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Good writing, you're definitely a guy with a way with words...

The problem is, the story is so boring. I'm sorry, buddy, I really am, but I couldn't help but be absolutely bored out of my skull. The story kind of drags and there's no real exposition, only scenery. We get Luna on the balcony, then in her room. That could have been trimmed down to 500 words but instead it's 5000. Maybe there's a part I'm not seeing, but honestly I was really bored.

Sorry, buddy. Please don't be angry. :fluttershysad:

A well dressed dinner! :twilightsmile: Not much flavor though. :twilightoops:

Funny thing, someone else used the same cover picture for a story called Lullaby for a Princess. Both your title and his have the same name as Ponyphonic songs too.

...that was not intentional. I haven't even heard the song my fic name (apparently accidentally) references. :rainbowlaugh:

for that matter, nor have I read that other story you mentioned.


The other person said the same thing! That's amazing.

The ending gave me chills there. Awesome work CG.

huh. I'm going to have to check it out.

This did get me in the feels a little bit, canterlotguardian, which is difficult to do.

Well done. :moustache:

Been looking forward to this story. :twilightsmile:

Ironic. A voice telling Luna she had all the power in the world now, but Luna never wanted power, even as Nightmare Moon, despite her claims.

She wanted, more than anything, to not be alone.

And that's what makes Luna's fate so brutal.

I don't think this story was boring, just... Somber. There seemed to be a lack of emotion, in a sense, but not the kind that makes a story boring, rather it tosses the reader into the world, where the character has felt so much pain that it has become familiar to her. It brings about this hopeless feeling, pungent in this story, and connects it to the reader, at least it did to me. Well done, very well written.

I do agree, you dragged out some parts for too long, and then other parts you rushed through. I would've liked more of an explanation for the apocalypse and less of Luna reminiscing on the past. But, overall I thought it was a good story and sad as well. Makes you wonder what you would do if you were the last person alive... I thinki would go insane myself

Welp. That went well. Shame Luna turned out alone, but 'tis the fate of the best of them. Its really a life lesson. You may lose everything, so be thankful for what you have and love those who you know.

The land is barren, devoid of life
Loneliness is to the heart a knife
Eternal sadness in turquoise eyes
All the voice speaks are lies

Tears once shed are there no longer
Memories, even time cannot remember
She waits, left to Her own devices
She opens her eyes, and The Moon Rises.

TL;DR: Give Luna a hug. Now. If you do not give Luna a hug, I will tie you to a chair in a locked room with Pinkie Pie for all time. Oh, and did I mention you both can't die? Enjoy yourself! :pinkiecrazy:

like I said, I'm skeptical about it getting featured there, but I figured why not. it meets all the length requirements and everything.

Either this is a prologue or its a one-shot.

2517897 So...it's a prologue to nothing?

2517897 oh, and how'd you guys get all those avatars?

no. it's a one-shot that will eventually serve as a prologue to another story, once I get around to writing it.

find your favorite pony image (or non-pony image) then go to your name on the header, hover the mouse over it then click on Avatar. you'll be able to change it there.

2517942 Oh, i see. I'll read it when you do!

And okay, i'll try it.

This was.. Good? It was well written, as i've come to expect from you, but it was boring. I have read end of ponies, immortal game, past sins, background pony and a several other 100k+ stories, but these 5k words were a chore to read. And what will it be a prologue for?

I won't spoil it all, but it will eventually involve Luna making the attempt to bring everything back to the way it was before the world ended.

Huh, turns out this little story has been on my read later.
Gotta say that I'm in for more now. I like your style, how you balance your word. Especially the take on the night and Luna is something that gets me. I can't sign that this story was boring at any point. Nothing happened, but I don't think there has always something to happen to add tense, interesting stuff, whatsoever, to a story. Au contraire, the ending came rather surprising for me.

Wow...just...wow...this story ran shivers up and down my spine. Damn good!

Which one of your other stories is the continuation or have you yet begun to pen it?

no I haven't started the sequel story yet.

is the mane six and Celestia dead?:rainbowhuh::twilightoops::fluttercry:

Now have you started the sequel?

This story makes me :twilightangry2: Luna does NOT need to be reminding me of the forever alone face. Sequel on the other hoof/hand :yay:

How melanchony.:fluttercry:
So how's that sequel going?

...I haven't started it yet. :raritydespair:

I've been having a lot on my plate lately. :twilightoops:

4958019 I understand. I'm just eager, is all. Take as much time as you need.:twilightsmile:

you are literally the only one. nopony else remembers this story.

4972669 That sucks.:fluttershysad:

This fiction... brings back memories of my original homeworld.

Now, excuse me. I must go cry.

4972669 Well I would like to se the sequel, and i'm sure others feel the same way too but just haven't voiced it.

um... wow... I didn't know anyone remembered this story. hold on...

It's not a bad story, but it didn't exactly hold any flavor. It's obviously a more emotional tale than eventful, but nothing ever really got to me all that much other than 'oh no, everyone's dead.'

This is absolutely terrifying. At least, my interpretation of it.

Well, the kinder one is Celestia's great revelation to Luna through dreams was...Celestia was dying.

The scarier one is the Celestia was so bothered by Nightmare Moon, that she eventually snapped and ported everypony away from Equestria. Leaving Luna alone, to her 'ambitions'.

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