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Okay, you get a like just for the cover.

>Finish your previous story.

>Go to front page

>New notification

>New story was uploaded literally a minute ago

God damn it, I need to sleep sometime, you know!

:raritydespair: Wait a second.
Why does it say, "somep0nies". When your 'o' key clearly works... :rainbowderp:

Gummy demands an explanation.

I accidentally stumbled across this while reading some... Tamer fanfiction. I'm leaving the fandom now.

It was the only acceptable choice~

I'm sorry! :applecry: Please forgive me!
I was pretty excited to get it put up since I spent an entire month with it.

Thank ya kindly, and glad you enjoyed it.
It seems kinda silly, but what can you do? Forbidden filly plot isn't for everyone~ :trollestia:

Haha, nice. :rainbowwild:
Enjoy it for all it's worth. That's my purpose with clop. :raritywink:

Oh god, I thought I corrected all of those! Why!? :raritycry:
I plan to post this at a certain place, but there's a spam filter on posts that react to words like "somepony" and "everypony". Using a 0 instead of an o is the common trick for bypassing it. Sorry about that. :twilightsheepish:

lolwut :applejackunsure:

Well, I went into this expecting clop (which I got). But what I did not expect were feels.

Good job, sir.

I see, Okay. :moustache:
Gummy understands now.
Well done and thumbs :pinkiehappy:

Nice. Maybe one of those rare clopfics that can actually have a story created around them. :rainbowderp:


Great fic, I'm a little surprised it's getting so much negative attention! I understand that "Filly foolin" is shamed upon, but this has some actual soul and feel to it! Judgement, judgement...

Great job, pal. Lookin' forward to see whoever your next roll lands on.

Edit: Nevermind, just saw it on your page.

"Sweetie Belle whats going on here!?" Rarity cried, as she walked in on the scene of her precious, and UNDERAGE, little sister being violated by some creepy guy. "And when do I get a turn?" :raritywink:

I really really like that story:pinkiehappy::pinkiesmile:nicely done.

ahem never read it :trixieshiftleft: but its good never read it :trixieshiftright:

D'AWWWWWWW Trollestia approves!!! :trollestia:

Thank ya kindly. Glad I could be of service~
I know it's foalcon, but I appreciate anyone taking the time to give it a read. :heart:

hotsauce beat me to it. :trollestia:
I'd like to think I came too close to copying him in a way. Not saying I could ever match up, but I don't want to outright plagiarize someone I drew inspiration from.

? :applejackunsure:

Thank ya much. :yay:
Yeah, I'm starting to see a pattern with the thumbs up and down system. I had the idea that it would give me an idea on if I was messing up as a writer, but now it's like I can only assume that the thumbs down were just because it was foalcon. Oh well, that's what comments are for, right?
Hehe, I promised a friend I would do the Rainbow one a while back. I procrastinated with it long enough, so It's my focus for now.

You're actually not far off from the ending I talked about with someone in Skype one day.
Nice. :trollestia:

No regrets, only filly plot~
I got a chuckle from that gif though.

i kno u like

2215142 Gummy is Supreme Overlord

:facehoof: Does anyone read the rules? Don't post stories in more than one folder, it's spam.

one half of me hates this, the other loves it and all of me simple says it was a great story!

Almost all stories are in second person on 4chan and I associated anon with /b/ as well. Judging by your reaction I was pretty far off. :twilightoops:

Excuse me?

Hehe, thanks for giving it a look.
I know it's foalcon, but at least it was consensual, right? :twilightsheepish:

/mlp/ all day. The only reason I go to 4chan anymore is for the write threads on /mlp/, and this was actually written for one of them. Nothing much else of interest around there, at least for me.


From what I've seen, you'd be right in most cases. There's a large amount of people who'll look at a summary for a fic, it's tags (HUMANS ARE BAD) or even it's picture and judge it based solely on that. I've come to nearly never fully trust the ratings here. I see the amount of crap that gets posted too, but a leaving a comment explaining yourself or helping the author out as to why you feel it isn't great can't hurt.

Unfortunately, this fic fell into that category. Not one comment bad mouthing anything in regards to your writing, but ya got the downvotes anyway. Fair to say a good chunk of the downvoters strolled on by and saw only Sweetie and the category. Sad shit, man. Like ya said, Comments are the thing to look at for whether your fic is actually bad or not. Which, clearly, it's not.

RD fics are tricky for me to enjoy. The fanon seems to play around with her personality a bit and seems to write her in a myriad of ways; few of which I don't like. I think I'd enjoy one from you though, I'm curious to see how you handle her.

dude did you ever consider continuing this story?:duck: it is fucking amazing!:rainbowdetermined2: lyke a bawss:pinkiehappy:

amazing story bro, and i'm never putting myself in anonymous' place.

I feel like a bad person for not hating this. Theeen again usagi drop... I am conflicted

I could never ever masturbate to this, it's more feels in the first head rather than the second.


Well, I'm glad there are still people out there willing to take a look or give something a chance before passing judgement against it. I'm still amazed at how well the foalcon stuff is actually doing. I blame absolutely no one if they find the subject matter to be outside of their interests though. We all have our preferences, so it's natural to look unfavorably towards something that meets the wrong end of your own.

I thank you for the words of encouragement. Yeah, it's a bit of a downer to see, but it seems the majority disagrees so that's something.

There are two things that put me off about stories involving Rainbow Dash without question. Those are making her a lesbian and having her act out of character as a total jerk or bitch. To me, she has a tough girl coupled with a one-of-the-guys attitude. She's not above busting your chops, but she'll still be there if you're in trouble without thinking twice. Making her sappy is a bit tricky when it comes to romance however. She has to have a vulnerable side considering the way she acted in Sonic Rainboom, but balancing it is the key for that. There's a greentext one-shot on my bin called "Rainbow's Wish" that seemed to get praise for the romance side of it, yet I absolutely despise the clop in it. In my opinion, I failed so hard with that part.

People have asked, but I'm dead on ideas on where it would go further. At the same time, I'd be afraid of attempting to force a sequel out of it. Sweetie and our hero trying to continue having their secret relationship hidden from others and still enjoy it? Plausible, but careful planning would be a must. Thanks for reading anyway. :raritywink:

Thank ya kindly, glad you enjoyed it.
That's perfectly acceptable. If someone wants to, it's setup so they can. The reasoning behind the placeholder title of "Anonymous" is two-fold. One: I originally wrote it for the Anon in Equestria write thread on 4chan's /mlp/ board which I frequent. Having the main character be named "Anonymous" is a strict requirement. Two: To me, Anonymous is practically a name for someone who has no name. This way, a reader could replace that name with their own and assume his/her role in the story. Certainly not for everyone, but it's there in case someone does want that. The second person thing is also more preferable in that write thread.

Thankies. Glad I could be of service~

Like I said before, it was at least consensual. If you felt the same way with Anon forcing himself on Sweetie, then there would be an issue to be had. I do thank ya for giving it a read however.

Good feels I hope. I will admit that the hymen breaking scene and writing Sweetie's reaction broke me hard enough to make me quit writing for the day. It was not a mental image I ever want to see again.
Thanks for giving it a read.

Communication is always important, man. Most don't seem to play to that tune it seems. Bygons, eh? I notice that too, the matter of Foalcon is pretty well recieved here it seems. Like I mentioned in the comment I left tonight on your Trixie story, it probably just has to do with how the you/author portray the events. Obviously, the person's feeling toward the subject matter comes heavily into play but given time and thought it can feel the same as any other fic out there. For me, I'm not one for it, but I'm also not completely against it. The idea comes with the thought of having sex with ponies in the first place, if it's consensual and both parties know exactly what's going on then I see no problem.

Well, maybe in not all cases, certain fetishes and ages (mostly children and younger) often times probably won't mix. But that's the line most wouldn't dare cross, a reason many understand.

Yes, Lesbian and bitchy RD is horrible to see, I generally stay away from RD fics because of those two stereotypes. "Rainbro" fics are fine, so long as it doesn't get too heavy on the dudebro-ness, she still needs to feel vulnerable at times like you said. Some of the Rainbro fics I've seen paint her as a dom in bed as well, that always leaves a horrible taste in my mouth (unless of course it's a clop fetish fic). It may be just me, but her more girl-ish side always needs to be addressed if you're taking her serious in a romance or vanilla clop fic. She wouldn't feel very confident in a situation like that I'm sure. She'd put up a terrible front for sure, but that's part of capturing that more girly side. She doesn't wanna be seen as that kind of girl and, ironically, it's exactly how she would be seen in that situation. It's all very sweet and fun if portrayed like that. There's a cap to how girly she is or can be, but it's essential either way, I feel.

If you've read it, Xenophilia by AnonponyDASHIE is a great representation of how she should be written. It's also the highest rated HiE Romance fic on this site. It's very much worth the read.

You seem to have the right idea here, that puts me at ease. I'm very much lookin' forward to your fic now. :twilightsmile:

I'll be sure to check out your PB, been meaning to do that for a few days now. I'll give "Rainbow's Wish" a read as well, I'm curious to see how bad the clop supposedly is...:trixieshiftleft:

Interaction with the authors here is always so much fun.

2237140 Extremely nice feels, like two people were happy and giving less of a fuck about others than that guy who was throwing snakes.

I would like to apologize for not getting to this sooner like I got to the other one earlier. Time is... not on my side today, coupled with dealing with an issue on my user page concerning something that makes no difference in a story.

I can agree with a lot of that. I know I'm not going to please everyone, but I'm glad when I actually do.

Oh yes, some lines you just can't cross. Not even as a good writer is it something people would delve into if it's just beyond making enjoyable.

Yeah, getting the girly side out of Dash is like playing with a volatile chemical. It requires delicate handling, and you can't overdo it in regards to how girlish she becomes. I like to mix her friendship with the Anon character and her feminine side that only comes out during rare and particular moments. Keep them friendly, but also get them lovey dovey to an extent. I think it would be considered a "dynamic" between characters; however, I'm not 100% on that so don't quote me on it. :trollestia:

I've heard many different things about that story. Haven't had much time for a lot of reading as of late, but you do make it sound enticing to a Dashfan. :raritywink:

The fic is actually coming along rather smoothly in some aspects. I thought I had a bad transition at one point, but I managed to fix it by adding words instead of editing them out. Hopefully my itch to write another Dash clop will help me make it something enjoyable.

The clop is B A D bad. I missed so much descriptive with it. Dash might as well have been a human to some extent in it.

I love reading and responding to comments, maybe a little too much on occasion~
Take it easy and have fun~ :twilightsmile:

flutteryay~ :yay:
It's hard to judge when you're actually doing good in areas like that. Trying to look at my stuff from a non-biased perspective almost never works for me. :twilightsheepish:
Good feels are always great to see~ :heart:

Don't look at your own stuff from a null perspective, or you're gonna have a bad time.
Judge it by it's written quality first, then judge it upon it's story, then its content. This was a 2.5 out of three, I find foalcon a reality breaker for me, not that it's bad, it's just I cannot really see it as not many (You are one of the few that can) can express a child from someone else's perspective. That is also the same with making a story from their perspective, I hope you get a front page, you seriously deserve it.

2341835 for your information, i 'got the fuck out' 3 weeks and 3 days ago:scootangel:

...And yet here you are.
Better reset that "time since I GTFO'd from this story" clicker to zero.

Wasn't what I was looking to accomplish but it turned out to be pretty funny in the end.
I believe a "Trololololololol" is in order here.
No offense intended, of course.

Also, the GTFO was really intended for the whiner, agentreilly2000. You were merely collateral damage.

2341875 not a trolololol but a -->:trollestia:

backwoods not backwater
backwater is a cliche from spongebob
squidward said "anybody can be a big shot in a backwater town like bikini bottom

what if we were special someponies

aight pass me da weed

2341858 Try actually saying that "GTFO'd" not the short version, with the actual words, three times fast.

I feel very conflicted. On one hand this is a pretty good story with or without the clop. But the nature of the characters relationship brings up obvious red flags. Maybe that's what makes this story all the more entertainnig? If so, then damn clever of you!


Try googling "backwater town" and see how many results you get that aren't from Spongebob.

3087917 which all the results where posted after the airing of the episode:ajsmug:


No, the use of the term "backwater" in this way has been in use since the late 1300s... way before Spongebob.

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