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Derpy, Pinkie Pie, Sweetie Belle, Chrysalis. Myself, summed up in four MLP characters. I'm a deeply flawed individual, but if you can get past that, I'm sure we can be the best of friends.


Princess Celestia has invited representatives from every race to come to Canterlot for a conference on equality amongst the regions. One of the attendees, though, is rather interesting... He calls himself a "human," but the Equestrian guard has no record of any humans ever being in Equestria... or of Celestia having invited one to the conference.

So how did he get here? Was he really invited by Princess Celestia? And what will happen when the first pony he meets is everyone's favorite wall-eyed mare...?

Story tagged for "Romance", but there won't be any Derpy-on-human dating or anything like that. It's for other pairings that will be showing up.

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Woot! First dislike! :trollestia:

I liek iek!
But in all seriosity, this story looks interesting. I may read this at a later date.

People say favorite wall eyed mare... Does this mean there are others? Someone show them to me!

Despite the sort-of-unhappy ending, there's a sweetness to this. (And I admit to being intrigued by the possibilities of Luna x Derpy.)

1828017 in episode Hurricane Fluttershy, when Spitfire arrives, and after Raimbow Dash asks if they are ready to do this, you can see another wall eyed mare, but can not remember his name (if has one) :derpytongue2:

1828211 Mare implies one thing while your use of masculine pronouns implies otherwise. Also never seen the episode so I wouldn't have known.

1828225 Really you've never seen that episode? :pinkiegasp: I have seen it like twenty times already and now I want to see it again :derpytongue2:

1828318 I get to say it again!:twilightsmile: I've only seen something like 8 episodes

oh :twilightblush:, well I hope you enjoy the other episodes :pinkiehappy:

Favorited the shit out of this bad boy last night. :pinkiehappy:

yes because she automatically knew were earth was... my guess is she just scorched him into a black stain on the floor and called it dimensional teleportation as to not be called a murderer

...yeah, pretty much.

Foxi, did you seriously dislike this?

1830517 I did at first, just to mess with you, but then changed it.

Not that bad I will say so myself :derpytongue2:

Not that bad I will say so myself :derpytongue2:

Not that bad I will say so myself :derpytongue2:

It's complete! :pinkiegasp:


What if he has been just teleported to Ponyville? :pinkiehappy:

READ LATER LIST TOO BIG (has only 7 in it) :rainbowlaugh:

Started off fine. but became ridiculous by the end.

Wait, what? why was he being punished?
there is no explanation at all, it just goes "for your punishment" out of the blue

Huh....I'll be honest, thre only reason I chose to read this was because it had Derpy Hooves in it, other then that i'm not one for HIE no matter how short it is. That being said, very, very well done, I really enjoyed it, though you gave no details on Matt...I'm guessing he is you?

Though I really loved the Derpy/Luna ship you made, any romance with Derpy is perfectly fine by me:pinkiesmile: But Derpy/Luna seems to really fit well for some reason....huh?

Anyway, I'm glad you sent him home early, if he would have stayed he would have brought others, if the humans would have came they would have taken over/enslaved or destroyed everything or creature in their path...as is our nature, and would have not believed in the Gods of Equestria, if the Gods are not given faith from mortal creatures they fade, if they fade then the sun or moon will be hurled towards Equestria and would end all of life, maybe even the Gods themselves.....you see my point?

But that's my option, that being said, thanks for putting my favorite background pony (Lyra Heartstrings) in this fic, though I'm not sure how people got the idea the Lyra is obsessed with humans is there a clue on the MLP cartoon I did not catch or something?

Over all score: 8/10.

I assume it's because in a few scenes, Lyra is shown sitting like a human normally would. at least, that's the most common explanation I've gotten.

it stated it in the beginning. the conference was for invited guests only, and he technically was "trespassing" on the Canterlot grounds uninvited.

1835024 Seriously? How the hell did I not notice that......which episodes?

“Oh man… I’ve never had one this good before. And it’s pretty big, too!”
That's what she said :moustache:

Comment posted by CanterlotGuardian deleted Dec 26th, 2012

I must of missed this episode of Doctor Who when it came out...

It was a nice story, and I enjoyed the fact that Derpy was one of the main focuses. :pinkiehappy:

well Derpy is my favorite poni, so I tend to write my best works with Derpy as the main focus. with some exceptions, of course.

1926688 I like Derpy too, if only for the fact that I am a little clumsy sometimes like her, and I can relate to her in that regard. I was also picked on when I was younger, though I was picked on for the way I behaved. I feel a connection to her because of this. I have always been different from everybody, so I feel connected in some way. :pinkiesmile:

She took care of her younger sister, Dinky, in spite of being the only working member of her household.

He especially paid attention when she started talking about her filly Dinky Doo and all of the fun and crazy things they did together.

Sort of contradictory. And you refer to Derpy with male pronouns an awful lot.

Still, a fun read. Interesting take on an HiE.

you know I have no idea why my mind throws up a mental block at times as to what gender Derpy is. I know she's a female, but just sometimes... I go full retard. thanks for pointing those things out; I'll go in and fix them.


Derpy knew exactly where they were, though; he explained that he’d had to go out this way once when Fluttershy had gotten lost in a freak storm,

You forgot a couple of mis-gendered pronouns.

ah! thank you. my mind does weird things sometimes. :derpytongue2: I shall go in and fix them.

-is equality meeting, ruled by royalty.
-all races are invited because eveyone is equal, race comes and isnt invited, isnt equal.
-punished because he came to a meeting where every race is invited to be equal and wasnt invited
-new race comes, automaticly think it could be bad, unlike the other races
-new race of myth, banishes bacause they have no record of it
Some how i feel like this isnt an equality meeting. Good story though, woukd like to see it continued.

I am, by no means, a fan of the "Human In Equestria" genre but this one caught my eye and I am so very glad to have stumbled upon it :heart:
Your writing style is graceful and poignant. I really enjoyed reading this and will take Celestia's advice and not let prejudice allow me to miss gems like this one.

Awesome. Not all "humans in equestria" are executed this well.


thank you both so much. your kind words honor me. also 6237876 props to you for finding a story I wrote almost three years ago. :rainbowlaugh:

This story only had one redeeming factor, and that was Derpy treating the human equally, you know, the whole friggin' point of the conference? Why was his presence so bad? Especially to Celestia? We've seen her bend the rules and have been more understanding before. It doesn't make sense to cast his ass for the sake of minor trespassing.

And Twilight's reaction to his presence was odd, you don't think she'd be curious about Matt? Especially the fact he's a human? The only thing you managed to do was make me like ponies less.

1834719 No. Just no. If humans were this incredibly cruel race human rights, animal rights, charity, compassion towards those on need, and respect for the environment wouldn't be a thing. It would be shocking for us to discover other intelligent life but you have people already contemplating and being excited at the prospect, like Lyra in this instance.

Good idea, poor execution. You lose points for human mistreatment. 4/10

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