• Published 2nd Nov 2023
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Spike And The Ninja Turtles - dragonfan101

Spike gets captured by an alien group called the Kraang and is brought to another dimension away from his home, he is rescued by 4 mutant turtles and is taken in by them and trained to stop them and return home

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7: Monkey Brains

We open to the dojo in the lair, Donnie was facing Mikey who was doing a few stretches before facing him, Donnie struck a pose before he tried to deliver a sweep kick to his body, Mikey fliped over it and grabbed his arm and flipped over again, Donnie tried to throw him but Mikey used that to get out of the way and laughed at him.

"Dude, what are you doing? You don't defend against Seoi Nage with backflips" Donnie asked annoyed.
"Why not? Back flips are where it's at!" Mikey said smiling innocently stretching his legs.

"The best defense is to roll around on my back then take me to the ground and put me in an armlock" Donnie pointed out.
"Hey man you can't take the the fire out of hi yaah!! Dr flip-enstein! " Mikey said with a dramatic voice
"I don't even know what that means" Donnie replied as Splinter walked out of his room.

"Master Splinter, what would you do if someone tried to throw you a Seoi Nage?" Donnie asked walking up to him.
"I don't know." Splinter replied casually.
"Come on you must have a response planned for every attack" Donnie argued back.
'If you think to much about what is coming, you lose sight of what is. You must be fully in the moment so you can fight without thinking." Splinter explained.

"Why would i want to fight without thinking?" Donnie asked confused
"Allow me to demonstrate. Prepare to defend against Seoi Nage!" Splinter shouted before he pulled some moves on him off-screen. Donnie was being held by the arm by Splinter on the ground.
"Ow! That wasn't Seoi Nage!" Donnie said in pain and Splinter chuckled.
"No, but you thought it would be, now would you like to prepare to defend against a spinning back kick?" Splinter asked.

"No, i'm good." Donnie replied rubbing his head, Splinter walked away and Mikey came up to him laughing.
"You know what would have worked there? Backflip." Mikey mocked and Donnie groaned in annoyance.

Donnie was currently drawing on a board of somekind that said" Plan to hangout with April" Written on it.
"What you up to Donnie?" Leo asked startling him and he saw everyone was watching.
"Just finishing the touches of my master plan." Donnie replied.

"Come on Donnie, we all know how this ends up with you, it's often really awkward." Spike said as he looked at the board.
"Spike's right on that, whatever you have probably will backfire in a way." Raph replied.
"It's to get April to hang out with me." Donnie told them and everyone chuckled a little.

"Try this" April, do you want to hang out with me?" Leo asked.
" Dude, i've experienced this thing before, it can go in anyway, i'm sure there are plenty of people out there who have trouble with this, it doesn't have to be so complex." Spike told him and the others nodded in response.
"I have to be prepared for any response she makes to maximize my chances of success." Donnie explained, Spike sighed and nodded his head as he knew this might go wrong.

"Aw.. that's so romantic!" Mikey teased.
"Dude your overthinking this, you just need to go up to her and ask, it's not that hard." Spike explained.
"I have to agree with Spike again Donnie, overthinking situations like these can lead to situations that even you can't be ready for, you just need to be calm and ask her." Leo explained as well, Donnie didn't responds as he tried to process that.

"Guys!" April shouted as she ran into the room, Donnie screamed and quickly flipped over the board for an advertisement of a movie or show.
"H.. hey April ." Donnie said nervously.
"You gotta check this out" April said taking out her laptop and they all watched as a video feedback played.

" Renowned neurochemist Dr Tylo Rockwell has been reported missing. I spoke with Rockwell's collogue Dr Victor Falco" A reported said as they see an interview of Victor with the news.
"I haven't heard him in days. so i stopped by his lab. The place was a mess and he was gone. I fear the worst.." Victor said afraid, Spike felt suspicious of this guy, but for now they should focus on Rockwell.

"So?" Raph asked as she closed the computer.
"So the Kraang have been kidnapping scientists from all over the city, including my dad! Maybe that's what happened to this Rockwell guy" April explained.
"Or they may not be connected at all." Leo suggested and Spike scoffed.
"Guys, they could be forcing them to build something that they need in order to achieve with whatever plan they have with this world." Spike suggested.

"There's only one way to find out, we should go to that lab and check it out." April suggested before getting up.
"April's right, we should go check it out." Donnie agreed but they all knew why he did.
"I'll come too, i wanna find out more about this as well." Spike said ready to go. They headed out of the lair and Donnie looked back with a smile and Spike high fived him glad that he found a way at least.

"Heh heh, bet that's not on his flowchart" Leo said flipping it over and looking at it.
"Whoa! it is!" Leo said pointing at a picture of him April and even Spike leaving the other turtles.
"That is spooky.." Leo said impressed.

"How'd he even know Spike would want to come with?" Raph asked surprised.
"Guess when it comes to the Kraang, Spike will do anything for info on them." Leo suggested.
"Talk about determination." Mikey told them and they nodded in agreement at hat.

We cut to an abandoned room where Spike, Donnie and April had just arrived, Donnie used a special lock he made to unlock the door and it opened.

"There isn't an electronic lock out there my digital lock can't crack." Donnie said with a smile.
"When did you design that one?" Spike asked surprised.
"A couple months back, always best to have options like this." Donnie explained and Spike smiled at that. The three proceeded to look around this place with a flashlight and saw the place is a mess.

"Wow, this place is a wreck.." Donnie said in surprise, April moved her flashlight over and saw a broken cage.
"He must have been experimenting on animals." April said in disgust.
"What animal do you think it was?" Spike asked them, they turned around and saw what looks like a chair meant for restraining someone.

"Either someone was up to some secret research, or they were renting the space to some freaky dentist!" Donnie said in shock.
"I'm gonna go with that first option, what do you think he was doing?" Spike asked again.
"Must have been some secret experiments, do you think his partner even knew about this?" April asked concerned.
"Don't know, but we might find something here." Donnie answered as they looked at a nearby desk, Donnie flipped through the shelves and something caught they're eye, a familiar green glow..

"Hold on a minute.." Spike said as they lifted the cover up and found something that surprised them.
"Mutagen!" Donnie said in shock, a person with a golf club was walking behind them and April noticed.

"Donnie watch out!" April shouted, he then noticed him and blocked the club with his staff just in time, Spike sweeped his legs and Donnie used that to pin him to the ground. April turned on the lights that were nearby and they realized who this was.

"Dr Falco!" April said in realization.
"What are you?!" Falco asked in shock as he saw Donnie.
"Relax we're not gonna hurt you" Spike said assuring him.
"You both already hurt me!" Falco argued back.
" We mean not anymore." Donnie replied as he let him go and stood up.
"We're here to help." April said as Donnie offered to help him up

The three are currently in front of him trying to figure out more information about the Kraang and what happened to Rockwell.
"I'm wish i knew something about your father but i don't." Falco said with regret.
"So what can you tell us about this?" Donnie asked holding the mutagen.
"How did you acquire this? This stuff is dangerous." Spike said as he had a suspicions about this guy.

"Some shady corporate goon paid Rockwell a lot of money to experiment with it." Falco explained, April pulled up a photo of a Kraang droid.
"This the guy?" April asked showing him it.
"That's him." Falco responded.

"The Kraang!" Donnie said with surprise.
"Well, I wanted no part of that stuff, who knows what kind of monstrosities could result, no offense." He said to Donnie.
"Some taken.." Donnie replied a little hurt.
" is that what was in that cage over there? One of these monstrosities?" April asked looking back at the cage.
"Can we ease up on the M word please?" Donnie asked.

"That's where they kept the monkey he was experimenting on." Falco explained.
"Monkeys, of course it has to be them.." Spike said frustrated.
"Well it sure didn't like being locked up in there." Donnie said in surprise.
"I've been locked in a cell too, i can only imagine what he felt." Spike said as he felt bad for the thing almost.

"Rockwell didn't treat it very well." Falco told them.
"Maybe the Kraang didn't take Rockwell, maybe the monkey went berserk and busted out of the cage?" April suggested, Spike had another theory, it could BE Rockwell who could have been mutated, but he want's to keep it silent for now.

After the talk with Falco and getting any info they can, they decided to leave and look through the streets, Spike had his suspicions on Falco as he thinks he could have something to do with this..
"So how do you guys suppose we'll find Rockwell without any leads?" April asked them.
"Well maybe we'll know where to look once we look at his flash drive." Donnie suggested.

"What flash drive?" April asked confused, above them a huge Monkey mutant was jumping down and looking at them with anger.
"The one Spike and i swiped off his desk." Donnie said with a smug as Spike held it out.
"Took it when Falco was distracted, we both thought it could help out." Spike explained.

"Great job you two, that was really clever!" April said impressed and they chuckled.
"Yeah well keeping under pressure is the hallmark of a.." Donnie tried to explain until they had a huge Monkey mutant jump down and roared at them.

Donnie went in front and pulled out his staff while Spike readied his new claw weapons.
"Careful you two, that's a dangerous mutant!" April warned them.
"That makes two of us!" Donnie said with anger.
"Bring it on monkey boy!" Spike said ready to fight.

Donnie twirled his staff around in circles as he made a battle cry and tried to attack, but the monster hit him hard and sent him flying backwards, Spike tried to engage hand to hand but the Monkey kept jumping high in the air, Spike used his metal claws and used them to climb on the walls trying to get him, but the monster kept moving.
"stop moving around dang it!" Spike said in frustration as he tried jumping off the wall and delivering a strong punch to his chest but the monster dodged the attack and Spike hit the ground creating a large cracked crater.
"These things really are strong.." Spike said gripping his hands and looking at the metal claws.

Donnie tried throwing shuriken's at it but he dodged them as they hit a metal door next to him, he then leapt at Donnie and Spike and April watched as he and the monkey had a tussle.
"Donnie?" April asked worried as Donnie got up.
"It's okay.. i was just figuring out his timing." Donnie told her.
"That's something that can never be predicted with monkeys dude." Spike told him and April agreed at that.

"Just see, he's gonna regret ow!" Donnie shouted in pain as the Monkey punched him in the chest and Donnie tried brushing it off.
"That, that too, ow!" Donnie said in pain again as the Monkey kept attacking him and he hit Donnie in the nuts and they cringed at that.
"Got a lot of regrets Monkey, ow!" Donnie said again as the Monkey grabbed his head and knocked Donnie back even more, the monster jumped in the air as it started punching Donnie left in right.

"Enough!" Spike shouted as he ran to it and delivered a hard punch to his back and sent him into a wall.
"Thanks.." Donnie said as Spike helped him up Donnie was really beaten up as Spike saw a lot of bruises and scars. They saw the Monkey was near April, but strangely he wasn't attacking her, instead she was actually calming him down.

"What, what is it?" April asked as she saw something was wrong.
"What is it, is he trying to say something?" Spike asked concerned as he walked up, The monkey suddenly became more defensive and Spike raised his hands trying to show that he won't attack anymore.
"It's okay, i won't hurt you anymore, i promise." Spike assured him trying to get on good terms with it, the monkey started to calm down again and he saw they meant no harm.
"We won't hurt you, just tell us what's wrong." April asked as they tried to get an answer from him.

The monkey was didn't respond as he suddenly roared at them again before jumping from roof to roof again leaving them alone.
"It must have been the experiments he went through.. he was just.. afraid.." Spike said as he saw the look on its face, it was familiar to how Spike felt when he was captured as well.
They heard a groan of pain as they saw Donnie was still hurt.

"Donnie! Are you okay?" April asked worried as they tried helping them up
"You took quite the beating there dude." Spike said worried as well.
"Don't worry, i'm okay, just my pride.. and internal organs.." Donnie said weakly as he tried moving.

"Let's get him back to the lair April." Spike told her.
"Sounds good to me, how do you think the others will respond to this?" April asked as as they started to drag him.
"On a scale of 1 to 10 on how much they'd laugh at him for being beat up by a Monkey, even if it's a mutant, i'm saying a 10" Spike replied.
"We'll see about that." April told him as they continued moving again.

Spike and April had managed to make it back to the lair as the turtles saw how beaten up he was.
"Whoa, what happened?" Raph asked worried.
"Donnie got beat up by a lab Monkey." April told them, Leo went over to help him.
"April, Spike can we get an ice pack?" Leo asked them, they nodded in response and went to help him as the turtles set Donnie down on a couch.

"Donnie, you gonna be okay?" Leo asked him
"Yeah.. yeah i'll be fine.." Donnie said still a little weak
"In that case.. hahahahaha!!" Leo and the turtles started to laugh hard at him

"You got beaten up by a monkey? in front of your girlfriend and a baby dragon?!" Raph asked chuckling still.
"Who somehow was able to handle things better then you?!" Mikey asked while the others laughed even more.
"She's not my girlfriend! And Spike's been taking his training seriously! And that monkey was a vicious mutant!" Donnie said embarrassed at that still.
"Yeah, i'm sure he went bananas!" Leo mocked before they started laughing even more

"Whoa! no no no no! He went Ape!" Leo joked again before they laughed even more.
"Monkey!" Mikey mocked while the others laughed more and Spike and April came in with an ice pack.
"Called it!" Spike told her seeing them laughing at him.
"Guess i owe you 20 bucks." April said handing him a bill and Spike took it.

The turtles stopped as April came in.
"no more monkey puns." Raph told them, they kept they're mouths shut looking serious as April sat down.
"Are you laughing at him because he's hurt?" April asked upset at them.

"No we were laughing because he was hurt by a.. monkey!" Mikey joked before laughing more, Spike came in and slapped him across the face.
"Not cool guys." Spike said upset as well as they were laughing at someone who was seriously hurt, it doesn't matter what caused it, he was hurt, and others laughing at him like this is something Spike doesn't like.

Spike was watching tv with Leo while Donnie looked in the nearby pool next to the Dojo, he heard Splinter explaining something to him and that Donnie can't fight using his brain all the time.
"But i don't understand, how can you fight without thinking?" Donnie asked him, Spike got up and walked over to him to try to help.

"It isn't about how you think, it's about how you move in the moment in the fight, Splinter taught me this a little while back." Spike explained to him, Splinter smiled at that knowing he's remembered his teachings well, they then saw Mikey walking up with his eyes closed listening to some music.

"Allow us to demonstrate." Splinter told him, Splinter went up to him and tried punching him but Mikey bent down and then dodged when Splinter tried attacking him with a chop and flipped over Spike after he tried sweeping his legs( Ultra instinct Mikey ya'll.) , Donnie was in complete shock as he saw this.

"See, Mikey does not think." Splinter explained.
"He's always in the moment." Spike told him.
"Thank you." Mikey replied.
"Your welcome." Splinter told him before he used his tail and sweeped him off the ground and he went flying into the beanbag.
"Homerun for Splinter." Spike joked seeing Mikey on that bag.

"You must find a space between your thoughts and learn to live there, that's what Michelangelo does" Splinter explained to Donnie.
"True but, Mikey's got a lot more space between his thought then i do." Donnie said looking at him, Mikey found a peperoni and ate it and Splinter looked at him.
"Yes, well, Michelangelo has his challenges as well." Splinter told him.
"We all have our challenges Donnie, you just need to find and overcome yours." Spike told him as he walked away leaving Donnie to think to himself.

April was on her laptop looking for info on the Mutagen they found and she got something.
"Guys, i think i got something." April said before they all turned around and came up to her.
"These notes are hard to follow, but it looks like Rockwell was able to modify the mutagen." April explained

"Why would he do that?" Leo asked her.
"He thought he could use it to create a neurochemical that would temporarily give someone physic ability's" April explained as they see a footage of a needle going into a brain and it radiates a large pulse from it.

"You mean that monkey was physic?" Raph asked her.
"It's more like he was reading our emotions, after all he was only hostile when Donnie was hostile." April explained.
"And he softened up after me and April tried being calm and tried to help him, so he may have just been confused." Spike said with concern.

"Alright, we need to track him down before he attacks someone else. Let's go to the surface, spread out and search" Leo told them.
"How we gonna stay in contact?" Raph asked and Donnie smiled.
"I have a little something that might help." Donnie responded before walking to the front.

"Gentlemen.. and lady.. i give you.. the T phone!" Donnie introduced as he held out a device with a turtle shell on the back and a screen in front.
"Dude, i'm in charge of naming stuff, i would have called it.. the T- phone." Mikey says dramatically.
"I did call it the T-phone" Donnie said frustrated.
"Guys we get it, you both would have named it, can we move ahead please?" Spike asked not wanting this conversation to continue.

"And April, if you give me your cell number i'll patch you into our network." Donnie offered holding it out to her.
"Sweet!" April said as she typed in her number.
"See? I got her number!" Donnie said with a smile.
"Her numbers on the fridge you dork." Raph responded annoyed.

We cut to the streets where April was running through the sidewalk.
"Guys, someone just spotted on the Bleecker" April said holding out her phone.
"I think i'm on his trail." Raph responded as he started to head to this location.
"Mikey the monkey is heading your way!" Leo said on the other side as Raph spotted the monkey heading down the street.

"I got eyes on him! He's headed south on Delancey!" Raph told them as Donnie was on another rooftop.
"I'm on Huston! I'll cut him off!" Donnie explained as he saw the monkey running down the streets and Donnie chased after him.
"I'm near your location, i'll rendezvous with you there Donnie!" Spike explained as he started jumping across more rooftops as he saw the monkey as well.

"Mikey, the monkey is heading your way!" Leo said as Mikey saw the monkey heading down a fortune cookie shop.
"I'm on it!" Mikey replied as he took out his skate board and started chasing him, Spike saw Mikey slammed into a pole accidentally and Spike chased down the direction he went through, it was a wild goose chase as all the turtles ended up on the same street.

"Anybody see where he went?" Leo asked them.
"I thought he headed off in that direction." Donnie said pointing at one way.
"I thought he headed off in that direction." Raph said pointing at the opposite side. Spike sighed as he knew this was tough, he saw April was heading near a dumpster and Spike followed.

"Do you have something?" Spike asked her.
"I think so.." April said as she started to open it, they looked inside and saw the monkey cowering in fear, they both looked concerned as he saw him, he looked around and saw them looking at him, Spike and April offered they're hands out to him and he took them and they helped him out.

"It's gonna be okay." Spike said trying to calm him down, but the moment was ruined when a chain wrapped around the monkey and he tried getting free.
Haha! Got you that time!" Mikey said in triumph.
"Great, we got the monkey. But we're not any closer to finding Rockwell." Raph said as April and Spike walked up to him, he roared in rage as soon as he said that name. They both felt a strange feeling in they're heads and they both realized something.

"No way.." Spike said in fear.
"Guys, we're a lot closer then you think." April said as they looked at him.
"What how?" Donnie asked confused.

"I think this monkey is Dr. Rockwell!" April told them while he looked afraid.
"He must have been mutated somehow!" Spike said in realization as they all looked shocked.

They decided to take him back to Falco as he injected a serum into him and it started to put him to sleep, Spike still thought something was strange about this guy.
"There that should calm him down, poor Rockwell.." Falco said sadly.
"Is there any way we can get him back to normal?" April asked concerned.

"I wouldn't even know where to begin, but i'll see a way to give him some sense of a normal life." Falco said rubbing his head, they all looked at eachother with concern before deciding to head back to the lair to think things out.

Spike and the others were in the kitchen as Mikey was playing on his phone.
"Man, these asteroid fields are tough." Mikey said as he kept playing tapping rapidly on the screen, Raph came in with a box of pizza
"Pizza's here!" Raph announced as he opened the box and everyone started to have a slice, the smell went to Mikey's nose as he tried to focus, he then just decided to grab a slice with his mouth and kept playing and the others looked shocked at that.

"Sorry we couldn't get any closer to finding your dad April" Leo told her.
"It's okay, everything we learn about the Kraang is another piece to this puzzle." April responded ,Spike kept looking more concerned as he thought about Rockwell.
"Yeah but psychic research? This is one weird puzzle" Leo said confused as Splinter came in.

"I am curious about you both April and Spike, how did you two know the monkey was human?" Splinter asked them.
"I don't know, sometimes, i just get a feeling about things." April explained.
" I don't know either, i just felt his fear, he was confused, scared, it was like.. he didn't know what was going on.. i just got a strange feeling as i looked at him as well.." Spike said with concern.

"A feeling? Hm.. very interesting.." Splinter said before walking off, Donnie was still on his computer typing away.
"Hey Donnie, how come you aren't eating?" Leo asked him.
"What? I'm not hungry. Somethings been bothering me." Donnie said with concern.
"You've felt that too huh?" Spike asked him and he nodded.

"Yeah, Falco said that Rockwell was experimenting on a monkey." Donnie explained while he and Spike looked at the notes.
"And?" Leo asked them.
"And apparently these notes say he never had a monkey in his lab, and was using samples of Monkey DNA" Spike explained as they looked at the screen and saw a monkey on screen with a DNA structure next to it.
"We're still not following you two." Leo told him.

"Guys think about this, if he never had a monkey, then what broke out of that cage?" Donnie asked them.
"And who do we know has been there the whole time? I knew i was right about my suspicions!" Spike said in realization.
" It Must have been Rockwell!" Raph responded in shock.

"Which means Falco put him there, and he's been lying this whole time!" Spike and Donnie said at once, the other turtles looked upset as they all realized this could be true. Spike and the others decided to head back to the lab as they knew something was off.

Spike and the others had arrived and saw Falco injected something into his head and Spike felt a huge amount of power through him.
"Alright Falco, we've had enough of your!" Leo accused.
"Do not say monkeying around." Raph said annoyed.
"I wasn't going to" Leo responded.
"Yes, you were!" Falco said as he walked up.

"It's over Falco, we know it was you who mutated Rockwell!" Donnie accused
"I used him as a guinea pig" Falco said with a grin and Spike growled in anger.
"Well it didn't work, you turned him into a monkey." Mikey responded.

"The psychic neuro chemical plant i extracted from his mutated brain is changing me. Your minds are opening up to me!" He said with an evil smile.
"Guys be careful! I sense a strong amount of power from him!" Spike warned.
"You sense? How is that possible?" Donnie asked.
"I don't know, just be careful!" Spike warned again

"So this was part of your plan all along!" Donnie told him
" No man can defeat you when you know his every thought!" Falco monologued
" Oh really? Then you must know i'm gonna smack.." Raph said before Falco finished.
"Smack the white off my lab coat? How humorous!" He mocked.

"Lucky guess!" Raph shouted before he charged at him, Falco used his powers to predict the moves he was gonna make, they were like an echo that had him move in slow motion that gave him time to dodge and counter Raph's moves, after he dodged Raph, he kicked him back to the others.

Spike knew he was using they're thoughts to his advantage, and he knew he had to remember Splinters teachings Leo tried attacking him with his swords as the others got up.
"Whoa, it's like he's psychic!" Mikey said amazed.
"He is psychic shell brain!"" Donnie said annoyed.
"He's using our thoughts to see our attacks." Spike explained as they saw Leo get knocked down too.

"How are we gonna beat him if he can read our minds?" Donnie asked with worry.
"No problem, i just have to fight without thinking!.. wait a minute.. how do i fight without thinking?" Mikey asked.
"Oh no! now i'm thinking about not thinking! oh!" Mikey shouted before they saw Mikey had been hit in the head by falco as well.

"A man who can read minds is unstoppable, once i dispose of you, no one will stand in my way." Falco said evilly .
"We'll see about that!" Donnie shouted before taking out his staff and twirling it around, Falco used his power to sense his attacks and like the others he used them to dodge his every move, he then grabbed Donnie's staff and threw him to the wall as he groaned in pain.

"I really must admire that complex brain of yours, you come up with so many ideas. to bad i can see them all coming." Falco mocked as Donnie got up.
"By the way, do you really think you have a chance with April?" falco mocked, Donnie tried to ignore it and closed his eyes.
"I can do this.. just have to fight without thinking.." Donnie said as Spike walked up.
"Remember Donnie, just be in the moment." Spike reminded, Donnie opened his eyes and smiled as they looked at Falco and started to charge at him.

Falco used his powers to try to predict they're movements but they went right through the field and ran to him, he gasped as he realized he couldn't see their attacks, Donnie came over and kicked him in the face as Spike used his metal claws and punched him hard to the wall creating a large crater like before, he tried charging at them but Spike sweeped his legs while Donnie punched him in the chin and then they kicked him to a table.

Donnie jumped to the wall and then leapt off it and Donnie delivered a fury of punches that threw him into the cage nearby, he screamed as he felt the powers stop and Donnie smiled.
"Whoa nice work!" Raph said walking up to him.
"Great job Donnie, i knew you could do it!" Spike said glad he was able to beat him, Mikey came up with the Mutagen.

"What did i tell you about those backflips huh?" Mikey asked and Donnie rolled his eyes.
"Now that we have the ooze, let's see what Falco knows about the Kraang." Donnie said before they looked at the cage, but they all gasped and saw he was gone somehow.
"He's gone!" Donnie said with shock.
"How did he get away?!" Spike asked in shock as well, they heard a groan as they saw Rockwell still on the chair.

"What do we do about him?" Mikey asked looking at Rockwell, Donnie and Spike decided the same thing and undid the bindings holding him to the chair, he immediately got up and went to the window before he turned back to them one more time.
"I'm no psychic but i think he's trying to thank us." Donnie suggested.
"He is.. i don't know how but.. i feel it.." Spike said as they looked at him, he then turned away and jumped out of the window leaving them alone.

"If he reacts to angry thoughts, then is New York really the best place for him?" Raph asked concerned as they heard a car horn.
"Hey monkey! Get out of the.. ah!" A guy screamed before they heard a tire screech and then a loud crash.
"I.. think he'll be fine.." Leo replied as they heard some people screaming.

Spike and the others went back to the lair and Splinter then asked Spike and April to come to the dojo as he wanted to talk to them. April and Spike were sitting across from Splinter as he looked at them.
"April, Spike, it seems you both have a rare gift a sensitivity i have trained my entire life to develop." Splinter told them.
"Don't worry, you'll get it." April assured him.
"I did! It just took me a long time!" Splinter responded.

"Uh that's nothing to be ashamed off." April responded a little embarrassed.
"Sorry about that sensei." Spike apologized and Splinter sighed.

"It's okay, what i am trying to say is train April into a Kunoichi, a female ninja, and Spike, i would want to help you develop these ability's of yours further." Spike explained, Spike looked concerned as he remembered the feeling they felt in his head.
"Wow, that's quite an honor, if i do this, does that mean i'll get to kick everyones butt?" April asked excited.
"We don't believe in using our ability's that way." Splinter responded.
"Oh! Oh yeah.. me either.. But i could right?" April asked.
"And these ability's could help me fight the Kraang?" Spike asked him.

"Yes, but it will be the hardest thing you two will have ever done, it will drain you, mentally, physically, and spiritually.
"Splinter told them.
"Well it can't be worse then high school." April said casually before she got up and started to walk out.
"I've already been training with you for a few months now, what's some more training right?" Spike asked him and he sighed.

"Spike, what do you think is the reason the Kraang captured you in the first place?" Splinter asked him, Spike took in this question and tried thinking it over.
"I don't know, i remember them calling me" the Dragon" before, so maybe they were looking for me specifically?" Spike asked with concern.
"I don't know it fully either, but you must be cautious, these ability's of yours could tie into why they captured you." Splinter suggested.
"It could be true, but we won't know until we find out more info about them." Spike responded.

"Yes, and this training of yours may take a long time for you, but you may tap into your potential one day." Splinter told him
" Your right, but i'll push through, and i'll find my way home one day." Spike said with determination and Splinter smiled.
"I know you will Spike, let's start in a bit, does that sound good?" Splinter asked.
"Sounds good to me, i'll be back in a bit." Spike said before standing up and walking out, the thoughts still raced through his mind, he questioned how he was able to sense Rockwell's feelings, and what the reason is that the Kraang want with him..

Donnie was out the door of his lab watching April go by.
"Hey April! you uh wanna hang out with me later?" Donnie asked and April turned to him.
"Oh? that sounds great Donnie, but i'm training with Splinter and Spike in a bit, i'm learning to be a Kunoichi" April explained.

"Oh!" Donnie said before looking at his flowchart.
"If training with Splinter.." Donnie whispered before turning back.
"Well the, maybe we can.. train together sometime?" Donnie asked looking back at her.
"Sounds great!" April replied before walking off and Donnie laughed.

"You see that? My flow chart is awesome!" Donnie said laughing as Raph rolled his eyes uninterested.

Author's Note:

Hey guys hope you liked this new chapter! this one took a bit to make, as i was sick over the weekend and couldn't focus on it, but i'm doing better and was able to finish it, i know it might seem weird giving Spike similar ability's to April, but i wanted to have more specific reasons as to why Spike was captured in the first place, and this will be one of those reasons. I'll be sure to go more in depth on how Spike's ability's will develop in future chapters! Thank you all for reading this chapter and hope you have a good day!

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