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This was so bad, I downvoted it myself.

Comment posted by Chaotic Note deleted Jan 29th, 2013

There's no downvote :duck:

Regidar wrote a story? Instant fave.

The beginning had me laughing.....but what just happened? :rainbowhuh:

you lie, I see no downvotes:trollestia:, unless you downvoted mentally:pinkiecrazy:

why is this mature ?

2038450 Why ISN'T this mature?

2038454 Hmm a very good response but lets see how you respond to this

to the moon !!!! *Then you fall on the ground*

I can't keep commenting the same thing over and over! Here's something new.

What's the difference between a jew and a pizza?

A pizza doesn't scream when you put it in the oven.

If you get offended by this and you're reading a Regidar fic, you should kill yourself.

Another classic.

2pac X Notorious BIG OTP

Oh god i didn't inspire that part about drawing OP fangirl shipping did I?

I haven't read it yet, but I assume this is extremely horrible and a complete waste of sentient thought.
I'll read it later.

Mmmm, candy flavored rainbow colored vag. Sounds, Oh my god... what is up with yo Teeth. You need like a Listerine big gulp. You just basically killed five out of five dentists by fuckin smiling.

I hate myself for reading through the entire thing before downvoting. Reggie, I need a hug.

2038637 You didn't like it? :moustache:

2034279 I'm proud to have given you the suggestion for "Green Hay" hell, you put one of my flavourite songs in there :pinkiehappy:

This was gay. :rainbowlaugh:

Fucking brilliant. :rainbowkiss:

This pretty much defines fimfiction.

Why can't I have the genius nonsense mind you do? Granted I wrote one nonsense fic and it did well but still... how do you come up with this shit?

This is the most meaningful thing I've ever read. :rainbowlaugh:

Thanks for making my hangover better, LOL! :raritywink:

What the fuck did I just read


2038760 You're welcome.

I'm upvoting this just because it's perfect for one of my inside jokes.

This story gave me the happiest


Twilight gonna be dead 5ever

That means shes gonna be dead more than 4ever!



2038651 Oh no, I chuckled through the entire damn thing--especially when I imagined Equestria drowning under a tsunami-surge of r63 Rainbow Dash jizz. It's just... well, you said it yourself in the first comment. It's meant to be terrible. That's what rustles jimmies these days, I suppose.

Why can't we get back to the days of just having Civil Wars whenever we got pissed off at each other instead of all this internet fapstickery? I mean, if I want to rustle someone's jimmies, what's stopping me from drafting an Army of the Potomac and razing half of Georgia to do it? That seems to be a pretty solid rustling technique to me.

This story tried too hard to be bad. Regi, stop trying so hard. Stop being hard.

2038809 That's my favorite Nirvana song.

2038921It's one of mine!

2038511 sorry im a zombie and sorts so yeah i kind of Cant die again ya know? Plus you should know since you were the one screaming in that oven:pinkiecrazy: (no but seriously even though im an atheist i dislike how People can hate on others beliefs so much without true merit if they want to believe thats fine just as long as they arent being a pushy Bastard about You will go to hell oooo Or something like that.)

Infinity out of ten. My jimbobs are beyond flustered.

.....I hope snooki goes to your house

My jimbobs are flustered and I didn't even read the story. :moustache:

Like I said before: trying too hard to make a trollfic. I see you're trying to shake my jeremies, but your efforts are in vain. Take a good look a Spiderses; that fic is a good trollfic. Similarly, Old Spice Guy in Equestria is also a good trollfic. Take notes, boi. Ye got some learnin' te do.


:rainbowlaugh: Oh shit, dude! That's really fucked up! Oh man, I'm laughing right now.

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