you won't be turned into a pigeon.." Raph said a little nervous and Spike shuddered at the thought.
"Why don't we move on.. what's the heck's the deal with the Kraang?" Raph asked.
"They're aliens from another dimension. When they came here they brought the mutagen with them." Kirby explained.

"Why what's the point of turning people into monsters?" Leo asked in concern.
"And why did they capture Spike in the first place?" Raph asked concerned.
"The mutagen doesn't work the way they thought it would. Apparently the physical laws of their universe is different from ours." Kirby explained.

"So.. they're grabbing scientists to help them modify the ooze!" Leo realized
"And they want to use me as a test subject for they're plot once they've modified it!" Spike said in great fear.
"What do they want the ooze to do?" Leo asked as he was working on the lock.
"I wish i knew..." Kirby said with regret. Donnie and Mikey rushed out of the room to them

"Leo, Spike, Raph! They've placed a mutagen bomb down town! They're gonna use it to disburse mutagen over half the city!" Donnie said with huge worry.
"What?!" Spike asked in horror.
"We have to diffuse that bomb, once i get this stupid door open!" Leo said in frustration.

"Have you tried this?!" Mikey asked as he pressed a button.
"NO!!!" They all shouted, the alarm system turned on again and Mikey chuckled nervously.
"And that's why no one wants to be with you!" Raph said pointing at him in anger.
"Great work Mikey!" Spike said in anger.

"Got it!" Leo said as he opened the cell, more Kraang droids came from the halls and started firing at them.
"Let's move!" Leo ordered as he took Kirby and they made a run for it, they made they're way back to the way they came in and Spike looked up.
"April! Now!" Spike shouted, April quickly looked down and saw them and she threw the rope.

More droids kept on coming and kept on firing at them, Spike sliced another robot from behind them while Raph kicked a barrel and knocked more down, one of them dropped a gun and Kirby decided to take action.
"Mr O Neil what are you doing?!" Leo asked in surprise.
"Save my daughter, save this city." Kirby said as he started to fire at them.

"Daddy no!" April shouted in fear, Kirby kept firing at more droids while they started to climb up the rope.
"We can't leave him hear!" Donnie argued
"We don't have a choice!" Leo countered as they started to climb.
"We'll come back for you Kirby, i promise!" Spike said as he made his way up, they watched with fear as a robot tackled him to the ground and restrained him.

"No!" April said in horror as they took him away, April started to cry as she hugged Donnie.
"We'll get him back April. I promise" Donnie said trying to calm her down.
"We gotta go." Leo ordered as Spike and the others started to rush they're way to the bomb to save the city.

On top of a hotel was the bomb and dozens of robots were guarding it.
"Kraang, in how many time units known as minutes will the device containing the mutagen that will be spread over the place known as New York, be detonated?" A droid asked.
"Five" The other replied before an arrow hit him on the head and it exploded, Raph was seen with an arrow and fired at another, Spike came in with anger firing more arrows that had bombs attached to them and took down as many as he could until they were all done.

"Okay Donnie, it's up to you." Leo told him, Donnie then opened a hatch.
"Uh oh." Donnie said in fear as the others looked at him.
"Uh oh? Donnie, you said you knew how to do this!" Leo said annoyed

"I didn't count on a design this complex, Leo." Donnie argued.
"They're aliens from another dimension what did you expect?" Leo asked as he stood up." A big round ball with a big fuse that said bomb?" Leo asked as he made an image of the thing.
"No but this!" Donnie said before Raph shoved Leo out of the way.

"Boy i sure hope this argument goes on for another 4 minutes and 15 seconds." Raph said as he smacked his head, Donnie was sweating big time as he was trying to be as careful as he could.
"Watch out for those wires Donnie." Raph warned
"You guys are not helping!" Donnie said annoyed.

"What if we press this button?" Mikey asked before Spike crushed his hand.
"Haven't you pushed enough buttons tonight?! We lost April's father because of you! Let's not lose this city!" Spike said in anger as Mikey silently nodded, Donnie was trying to think of something as he looked at it.

"Um Donnie, you might wanna hurry this up." Leo said with worry.
"I cannot work under all this pressure!" Donnie shouted until they heard a loud sound.
"Um.. that might be a problem" Leo said as they looked at the sign and saw Chris and Xever on the sign.

"You gotta be kidding me!!" Spike shouted in anger as they drew they're weapons.
"Donnie, take care of the bomb, now!" Spike shouted as he and the others ran to them.

Spike and Leo grabbed Xever by the leg and threw him to the ground.
"You guys picked a really bad time for this." Leo said with anger.

"Oh sorry for the inconvenience, when would you prefer your last breath?" Xever asked them before he delivered another kick.
"How about when we DON'T have a giant mutagen bomb that will kill us all?!" Spike asked in anger as he punched Xever back a large distance.
"I would rather go with honor then live in shame" Chris said before Spike came up to him and kicked him in the face.
"It doesn't matter whether or not you have it! There is always something in life that's worth living for! And being a mutant is NOT what i want!" Spike shouted as he kicked him back even more.

"Will you hurry up and defuse that bomb?! We're dealing with a couple of nut jobs here" Raph asked Donnie and he growled.
"Be quiet!" Donnie shouted as they all continued to fight, Chris grabbed Raph and threw him to the wall, Xever jumped in the air and tried to kick him but Raph slid out of the way, Raph blocked any of Xever attacks the best he could and backflipped onto the bomb, Xever and Chris charged at them with anger once again.

Chris proceeded to dodge any chain attacks that Mikey threw at him before he grabbed Mikey and hit him against a metal bar and pinned him down, Chris tried to keep on attacking him and Mikey was trying to block them with his nun chucks, Leo jumped into the air with his sword making a battle cry, Chris grabbed the sword with his hand and threw him back a great distance.

Donnie was down to a couple more wires sweating nervously.
"Two wires left, which one do i cut?" Donnie asked nervous.
"Go for the green one dude!" Mikey shouted before Chris punched him again, Donnie looked back and was trying to decide.
"Ah why not." Donnie said as he cut the thing, and luckily it was the right one and the bomb turned off.

"Guys, guys! Mikey was right about something!" Donnie said in complete relief, he then took out his weapon and ran up the sign and jumped in the air and engaged with Chris, Leo and Spike were charging at Xever who was fighting Raph again, Spike used his sword to deflect more of Xever's knives and jumped in the air and delivered a roundhouse kick, they continued to fight them until they both were cornered.

"You both were worthy adversaries, but the fight is ours." Leo told them.
"It's over guys, we won fair and square, please just stop!" Spike told them as well.
"Never!" Xever shouted.

"You don't have a choice. You've lost." Leo told them again
"If i'm going down, i'm taking you with me!" Chris shouted before he pulled out a knife and stabbed the glass.
"No!" Donnie shouted as the glass cracked and a huge chunk of mutagen fell out and they were engulfed with it. Spike was too close to them however, and a good amount covered Spike's arm.

"AHH!!" Spike shouted as he screamed in pain as the mutagen covered his right arm.
"Spike!!" They all shouted in horror as Spike was in great pain, Spike's arm proceeded to change as his arm became more sharper and deadly, he now had a arm what looked like a mutated mix of metal and organic parts of it, and his claw was even more sharp and deadly then it ever could of before.

"No.. no..!!" Spike said in horror as he looked at his arm while the others looked horrified.
"It's.. like the claws we designed merged into it, this shouldn't be possible!" Donnie said in terror as he held it out and Spike flinched in pain.
"What are we gonna do?! I can't go home looking like this!!" Spike asked in fear as he looked at it.
"We'll find a way, i promise Spike." Donnie said as they jumped on down and saw the bomb deactivate and they all sighed sadly .

"So to sum up, we kicked the butts of Kraang and Shredder's top henchmen, and defused a bomb and saved this city.. and got Spike partially mutated.." Leo said with regret
"Maybe we were too over confident.." Raph said with sadness as they looked at him who was really upset.
"Let's just.. go home guys.. I need to think.." Spike said as they all started to leave but were stopped by someone.

"Your skills are impressive." A voice said, they all looked at the top and saw someone familiar.
"Oh no.." Spike said in fear as he landed down.
"But it will not save you." Shredder finished as he looked at them.

"Oh man.. do you think that's.. the Shredder?" Donnie asked in fear.
"Well it's definitely a Shredder." Raph replied in fear as well as he walked up to them.

"There is undoubtedly a fascinating story in how my old nemesis managed to teach ninjutsu to four mutant turtles. Who failed to stop they're dragon friend from becoming partially mutated might i add. " Shredder said as he looked at Spike who was clutching his arm.
"Perhaps i will let one of you live long enough to tell it!" Shredder threatened

"You'll have to catch us first. Mikey!" Leo shouted looking at him.
"So long suckah!" Mikey shouted as he slammed an egg on the ground.. but it was just a regular egg.
"Well that ones on me." Mikey said embarrassed
"Well.. ****" Spike said in shock.
"Language dude!" Mikey said in surprise, Shredder drew out his claws and ran to them.

Raph screamed as he charged at him, he used his weapons to block the Shredder's claws, Shredder blocked one of Raph's attacks and kicked him right into one of the hotel's signs extremely hard which electrocuted him.
"Raph!" Leo shouted in fear as Raph fell to the ground. Shredder jumped in the air with his claws and slammed on the ground, Leo tried using his swords to block him as well before Shredder was able to disarm him and kick him to the ground.

"Leo!" Donnie shouted in fear as he went to check up on him, he then drew his staff and tried to attack Shredder but he grabbed Donnie's staff and hit him on the head a couple times before knocking him down as well. Mikey used his chains to attack him and it wrapped around his arm, but Shredder pulled Mikey to him and kicked Mikey to the side, he tried throwing more shuriken's at him but Shredder blocked them as Mikey went off the ledge, Shredder looked down to see if he's still alive.

Spike knew they were cornered but had no choice but to fight, He used his left arm and drew his sword and charged at him with anger. Shredder noticed him and Blocked his attacks with his blades.
"Impressive, i was told you stole this weapon from Chris, and have made it into something deadlier." Shredder said as he delivered a hard kick to Spike's chest before pinning Spike to the ground.
"I needed a weapon somehow!" Spike said in anger as he tried slashing at him more but Shredder kept backflipping over his attack's and hit Spike in the chest stunning him.

"Yes. But the skills Splinter taught you was not enough to save you from this mutation." Shredder said as he grabbed Spike's body and threw Spike to a wall cracking it very hard and he fell on the ground weakly.
"Splinter failed to teach you ways that would actually have you save yourself, i will not let that mistake happen again." Shredder said as he held his blades by his neck.
"I am going to show you what a true warrior is, whether you want it or not." Shredder said menacingly as Spike tried to move.

Leo was able to recover and quickly made his way to Shredder and caught him off guard and knocked him back.
"Not on my watch!" Leo shouted as he charged at him again, Mikey helped Raph get up and they got back in the fight as well.

Leo tried blocking his attacks with his swords more, Donnie came in from behind and tried attacking him but his staff only broke apart from that, Shredder grabbed Donnie's head and threw him to Leo and pinned them down. Raph screamed as he fell from the air and latched onto him and repeatedly punched him in anger, but Shredder grabbed him and threw him to the others and readied a punch. But his arm was wrapped in a chain as Mikey jumped down from the sign and latched the other half onto it and it pulled Shredder up and stopped in the air.

Shredder took out his claws and with his strength he sliced the part of the sign and Mikey screamed as it fell down on him. Shredder landed back on the ground, Spike got up and was trying to help the others lift up the sign and got Mikey out. Shredder appeared in front of them with anger as they drew they're weapons again still ready to fight.

Shredder roared as they all jumped in the air with the sign still sparking electricity in front of them as they're shadows were on screen. But Shredder was too strong and one by one he knocked all of them down again, Shredder then slashed at Leo's shell and Spike's own chest and it left a large scar on it. He then grabbed them by the necks and pinned them to the wall.

"Tell me where Splinter is and i promise your demise will be swift" Shredder threatened as he held a blade by Leo's neck, but it was halted when they heard a gasp and they saw someone fall behind them and saw Xever was mutated into a fish monster.
"Help.. me..." He said weakly
"What is this?" Shredder asked in surprise, Spike and the others were badly beaten up as they had scars and bruises on multiple parts of they're body and they saw Bradford was mutated into a giant dog monster.
"Xever? Bradford?" Shredder asked in shock." Huh?" He asked as he saw Spike and the others had vanished.
"NO!!!" Shredder screamed in anger as the camera pans down.

Spike and the others were still badly beaten up but had managed to make they're way back to they're lair but were all depressed from what happened. Spike looked at arm again sadly as it was not normal anymore.. Splinter came in to the place looking worried as well.

"You were all very lucky." Splinter said as he looked over them.
"I think we define that word differently sensei.." Raph said looking at him.
"If being partially mutated is considered lucky.. i don't know what luck is anymore.." Spike said with tears as he looked at his arm.

"Few have ever faced the Shredder and survived." Splinter explained them.
"He was just so fast.." Mikey said sadly
"it was like he was everywhere at once.." Donnie said with fear.

"You were right about us being overconfident sensei.. because of that, we almost died, and Spike got partially mutated because of it.. There are some things we just aren't ready for.." Leo said with regret as Splinter put a hand on his shoulder.

"Perhaps, but that no longer matters. It is clear now that Shredder is a problem that will not go away." Splinter said as they all looked at him with fear and concern.
"So prepare yourselves my sons. Because as off this moment.. we are at war." Splinter finished as they knew this wasn't gonna be easy anymore..

Author's Note:

Hey guys hope you liked this! I know it may seem concerning about Spike's partial mutation, but i'll make sure that he's able to control himself. As for what happens in the future, i'll make sure Spike doesn't become too overpowered by the show's end, and if Spike will face Shredder again in the end, how would you all like it it to happen.

Again hope you all liked this and look forward to more!

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