• Published 2nd Nov 2023
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Spike And The Ninja Turtles - dragonfan101

Spike gets captured by an alien group called the Kraang and is brought to another dimension away from his home, he is rescued by 4 mutant turtles and is taken in by them and trained to stop them and return home

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1: The Rescue

Spike sat down alone in a cell, he was in a dark cramped space sealed off with no current way out. Spike was crying by himself as he was alone without Twilight, or anyone else.
"Why did this happen to me? I'm only a small dragon... why did my life have to go so wrong?" Spike asked as he reflects on what happened.

Spike just wanted to have a little time to relax to himself, he had been doing dozens of chores around the castle for sometime, Twilight had only recently become a princess at this point. She was often busy studying with her projects and Spike had to keep things cleaned up. But when Spike thought he wanted a little time to himself, he didn't expect to stumble upon an Alien group hidden within the forest hiding from the others, Spike just so happened to be caught in one of the drones sights and was tazered and knocked unconscious. He was dragged into another place through a portal by some strange robots. He was taken into captivate by these creatures called the Kraang.

Spike had never felt more alone and scared then he ever had in his life, he was named a subject by these creatures, he was apparently going to be experimented on by them at some point to try to be a mutant warrior for them. Spike was thrown into a cell in a strange hall filled with tech far acceding anything Equestria has ever done. Spike had been alone in this cell for about a week as far as he could tell, there wasn't any window to tell the sun's place in the sky, Spike only used his claw marks to count as far as he could.

Spike continued to cry heavily, he was alone, without Twilight, the main 6, Celestia, or anyone. Spike knew they must be extremely worried for him, he could be gone for longer then he thinks he has, he wonders how Twilight is feeling that her number one assistant and friend is missing as well as his other friends. Will he ever see them again? Will he even be able to survive his captivity? And just what are these aliens.

Spike continued to cry heavily, he didn't know how long it would be until he would be experimented on, and he each second he's spent there, is his fear of it could being his last attempt of having free will.

His thinking is interrupted when he hears the cell door open and he hears voices.
"No back off! I have rights!" A female voice says as it's followed by the sound of grunting, Spike looks back to find a strange creature that has light brown hair, a yellow shirt and black jeans, she's followed by a tall man with slightly bald hair and a business looking suit.
"Let go of us!" The man yells." Silence Humans." The robot says as it throws them into the cell and closes it and the girl bangs on the door.
"Let us go! We have lawyers!" She shouted." You and the other subject shall be taken for experimentation shorty." The robot said as he walked of leaving them confused." Other subject?" She asked as she sounded concerned, the man then noticed Spike and gasped at his sight.

"W.. what are you?!" The man asked scarred as the girl noticed him and Spike got more scarred as he backed into a corner crying in fear.
"Just leave me alone!! I'm terrified enough as it is!" Spike said scarred and they looked more surprised that he can talk.
"You can talk?" The man asked.
"I'm surprised you can as well..." Spike said still scared and sad, they both saw how upset he was and decided to try to make better talk.

"I think we should at least try to get to know eachother better? Are you willing to at least try that?" The girl asked, Spike looked up at her and nodded slightly and she smiled.
"Thank you, my name is April O Neil, this is my father Kirby, nice to meet you." April introduced and she held out her hand, Spike hesitantly reached his own out and took it." S.. Spike.. nice to meet you too.. i guess.:" Spike told her and she smiled at that." Spike, that's a nice name for someone like you." April told him and Spike smiled lightly." Thank you." Spike said gratefully, Kirby then walked up to him,

"May i ask, what creature are you? Your look is familiar." Kirby asked and Spike sighed." I'm a dragon, i was taken from my home by these monsters." Spike explained and they looked shocked." Wait.. your a dragon? Like a real dragon?!" April asked in shock." Uh yes?" Spike said, Kirby went up to him and looked at his body." This.. this is something else.. a real live dragon in front of us! And here we thought they were just for fairy tail stories." Kirby said amazed.

"Well, we're real, not in this world, but in mine, we definitely are. So why don't we move on to another subject? How did you guys get here?" Spike asked and they looked at eachother sadly.
"We were captured by those strange guys when we went out for a walk, they all tried to capture us, but before we were, they were halted by 4 large turtle creatures with masks on them, they tried to save us but they only delayed our capture." April explained and Spike looked surprised.
"You were captured too huh? and 4 large turtle creatures?" Spike asked.

"I know it sounds crazy, but since we're in the situation we are, it's hard not to believe it." Kirby told him and Spike sighed." How long have you been here?" April asked and Spike looked down.
"I think i've been here a week, i was taken away from my home and taken to this world, i don't even know where i am." Spike explained and they looked sad from that.
"You poor guy.." April said sadly, Kirby then spoke" Well if your at least want to know where we are, we're in a prison of some sorts hidden within our home city New York." Kirby explained.
"New York? I don't think that's any name within Equestria's map, so i really must be in a different world.." Spike said sadly, April then put a hand on his shoulder.

"It's gonna be okay Spike, we'll find a way out of here somehow." April told him." How? I've been in this thing for a week, i've tried every way i can but haven't found anything.." Spike said as they looked around.
"Maybe those turtle creatures will find us somehow?" Kirby suggested.
"Maybe, they were trying to help, so they may come looking for us." April said.

"They may be good guys if they tried to save you, so let's just hold out hope." Spike told them and they agreed to that and they decided to at least wait to see what happens.

Outside the halls a group of Kraang robots were currently walking through the halls for secure check, two more robots disguised as man walked up but they noticed a piece of metal fall down before them, they looked up and saw two of the turtles one in a red mask, and the other in a blue one. They jumped down and delivered a huge flurry rush of punches to the both of them and they both fell down, two other turtles with an orange mask and purple mask come down and the blue one holds out two swords.

"Wow, i've never seen anything like this! They're using a metal alloy i don't recognize!" The purple one said amazed at the tech.
"Gosh! A metal alloy that you don't even know about! It boggles the mind!" The red one said sarcastically and the purple one scoffed.
"Dude, you wanna talk metallurgy with me? bring it." He told him." I don't and.." The red was interrupted by the blue one.
"Donnie, Ralph, what part of being in an enemy lair do you not understand?" The blue one asked frustrated as he continued to move.

They continued to walk through the halls quietly trying not to be spotted, up ahead was another group of the robots standing guard and the turtles looked serious.
"Whoa. Alien robots." Donnie said shocked.
"Alien robots huh? Hmm where have i heard that before? Oh yeah! I've been saying it for hours!!" The orange one shouted and the robots noticed them.
"Mikey!" The blue said annoyed as they started firing at them, the turtles charged at the robots with anger.

Ralph and the blue one sliced through some while Mikey kicked one to the wall. Mikey engaged with one with his nun chucks twirling them around as he fought it, Donnie used a wooden stick to attack it aggressively, he flipped over it and grabbed it by the stick and threw it farther down, Ralph stabbed another one with his weapons with anger, he then grabbed another one and threw it to the ground and was stabbing it as well. They heard more gunfire and they saw Leo ran on a wall and sliced one down by the head and deflected the other ones gun shots stunning it, Leo jumped into the air and gave it one clean cut slicing it in half.

They looked down at the defeated robot and they looked shocked when a brain alien shot it's arms out and climbed out and it screeched at them and they screamed in fear, Mikey then wacked the thing on the head knocking it out.
"See? See? It's a brain thing!" Mikey said holding it out." I told you, i told you! But did any of you believe me? No!" Mikey said annoyed." Cause you all just think i'm some kind of bonehead!" Mikey said mad at them, the alien then opened it's eyes and bit Mikey by the arm." Ow!" Mikey shouted as he tried shaking it off and he grabbed it and threw it into a button.. which turned on the places alarm system.

All the kraang robots looked in the direction of where they were and started heading down, Mikey then looked at them with white pupils." Mikey!" They all shouted annoyed and he saw they just looked disappointed." Okay, but i was still right about the brain thing! You gotta give me that!" Mikey defended himself, they saw the shadows of more robots heading down the halls.
"Let's move." Leo ordered." Move where?" Ralph asked." I think those are power conduits" Donnie said pointing at some lines at the ceiling." Oh that's really interesting thanks for sharing Donnie!" Ralph said sarcastic.
"Meathead, the conduits are all converging that way, which means whatever is going on in that direction is important!" Donnie told him annoyed as he walked off, Leo looked at Ralph and gestured his swords in the direction with a smile and Ralph groaned.
" You got spanked!" Mikey said pointing at him and he slid off screen before Ralph grabbed him by the finger crushing it" Ow ow! Mercy!" Mikey begged as Ralph let go and walked off Mikey sucked on his finger." Not cool!" Mikey said as they ran off.

Spike, April and Kirby could hear the alarm going of making them concerned.
"What's going on?" Spike asked worried.
"I think they have intruders." Kirby suggested.
"Think it could be those turtle creatures?" Spike asked.
"Maybe let's hope they get here quick." April told him and Spike agreed to that.

The turtles were running through the halls and passed by the cell, Donnie quickly backed up and he looked inside and saw the three inside.
"We found them.. and is that a dragon?!" Donnie asked shocked.
"What?! No way!" Raph said pushing him out of the way and he looked inside and saw Spike and looked surprised.
"Are you.. a real dragon?!" Ralph asked amazed as the others came to see it as well.
"No way!" Mikey said amazed.
"Who are you?" Leo asked

"Uh.. yeah.. i know this is shocking, but can you get us out of here first?" Spike asked.
"Right, let me try the panel." Donnie said as he looked at it, it was extremely advanced, Donnie heard gunfire and he saw more robots coming down the halls.
"Don't worry, i'll get you guys out of there shortly!" Donnie told them.
"Okay, Giant turtle thing." April said a little creeped out still.

" I'm.. i'm Donatello" Donnie said nervously.
"April." She replied and Donnie blushed.
"Wow, that's a pretty." He was interrupted when Leo smashed his face by the door.
"The Lock Donnie" Leo reminded.
"You can introduce eachother later, just get us out of here first please?" Spike asked." Oh right yeah, sorry." Donnie said as he looked down and took out the panel and started working with the wiring.

Mikey jumped at the robots screaming as he knocked a group down with his nun chucks, Donnie tried to put them together carefully." I don't mean to rush you but can you hurry up?" April asked." Hey, you think it's easy to pick a lock with these hands?" Donnie asked showing he has three fingers." Uh sorry." April apologized
"Why don't you just smash that thing?!" Spike asked as he saw Donnie struggling with it.
"I like the sound of that!" Raph said with a smile as he pushed Donnie away and stabbed the thing with his weapon multiple times while the others were fighting off the robots

The door behind them opened and they saw more robots from before, Spike backed up to the wall not wanting to be caught," no let us go!" April said as they were grabbed and being dragged off." April!" Spike shouted as he saw another robot coming up to him, he was about to grab him, but the door opened and Leo was able to slice that robot down just in time.

"You alright?" Leo asked helping him up." I'm fine thanks, but we have someone else to save!" Spike said as they heard April scream and they had gunfire blasted from behind them." Raph, keep him close to you, everyone else after them!" Leo ordered and Ralph nodded and kept Spike close." Stay close to me kid." Ralph told him and Spike nodded as they ran out the building.

They went out the doors and looked back." Get the door!" Leo told them as Raph tried to close it, a robot tried to stop them but Spike breathed green fire at it and it was knocked back and the door cut off the robots arm which Raph used to keep it closed." You really are a dragon!" Raph said amazed." Holy cow you really are!!" Mikey said amazed." Guys can we focus please?" Spike asked and they all remembered and regained focus.

"No! Let me go!" April shouted as they saw April and Kirby being held by the back and walked on a higher ledge.
"April! Kirby!" Spike shouted worried for them.
"Let's get em!" Leo shouted as they all ran on ahead, Spike looked around the landscape and saw this definitely was NOT Equestria, there were huge building structures larger then Twilight's own castle, it looked like something out of a comic book.

They kept on running until they were stopped by a gross looking grass creature with vines and fly eaters for hands and a heart beating in the middle, Spike looked absolutely terrified by this thing, it was something he never thought he'd see in his life." What.. the.. ****" Spike thought to himself horrified.

"Uh oh.." Mikey said as they saw it rise up against them, the monster screeched at them" You did this to me! now your going to pay!" It told them with anger." You know that guy?!" Spike asked them." Yeah.. i think that's Snake." Leo said as they backed up." He mutated into a Giant Weed" Leo said as Snake screeched at them again.
"That's weird, you'd think he'd get mutated into a snake." Mikey told Spike and Ralph." Yeah you would, if you were an idiot!" Ralph insulted. "Let's hope that doesn't happen to one of us in the future." Spike told them and they agreed to that

"But his name is Snake." Mikey argued." So?" Ralph asked." is this really important right now?" Spike asked annoyed and Mike scoffed." You two don't understand science." Mikey told them." Tell that to Twilight." Spike thought annoyed. The monster broke it's bottom half into a bunch of legs and roared." I'll crush you turtles and Lizard!" Snake threatened." Again with people calling my kind lizards." Spike said annoyed.

"Uh.. would it help if we said it was an accident?" Donnie asked, Snake screeched at them and held out his fly trap hands at them." So, heh, i'll put you down as a no?" Donnie asked." You think?!" Spike asked him.

Snake whipped his vines at them and they all shouted as they jumped over it, Leo screamed as he jumped at it and sliced off it's arm, Snake screamed as a purple liquid was coming out of it." Ew, ew! Don't let it touch me!" Mikey said trying to avoid it, a single drop landed on him." Ah! It touched me!" Mikey said pointing at it, Snake regrew its arm and he looked at them menacingly.

"It grew back?" Donnie asked." No fair!" Donnie told him, they looked up and saw a vehicle called a Helicopter start to activate and April looked back at Donnie and Spike." Donnie go!" Leo ordered, Donnie put his stick on his back and he ran to Leo who gave him a huge leap into the air and he landed on the roof." Awesome.." Spike said amazed at that, Donnie looked up and saw the Helicopter was about to take off.

The turtles were trying to fight Snake off the best they could, Spike tried dodging each whip that was thrown as he could not fight at all, Ralph grabbed an arm and pulled it to him, Ralph jumped in the air and smashed it on it's head, Ralph tried to run ahead but Snake used his fly trap and grabbed Raph by it's tounge and threw Ralph back at the others who caught him.

"Snakeweed is really powerful!" Mikey told them." Snakeweed?" Ralph and Spike asked at once." Yeah. his name was Snake, and now he's a huge weed, so.." Mike explained." Alright we get it thank you!" Spike told him." I'm liking that kid more and more, already seems smarter then you!" Raph said and Leo stepped up.

"We just have to hold it off until Donnie gets back." Leo said, they heard a loud bang behind them and saw more Kraang droids were walking out." Great, alien guys are back, just perfect!" Spike said annoyed." While not being shot at by alien robots." Leo told them." With brains!" Mikey added." Let it go man." Raph told him." Seriously not the best time dude." Spike agreed.

They were surrounded by the robots and Snakeweed as Spike stayed close to the turtles , Donnie climbed up on the top and saw it was taking off. Donnie ran to the stick and jumped into the air and grabbed the bottom bar, he was trying to climb up but the Helicopter kept moving. Spike and the others were trying to defend themselves the best they could, Leo and Mikey sliced through more while Spike stayed close to Raph as he was in front of Snakeweed. Leo and Mike got out of the way and the robots started firing at Snakeweed who he whipped down with one of his arms.

" What's the plan again chief?" Raph asked." I'm working on it." Leo replied, Spike kept looking at Snakeweed and tried to think of something. Leo was grabbed by the leg and screamed as he was brought close to him, Leo then noticed the wires." The power conduits." Leo told them.
"We really gonna start talking about that again?" Raph asked, Leo then looked at where they led to and Spike noticed it as well." That's it!" Spike said looking at it, Leo then gave them hand gestures and Mike and Raph understood it and ran up to Snakeweed.

Leo cut himself free and he and Spike ran to the source." You thinking what i'm thinking?" spike asked as they ran to it." I think so, be careful kid." Leo told him." The names Spike." Spike said as they ran to it.

Donnie was currently hanging onto the helicopter as it was flying around, another robot came out aiming at him.
"Oh good, for a second there i thought this was gonna be to easy!" Donnie said sarcastic. The robot started to fire at him and Donnie went under the gunfire and grabbed a shuriken by the foot and stabbed it in the face, Donnie grabbed it by the legs and threw it off the thing.
The robot tried firing at him still but the blasts hit the helicopter and it shook around roughly and April started to fall out, she grabbed the thing by the ledge scarred as she was trying to hold on.

"Hold on i'm coming!" Donnie said trying to calm her down, she couldn't keep her grip and screamed as she fell down, Donnie quickly jumped off and landed on the ground and was able to catch her just in time before she could, Donnie then jumped off the roof and more ledges and landed safely on the ground.

"You okay?" Donnie asked as she was breathing heavily." Dad.." April said as they saw the helicopter fly off with Kirby still on board..

Snakeweed was still attacking them as Raph and Mikey dodged over his vines, they looked behind them and saw more bots, they made taunting faces and sounds making fun of them, the robots fired at them and they quickly ran out of the way as they shot Snakeweed again, he kept backing up to the generator as Spike and Leo got on top.

"What are they doing? They're leading them straight towards that power generator!" Donnie said as Leo held out a shuriken, and he gave Spike one as well." That's incredibly stupid!... Or brilliant, or both!" Donnie said as he and April watched on.

Spike and Leo threw one at the back of his head and he turned around and saw them." hey come and get us stinkweed!" Leo taunted." We're you mutated into an ugly guy? Or were always ugly? Hard to tell!" Spike taunted and Leo laughed at that. He tried to attack them and Spike jumped out of the way while Leo jumped on top of it, he then taunted more Kraang droids as they started to fire at them, Leo jumped to where Spike was and they watched as they fired at the generator.

Snakeweed scrammed in pain as he was electrocuted by the power." Know how that feels.." Spike said as they watched him explode in a purple gas of smoke, his parts came flying all over the place and Leo grabbed Spike and they all headed they're way to escape.

The Kraang droids watched as they saw the parts fall down." We must recapture the subject for experimentation, find out where the one called the dragon is." A robot ordered and they all nodded at that, they then looked at the remains of the monster.
"Kraang, the ones in this place are not in this place where they were." A robot told another." The ones are called turtles and dragon Kraang." Another said. " They are dangerous to what we are doing in this place and other places." He said in a robotic voice. "Yes, i am knowledge of that." He replied.
"The turtles must be eliminated at all places, while the dragon must be recaptured." He said as the alien brain opened his eyes and grinned.

Snakeweeds body was currently seen on the ground not moving lifeless, ominous music was playing as we zoom down, his chest starts to turn green again as the heart beated a single time...

We cut to the city where they escaped as they all were outside a building, April and Spike were currently looking down as they were worried about what was happening.

"Are you gonna be all right?" Donnie asked April. " I guess, my aunt says i can stay here as long as i want, but i'll feel a lot better when i track down the creeps who took my dad and took Spike away from his home." April said determined.
"Won't the police help?" Leo asked. " You really think they would believe a story like this?" Spike asked raising an eye.
"He has a point, when you tell them your dad was kidnapped by an alien brains in robot bodies and made friends with a real dragon, i don't think they'd take that seriously." April told them.

"I hear that." Mikey responded.
"April we promise we will not rest until we find him." Donnie told her. " We won't?" Raph asked." No, we won't" Leo told him.

"Thank you, but it's not your fight." April said as Donnie came up to her." Yes it is" Donnie said and she smiled at that, April then looked at Spike.

"Could you guys do me a favor please?" April asked. " Anything, what is it?" Donnie asked." Could you take care of Spike for me, he's got nowhere to go, and i don't think my aunt will be to happy about there being a real life dragon in her home." April asked, they all looked at Spike who looked down sadly." Please, they took me from my home, i don't have any way back and have no way to talk with my friends.." Spike begged, they all felt really bad for him as they knew this must be really rough for him. Leo then came up to Spike.

"We'll take care of him, We'll explain everything to Splinter and hopefully he can understand it." Leo told her and she smiled at that." Thank you, please be safe you guys." She told them and they nodded, Leo grabbed Spike by his hand and he took spike to the roof, he and Donnie looked back at April one more time before they left and April smiled and went inside.

We cut to Leo and the others arriving back at their lair and Spike looked around amazed.
"wow.. so you live here?" Spike asked looking around." Yep, welcome to our lair Spike." Leo told him." We'll find a way to get you home Spike, count on it." Donnie told him.
"Ah your back. how did it go?" A voice asked and they all turned around and Spike saw a large rat man who looked old but experienced, he then noticed Spike.

"Who is this?" Splinter asked pointing at Spike, Spike asked for him to explain everything and they all agreed to let him do so. Spike proceeded to tell Splinter and the turtles what exactly happened to him, how he was captured by the Kraang and held in captivity and taken away from his home and family. They all felt awful listening to this story, Splinter especially as he knows what it's like to lose a loved one..

"I am sorry young child, truly, i cannot imagine what you must be feeling right now.." Splinter said with regret.
"Talk about harsh man." Mikey said sadly as they all looked down sadly.
"Thank you, all of you, i just don't know what to do now, i'm trapped in another world with no way back home, i don't even know how to properly handle myself in situations like those.." Spike said with a few tears in his eyes, Splinter then leaned down and placed his hands on Spike's shoulders.

"Do not worry young Spike, we will keep you safe here, i will help train you in the ways of the ninja to defend yourself, and my sons here will help alongside you, isn't that right?" Splinter asked.
"You got it sensei!" Mikey said with a salute." It's gonna be nice having another person around the place." Donnie told him." Just don't do anything stupid like Mike here alright?" Raph asked." We won't let them get you again, we promise." Leo told him, Spike smiled softly at all of that.
"Thank you guys, i really mean it." Spike said with a smile, Splinter smiled and he looked at Leo." Come with me Leonardo." Splinter said and Leo nodded as he and Splinter walked into another room.

They all looked down at Spike concerned." You gonna be okay buddy?" Mikey asked." Yeah, i'll be fine i think.." Spike said before they heard his stomach growl." I think i should have something to eat, i haven't eaten in a week.." Spike said holding it." I'll go get more pizza!" Mikey said as he ran off." Pizza?" Spike asked the others." Oh if you haven't tried it, it's great! Let's show you around buddy." Raph said as he and Donnie started walking around.

Leo was currently sitting in front of Splinter.
"I am impressed Leonardo, you proved to be an effective leader at the most difficult circumstances." Splinter said with a smile.
"Thank you sensei, it wasn't all me though, Spike had gotten around with the situation as well. But i think i figured out why you made me leader." Leo told him." Oh? Why is that?" Splinter asked.

" Because you sensed inside me a true warrior spirit that could forge us all into the heroes we are destined to become." Leo monologued.
No." Splinter responded. " No? Then why did you make me leader?" Leo asked.
" Because, you asked." Splinter said turning around.

" That's it? But you seemed so certain you were right." Leo asked him.
"As a leader, you will learn that there is no right and wrong, only choices." Splinter explained,
"So you could have chosen any of us? Even Mikey?" Leo asked and Splinter chuckled.
"Oh no, that would have been wrong." Splinter said putting a hand on his shoulder.

"Everybody! come here! We made the news!" Mikey shouted, they all came up to a thing called a tv and watched the report.
"A report of.. get this.. ninjas in New York, and maybe a newly discovered creature ,don't believe me?" He asked as they all watched on with interest.
"As the residents reported a disturbance, the police recovered these." He said as they are shown a shuriken and a single piece of Spike's scale..
"Oh no..." Spike said scared, Mikey and Donnie looked at eachother excited
"For channel six news, this is Carlos Chang O Brien Gambe, saying hi ya!" Carlos said as the report ended.

"This is awesome! We're gonna be famous!" Mikey said excited.
"No! This is bad! We could attract unwanted enemy's here, and they find out what creature my scale belonged to, this could mean bad things!" Spike said worried.
"Spike is right, you must be more careful, the ninja's most powerful weapon is the shadows, being brought up into the light is a dangerous thing." Splinter told them upset.
"Relax sensei, it's one little news story, what's the worst that could happen?" Raph asked casually.
"You should never ask that Raph!" Spike told him upset.

We cut to Tokyo Japan where a figure was watching the news report.
"Ninja's in new york, and maybe a newly discovered creature, don't believe me?" Carlos voice asked as the figure and a few guards watched.
"as the residents reported a disturbance, the police recovered these!" Carlos said as they see Spike's scale and the shuriken again. the figure was rewinding the footage looking at the two objects.

The figure watched as he recognized the symbol and looked at the scale with interest." So my old enemy is in New York, and training his own army. And a new creature could have been discovered?" The figure asked
"At last i can finish what started so long ago." He said menacingly.

"Prepare my jet." He ordered and a guard ran off. the figure put on a tough looking helmet.
"I'm going to visit an old friend, and this creature could be of good use to me." He said as the man was revealed to be.. The Shredder.

Author's Note:

Hey guys hope you liked this starting chapter! The reasons my chapters in my other story is shorter right now is because i'm working on this one. i decided to do the ninja turtles first as i think it would catch the most interest. This will be on the 2012 versions of the turtles so i hope you like this, i'll do the other versions like the original and 2000's version at one point don't worry, i just feel like this would start off better. Hope you guys liked this first chapter and look forward to more! These will be longer then my other stories for sure, and i'll be really busy, but i hope you all leave a like and look forward to it!

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