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You are on a roll, aren't you darf? :pinkiesmile::twilightsmile:

God dammit darf

Holy crap! Complete already?! So reading this NOW.


Damn, that was fast. Reading now...

It definitely got people asking if I was gay for a while. And then celibate.

You missed an r

Huh. Wow. That was really good.

I really do appreciate stories likes this one that's more than just clop, and I think you pulled it of really well. The 'turning point' or whatever was a bit sudden though, but eh, it's pony porn.

I'm worried about you
not that i dont understand your need to fuck but, your whole psychology and the way you think's making you sound like a rapist:trollestia:

with all the winking clits&all:rainbowlaugh:

“A Cutie Mark Crusader!” Applebloom picked up again. Her eyes were beaming as she looked up at me, and I tried desperately to shove away the part of my brain screaming at me to violate the picture of grateful innocence in front of me.
That bow would make such a good hand-hold."


i actually said "WHY" out loud

Already you've gripped me. Normally I detest HiE stories with a passion, but your character is incredibly relatable. Perhaps I am used to the not-so-professional "I AM A BRONY & OMG IM IN EQUESTRIA!!!"

Honestly liking this so far. It feels a lot more feasible and real than any other HiE story I've read. I think the 1st person view was a wonderful choice, even if it makes showing v telling a bit harder.

The thing I'm most impressed with thus far though is your ability to imagine and portray what it might actually be like. The stares, the niggling feeling of being alone, acclimating to the new environment... it's thrilling! Great job, man.

"“Scootaloo threw pencils at the ceiling until one fell off and stabbed her in the head, and then yelled until we went to get ice cream,” Applebloom answered, and got a glare in return."

You know, for all of the literary analysis I could do on your stories, laughing until my sides hurt because of a scene you've thought up is pretty good too.

You know, the whole "fillyfooler" thing was honestly hard for me to so readily accept at the beginning, but the amount of inner conflict you've given him over it sort of makes it much more believable.

Can't say that it's my fetish, but I'm not reading this for the sex anyways. From an observational standpoint, it's interesting to say the least. Nice source of impending conflict, too.

Edit: cant ignore penta get.

Can't help but feel this really needs a Dark tag.

When he sends his produce flying all I can think of is

Also the first pony Jason the Human discovers is Lyra? :trollestia:

"Applejack’s pussy quivered around my dick, tugging at it so insistently it was a miracle I was able to pull out at all."

I believe that's meant to be Applebloom.

This story got dark as fuck pretty fast. Sort of an... acceptable dark, though?

I'm just interested as hell to see where the next chapters are gonna go.

missed that one, thanks for catching it

He feels bad for lusting after someone he shouldn't?

This was a cumulation of everything great I've come to expect from you. Even though it was HiE, and even though it was underage, I still felt provoked by it (and I don't mean sexually).

It really made me think. I felt like the character was really relatable, and then I watched him go down this path to basically madness. Kind of scary, but definitely well done.

This is my favorite story by you so far. Really great job.

Wait... Cheerilee bumped into him because she had her 'nose buried in a magazine' while walking. As an earth pony, who would be unlikely to walk around holding up a magazine since that would require bipedal movement.

Suspicion levels rising. Using the old "oh I bumped into you on accident" excuse... Clever girl. Well done. :pinkiehappy:

...what is this and why hasn't he sought help....becoming ultra horny due to being transported to a new world would lead me to believe he is either taking something in from the area that's odd, like something in the air that's natural for them like a new element, or mares and their pheromones are fucking up his mind, hes high 24/7 and will eventually freak out and get sent to the moon:eeyup: unless hes just into beastiality and didn't know it while on earth but meh who can say
nicely written but sorta hoping he'll find a way to "fix" his situation and go in the direction of Cheerilee

.......O.O.........-._.-.......T_T.....poor bastard

Perfect use of that song.

Another Story.
Commence read.

1943748 Don't criticize a word you can't spell.

Foal Foolin, challenge accepted.

Damn was this Good! Really Really Good! I may just take a look at the rest of your stories if they are all as well written.

Why on earth isn't this tagged dark?

This is one of the darker fics on this subject that I've read. Honestly not really sure how I feel about the story itself, but the writing is quite good at least!

You put applejack in a paragraph instead of applebloom

As a person who owns a pony I would like to state that they don't smell like their own piss

I think this is one of your best stories yet :pinkiecrazy::pinkiehappy:

Wow, little prick. Err, little spoiled brat.... I don't know what to say that fits and isn't in bad wording. Be careful [CENSORED]:rainbowderp:

When I saw this I was expecting something completely different, yet was also expecting exactly what I just read. Very good writing overall and I must say you appealed to two of my fetishes without making it obvious. Please make more.

So, what is up with the bit about her already... youknow?

That sticks out the most for me

This was a good story, but i haveone question, what happened to the other two, Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon?

That last line was actually a little disturbing. Before it was a psychological struggle. Then it was rape by Diamond Tiara. Now it is just rape and child molestation.

You're pardoned.:trollestia:

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*takes of his glasses*... *puts his Scotch down on the table*... *stands up from his Arm chair*.... *Bows wordless before you*

Fave+thump up+follow

No, what the hay.
What the bloody fuckin hell is this?! :pinkiecrazy:
Although it was well written, that there was a plot behind all that and all...
Just, what the fuck?
That ending and... It just all sounded like Evangelion's end.
Sorry buddy, but u lost me on this one.

I mean, the plot's interesting, the characters are okay but... Dunno, I don't think it's even a fetish or something? It just sounds like a story without goal or something... Well, it does have a message, that humans with power WILL rape childs.
Or maybe I didn't got the sense (Which is more than possible of course.)
But even if I was excited about a story coming from u with more that 10k words, I didn't found the passion/excitation/arousal whatever u name it, u had from other stories.

I like it when u talk about taboos.
That's clearly why so many peoples love many of your stories.
But this one's too weird for me I think.
Well, I'm just crying coz it's a "fake" happy ending and all and/or that I prefer Scootaloo over Applebloom or shit but I really hope the next one will bring more emotions or something...?

Just keep writing.

I just wonder why, but it seems pointless.

okay.............my brain is still trying to apprehend what i've just read............it probably never will.........still good story........albeit pretty dark......still good though *shudders*

Oh wow. I think this is as much a public service announcement and a warning as it is a fanfic. Warning for everybody: kids, parents, teachers...potential filly foalers...rich cunts at school...Spike....:pinkiecrazy:

Damn it, that ending. :flutterrage: I was honestly enjoying all this until that faithful decision gets made. And I thought maybe my assumptions were wrong, but they weren't. :applecry: Still not a bad story - certainly has some good writing. I don't even think it needs a dark tag really. Still... I guess there's a reason why there's no romance tag on this.

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