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Derpy, Pinkie Pie, Sweetie Belle, Chrysalis. Myself, summed up in four MLP characters. I'm a deeply flawed individual, but if you can get past that, I'm sure we can be the best of friends.


Everypony has known Derpy Hooves to be a Ponyville staple for as far back as they can remember. Their mail has always gotten delivered on time, at least as long as everypony can remember. But when Twilight Sparkle is doing some research for her upcoming book on the history of Ponyville, she comes to startling realization: nopony can actually recount when Derpy came to Ponyville, or why she came there to begin with.

And when Twilight goes to ask her, she finds she may not have been prepared after all, for the repercussions of her one simple question: Just who is Derpy Hooves... and how far is she prepared to go for the ones she loves?

Written for the May prompt, "the first time", for the now-revitalized Competition Arena. Rated just to be safe.

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i want to read it, but i am not too fond of derpy ships. actually, i am not too fond of derpy in general.

it's not a shipping story, at least not between Twi and Derpy. there's very mild shipping elements, but those are only in a few select (minor) spots.

We like this story! There are so few that hint about The Doctor and Derpy and We enjoy that thou hast made it so! Thou hast story talent and We look forward to any scrolls thou may write in the future.

Awww. This is adorable. I love it. XD Good Job, Canterlot - er.... Canterlot Ninja, now? @_o *headsplosion!!!*

Well, I can't fault her reasoning.

2591476 interesting, i might give it a shot then.

(Insert kitty face here):fluttershysad::pinkiesad2:

This is surprisingly close to my own headcanon on Derpy's origins, though it's certainly better conceived.

I always imagined that Derpy came from the future and lived in the past, which would explain the filly version of herself.

How could the police arrest him if he was the father? Don't his custody rights get priority unless it could be proven (beyond he-said/she-said) that he was abusive?

yes but you missed one very important fact

Umm... Dude. Dinky's Derpy's sister. That dude was Derpy's coltfriend. You get the picture now? :ajbemused:

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well darn... I just realized that when I transferred the text from GDocs to FIMfic, it inadvertently deleted a whole paragraph of text. it was rather important, too, considering it was Dash's response to Twilight's question about where Derpy came from. I've added the paragraph back now.

Honestly, I dunno about this. I mean, don't get me wrong, it's a cute story and there's nothing technically wrong with it. Just... Well, I guess somehow I just expected more. You spend most of the story building up the mystery, so I guess I just expected a bigger payoff than a simple kidnapping drama, you know? :applejackunsure:

Not bad, though i thought it would be a big scandal or a murder or something

I thought about making it something different but what I'd come up with was rather outlandish, so I figured something more concrete and down-to-Earth would be more appropriate. With the added bonus of now, I can use that other concept for a crossover fic I'm working on. Yay.

Kid naps are the best naps. lol

This was a very interesting story. A lot of suspense, with a hint of mystery. I was expecting something outlandish, given that this is MLP, and you threw Time Turner into the mix, and the whole 'you can't put this in your book' bit. And in the end, it turned out to be... a perfectly normal, legitimate reason that makes complete sense. And reminds us that Derpy is, indeed, a good pony.

Thank you, reading this story was well spent time.

I'm glad my story had the intended effect on you, my friend. :twilightsmile:

A nice story, but one that has inevitably left me pining for both a prequel and a sequel. :derpytongue2:

That...was ...amazing :derpyderp2:

3346722 And by that you mean in a few million years, right?

"ma chérie d'amour" that you can translate to "my sweet love":derpytongue2:. Love that phrase:heart:

necrobump :D

did you ever read this?

What’s up with that blue police box?”

... YES! :rainbowlaugh:

let the uncontrollable squealing commence!

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