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Thanks for the watch. :twilightsmile:

2060581 well, there were plans for a sequel to it, then i got distracted by my Wildfire OC story that i've been writing since february

2059828 One of the aspects I liked the most was Scootaloo's brash and sarcastic personality. Scootaloo's narration alone was enough to make me laugh my ass off :rainbowlaugh:. I also liked how original it was. It managed to stay dark, funny and even sad, whilst still portraying a good story. It even had a moral at the end :twilightsmile:. However nothings perfect and some parts bothered me (like how Rarity and Sweetie Belle are sisters even though one of them is older than the other by over 200 years) but it wasn't enough to take me away. Another problem I had was that it ended very suddenly. But Overall a Great Story In My Opinion.

Also I'm a huge Scootabelle fan! :derpytongue2:

thanks for the fave on Scootaloo, Dark Angel - may i ask what you like about it?

may i also direct you to my other stories?

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