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Spike And The Ninja Turtles - dragonfan101

Spike gets captured by an alien group called the Kraang and is brought to another dimension away from his home, he is rescued by 4 mutant turtles and is taken in by them and trained to stop them and return home

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3: A Talk with Splinter

Spike opened his eyes feeling really tired, he groaned as he woke up, he looked around and saw he was in the same familiar room he'd been in for the past couple weeks now, Spike had this room made for him with the spare space the lair had so he could have time to himself, Spike sighed sadly as he wished this wasn't real still.

He had been here for a few weeks up to this point after the turtles saved him and April, but it hasn't been the best for Spike outside of the missions they have to do. Spike often felt extremely depressed knowing the fact that he's stuck in a separate dimension away from his own. Spike was supposed to be doing more training with Splinter today to learn more ninja skills, but with the state he's in.. Spike isn't sure he could do it.

Spike got up and walked out of the room and looked around the lair, Mikey was playing more pinball again, Raph and Leo were watching Tv, Donnie was probably in his lab with his science stuff, he and Twilight would get along just fine that's for sure.

"Morning guys." Spike said and they all turned around to see him.
"How you doing Spike?" Raph asked." Sup bro?" Mikey asked.
"I'm.. fine, you guys alright?" Spike asked.

"We're doing good, nothing on the Kraang right now so we can just relax for now." Leo replied.
"At least we don't have to worry about that for a bit." Spike said as he started walking to the dojo.
"Where you going?" Raph asked curious.

"Splinter and I are gonna be doing some more training today, he says i should know some of the basic ninja skills before learning what you all currently do, it's gonna be interesting that's for sure." Spike explained.
"Sometimes his lessons can be confusing for us to catch on, but i just hope you are able to learn them the best you can." Leo told him.
"Yeah, take your time dude, not everyone can learn to master it right away." Raph told him as well.

"Thanks guys, i'll keep that in mind, later." Spike said as he walked to the dojo and they all waved goodbye at that.
"You think he'll be alright?" Mikey asked concerned.
"He's been handling this situation the best he could, but i don't know about what happens in the future, let's just hope we'll be there for him." Leo answered and Raph sighed.

"Kid's gotta be going through rough times now, he's not even 13 and he's already facing dangerous mutants alongside us, sure he told us he's faced stuff kinda like this back home, but what we're doing here.. it could be too much." Raph said concerned.
"Let's just hope Splinter and the rest of us can help him out, in any way we can." Leo told them and they nodded in agreement.
"Amen to that bro." Mikey told them as they look back at the Dojo.

Spike had entered the room, he looked around and admired how amazing it looked, it just looked like a place where one could just be at peace with meditation and themselves, Spike wished he had learned more about these things at home, because it may be nice to just have some quiet time like this.

Spike saw Splinter was meditating by the tree in the middle, Spike knew Splinter was an experienced fighter just from his looks and the wise words he often told them, the story of what happened with him lashing out at Shredder showed that he's not perfect, no one is, but he can learn from them and do better.

Spike slowly walked up to Splinter and sat down in a similar position, Splinter's ear poked up and he opened his eyes." Hello Spike, are you ready to continue with today's lesson?" Splinter asked, Spike sighed and looked at him.
"As ready as i'll ever be i guess." Spike replied.

"Good, let's continue with it then." Splinter said as he got up and he and Spike walked to the center.

"Now, this lesson will be on your reflexes, reacting to what's happening around you will be of help in future battles, you may have learned some basic attacks by now, but they will not matter unless you are able to dodge your foes and wait for them to open up for you to attack." Splinter instructed. Spike knew that this lesson might be helpful to him, he had often been taught so far about reactions and patience.

"Yes sensei." Spike replied as he got into a stance.
"Now, i am going to be throwing my own attacks at you, they will not be aggressive, but they will be fast, i expect you to at least try with your dodging." Splinter explained and Spike nodded in understanding as Splinter got into his stance.

They started off the best they could, Spike tried dodging his attacks the best they could, even though Splinter was old, he was still fast and was definitely holding back, Splinter kept ramping up his speed to the point Spike was really struggling with his dodging, Spike was doing his best to keep up with his speed, but he was still to inexperienced with it and he was knocked back a good distance.

"Ouch.." Spike said as he tried getting up, Splinter then walked up to him and helped Spike.
"I notice something is troubling you Spike, is it about your situation?" Splinter asked, Spike flinched as he was asked that, he knew what was wrong, but Spike was just to caught in with it all.

"Yeah.. it's just what's happening with me, it's just really overwhelming.." Spike said bringing his head down.
"I am sorry young one, i wish i could help you get back home, but there is no option at this moment." Splinter said with regret as he and Spike sat down.
"It's just.. it all happened so suddenly, first i find out that there was an alien group secretly hiding out deep within the forest of my home, then i'm captured by them, and held in captivity for a week at that point, then i'm rescued, and now i'm learning to be a ninja to stop them, it's just..." Spike said as he couldn't find the words.

"I know it's tough for you Spike, i have had plenty of experiences that put me through tough situations like this before, but with you, i can't begin to imagine what it's like for you." Splinter said sadly.
"It's just.. what if the Kraang have been planning an invasion on my home? I'm the only one who knows about them but was taken away, what if i am able to find my home.. but it's to late and my friends are all.." Spike said with tears in his eyes not wanting to finish that sentence.

"Try not to think of that please, if you let that vision cloud your mind, you may not even find out for yourself, when one is blinded by they're own thoughts, it can lead to them making mistakes that they regret." Splinter told him, Spike took a deep breath and looked down.
"Sorry, so much is happening right now.. my friends could be really worried for me, they may be searching right now, but if they never find me... and something happens.." Spike said afraid of it, Splinter put a hand on his shoulder.

"Your friends and family care about you don't they? If they do, they will not stop until they've found you, there is always a way to find the answer, it may not be what we expect, but if there's a way, it will be found. And either they will find you here, or you will find them again." Splinter explained, Spike took a moment to think over those words, he as right, there could always be an option, and they may find eachother again one day.. how far of though.. Spike is just worried about what happens between then.

"Thanks, i know we'll find eachother one day, and i know i'll see them again.. but it's how far off i'm worried about." Spike told him.
"The future is unpredictable, that is why we must be prepared for it the best we can, it's why i've been training you and my sons, we do not know what the Kraang has in store for us, and it's important we be ready as best we can." Splinter told him, Spike knew he was right, the only way back home may be through the Kraang, and they could be preparing something they don't know, and if Spike's gonna get home, he's gonna have to go through them.

"Your right, if i'm gonna get home, the Kraang is my obstacle, i'll keep preparing myself till the day i find out how to get home, and when that day comes, i won't let myself go down without a fight." Spike said determined, Splinter smiled at that.
"I am glad to know that, i know you still feel overwhelmed by this, but do know this. Me, April and my sons will be here for you, whenever you need it." Splinter told him and Spike smiled.

"Thank you Splinter, i'm glad to know that." Spike said happy at that, Splinter then got up." Wait here, i've got something for you." Splinter said as he walked into his room, Spike was curious in what he meant but just decided to keep waiting for a little.

It took a couple minutes, but Splinter soon came out with a small box in his hands and placed it down in front of Spike.
"What is this?" Spike asked as he looked at it.
"See for yourself Spike." Splinter told him, Spike nodded at that and opened the box, inside was a black ninja mask that looked like the ones the turtles wore, Spike picked it up and looked at it.

"Is this..?" Spike asked amazed.
"Yes it is, i believed that it would suit you best for your future missions, a mask is one of the ninjas most important possessions, keeping an identity safe is important, and while you may be the only dragon here, i still believe that you should have one." Splinter explained, Spike smiled in amazement as he was told that, Spike put it around his head and he smiled as he looked at a mirror and saw himself.

"This is totally awesome!" Spike said as he struck a fighting pose and Splinter chuckled.
"Yes it is, i will decide on what weapon you should use in the future, but the only way i know, is on what works the best for you Spike." Splinter explained.
"Thank you so much Splinter, really. We'll talk more about this later, how about we resume our lessons?" Spike asked turning back to him
"Very well, let us continue, and you are welcome Spike." Splinter told him and Spike smiled as he walked back up to him.
Spike knew things were still rough, but with the friends he has, Spike hopes that one day, he'll find his way home...

Author's Note:

Hey guys hope you liked this new chapter! I know it's shorter then the last two, but i wanted to have a nice small one where Spike is able to bond with other characters like Splinter i'll be doing other chapters like this in the future outside of the episodes of the show, so i hope you don't mind that.

Again for anyone who could be disliking the story, please address your problems in the comments below and explain them please, i am open up to the complaints and am willing to listen and make changes that will make you like it, please let me know. Thank you all for liking this story so far and i hope you look forward to more!

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