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Derpy, Pinkie Pie, Sweetie Belle, Chrysalis. Myself, summed up in four MLP characters. I'm a deeply flawed individual, but if you can get past that, I'm sure we can be the best of friends.


A pony sits at a bus stop in Manehattan, trying to stay out of the pouring rain. Her thoughts consume her, though she is by no means oblivious to everypony else around her. If only she could see the warm eyes that look at her with pity, maybe she could try and find some help. But that may never happen. She's so lost in herself that she can't even see what she's got in front of her.

The worst part is... It wasn't always like this.

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So people, how do you like me hogging the first spot?

curses, foiled again!


4143130 Hahahahaha, I don't care if it gets downvoted into oblivion, I hear that place's quite cozy.

Hell yeah! Something from CG I got to read.

Let me know what you think of it when you get done reading it! :twilightsmile:

Honest Opinon:

Writing-wise, it could use some work, with grammatical errors and some words that don't fit and sections that could be cleaned up. It can get a little cluttered.

Story-wise...I'm very glad I read this. Very, very glad.

Have a like, fave, and a hug.:yay:

I actually didn't edit it at all before I submitted it. Maybe I should have. :derpytongue2:

Two words. Feels and amazing.

yeah this is a feelsy piece. but I'm glad you liked it. :twilightsmile:

I helped someome through theirs a few years back. It was a vicious fight, but I stuck with her, regardless of what she did. My cousin, Skywolf, is now the third most important woman in my life, next to my wife and child, and tied with my mom and sister.

Great story, man. Good work.

This I can apply to some close friends.


it's been a while since I've written a truly feelsy piece. I figured that it was time. plus, it's a subject I've been having to deal with a lot lately, so... yeah.

You might wanna let folks know that this one-shot has nothing to do with the PS3 video game "The Last of Us".

Just a little FYI :raritywink:

*sobs* Th-thank you! Thank you so much! I myself have gone through brief yet extremely painful bouts of depression and at some points even suicidal thoughts. So, this fanfic reminded me why those darker thoughts never got my better: friends. We all have them, we enjoy them, be happy with them, cry with them, and even their memory will help us through the worst of times. Celestia bless you.

I saw this in my feed and thought someone beat me to creating a TLoU crossover. Thankfully, I was wrong. :twilightsmile:

This looks very interesting, it's going on my must read soon list.

Well written, but that last bit at the end, it makes me think the story is really about the pony in the coffee shop. By your earlier description of her, the mare in the coffee shop is Ditzy isn't it?

yes. and it's not really about her specifically, but more about how your struggles can inspire somepony else who is going through the same thing you are.

4143991 4144241
well that's where the name of the story came from, but no it has nothing to do with the actual video game. though I have been playing it rather heavily lately. it's a really fun game.

Hmm, I like it. It was good story with great feels. But I disagree with depression being a thing to get out of with the help of people. People could pretend and if done correct you could have a group of people that wouldn't care if you existed around you helping you get of your depression.

But then again I don't bring good points to the table, it was just a silly thought I had in the back of my mind that seems to lack much light.

But it was unquestionably a great story.

I did not mean to imply that friendship alone could "cure" depression, simply that oftentimes a kind gesture does more than you think to help ease the burdens that depression puts on somepony.

4147935 Oh. Well, uh... I'm at a lost for how to respond. True for your statement though.

Something very similar happened to me. When people remember that I exist, and come looking for me when I disappear, it means the world to me. Thank you for writing this :heart:

it was my pleasure. I'm truly glad that it could help you. :twilightsmile: and by the way, if you ever need a friend to talk to, I am always available to help.

4148355 wow, thank you :twilightsmile: The same to you!

The grey pony in the shop...

either Derpy or perhaps your OC.
That is my guess.

it was Derpy. I don't usually put my OC's into stories, though that may be because I don't have any.

4167266 They are not that hard to formulate. And if you dont want to make them yourself, my sister would be happy to.

I choose not to have any. I've seen the average level of hate that OC's get within the community, and I'd rather not subject myself to that. I've built up (what I think to be) a rather fine reputation on this site and in the brony community in general, and I don't want to do anything to hurt that.

4167285 Honestly, that is kinda smart. :ajsmug:

Very sad, but true. Everyone, even the people without depression, have these sort of moments, when everything comes back to them in sad, maybe painful memories.
It was nicely written. The description was great. Not too much, and not too little.
In short, a great read :heart:

thank you so much. as I said in the author's notes section, I've struggled with depression since I was in my teens (or maybe I didn't say that, I don't remember) so this was both a piece to help others and one to help myself. but I am glad you were able to get something out of it. :twilightsmile:

Beautiful, yet rue. :ajsleepy: Try to remember to put the flashbacks in italics to differentiate them from the actual story. Are you going to write a sequel of sorts with Derpy in it instead of Lyra?

Comment posted by CanterlotGuardian deleted Apr 14th, 2014

I hadn't considered doing a separate story with Derpy as the main character, though I suppose it could be viable. and darn my brain, I'm formulating the entire story as I'm typing this. *sighs*

4233206 -blinks-


yeah I'm a bit confused too. :rainbowhuh:

4237279 So Ellie hows Shit going on on your end?

BTW How in the flying FUCK!!! did you find a working computer let alone know how to use it?:twilightoops:

Comment posted by Silenton deleted Apr 17th, 2014

4245566 Shit's going pretty fucking good man, wbu?

And I don't even fucking know, I just found one lying on the street, surprised one of those bastard hunters didn't pick it up.

4245986 Your doing better than I am. Avoid Indiana if you can. I've been hold up in a shed for almost a week take a guess at what I've been hiding from?

1.Infected? not that lucky.
2.Hunters? I wish..
3.Weirdos dressed up in animal costumes? ......
4.Fucked up looking bug horse's that dropped out of the fucking sky.

I was kidding about number three. But if you picked out number four congratulations you just won fuck'n a roll of duct tape:yay: but you'll never get it because you probably on the other side of the country:facehoof:

I'm going to head out tomorrow I haven't herd any buzzing so I thi

4246440 Lucky I don't need duct tape then.

i really really wish I'd have read this ages ago instead of letting it sit in my read it later set.
upvoted and faved.

Nice story. Here's my review on it. >>>> Link To Review :twilightsmile:

you absolutely flatter me. I think that's the best review I've ever gotten on any of my stories. :twilightsmile:

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