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Being the sensible farmpony that she is, Applejack knows that spiders are nothing to be afraid of. Fluttershy herself would tell her that. But that still didn't stop her from harboring a deep-seeded fear of those eight-legged critters. And when Fluttershy's spiders escape their homes, Applejack starts seeing them everywhere.

She promptly freaks out and runs away.

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“And just what do you mean by that? They’re awesome! Just look at him!”

“How in tarnation do ya even know it’s a she?”

Should it be, "How in tarnation do ya even know it's a he?" or "How in tarnation do you know it isn't a she?

I'm with AJ on this. I freakin' hate spiders. :raritydespair:

But I like this story. :twilightsmile:

Applejack shuddered. “Okay, Ah get it. Ya know how to tell what gender they are. It still don’t make them not creepy…”

Strangely, after this line, all I thought of was Monty Python and I have no clue why. Needless to say, everything that achieves to do that is a marvellous work of arts.

oh look, my worst fucking nightmare :ajbemused:

favorite because of the writing, dislike because of the topic :applejackunsure::unsuresweetie:

when i read the description in my feed i didn't see the last part that said she promptly freaks out and runs away and since you can't see the tags of new stories in your feed i thought it was a dark fic about applejack's fear of spiders driving her literally insane. needless to say i'm happy that was not the case. :twilightblush:

Poor AJ is going to be chopping all her mane off, probably half her fur, and probably let apple bloom start burning everything just to feel clean again.

spiders are amazing and people who don't like them can get swarmed by angry wolf spiders

they eat all the horrible, destructive insects in your home, spin lovely webs, and are generally pretty chill

also, the deadliness of the bad ones is overhyped

A black widow will only kill you if you leave the venom untreated. It's not a death sentence.

And I was bitten by a brown recluse when I was 11 and it left a faint scar. Sure, there was a gnarly patch of necrosed skin for a while, and it was gross, but there was no extremity death. In fact, the only reason it was so bad is because it got me in my sleep. Treat it right away, and you'll be fine.

So yeah, fuck you AJ. You need some spiderlovin'.

I assumed it would be Rainbow bringing them all over as a payback prank :rainbowlaugh:

5029413 AJ gets raped by a giant spider? :pinkiecrazy:

Well, even if you don't like the story, at least you'll leave here having learned something. :pinkiecrazy:

Let's just hope AJ doesn't find out about ballooning spiders anytime soon.:applejackconfused:

Spiders bug me.

5027209 i have a girl chillean rose tarantula and she is very offended right now! shes got her fngs up and on the screen!


Both of you know that fear of spiders is an ingrained, genetic thing, right? It's not like you wake up one day and think, "I'm gonna start hating arachnids."

Spiders are very cool, biologically-speaking, as are pretty much all animals, but that doesn't mean I want to get up close and personal with them. :fluttershyouch: Nor do I even want them within a couple of feet of me. :derpytongue2:


It's not like you wake up one day and think, "I'm gonna start hating arachnids."

that's totally how it works

Have you ever considered submitting this story to Equestria Daily? You can find out how to do so here.

Where did you get the story image?


Finally, a pony fic about the sweetest, most adorable creatures in existence! And yes, spiders are very easy to sex, though looking at stripes down the back seems a very esoteric and round-about way of doing it.

I just noticed a barn spider (Aranaeus cavaticus) on our front porch a few hours ago (that's Charlotte, you know). But there are so many wonderful kinds! Wolf spiders, jumping spiders, micrathenas, common house spiders, grass spiders, lynx spiders...and at our house we have lots of those long-legged cellar spiders (the male and female actually live together in the same web!).

It's so nice to find another spider fan on this site!

Now if we could just get some stories showing bats in a positive light!

5032472 There's also the story "Arachnophobia". It's a real hoot- as a fellow spider fan, I recommend it as well. Luna's spider "Atticus" in the story is hilarious. But Celestia's reactions to him? Priceless! Of course, I am speaking as someone with a pet tarantula of their own, and as Atticus is a tarantula, I must admit to bias in this.

As an arachnaphobic, I almost shit myself.

At least you weren't an ass and put a gigantic picture of a spider as your coverart.



Just read the fucking comments.

omfg why...

there's shit everywhere.


5032472 I hate wolf spiders, they're one of the VERY FEW spiders species that lives around where I live that can actually harm humans directly... one of my neighbors got bit by one once... He's fine now...

5035288 You realize wolf spiders aren't dangerous to humans? Your friend may have suffered from the bite getting infected, though it's perfectly possible he had a reaction to the venom.

I was bitten once by a HUGE wolf spider that I'd been walking around with in the end of my shoe. When it finally bit it didn't inject any venom at all; it was a purely dry bite. After that level of provocation they must be very gentle animals.

They make good pets also.

5035666 My friend's dad actually, but then again he gets a life threatening reaction from chocolate, CHOCOLATE OF ALL THINGS!!! so it's not that big of a surprise...

5035732 I am truly sorry about what happened to your friend's father. The fact remains, however, that wolf spider bites are not considered medically significant to humans. That's a simple fact, not an argument or an excuse for what happened.

I don't often get ponies flat-out telling me that they disliked the story. I'm not going to fault you for it, but just look at the like/dislike ratio. You are literally the only one who disliked the story.

that first one was supposed to be "just look at them". I'll change it right now.


its not even the story, I just hate spiders with a fierce sexual burning passion, and I thought it would have been obvious that I was making a joke:twilightblush:

I don't take things like that jokingly. Basically you were the first one who ever said that they disliked my story. Everyone else just dislikes and runs away.


well I opologize, maybe I should have put a [/sarcasm] tag on it, but I thought the jest was obvious:applejackunsure:

lesson learned for next time. :pinkiesmile:


You warned us, and I read it anyway. 'Cause I'm stupid like that.

I take it you're not fond of our eight-legged freaks friends?

It definitely doesn't help that I live in the Mojave, where they get both big and poisonous.

literally, that's the same kind of spider I had when I was a kid. I named her Rosie. (yeah, real fuckin' original, I know...) they're only supposed to live for 2-4 years, is what the pet shop guy told me. mine lived for 14 years (from the time I was 3 til I was 17) and the only reason why it died was because my cat got hungry. :rainbowlaugh:

5032472 Who are you people...

Spiders: Nature's ninjas!

*shudders* oh god, I hate spiders. Good fic, real fun

I would not personally call spiders adorable. Bats yes, but not spiders.
These I think are at least somewhat cute looking.
With a keen eye one can tell there are missing spider limbs in those two pictures. One may also notice the limbs are from a tarantula. I am sure of it. :twistnerd:

I do find spiders fascinating. I do get this argument about their leg count from others on this subject. As the spider lover you are, I am interested in your take on this. Perhaps you may have something less of an opinion and more scientific about this phenomenon. I have noticed a count of ten legs on a tarantula, and a camel spider that they walk on instead of eight. Arguably the two short ones in the front of a tarantula are not legs, even though they do seem walk on them.
With most spiders those two appendages are too small to walk on, except the long ones on a camel spider or even the shorter ones on a tarantula. And a few rare spiders have them as claws much like those found on a scorpion, or the modified pincer fangs on a camel spider.
So without going into it more, my question to you is, are those actually a tenth set of legs? My take on this phenomenon is that they are legs, at least they are for these two spiders, and likely a few others. What do you think? :rainbowhuh:

I know those extra legs in question are more then likely their pedipalps. And in one set of definitions describes the various uses of them. Reproduction is one of the many. They are variously specialized as pincers in scorpions, sensory organs in spiders, and locomotory organs in horseshoe crabs.

I would also like to add as locomotory organs in some spiders as I described above.
My limited knowledge of pedipalps used in reproduction lead me to check this story out in the first place. :derpytongue2:

Getting back to this-

Finally, a pony fic about the sweetest, most adorable creatures in existence!

Have you seen Rainbow Dash Presents_ Spiderses, by Dawn Somewhere? If not you should also check out the one that follows it- Rainbow Dash Presents_ Haunting Nightmare. It is one of the funnest things I have seen. :pinkiehappy:

Now if we could just get some stories showing bats in a positive light!

I think you might mean more stories, that is if you count the one on the show about Fluttershy as a bat.
I really liked that one. I even have a poster in my room of a fox bat. As far as bats go, those to me are quite adorable. :twilightsmile:

A little shameless self promotion here, but I think you might like the little short I just put together just this week- Love at First Bite. :raritywink:



Love that movie. That and Eight Legged Freaks. If you have not seen that you must! Talk about a movie that is a real hoot. :rainbowlaugh:

Luna's spider "Atticus" in the story is hilarious.

I think I will have to look that one up. Even though I have many in my backed up "to do list" of stories to read. Currently I am reading The Incredible Flutterhulk by spideremblembrony. Then next to Batmare Begins by Batbrony. That one is "Derpy!" as Batman. Don't really know what to say on that one but it looks good, well possibly funny at the least.

I am speaking as someone with a pet tarantula of their own, and as Atticus is a tarantula, I must admit to bias in this.

Not at all.
Though I say this as one who likes most to all living things, much as Fluttershy would. I do have my limit as to what I will like. I am not fond of parasites, just to name a few. Even though I do have a fascination of all living things, yes including even parasites. Not that I wish to have much of anything to do with them other than know how to avoid them.

You know, the name of your story without any other descriptions, is enough to give the implications of what might possibly be found within. To read it knowing one might not like it, to me is self punishment, not the other way around.

I do admit to reading a story or two I felt I might not like, just to have a look, and fund I indeed did not like it. Derpy's Finest Hour is one such story. It is not a habit of mine to read such things. I do prefer something more pleasant than that story.

6417144 That extra pair of "legs" you're referring to are the pedipalpi. Spiders don't have ten legs; and "camel spiders" aren't spiders at all, so I don't know how many legs they have.

I didn't really like the episode "Bats." While they tried to portray them somewhat sympathetically (and made clear that they ate fruit juice, not blood), they still portrayed them as reptilian with reptilian eyes hisses. I am unaware of any bat that hisses or that has eyes like a cat. And they made them red, too! And "Flutterbat" was so menacing. No wonder all the stories about her have her living on blood and sometimes even being an actual supernatural vampire.

Fortunately, there's the little bat that's always hanging around Fluttershy's cottage. His fan name is Bacardi, and I think he's pretty sympathetic.

Yes, I've already listened to the two fics you mention. And they are pretty good. (Merriam Webster! Ha!)

really. I did not know that was his fan name. and being a fan of the, erm, finer spirits, I can see why he was named that. :D

I finely read this short. Very nice. You get a like from me. :twilightsmile:

Two things though. One: To me the title is a little misleading. By the title I was expecting something real odd, along the lines of Applejack getting matted by some giant male spider. Know the kind of stories that get put up on this site by some, it would not have surprised me. But you did not have an adult tag, so I should have ruled that one out. Seeing that you have a comedy tag on it, well that all depends on what the writer feels is funny. Not everyone agrees on what is considered funny, unfortunately.

The other thing I wished to point out was the color of Applejack's main. Applejack is a blond. So a hair from her mane would not have been orange. But that is a simple small fix.

I may have missed something but I still don't get how the spiders got into the house so fast. Unless they hitched a ride on Rainbow Dash, or Fluttershy, when they came to visit the farm. little in it suggests to me that they got in on Applejack, other than the one that had been on her. Though there is this also-

She started heading back to the Acres

That suggests to me they the met up to talk about the spiders elsewhere (like at Fluttershy's place) than at the farm, and would suggest that they did indeed all take a ride on Applejack, back to her place.

In any case it was a funny little short. And I did like it.

Thank you for your input, confirms part of what I thought. Some tarantulas seem to walk on their pedipalps as it they where an extra set of legs. And thank you for clearing that misconception I had based on their name of "camel spiders" not being spiders at all. Kind of like the book scorpion is not a scorpion, but something classified as a false scorpion. That is, as one book on them told me.

Yes those fruit bats in that cartoon episode where odd.

And "Flutterbat" was so menacing.

That I actually thought that was funny. I got for myself a real kick at seeing her like that. :rainbowlaugh:
And her flying was impressive!
Yes, I can see how one who is a fan of bats, and/or Fluttershy would not have liked it all to much. You have my sympathy, despite that I enjoyed it. :twilightsmile:

Bacardi. I wonder if that was the bat who tried in the race for getting to be Rainbow Dash's pet? I guess it really doesn't matter if it was.

(Merriam Webster! Ha!)

He as well as a Fluttershy spider got crushed in that. And Spike ate the Fluttershy spider. That was sad and funny at the same time!

"I find it kind of funny, I find it kind of sad, the ponies I created are for more than I had planed." :pinkiesad2:

Speaking of witch, I am sure that is what the FIM show creators had though of on how the fans of the show took off with it, and did their own things with their little ponies in the show. :pinkiecrazy:
Rainbow Factory just to name one example. Lullaby for a Princess Animation's new release to name another. And that was so well done! :rainbowkiss:


Bacardi. I wonder if that was the bat who tried in the race for getting to be Rainbow Dash's pet? I guess it really doesn't matter if it was.

Yes. That's "Bacardi."

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