• Published 2nd Nov 2023
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Spike And The Ninja Turtles - dragonfan101

Spike gets captured by an alien group called the Kraang and is brought to another dimension away from his home, he is rescued by 4 mutant turtles and is taken in by them and trained to stop them and return home

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10: Panic In The Sewers

Spike was laying down in his room once again, he wasn't in the best mood.. it had been few days since the incident happened.. when he got partially mutated in the fight.. Spike kept trying to tell himself it wasn't real, and it was just a bad dream, but sadly it wasn't, he had to become left handed with his sword as his new arm was different.

"What will everyone say if they see me with.. this?" Spike asked as he looked at his arm again, he looked at the differences.

His arm had a mix in of metal and organic parts from multiple places, it had grown a little larger then his other one ,he had grown a shoulder blade that could be used for slicing, and his claw had become so sharp, it can as deadly as his own sword.( The shoulder blade is like Miguel O Hara's with his spider suit). And his arm had a mix in of Dark purple and silver colors to make things even more different, and he could just feel the strength with it. But he was too afraid to use it.

"If they see this.. will they still see me as Spike? Or will they see me as.. a freak?" Spike asked in fear as he looked at it. He was afraid to even go home anymore, even if he did find a way home, with the state he's in.. he just feels like he'll be a monster to them.
"I should go see if the others are doing okay.." Spike said as he got up and grabbed his sword, he put on his black ninja mask and walked out of his room.

Spike saw the others were near the exit ready to go.
"Guys?" Spike asked as he walked up to them, Splinter had walked in as well looking upset.
"Where are you going?" Splinter asked as he walked up to them.
"We're heading out for our evening patrol." Leo explained.

"After what happened a few days back, are you crazy?" Spike asked with worry.
"There will be no patrol for any of you." Splinter ordered and they all had a look of surprise.
"Sensei?" Leo asked with confusion.

"Last time you fought the Shredder, you barely escaped with your lives. Spike got his arm mutated and was almost taken by him as well" Splinter explained.
"He's right guys, i haven't even used my arm at all since then." Spike said in agreement.
"But guys, next time we'll be ready, i'm sure you'll get used to it after a few more fights." Raph said as he looked at them.

"Yes, because you will stay down here until you are ready." Splinter said as he grabbed Raph's arms aggressively and pulled Raph to him.
"No patrol, no games, no rest. There is only training!" Splinter said as he restrained Raph and threw him back to the others.
"Starting now!" Splinter finished while the others had a look of surprise, even Spike was surprised by his sudden overprotection.
"This is gonna be hell for a while isn't it?" Spike thought to himself as he knew this wasn't gonna be easy..

Spike wished he was wrong more then ever, because for the next few weeks, he and the turtles stayed within the sewers doing nonstop training, they barely had any rest, and could only eat for a small bit All this training did help Spike gain more body muscle, but he felt extremely sore. Spike and the others were in the dojo looking exhausted as they were facing eachother.
"More sensei?" Raph asked as he was feeling tired.

"Yes, more!" Splinter instructed, they both took a few breaths before Mikey and Donnie charged at them, Spike used his new arm and grabbed Donnie's hand, it was strong enough to flip Donnie over with ease, but Spike was so tired from all this training, it barely felt good to use.
"There is no intention in your strikes! Do it again! We will practice all night if we have too!" Splinter ordered and Spike groaned as Donnie rubbed his head.

"We have been practicing all night!" Donnie said exhausted.
"We've been training nonstop for the past 3 weeks!" Spike added as he was extremely tired, they heard a thud on the ground and saw Mikey was asleep.
"Wake him up!" Splinter ordered.

"Gladly!" Raph said as he grabbed him and threw him over his shoulder and onto the ground.
"Ahh! Shredder's here!" Mikey screamed as he opened his eyes and was breathing heavily.
"Relax, you were just having a nightmare." Leo said as he tried calming him down.

"Aren't we all?" Raph asked as Leo helped Mikey up.
"If me having nightmares at least allows me to have some sleep, so be it.." Spike said exhausted.
"Sensei, can we rest for a sec?" Donnie asked as he was breathing heavily.

"Rest? Hmm, Shredder will not rest, until you all are dead!" Splinter shouted.
"Sensei, we've been training nonstop for weeks with hardly any sleep. They need a break." Leo said as he looked at them.
"Oh like you don't?" Raph asked as he was upset.
"That's right Raph, i don't." Leo replied as he walked up to him.

"Well, then i'll give you a break" Raph threatened, but Splinter wasn't having any of it, and he used a move that knocked the 5 of them to the ground
"If i were the Shredder, none of you would be breathing right now. Understand?" Splinter asked as they got up, but Mikey closed his eyes and fell asleep on Leo's shoulder.

"Perhaps a brief rest is in order, we will resume later." Splinter said as he walked away.
"Thank Celestia!" Spike said as he and the others passed out from exhaustion.

Spike and the others had gotten a little sleep, which Spike was grateful they got any at all. He and the others were in the lair again and were watching more of that Space Heroes show Leo likes, but it was interrupted when Raph through a shuriken at the power button.

"What?! Hey, what are you doing?" Leo asked as he looked at Raph.
"Don't look at me, it was Spike's idea." Raph explained, and Leo looked at Spike who was sitting next to him.
"The other Spike. He said Space heroes, is too stupid for him" Raph corrected as the turtle Spike climbed on Spike's shoulder and he petted him.
"I think we should call him T Spike to better understand things." Spike suggested as the turtle nuzzled his shoulder.

"That's saying something, considering he hangs out with you all day." Leo countered, that made the turtle walk off his shoulder and go to a plate with another leaf on it.
"Nice going, you made him angry. So i'm gonna mop the floor with your face!" Raph threatened as he walked up to him.
"All right Raph, cool off." Leo told him as he brushed his finger away.

"I can help with that!" Mikey said as they saw a water balloon fly into the air and it hit Raph on the face. Mikey was shown with an innocent smile as he held out some more.
"Doctor Prank Enstein strikes again!" Mikey said as he jumped around, that made Raph furious at him as he towered over Mikey with flames in the background.

"Dude, you should see your face right now. You look so mad!" Mikey joked, Raph then turned to both Spike's.
"Okay guys, you'll like this show. it's called" Does Mikey bend that way?" " Raph said he cracked his knuckles and chased after him.
"Come here you!" Raph shouted as he tackled him to the ground.
"This is a 10/10 already for me, right Spike?" Spike asked as he looked at the turtle who took another bite of his leaf, and he laughed a little as he rubbed his head which he liked.

Spike and the others decided to check on Donnie who was in his lab, he had a welding tool and a mask on as he was working on a large vehicle.
"Your still working on that go kart?" Raph asked as they walked up to him.
"It's not a go kart. It's an all- terrain patrol buggy, with detachable side cars." Donnie explained as he showed them some blue prints.

"Dude, hasn't Splinter been riding us hard enough? You gotta find a way to relax." Mikey told him.
"We all deal with stress in different ways Mikey." Leo said as he looked at the paper
"Yeah, and this is how i deal with it." Donnie replied.

"And this is how i deal." Mikey said as he threw a water balloon at Spike, but he caught it with his new arm no problem.
"And this is how i deal with stress!" Spike shouted as he threw the balloon at Mikey which knocked him to the ground hard.
"Your next Leo! Dr Prank Enstein makes house calls!" Mikey joked as he ran out of the room as Spike chased him in anger, a few seconds later green fire was seen outside as Mikey screamed in the distance .
"Ahh! That's hot!!" Mikey screamed while the others shook they're heads

They're break had ended now, and they had to resume training again much to they're annoyance. They were in the dojo once again practicing some more moves.
"Hoko no Kamae" Leo said as he and the others raised they're arms in the air, but Raph didn't do it.

"Raph, Hoko no Kamae" Leo said as he looked at him
" Hoko no way. It's bad enough Splinter's driving us into the ground, now you? " Raph as he was upset
"We have to keep training because right now, we don't stand a chance against Shredder." Leo argued.
"Yeah, and he's up there somewhere, waiting for us." Mikey added before he said that he freaked himself out.

"I hate to say it, but the fact we've been laying low might be the only reason we're still alive." Donnie said with concern
"Exactly, so until we're ready, we stay down here" Leo told them.
"Crud.." Spike said as he hated hearing that.

"Unfortunately, that's not an option." April said as they saw her enter the dojo and held out her phone.

They got back to the living room again and were all listening to a message with Splinter besides them.
"We're meeting Shredder tonight, he's got a plan to destroy the turtles and capture that dragon." A man on the phone said as they listened.
"How? He doesn't even know where they are" Another man asked
"He says they're in the sewers somewhere, and that's all he needs to know to wipe them out." the guy finished while they all looked concerned.

"Our home is no longer safe. The Shredder must be stopped." Splinter said with worry.
"How can we even stop a plan we don't know?" Leo asked as they saw Mikey was holding another balloon, Leo grabbed a small knife and threw it at the thing and popped it.

"We have to go topside and find out what they're planning." Raph suggested.
"Raph's right, there's no other way." Leo said in agreement.

And as they said, they had to go to the surface again after weeks on nonstop training, and Spike was glad to get some air after being stuck in that place for weeks without going out. They saw the Purple Dragon gang enter a church of somekind and they all quietly went down a building and walked up to Leo.

"This is the place." Leo told them as he pointed at the building and they looked at it.
"Donnie, your crowding me." Raph told him.
"Oh, sorry." Donnie replied as he backed up a little, and he backed up into a trash can which startled Mikey.

"Sorry, all the Splinter talk of how we're not ready has me thinking, maybe we're in over our heads." Mikey told them and Raph bashed his head in response
"Your always in over your head." Raph said annoyed.
"I'm saying now we all are! And that's what scares me." Mikey said as he was afraid .

"It's okay to be scared Mikey, Raph is scarred to." Leo said as he looked at him.
"I am not scared." Raph said as he walked up, as he did that, Leo quickly poked his head and he screamed a little at that, but it was halted when they heard a growl and saw the mutated Chris who was a dog monster walk up to them.

"You should be." Chris said as he towered over them.
"Bradford! Rad Brad!" Leo and Mikey said at once.

"Look what i found, four soon to be ex turtles, and a baby dragon" He growled and Spike and the others started to back up.
"i'm sure glad it's okay to be scared." Mikey said afraid.
"You and me both." Donnie said in agreement.
"This is no time to panic!" Leo said as he drew his swords, he continued to walk to them and he seemed even taller.
"Okay, maybe a little" Leo said as they all drew they're weapons.

As he kept walking to them, he looked even bigger which Mikey commented on.
"Then i'll cut him down to size." leo said as he charged at him, He jumped on his shoulder but Chris used his strength and knocked him off and tried punching him which Leo backflipped from.
"Okay, let's stick together on this one." Leo said as he threw his fist at them again.

Raph charged at him and tried using his weapons on him, but his hand was so big it was almost crushed him and Raph was trying to push it back, Donnie came in with his staff and tried attacking him but it barely affected him and he knocked Donnie back, he did the same with the other turtles as he was just too strong. He then lunged his fist at Spike who used his new arm to try and catch it which worked.

Spike was grunting in frustration as he tried to pull him back, his arm then glowed green a little which gave him some more strength, and he grabbed a shoulder blade on him and started to toss him over his body and slammed him to the ground with huge strength.

"Guys, i think it's best we retreat for now.." Spike said as his arm stopped glowing.
"You know what, good plan. Mikey!" Leo shouted, Mikey quickly looked for a smoke bomb in his pocket and took one out but accidently dropped it and it didn't do anything.
"What was that?!" Raph asked in annoyance.

" I'm stressed! My aims a little off!" Mikey countered.
"How hard is it to hit the ground?" Raph asked as he threw one on the ground, but that got it caught in a hole. Raph tried to grab it but it fell through.
"Not so easy is it?" Mikey asked as Raph was growling in anger.
"Enough you guys!" Spike said as he took one of his own out and threw it to the ground and they all disappeared and Chris growled as he walked off again.

Spike and the others escaped back to their lair once again, but they all were feeling defeated and afraid because of what's been happening. Splinter had walked into the room with a look of regret on him.
"We couldn't take him.." Leo said with regret as he looked down.
"Dogpound was just too powerful.." Mikey told them.
"Dogpound?" Spike asked as the others looked at him and he explained it all which they already got.

"I don't see how we can get close to that meeting now.." Leo said with regret
"Well maybe we just need to find a new place to hide, i hear the sewers in Florida are nice this time of year" Donnie suggested as he showed them a picture of it.
"No! I'm not letting you guys give up! I'll spy on the meeting!" April said as she stood up

"April, it's way too dangerous!" Spike said with worry as the other turtles agreed as well.
"Absolutely not!" Splinter added in and April sighed.
"I can do this, you've been training me to be a Kunoichi" April argued.
"For a few weeks" Splinter countered.

"What choice do we have? Shredder's gonna attack your home, and we need to find out how. And i'm the only one who can do it." April said as she pointed at herself, Spike and the others looked at eachother while April looked at Splinter who crossed his arms as he didn't like this but had no choice.

April is seen walking up to the church with another pizza box while Spike and the others ran on some more rooftops and landed on a ledge to watch over her.
"This probably won't work." Spike said unconvinced.
"I know, giving an enemy free pizza is never a good idea." Mikey said in agreement, they watched as April tried to give the the pizza but they slammed the door on her, she sighed sadly and walked to the side and called them.

"It looks like the foot ninjas are smarter then the Purple Dragons." April told them
"They'd almost have to be wouldn't they?" Leo asked in response." Thanks April, you did your best" Leo told her
"We'll find a way ourselves, thanks April." Spike said as the bell started to ring.

"At least we got free pizza." Mikey told them before April spoke again.
"Oh i'm not done yet." April replied with a scoff
"Wait, what is she doing?" Donnie asked as they watched her, they saw her walk up to a dumpster and threw the pizza out.

"Not the pizza! April's gone rouge!" Mikey said in horror, they watched as she walked on another door and spoke to a person about her being a firefighter and saying that there's been reports of faulty wiring. And she let herself in while the others watched in surprise.

"Nice job April." Spike said impressed. April proceeded climb up the stairs on the side of the building, she almost fell off from trying to jump to the other building but she was able to climb up and make it inside the place through and open window. She looked inside and saw the Shredder and his minions in it.

"Listen carefully, five of you will hijack a tanker truck on Huston in approximately 15 minutes" Shredder instructed as she held out her phone and the others could listen to it.
"The Chemical is extremely rare, so you will not have another chance." Shredder finished and they all looked worried.

"Chemical? What chemical?" Raph asked with worry as he tried listening closer, he and Donnie got into another argument which Leo had to stop.
"How bout you two shut it for a minute, while we try to hear Shredder's evil plan!" Leo said annoyed as he pointed at it.
"Which will destroy the turtles once and for all." Shredder finished and they all groaned.

"Great, we missed it, nice going guys!" Leo said sarcastic.
"Fantastic!" Spike said annoyed as well.

"We gotta get April out!" Donnie said as he tried rushing over but Spike stopped him.
"Not right now, we'll put her in even more danger if we do, we have to wait." Spike told him. April made her way back to the bottom and hid behind a wall.

"I'm gonna hitch a ride and see where they go." April said as she was on the phone.
"You've done enough already, now get out of there!" Leo ordered, but unfortunately Chris had heard it and turned around and saw her.
"Bradford heard you! April run!" Leo shouted while the others looked worried. April was caught by him and was knocked out and put in the truck and it drove off. Spike and the others had made they're way down but had just missed the car as Chris was on the back of it.

"No! We're too late!" Donnie said with worry.
"April!!" Spike shouted as they drove off. Leo tried to call her again to hear a response but they got nothing.

"We gotta get april outta that van, but Dogpound's in there! And we're not ready to fight that guy! Aw, Splinter was right, we should have stayed below" Leo said with worry as he was breathing heavily.
"I can't believe i'm gonna say this.." Raph said annoyed before he looked at him.

"Get it together captain, your a leader, so act like one!" Raph quoted.
"We can't let our fears control us, we need to fight him, even if we're ready or not!" Spike encouraged, Leo took a moment and realized they were right.

"Your right guys, that was the anxiety ray talking" Leo said as he turned around.
"That's it? Your not gonna slap yourself?" Raph asked with a smirk
"Let's save April." Leo replied brushing it off.
"And our home" Raph added.

"But we'll never catch him on foot!" Donnie said with worry, Spike then remembered something Donnie was making and got an idea.
"Oh ho ho, we're not going on foot Donnie." Spike said with a smirk.

Spike and the others went to get the patrol buggy Donnie made, and it was going at extremely fast speeds, there were 5 seats for each of them, Spike sat in between Leo and Raph in the front while Donnie and Mikey were behind them.
"Oh yeah! This is rad!" Mikey shouted in excitement.
"It feels like we're in a racing game!" Spike shouted in amazement
"It's not ready!" Donnie shouted with worry, Leo turned the car around at a tight rate and they headed down another path.

"This thing is awesome! Does it have a radio?" Mikey asked as Spike and the others were holding on.
"No, it doesn't have a radio! I'm telling you it's not ready!" Donnie shouted, Spike pulled a lever nearby and it went by even faster.

"Seems ready to me!" Leo shouted as he pulled the wheel but it snapped off and Leo quickly put it back in.
"Okay, don't pull on it, and we'll be fine!" Leo told them.
"Got it!" Spike shouted as he others went even faster to catch up with the thugs.

They turned down another street and saw they had hijacked the tanker and we're driving to them.
"Raph, Spike, get ready!" Leo ordered.
"For what?" Raph shouted.

"This!" Leo replied as he pulled a lever and the thing split into 3 separate carts, Spike had his own while Leo and Raph had they're own with the others, they quickly got out of the way of the truck and chased back after them.

"Leo! You could have been a little more specific!" Raph shouted in annoyance.
"Where's the fun in that?" Leo asked in a joking tone.
"This.. is.. awesome!!" Spike shouted as he drove his cart at faster speeds.
"How come Spike get's his own cart?" Raph asked looking at Donnie.
"I had to make an extra one for him, it took months to make!" Donnie shouted in response.

The 5 drove after Chris and the foot and were coming up on the truck.
"Chlorosulfonic acid? Leo! I think i just figured out Shredders plan!" Donnie shouted with worry.
"That chemical reacts violently with water!" Donnie explained and they all realized what he meant.
"We can't let that happen, come on guys!!" Spike shouted as he drove even faster.

The thug driving the van noticed them in they're carts behind them and turned to a separate street.
"Donnie, you and Raph stay with the van and save April, Mikey, Spike, your coming with me!" Leo ordered.
"Um.. if you haven't noticed, i'm stuck with Raph!" Mikey shouted.
"No problem." Raph replied as he pulled a lever and disconnected his car from Mikey's.

Leo did the same with Donnie and Leo , Spike and Mikey drove after the tanker, Dogpound had noticed them as the three stayed close to eachother.
"Guys we have to slow this thing down, fire grappling hooks!" Leo ordered.
"Got it!" Spike shouted as he pressed a button and they fired three separate hooks, but they easily snapped apart much to they're surprise.

"Donnie said they weren't ready!" Mikey shouted
"We have to find another option! Come on!" Spike shouted as they chased them again.

They turned the truck to the side and Dogpound jumped off and grabbed a manhole and threw it at them, Leo quickly jumped out of the kart and landed on the ground with his weapons drawn.
"Is that all you got?" Leo taunted. Dogpound didn't say anything and charged at them.
"Guess not!" Spike shouted as he got out of his and they engaged in battle with him.

Spike charged at him with anger and threw his mutated arm at him with fury. Dogpound caught the thing and tried to push him back.
"You.. did.. this!!!" Spike shouted in anger as he used his strength and started to push him back, he then jumped over Dogpound's fist and jumped in the air and his arm glowed green again and he punched him extremely hard in the face and it knocked him back.
"You guys take care of the truck! I'll deal with him!" Spike explained, they both nodded in understanding and went to the truck.

Spike drew his sword and charged at him.
"Your the reason my arm is like this! You couldn't just accept defeat!!" Spike shouted as he slashed his sword at him and Dogpound tried to block them.
"A real warrior dies with honor! I wasn't gonna go down so easily!" Dogpound shouted as he threw another punch at him, Spike went below him and used his shoulder blade and slashed at his face.
"And look where that got you! The reason we're like this, is because of you!!" Spike shouted as he flipped over a car being thrown at him.

Spike grabbed the thing with his arm and used his new strength and threw it back at him, Spike jumped in the air and took a deep breath and breathed some green fire at him and Dogpound got knocked back into the truck and slammed on the side, one of his own blades cut the metal and it started to leak green chemicals, Leo then got an idea.
"Mikey! Throw the water balloon!" Leo shouted.
"Um.. what water balloon?" Mikey asked as he had an arm behind him.

"The one you were about to hit me with!" Leo shouted and Mikey realized it.
"Dude, you are good." Mikey said as he threw it.
"Hit the deck!" Spike shouted as he and the others jumped behind a car and the truck exploded from the reaction of the chemicals, they quickly got up and saw the fire.

"Nice shot Mikey!" Leo said before he was hit with even more balloons.
"Dr prank enstein for the win!" Mikey shouted in victory.
"Okay, that was pretty good honestly!" Spike said laughing a little
"You had two? Where do you keep them?" Leo asked surprised, Spike looked back at the truck with anger, it was because of Dogpound his arm was mutated, and he knew he was still out there, and he was give him some payback soon. Donnie and Raph had ran up to them.

"Looks like we missed the fireworks." Raph said as he looked at the fire
"Donnie, the go kart worked great nice job!" Leo complimented.
"Thanks Leo. And it's a patrol buggy!" Donnie corrected, they then decided to head back to the lair and rest.

Back at Shredder's Lair, Dogpound was on his knee and was afraid.
"The dragon took you on himself and beat you down with his mutated arm, and defeated you with go-karts and a water balloon?!" Shredder asked in anger.
"I know it sounds absurd, but.." He said as he looked up and Shredder was in front of him with his blades out.

"It won't happen again, i promise!" Dogpound begged holding his hands together
"If you break that promise.." Shredder threatened as he cut off one of his shoulder blades instantly.
"I understand master." Dogpound responded as he bowed down.

Back at the lair, they were all resting from the battle as they had just saved they're home, Spike looked at his new arm again with interest.
"Maybe having you can help us more in the future.." Spike asked himself as he looked at it, this arm did help him with this fight, if he was strong enough to handle Dogpound by himself, some more training could help against future threats. But he still had the fear of what the others would think when they saw it, he just hoped things don't go south and he doesn't get mutated further.

"My sons, and Spike." Splinter said as he walked inside and they all turned to him.
"I owe you my gratitude, and an apology." Splinter said as he closed his eyes with regret.
"An apology?" Leo asked confused as he stood up.

"Fear clouded your minds. However it was not the Shredder that fueled it, but me. You overcame that fear and preformed admirably. No training today!" Splinter announced and they all cheered in victory.
"Thank you!!" Spike shouted in relief.

"Unless Michelangelo throws that balloon." Splinter added, they all turned to him and saw he was about to throw it and he chuckled nervously.
"Your dead." Spike said in anger.
"You are so gonna get it!!" Raph shouted as he and the others tackled him to the ground in anger.

Author's Note:

Hey guys hope you liked this! Happy thanksgiving to all of you and i hope your having a great day Thank you all for the support i've had through the stories i've been making, and i'm so glad you all like them. I really hope you all have a great holiday and i will see you next time!

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