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Thought shall be the harder, heart the keener, Courage the greater, as our might lessens.


Fluttershy has never been a strong flyer. She's afraid to dive. She's always the slowest. But when she confides in Soarin' that she never actually passed the flight tests for her medic's certification, her Wonderbolt is determined to fix that.

(Here you go. Sorry it wasn't up to my usual standards, Mr. Maximus. Maybe next time. Shortest story I've ever written ever award goes to.........)

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I think ya might have messed up with the character tags there, Cyne.

Oh man I love AJ and Soarin.

task at hand.


off; only a

The only should really get left out.

Go for it, Shy

Yeah, I believe in you! Also, shouldn't there be an apostrophe before "Shy".

an inch


she shook her head and the purple strands

Wait... :fluttershysad: Does that look purple to you?

Fluttershy being happy and brave and terrified makes me happy! More 'Shy!

Short but very sweet. A simple moment between them, and captured their love for each other.

Only complaint is the tags, you've got AJ confused with Fluttershy.

1965765 you are both my savior and my bane
1965711>>1965683 This is why life is sad

1965787 Sorry 'bout that!

Sweet story, and a very nice change from all the fics that ship the exact same the exact same way. :yay:

1965837 :3 This is what happens when something is not good enough to bother y'all with. :P I mess it all up. haha.

I'd have gladly helped you. (Have you checked FB?)

Glad the tags are fixed.

I only wish that the cover art did not make me think of Fluttershy as some sort of unwilling Vanna White pointing out the letters "e" and "i".

"I'd like to solve, Pat."

1965765 "Task at hand" is used numerous times in the show; it is correct.

1965854 Actually that makes me like it even more.

1965864 haha. Actually, I'm with both of you. I prefer to stick with equine-y terminology.

But, it's not something that's terrible to not use here and there. They say "someone" sometimes too.

Not a problem, I happen to like SoarinJack as well

1965874 I've never once heard "Task at hoof" in show, though. I remember directly off the top of my head that Shining Armour and Rainbow Dash (as Commander Hurricane) used "Task at hand," but roll with what you want. It's a great story either way.

It just... I've got this thing with human stuff. I know it may be correct, but it still bugs me. :facehoof:

1965884 I have this thing with human stuff as well, but I *personally* try to keep as accurate to the show as possible. But whatever floats the writer's boat, y'know. :raritywink:

1965840 That was adorable! I love Fluttershy! :yay: Have some mustaches! :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

This makes me want to see more of this pair

Well, after reading, I can safely say this: adorable. Good job as always.

1966785 Yay it doesn't totally suck~~

This was great! I'd love to see more of them as well, but a oneshot is great too! I think you did a pretty good job of getting into Fluttershy's head! This is coming from some one who doesn't write Fluttershy often ( or particularly well), but, regardless, wonderful piece!

1966961 The debt is repaid!

Hurrah the contract fulfilled!

I think that SoarinShy will be a small part of Mad Gods, maybe a bigger part if I get a good idea. And if I get a good idea, I might come back to these two.

1966979 I enjoy the idea of Fluttershy being attracted to someone who makes her try new things and do things she may be normally afraid of doing.

Fluttershy and Soarin'.... never imagined that happening.

1965711 Pie helps to maintain the relationship.

Aww.. This is cute. Any M\F shipping is s autoupvote for me. But this is really nice story. :twilightsmile:

1968666 I wish there was more!

I was surprised. I couldn't find a group for it.

Yeaa shy :yay:

This is a shipping I'd never thought would see Celestia's light: Well done, you brought it to life so vividly! :yay:

can we get a prequel to this plz?!

2275564 I would like to have a bit of them after Fluttershy's... well.

There is sort of a sequel. Unfortunately, it has tons to do with Fluttershy and none to do with Soarin'. It's in my gallery: Where the Sun is Silent. Sadly, it is dark.

Hm. I might just have a real story with the two of them.

2275597 Be not too eager! Fluttershy's road in my "Songverse" is a rough one

Very sweet and powerful. Sometimes when you're really shy and scared you need someone else to help support you. Nothing wrong with that either:pinkiehappy:.

2328868 I liked this one, though I wish it could have been stronger.

Fluttershy is VERY hard to write, I've found- she ends up seeming to be a parody of herself, because all of her behaviors (except the uncharacteristic ones) are so muted that they don't stand out at all.

This is pleasant, with a nice buildup, and a simple and warming ending. I like the 'overcoming fears' aspect of it, always an uplifting story element! I like it because it's the kind of story that just feels... nice.

And there I go, making a parody of 'Shy. Now I feel bad. I should read it again to feel better.

Found one thing, if you want to poke around in the guts of this - "dispell" in one of the last paragraphs.

2555566 you're so mean, Feather.

Glad ya liked it. I paid off my debt to Bronius and all was well

and if you like being sad
This is Songverse


*L* I'm not a fan of bein' sad, but... if that's the price of having Songverse to read?

My wallet of emotions, sir, it is yours to rifle.

2555602 *rifles with glee*

Have you read the fic that started it all? Where the Sun is Silent?


Not yet. I'll admit, I've been shying (hah!) away from them 'dark' tags...

On the list, next up, i'll read it though. I trust my trust is not misplaced, like my emo-wallet now seems to be?

2555660 It's a dark story. I think you might like the central conflict, though, for the story's many flaws.


Well, tomorrow then, I shall read it, and see how it sits with me. I have read some dark stuff and found it to be good.

I just have a weak spot for these colorful equine folk; I just want them to be happy in the end, y'know? Not super-ecstatic, but... content.


Wrong Story. Oh 'Props, what are ye doin', boy?

Where The Sun Is Silent:
I lied again- I stayed up and read until I had to prep for work.

I didn't finish, but I got through the part I knew was coming, the part I didn't want to have to really acknowledge.

You and your 'central conflict... ' I've said before that your writing shares some uncanny parallels with my own experiences, and that's present again in the first part as well. Twilight's dream was prescient and dredged up a haunting sense of guilt. Good imagery, the black hole...

Trapped in a snare of her own making. The dichtomous feelings of love and hate... They're enough to make you give up or lash out.

The build-up is very good, a little slow but steady, with such normal, happy scenes interposed that it's almost painful up keep going without skipping ahead.

As I feared, this was both painful to read and hard to stop reading. Rainbow Dash, well, for her I have a feeling of sympathy and fear. To have what you love, what you define yourself torn away from you... Let's just say I get re-acquainted with those sort of fears on an annual basis.

This is very good. There is a great, demanding story of tragedy and love and survival in here, and to be honest its not one I would prefer to be along for, but there's a loyalty, almost a kinship that your writing creates, and I can't leave this unwitnessed - it would feel like an abandonment.

Thank you, it's good, but... Ouch.

Author Interviewer

This wasn't bad at all (though I don't really get what flying has to do with being a medic... or why she's a medic...)

The odd thing this stirred in me is a sense that Soarin is another pony I can only ship one-way (with Applejack; at least as far as straight shipping goes...) I just can't see him in a relationship with Fluttershy, and I sort of want to know how they got to that point. :B

2561255 I actually ship SoarinJack too! Writing a bit of Soarin' and Applehat was one of the most fun parts of writing The Night is Passing actually.

Aww.:yay: Good to see Flutters in better spirits. Not a common ship, but this shows that she and Soarin really can complement each other.

I think I've only seen this ship once or twice other than this here. It's sweet.

“Flutters, don’t run. You have wings—beautiful wings—and they should fly sometime. You can do this.”

D'aaaaawwww. :twilightsmile: So sweet. :pinkiesad2: This was a pleasant little read, and it was fun imagining them up on the fluffy cloud. Cute story. Thank you for sharing. :pinkiesmile:

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