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Spike And The Ninja Turtles - dragonfan101

Spike gets captured by an alien group called the Kraang and is brought to another dimension away from his home, he is rescued by 4 mutant turtles and is taken in by them and trained to stop them and return home

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2: Turtle Temper

Spike had been handling himself the best he could in this new world, it had been at least a couple weeks since he was rescued by the turtles and taken in by them and Splinter, Spike had a room made for him from the extra space there was in the lair so he could have time to himself. Spike had been training with Splinter most of the time while the other turtles did they're thing, Spike never thought he was gonna have to learn to be a fighter, but given the situation he's in he has no choice.

Spike had only managed to start handling himself with hand to hand okay, he's been working on his reflexes and reactions in order to keep up with others. Whenever Spike was alone though, he felt depressed, he may have the turtles and Splinter and April for support, but he still feels sad. He's stuck in another world away from Equestria, he doesn't know if time flows the same here, the Kraang may have set up secret bases in Equestria like this world and he may not be able to help stop it.. Spike knew this was gonna be tough, he just hoped that he could push through it and find a way home at one point.

Spike and the Turtles were currently on a rooftop at night, he and the turtles were apparently doing a stake out to find out more information about the Kraang. Donnie and Leo were currently watching over the building next to them with a telescope, Spike was feeling bored as they had been there for a while. Mikey was poking Raph on the head laughing and Spike groaned." That's gonna have a consequence dude." Spike warned." Come on dude, he's practically as ah!" Mikey screamed as Raph grabbed his finger and twisted it." Spike tried warning you idiot." Raph said annoyed." I did try." Spike said shrugging it off.

"Guys, when ninja's are on surveillance, they are supposed to be silent!" Leo quietly yelled." Sorry." Spike told him." Sorry Leo, i'll scream quieter." Mikey laughed before trying to poke Raph again, Raph had had it and grabbed Mike by the arm and threw him on the ground and held him by his arm." Say it." Raph threatened.

"Raph, be quiet!" Leo warned." Someone could hear us!" Spike told him. " Not till mikey says it!" Raph said holding him tight.
"Raphael is all wise and powerful." Mike said annoyed, he then started squeezing his head." And?" Raph asked.
" And he's better then me in every possible way!" Mike said in pain as Raph almost twisted his head and put him to the ground." And?" Raph asked again.
" And i'm a lowly worm beneath his feat who isn't fit to live on the same planet as him, because he's so amazing and i'm a dirt clod." Mikey said and Spike chuckled as Raph then licked his finger in his and held it over him." And?" Raph asked one more time." and in the history of the universe there's never been!" Mikey said afraid before Leo interrupted.

"Enough!" Leo said as Raph got off of him." Took it too far man." Spike told him and he shook his head. "We're wasting our time, the Kraang aren't gonna show up." Raph told them." Have a little patience will ya?" Leo asked before Donnie looked at him." Trust me guys, they're gonna break into that lab tonight, i have reliable intel." Donnie told them." Really?" Spike asked.

"Intel? You mean.. April told you." Raph said pointing at him." You mean your girlfriend?" Mike teased as Donnie had steam on his head," Ouch." Spike said laughing a little. " She's not my girlfriend Mikey! she's a girl who's a friend who's dad got kidnapped by the same aliens who kidnapped Spike from his home, and are gonna break into that lab and we're gonna stop em!" Donnie told them while Leo and Raph just smiled at eachother as they knew how this was.

"Or we'll sit out on a cold roof all night for no reason." Raph said before they heard a door open and saw a ugly looking guy come out." what the hecks going on up here?" He asked." Uh oh.." Spike said afraid. They all blinked twice not saying anything.
"What are you playing dress up?" He asked." No sir, we were just." Leo tried to explain before he noticed a broken antenna.
"Which one of you slimy green ham shanks busted my satellite dish?" He asked upset." Ham shanks?!" Raph asked mad." Ham shakes?" Spike asked the others who shrugged.

"I don't even know what that means." Donnie said rubbing his head." me neither but i don't like it!" Raph said mad trying to grab his weapons before Leo grabbed him." Let's go." Leo told him as they tried not to fight him." This guys those kind that will get into your skin Raph, trust me, i know those kind of people." Spike said as they tried to walk away.
"That's right you spineless cream puff, listen to your mommy and Cute lizard pet." He mocked and Raph growled in anger.
" Cute lizard pet?!" Spike asked offended as his kind hated being called all of those names." Hey watch it buddy!" Raph threatened holding out his weapons.

"Oh no, i didn't know you had salad tongs!" He insulted" Salad tongs?!" Raph asked really mad before trying to attack him but Leo tried holding him back." I'm not gonna take from some greasy miss head slob with a comb over!" Raph shouted." Seen a mirror lately circus freak?" He asked, while they were arguing more Kraang droids were just arriving and noticed them on the rooftop.

"Raph don't!" Leo warned." You really gonna let a jerk like him keep insulting you? He's doing this intentionally! Do not let him win Raph!" Spike said trying to calm him down. "You want a piece of me? When i'm done with you, a piece of you is gonna be all that's left!" Raph threatened before they dodged a laser gunfire, they looked to they're right and saw more Kraang droids." Kraang droids!" Leo said surprised." Holy Toledo!" The man said shocked. "Way to blow our position Raph!" Leo said sarcastic as they took out they're weapons while Spike got in a fighting stance Splinter taught him.

They started firing at them." Scram!" Leo shouted before they all jumped out of the way. While they were dodging the gunfire the man was watching on and decided to record it while they fought. Raph ran from side to side and knocked his weapon out of his hand and then slammed the robots face on his knee before throwing it over his shoulder. Leo jumped in the air and delivered a strong kick to its face, Mikey was dodging the gunfire and came up on another before whacking another robot on the face.

Donnie jumped in the air and delivered a strong whack to the face sending it back, Spike was dodging the gunfire and he used a skill he learned and sweeped a robots legs and grabbed it by the head and slammed it on the ground hard before using his strength and throwing them into the others.

"Keep going kung fu frogs! This is pure gold!" The man said as they saw he recorded it all." We're not frogs you idiot!" Raph said mad at him." It's not kung fu either, it's an ancient Japanese battle art!" Donnie told him." Guys he got us on video!" Leo told them and Raph growled in anger." Not for long he doesn't!: Raph said before he charged at him and jumped in the air before the guy slammed the door and he hit his head and slid down." I'm gonna make a fortune over this!" The man said laughing as Donnie looked off the building.

"Firetrucks on route 30 seconds!" Donnie warned." We need to get out of here!" Spike told them." Spike's right, let's get out of here." Leo ordered." Wait, we need to find that guy and break his phone, AND HIS FACE!" Raph shouted as they started running." You can smash it later when we 've figured something out, come on!" Spike shouted, Raph looked back at the door and growled in anger as he ran on after them.

We cut back to the lair as Spike and the turtles were sitting on they're knees in front of Splinter." Not only did Raphael alert the Kraang but you got caught.. on video!" Splinter said upset at them." sensei, he was the angriest nastiest guy you'd ever met!" Raph defended." Except for you." Mike joked and Raph slapped his head." ow!" Mike said in pain." You should have heard the insults this guy was throwing at us." Raph defended.
"It doesn't matter what he said to us, he got under your skin and we have to pay the price for it." Spike said ashamed.

"Spike's right, you had no choice but to jeopardize your mission because of silly insults!" Splinter said mad at Raph." Burn.." Mike joked and Raph growled." You are ninja's, you work in the shadow's in secret, this becomes difficult if your is proof of your existence in high definition! And imagine what the public will think when they've discovered an actual dragon is alive, imagine what they could do to Spike!" Splinter told them and Spike shuddered." I hate to imagine the thought." Spike said afraid and Leo tried calming him down.

"Look, we know where this guy lives, all we need to do is find him and shake him until the tape pops out." Raph told Splinter." There's no tape, video's use flash memory and..." Donnie tried explaining but stopped as they saw Raph growling annoyed." not the best time for explanations Don." Spike told him and he sighed.

"Anger is self destructive." Splinter explained." I always thought it was others destructive.." Raph replied." Raphael! stand up." Splinter ordered and he did afraid." Somebody's in trouble.." Mikey teased.

We cut to Spike and the others surrounding Raph holding plungers attached to arrows in the dojo." Evade the arrows." Splinter instructed." No problem." Raph replied, Splinter ordered everyone to start and they began.

They all started firing at him, but Raph was skilled enough to dodge each one and Splinter caught one." again, not this time Leonardo, Donatello and Michelangelo and Spike, insult Raphael." Splinter instructed." Wait.. insult him, and he can't fight back?" Donnie asked." Yes and no." Splinter responded and they all smiled at eachother." i'm feeling good about this plan." Donnie laughed.

They all began again surrounding him and each one threw they're insults." You move like a bloated buffalos!" Mike said before firing and Raph did the splits and they laughed." I do not!" Raph replied." And your always whining, poor me nobody understands me.." Leo said and they laughed more." And.. oh! You don't keep your back straight when we do omete kote gyaku, and your ugly!" Donnie said before firing at him.

" Just to let you know Raph, Mike ate your last pizza slices, but barfed them up saying it smelt like you!" Spike said and they laughed hard." WHAT?! MIKEY!!!" Raph said furious at him." Sorry not sorry." Mike said as they kept firing at him delivering more and more insults until they hit him all over his head and he fell down.

"Ah.. i wish this moment could last forever." Mikey said relieved." You know what?! forget this, this is stupid!" Raph said getting up." Ugh.. it didn't." Mikey said annoyed as Raph walked to Splinter with a bunch of arrows on his shell.
"Ninniku seishin is the ability to endure insults with patience and humility, you cannot be a true ninja until you master it." Splinter explained." Understood?" Splinter asked." Hai sensei." Raphael responded

"You must get that video back, using reason not force." Splinter instructed and Raph sighed.

We cut back to the rooftop where everyone was watching the guy on the phone talking with someone, he was on the phone still until Spike and the others landed on the ground surrounding him. "I'll call you back." He said before hanging up.
"lay one finger on me frogs, and i'm calling the cops." He warned.

"We're not.. gonna hurt you." Raph said trying not to rage while the others looked nervous." Then what do you want freak?" He asked.' We got on the wrong foot last night, some things were said, and well, we would just like that video back." Raph explained and Leo and Mikey smiled nervously while Spike shook his head and Donnie looked at him as they both knew something would go wrong.

"What are you gonna give me for it?" He asked with a smug." Give you for it?" Raph asked." Well i've got you over a barrel so you've got to make it worth my while." He said and Spike growled silently as he knew this guy was not a good person in the slightest.

"I'll make you worth while, I WONT TAKE YOUR HEAD AND SMASH IT AGAINST A.." Raph said before Leo stopped him." okay okay, thank you Raphael I will take over." Leo told him." So what are you looking for?" Leo asked." Hmm a cool mil will cover it." A cool mil of what?" Leo asked.

"A million dollars." He explained." We don't have a million dollars.." Leo told him." We do have some Canadian quarters that fell through the grate." Mikey offered.
"I can make serious money off this thing, and if you don't wanna pay i'll hold onto it until someone else does!" He warned.

Spike then got an idea. " You could attract unwanted attention from those guys we fought or people far worse that could show no mercy, and they would not pay you in the way you want, are you really gonna risk someone like those guys coming after you and risking death?" Spike asked and the guy flinched as he knew Spike had a point but ignored it, as they were talking Kraang droids got into a van and drove to them." Guys the Kraang!" Leo shouted as they all saw headlights coming to them.

They charged at them and got out of the way as they backed up and turned around." Let's not let this one get away." Leo told him, Raph looked at a garbage can and picked it up and threw it at the van and the thing ran into another wall." Well, that was easy." Raph said with a smile, they then came out the back and there were more droids with weapons and they started firing at them." okay.." Raph said retracting his last statement.

They charged at the robots dodging the gunfire, while they were fighting the guy was slowly crawling away as Donnie used his staff and smacked one away, Spike breathed some fire at one robots face and it melted off, he then grabbed it and smashed it to the ground." That was for taking me from my home!" Spike shouted with anger.

As they were fighting a robot knocked the guy into the back of the van and he tried grabbing his phone again." Oh no you don't!" Raph shouted as he went up to him." Raph what are you doing?!" Leo asked as he was holding back a droid." you and i have unfinished business!!" Raph said with anger as he got in." You give me that phone right now!" Raph threatened, as they were looking at eachother 3 more droids got in the back and the van started to drive off." Raph's in the van!" Leo shouted as they ran after it.

Raph was fighting them off one by one, he tried forcing the guy to give him it but he was grabbed by the back and thrown out the back and went into them." no!" Spike shouted as it was driving off." So long froggy!, thanks for the help, have i got a deal for you!" He said with a smug and they all looked at him with blank faces." So are you all triplets or what?" He asked before they started walking up to him.

They were all getting up and Leo looked at Raph upset." Nice going Raph." He told him." What did i do?!" He asked." What did you do?! You left us in the middle of a fight to yell at somebody!" Leo replied.
" But thanks to your temper, the guy with the tape." Leo said before Donnie tried correcting him and Spike stepped on his foot." Ow!" Donnie said looking at him." Again, not the best time dude!" Spike said annoyed, Donnie then noticed a trail of fuel leading ahead." Look the trucks leaking!" Donnie said as they all looked at it.

"Alright, we'll follow the trial to their hideout!" Leo explained." And then we'll bash some bots!" Raph said bashing his fists together. Leo then looked at him." We are going to bash some bots, you are going home." Leo told him." What are you kidding? Come on guys, are we really gonna let Leo power trip this?" Raph asked them but Spike sighed." I think leo's right" Donnie replied." You gotta control your temper, till then, we just can't trust you" Leo said as they started to walk off.

"I'll go with him, i think it's best he has someone with him okay?" Spike asked coming up to Raph." Be careful, we'll meet you back home." Leo said and Spike nodded before they walked away, Raph threw his weapons on the ground in anger, Spike sighed and put his hand on his shoulder." I know it's rough right now, we'll fix this, come on, let's head home for now." Spike said handing his weapons to Raph, he sighed and put them away." Your right.. let's just get out of here." Raph said as he started walking and Spike followed behind.

We cut back to the lair in the kitchen while Spike was sitting with Raph with another turtle also called Spike as he was eating a leaf.
"Who does he think he is? so what if i got a temper? I'm still the best fighter we got, if anything, my anger makes me a better fighter! You understand me don't you Spike's? chew on your leaf if you understand me" Raph said as walking around and looked at the turtle Spike who chewed on it. Spike sighed sadly." It can only make you a better fighter if you know to control it, i know the consequences of letting stuff like this overtake me, i may be young but i've still been through things." Spike told him and Raph looked interested.

"You have?" Raph asked and the other Spike looked interested." Yeah, look, i know you hate that guy, very much, i do to, he's a greedy selfish person who only cares about himself, he's nothing like us." Spike said sitting down next to him and Raph looked at him." I just.. he's someone who doesn't respect anything but money, how can i tolerate that when he has something like this?" Raph asked." You don't have to tolerate it, but you need to try other ways of taking your anger out on other things that help with what happens around us, but doing something like that can lead to something bad." Spike told him and Raph smiled at him." wise words for a small dragon." Raph said and Spike smiled at that as well." I went through good teachings, not annoying as Donnie can be with his nerdy moments but a bit better." Spike replied. They then saw Splinter enter the room.

"Spike is right Raphael, some can use their anger in ways that help what they're situation is, but there are also consequences to those who do it the wrong way." Splinter told them and they looked concerned." What do you mean by that sensei?" Spike asked." Sit down, both of you, let me tell you a story." Splinter said and they did so as they begun to listen as we see a memory of Splinter's past.

"When i was a young man, i fell in love with a woman. Her name was Tang Shen and i was not the only one who loved her, there was another man competing for her attention, Oroku Saki" Splinter said as we see a memory of the man as lightning flashes next to him
"Shredder.." Raph said in fear." Who?" Spike asked concerned at the name.
" One day, he insulted me in front of her, calling me many things.." Splinter said as we see Oroku pointing at Splinter when he was still human in front of her, he then looked at Oroku with anger.
"I felt i could not let those insults go un answered." splinter said as we see him beat up Oroku and he was on the ground in pain." I lost my temper, and over time our rivalry bestirred into hatred." Splinter said as we see him holding Teng close to him while Oroku walks away with anger.

"Until Shredder sought to finish me.." Splinter said as we see a flashback of him fighting Shredder as the area around them was on fire, we then cut to outside of the building that was burning down." And i lost my beloved Tang Shen.." Splinter said sadly as we cut back to the kitchen and Spike just felt awful knowing what happened.

"But it.. it wasn't your fault. Shredder insulted you , you had no choice" Raph told him." He let his anger consume him, and it led to.. that.." Spike said sadly.
"No choice? I could have chosen to ignore him, i could have chosen to let his words wash over me like a river on a storm. But i let him anger me it was i who made his words into weapons" Splinter explained walking up to them.
" That's the choice i made, what's the choice you two will make, and Spike.. please promise not to let something like that happen in your future." Splinter asked and Spike nodded in understanding as Spike and Raph were left alone, Spike and Raph looked at eachother and nodded with determination as they knew what needed to be done.

Leo and the others made they're way to the place the Kraang were hiding and they snuck in and saw the Kraang were holding the guy hostage for interrogation near a ton of mutagen .
"This is our fight with the turtles and dragon." A robot said." Dragon?! You mean that lizard looking thing?!" the man asked surprised but they ignored him.
"The usefulness would be proved usefully with the more watching this." Another robot said.
"Also, this is being a good image of Kraang." Another said as we see the footage of a robot firing at them.

"We should be shown the image of Kraang to Kraang" They said as the guy was being pulled away by Leo quietly with a chain, the guy noticed them and shouted at them saying he's not leaving without his phone, the droids turned around.
"Stop the ones needing to be stopped!" The robot ordered as they started firing at them.

While they were fighting Mike knocked back the phone the guy was trying to get back, before he could a blaster shot the container of mutagen and he looked with horror as he saw the liquid pour onto him and he screamed in pain, a droid walked into the shadows but was knocked back to the others, the alien in the chest walked out and screeched in fear and ran away as they heard a loud roar.
"I don't like the sound of that.." Mikey said nervous, they watched in horror as a giant spider mutant jumped out of the shadows and roared at them with anger." I don't like the look of it either!" Mikey said as they started backing up

"What did you do to me? i'm hideous!" He said looking at himself." Okay i know it looks bad but the five of us can handle it." Leo said looking at the others." Okay this might be a bad time to point this out, but you sent one of the five of us home and the other one went with him." Donnie explained.
" And right now.. i wish it was me!" Mikey said scarred.

" This is your fault! i'm gonna rip your heads off!" He said with anger as they took out they're weapons." Alright guys, get ready to dish out the mighty wrath of justice!" Leo said and Donnie sighed." Seriously Just yell get him." Donnie told him. " get oh!" Leo said before he was whacked by an arm and crashed into a few craters, he looked at them evilly and they began to fight him.

Spike and Raph headed back to the way they saw the trial as was as they could, Spike knew things would get ugly as he had a bad feeling, he and Raph followed the trail to a warehouse and went inside, they heard the sound of fighting and they hurried inside and found Leo and the others fighting a giant spider monster who Mikey dubbed Spiderbites, he was cornering them but Raph and Spike looked down at him.

"Wow, i didn't think this guy could get any uglier." Raph said looking down." Seriously, i've seen some ugly things back home, and yet they're still far better looking then him." Spike said and Raph laughed at that" Raph! Spike!" Donnie and Mikey cheered.

Spike and Raph jumped on the ground with confidence." Well i think you've been punished long enough and Spike's helped you out plenty, come and join us!" Leo said before Spiderbites interrupter.
"Well hey it's the Kung fu frog with the salad tongs and his cute pet." He insulted
"Hey it's the stupid loud mouth who's about to get his butt kicked!" Raph said before he took out his weapons and Spike got in a stance." Say's the guy who looks like he was drawn by a little kid for a preschool show and tell." Spike mocked.

He surrounded the others and spat some acid down around them and they fell through another floor and Donnie saw it was a bunch of mutagen." Uh.. let's not fall through this floor okay?" Donnie asked scarred.
"Dance for me frog and lizard!" He said as he started firing more acid at them and they tried dodging it the best they could, the monster tried to head down to the last floor but Spike and Raph growled with anger and headed down after, they grabbed the piece of web that was shot and Raph caught it and sliced it off and he and Spike landed on the ground.

The monster got up and roared at them." Aw, froggy and lizard thinks they can stop me, ribbit ribbit." He insulted as Raph and Spike were standing ready to fight, he kept trying to insult him but Raph took a deep breath and they remembered Splinter's words and used them to block out the insults, Raph and Spike smiled confidently as they charged at them yelling.

Raph dodged more stingers trying to stab him, Raph kicked him in the face while Spike breathed more fire at it and he roared and backed away trying to shake that off." How's that for a lizard Spider butt?" Spike asked, the monster stretched it's stingers at them but Raph grabbed one and when he fired more acid at them, Raph lowered it down and the acid hit the stinger.

"That's some Kung Fu, frog and lizard" He said before the others landed behind him." We're not a lizard and a frog, i'm a dragon, and he's a turtle." Spike said with a serious face." He's right, we're not Kung fu frogs, we're ninja turtles, and Spike will soon be a ninja dragon as well!" Raph said as they all charged at him, Mikey grinded on another stinger and came up and kicked him back away, he jumped into the air and Leo and Donnie then wacked him down even further, Spike saw the phone on the ground and smashed it with his foot.
"Ah! my phone!" He shouted." You will not be needing that anymore!" Spike told him, they all surrounded him before he decided to run off." You guys are gonna regret this!" He said before using his form to escape, Raph grabbed Spike who held onto him as they used they're skills to jump back to the next floor, Spike looked back at the mutagen one last time and shuddered the thought of what would happen to him if it fell on him..

They ran outside a door and saw the monster jumping from roof to roof away from them." I know a nice black widow that would be great for him." Donnie said as they walked ahead, Leo looked at Raph and Spike.
"Good work you two, i just wanna say." You don't have to apologize, Spike was the one who was able to help me figure it out." Raph said looking at him and Spike smiled." Friendship is an important thing where i'm from, keeping a team like this is what i'm wanting to do, while i still feel afraid and a bit depressed from being away from home, i shouldn't let it cloud what's going on right now." Spike told them.

"We'll get you home one day Spike, you showed grate confidence today as you helped Raph with Spiderbites, keep stuff like this going, and you could be a great ninja one day, you still have a lot to learn though." Leo told him and Spike smiled." I know it's gonna be a long way to truly becoming one, but i'll get there some day, i'm glad i have friends willing to support me." Spike said and they smiled." Keep it up Spike, we'll get you there someday, count on it!" Raph said as he and Spike fist bumped and laughed a little." Thanks guys, glad i can count on it!" Spike told them. Mikey then smirked.

"Not bad for a bloated buffalo." Mike joked, Spike smiled and shook his head as he knew Mikey was gonna pay for that, Leo Donnie and Spike looked away as Raph charged at Mike tackling him to the ground and they watched it happen.
"Okay okay! Raph is all wise and powerful!" Mike said in pain flailing his arms.
"And?" Raph asked.
"And he's better then me in every possible way!!" Mikey screamed as Spike laughed as they watched it happen.

Author's Note:

Hey guys hope you liked this new chapter! I know Spike's sudden confidence and ability to fight seems to rushed right now and i can see the flaws in it, i'll be making sure he has more of a struggle in future chapters when he's learning techniques, and i'll try to make him feel more like a character then he is now. this chapter took a while to make so please forgive the flaws. For those who may not like this story so far please address the problems you have in the comments, and i can go back and make changes to help fix it to make it more to your liking, tell me any critiques you have with this story please, i'm willing to help make the story the best it can be! Thank you all for the positive support and hope you look forward to the next one!

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