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Lol 1069 words.




That bio.... I lost it. Everywhere.


oh gawd lol

Featured, forever.

....*at loss for words*


That is my reaction to this fic. Wait, no it wasn't...

:pinkiehappy: There, that's better. I think...


Regidar, Regidar, Regidar...

Baby don't hurt me~

I'm at lost of words at what the hell did I just read? :rainbowhuh:

1813350 Don't hurt me.

Comment posted by Noponyatall deleted Apr 17th, 2016

Da fuq did I just read

1813426 All of my yes.

If you don't want him, I'll take that Gerard Way off your hooves...

1813171 You did that on purpose didn't you? Also thumbs up but only because there isn't a :facehoof: button XD

Alt title: Oh god what the fuck and other extraordinary tales.

THere was so much kissing done


That poor album. :ajsleepy:

Awww yeah, here we go again. A Regidar-special with trace elements of Slaanesh.

Baby don't Kurt me...

Huh. Looks good, and totally not in any way a reference to homosexual fantasizing on any part of the author. Good job, Regadir.

Fantastic fears flushed my frantic mind at the sight of a new fic from that crazy star.
Such beauty, such anger, such digust, such unknown laughter never felt before.
Long peering in a daze I looked at the words my screen bore.
And one word did escape my mouth, one word in which my confused soul I did pour.
Regidar! :raritydespair:

1814520 Don't Kurt me...

What is rock
Baby, don't Kurt me
Don't Kurt me
No more
Baby, don't Kurt me
Don't Kurt me
No more

What is rock

1815895 Doo doo do doo do do doo...

Kurt had nothing to do with the title song.
Who the fuck is Elijah?
If Kurt was still alive he would have gotten over his heroin problem by now (he was trying and failing to quit when he died).
"You're a hella better kisser than Courtney ever was." Kurt would never use the word "hella", and yes, Courtney probably is worse at kissing than a unicorn. That is probably one of the reasons she had Kurt killed.

All in all, this sucks.

1817915 Good job. :moustache: I take it you made good use of the downvote button.

Oh god! This fic too! I haven't read a story of yours that i haven't enjoyed immensivly yet. :twilightsmile:

I remember putting this on 'read later'. So glad I ended up reading it. Enjoyable as always, in your interesting, twisted little way.

... So what did you use and how much of it?

1833533 Nirvana is one hell of a drug. :moustache:



The severely-mixed rating baffles me, because this is one of the funniest things I've ever read. The most I ever usually do is silently giggle, but this made me actually laugh out loud. This is downright glorious. I can't think of anything else to say; I think the raw awesomeness fried my brain a bit.

3908328 I guess people just hate humor :raritydespair:

Always searching for this and is too short.... oh well, better something then nothing at all. THanks!

equine nose

I know you botched a ton of words on purpose but seriously, it's muzzle.

This is also the best self-insert ever. :rainbowlaugh:

Elijah stared at this spectacle for a few moments before slowly retreating back into the refrigerator.

Will there be a sequel about expired lunch meat battles or something? :pinkiehappy: (Also why is his name Fabric Designer?)

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