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This story is a sequel to If You Must

Down and downwards.

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This was the product of continuing a scrapped idea at 3:00 AM while listening to Animal Collective.

I can't be held responsible for what happens next, and this story most likely won't make any sense to you.

And noone cared (about Scoots, not the story).

aww this has so much promise to be amazing!

Should have made it 6000 words with the first scene being her falling to her death. Then a few scenes of how her friends began to leave her. Then more of that. A scene of her feeling lonely and getting an invitation to a wedding between Applebloom and some stallion anon. Then same with Sweetie Belle and in both she sits alone.

Then to the scene where she jumps off a high cloud and thinks of it all.:twilightsmile:


Also more detail. Dats cool.

I can't say much about this story, it's fantastic.

Final Verdict: I follow Regi for stories like this, it may not be the side he allows people to see in real life, but I'm glad at least we get to see it and share the feelings with him.

This made me follow Regidar.

Then I remembered I already was following Regidar.

Ok. Is this the only chapter?

Why can't a see all of your deeps?

2456103 It's marked "Incomplete".

I didn't care for this story, apparently it was deep but I felt it wasn't written to half it's potential.
I ain't gonna like or dislike it, but eh... it just doesn't appeal to me.

2456234 OK. So what counts as living?


This was the product of continuing a scrapped idea at 3:00 AM while listening to Animal Collective.

I don't blame you

Let's see how depressing this story gets... :moustache:


That sky is always such a busybody.
There are interesting ideas here that I hope do get fleshed out more


Why u no Tom Petty?

Silly Scootaloo! Don't you know? Suicide is never the right way

Ok, but seriously, this is an interesting idea, and I wonder what's going to happen next, and who finds out what happened first.

Listening to Free Fallin' by Tom Petty while reading. Yes. Can't help but feel it would have been better had it been longer, but it's still quite amazing! For an idea that was born of a scrapped idea at 3:00 A.M. anyways.

You know Regidar, for all the shit I give you, I don't think I compliment you enough on your writing, which is a shame. I enjoy this story.

Pt. 2 of My Feels Have Been Destroyed.

It's been too long since I've read one of your stories that I've forgotten how good they are. Well done so far.

I gave this chapter a try, but I can see I won't be enjoying this. I do enjoy your stories, but this is just... eh... it feels like it was written by a newcomer.

It's lacking a lot of description, just like most of your stories. It worked with the first chapter, but the second was one that definitely needed description more than a sentence or two.

Comment posted by Regidar deleted Apr 24th, 2013


I do enjoy your stories

It's lacking a lot of description, just like most of your stories


I enjoy them, doesn't mean I don't point out the flaws.
I loved Slumdog Millionaire, doesn't mean I won't point out the flaws.
I love Braveheart, doesn't mean I ignore the truck that's in the background of the horse charge scene of one of the battles.

2477211 Still though, that doesn't explain why you don't like this story in comparison to the others. The point of this was that the descriptions are vague to nonexistent.

However, I shall beef it up a bit in the third chapter if you wish.

Is she having flashbacks while falling, or...

Interesting. I do not get as strong an emotional hit as I did from part 1. I believe that this is due to a lack of direct conflict. There does not appear to be any real difficulty to be overcome in this segment. Each thing faced is dealt with successfully by simply ordering things around.

The conflict can easily be emotional, rather than physical. That said, there is none here that is obvious. This is not like the conflicted Scoot that jumped from the cliff. This Scoot is a wholely different being. Far more in command of herself than the jumper.

There is more tale coming, so I will reserve judgment on the tale until I have it all in my hooves.

2477590 This is mostly a filler chapter. The next two are going to be the ones that deliver based on the first two.

2477618 That is WHY I reserve judgement on unfinished work! Celestia knows, I have enough unfinished stuff laying about.

I was angered that I had to write a long ass essay

And then I read this.

And then Regidar gained a follower.

And then we were all happy.

Seriously though, what drug was the cause of this? This genius?

2542764 Lack of sleep and Animal Collective.

What was even happening here? Is this a dream or something? I don't know why but it kind of reminded me of Alice in Wonderland. Felt very dreamish.

4045904 every waking nightmare's just a living dream

4046250 yeah that was unnecessarily deep
if i write more you'll find an answer or two

4046272 then it's the Wait-And-See game for me. Whoop-dee-doo

*Sarcasm intended*

*No ill will intended (if I even worded it correctly)*

4046272 Then I guess it's the Wait-and-See game for me. Whoop-dee-doo.

*Sarcasm intended*

*No ill will intended*

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