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This is the first story of The Nightmareverse. Now featured on Canterlot's Finest.

In times past, ponies would keep their fillies from being bad by telling them that if they didn't behave, Nightmare Moon would come back and get them. Of course, Nightmare Moon hasn't been back since the Elements of Harmony defeated her in Celestia's presence.

Twilight has had dreams of Nightmare Moon's return since her defeat, but she never thought they would actually come true. Then one day, she receives a rather odd visitor... And the chain of events to follow threatens to tear asunder everything that she holds dear.

(Takes place after A Canterlot Wedding. Also disregards events in the MLP graphic novels.)

Edited/pre-read by TheCloudtop and Chaodiurn. Featured four times, most recently on 22 July 2015!

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This is actually the first story of your's that I have read.:twilightsheepish:

The only thing grammar wise that caught my eye, is when you used people, instead of pony.

As far as the story, this is really good, and I am really really really REALLY looking forward to more chapters!:pinkiehappy:

Oh, and great job writing Zecora. I could never write her well, as most of my ryhmes go all pell mell.:derpytongue2:

I do that in, like, all of my stories... :ajbemused: I'll go back in and fix them.

ok. "people" has been changed to "ponies".

Mwahahahh comment before Redgiar! or however you spell his name! HA!:yay:

I could never write her well, as most of my ryhmes go all pell mell.

This is too perfectly ironic to be incidental. :rainbowlaugh:

2224469 You're definitely not alone in that boat :scootangel:

2225737>>2226439 Yeah, that was intended, I really can't do much with rhymes extended.:eeyup:

Dear lord, my rhyming is worse than a gourds.:facehoof::facehoof::facehoof:

you kiddin'? Regidar never comments on any of my stories. I think he hates me.

2229423 He doesn't usually comment on "relevant" (probably people with 100 or more followers or so in his mind) people, at least that's what I've noticed. He's never commented on anything from me either.

And this story is awesome so far... I especially love anything with Zecora in it! :pinkiehappy:

I'm not sure how you missed out on the feature box with this one... again... :facehoof:

Just keep at it, you'll get one up there eventually. :pinkiesmile:

Great job, man. I look forward to more. :rainbowkiss:

I like this story. Please, more chapter. :twilightsmile:
What do you think, It will be evil /influenced Twilight story? I'm a little bit hope, because I never read "villain win story"... :(

hmm, I'll give it a try...for now.

wait... Green flash?

in the words of a certain wise man "Thats no (nightmare) Moon..."

My only regret is that I only have one like and one fav to give this story. Hoping to get the next chapter soon!

Very intriguing, can't wait for more.

And what, Chrysalis have nightmares about NMM too ?xD

hey, just because she's the Queen of the Changelings, doesn't mean she can't dream or have nightmares like everypony else.


so that's Celestia's secret... I knew she had one.

ha! yes, things are going to get quite crazy.

looks interesting! ill save further thought after i've read more chapters!

That reminds of an episode of Adventure Time.

The whimsical rhyming zebra makes her first appearance in the last hundred fics. I'm not surprised. Great job, by the way. I hope this story eventually gets the full amount of credit that's due to it.

really? has it been that long since Zecora's made an appearance in a MLP fic?

2233991 That is hands down, the creepiest thing I have ever seen.

No pun intended.

...oh my dear Luna, what monstrosity has been unleashed?

I will hold my judgement of this fic until i can see the events unfold, but you write well and it is looking very promising. Please update when you wake up again.

Edit: why is it au? It does not seem to be from a different universe as of yet.

the AU tag is for events that will be unfolding from chapter 2 onward. I probably should have indicated that in the story description. here, let me fix that.

2379725 but isnt au used for completely different universes? here you are reintroducing an old villain, but is keeping canon, so it is in the same universe, but with a different plot. although, i might have misunderstood the use of the tag.

it can be used for both, technically. here, I'm taking events that are canon in the show, and making them go in a different direction than what the show did. it's kind of tenuous as to the exact definition (there is one, but it's kind of hard to understand) so I put it up there just to be safe.

this is what the site says is the definition of Alternate Universe as a story tag:

Alternate Universe: Stories wherein the ponies are in an Alternate Universe as defined as not based in the Canon universe of the series: Alternative worlds, parallel universes and such. (Not Crossovers, unless it's a crossover with an already-alternate universe)

An Alternate Universe story has deviated from the basic setting of MLP: FIM in some way or another: much more heavily steam-punk; Nightmare Moon/Discord/Sombra/Chrysalis won scenarios and so forth.

Yeep! The Second Chapter online! Thank you, it has been really good again! Can't wait the next one, of course! :)

Good, this is looking to be a very interesting clusterfuck.


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