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what color is your heart

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Dat description. DAT COVER PIC :rainbowkiss:

1571424 >I can't sa I enjoyed all of it
Nice error, buddy :moustache:

Edit: I see you fixed it :twilightsmile:

Why did I read this...damn skype group. :raritydespair:

Anyway since I am here might as well give thoughts...it was...alright grammar wise. A few mistakes were there but I saw they have also been pointed out.

Story wise I am uncertain on what to think...good job?

Very well written. Shame I hate abusive relationships like this. Oh sure, he's a perv, but seeing someone degraded like that just kills it for me. I prefer both parties to be happy the whole time, real happy, not "I'm controlling this little worm" happy. Hate negative feelings in sex. Sex is beautiful, and should never be associated with bad feelings. I generally stay away from foalcon. It's just too... uh, yeah, too.

Not gonna lie... I came.

Well written, although you fall into 2nd person once or twice in the story, however, I'm with 1571614 in that the abusive relationship really killed it for me.

I'm not even going to comment on the content. I'll just take it as it is. Or pretend D Tiara is an adult.

Suggestion for next chapters: Exploration of his start with his relationship with Diamond Tiara? Will their relationship deepen to something more meaningful? Will D Tiara share him?

Lots and lots of things.

Why did I read this :raritydespair:

AJ #11 · Nov 6th, 2012 · · ·


What in the name of heaven...

did i read this

Hoo boy, I must be on a small "Argh why did this get featured" streak. Firs it was incest ("Bucking Your Big Brother") and now it's pedophilia. Good grief, what's next, Fluttershy's foray into bestiality?

Only if we're lucky.

That sounds hot as fuck.

I'm surprised with raitings like these (as of this comment) less than 20 comments, 50 likes, 17 dislikes, that this got featured. I'm pretty sure you NEVER expected this right?

i literally couldn't care less, but i guess it's pretty g that a story with a subject as contentious as "pedophile bestiality" has been so well received thus far.

it's a good sign for things to come
i love me some pedophile bestiality

Ah, a fic with what I'm sure is a bait-and-switch title! I will enjoy reading th—

It wasn't a misdirection. Personally, I got a few paragraphs in and vomited, but I'm all for free press, so carry on.

For a more exciting yet still canon-friendly story, mentally replace every instance of "Diamond Tiara" with "Mr. Krabs". :ajsmug:


Fucking depraved. You get a thumbs up for fucking with my head, but that's it.

Please die in a pool of acid

How did this get in featured you would all ask


It's not beastiality their sentient they can consent that being said it is foaliphillia and I took a shower after I read it

normally, I'd read these fics in a heartbeat, but there's two problems.

1: pedofilia
2: Diamond Tiara


First reason, I get. But the second? :rainbowhuh: :rainbowlaugh:

Ouch. I'd say you'd hurt Diamond Tiara's feelings, but knowing her. . . she'd probably just snootily ignore it.

Nice. It was nice. :pinkiesmile:


You're right on both accounts Drill Sergeant....


it is xenophilia, not bestiality,


Its Chris Handsome!

Chris, I'm not here for the kid, nono, I'm here for your booty, Chris Hadsome

I'm reading this because.

Why is this featured? Read later out of pure interest >.>

1572434 My sentiments exactly. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go apply a toilet scrubber to my eyeballs. I'm sure it's slightly cleaner than what I just happened upon.

you know
i'd really REALLY like to know what you were expecting
going into a story tagged "pedofoalia"
like seriously

Jesus chrimany, I would want to smack that cunt right up-side the head with the sack of bits. :flutterrage:

1572902 Something... well... eh. Guess I should have expected that.

Guess I'm still naive and assume people write stuff like that ironically, or as a bait-and-switch, or... something.

Holy shit I just saw your avatar:twilightoops:

Well this has just turned my life around!

Hey everyone, who want's to go down to Kentucky and fuck some horse foals? It'll be totally awesome!

it is totally awesome
definitely recommended


Then again it is prorably because you are an excellent writer and I forgot that your story is a Mature story and aparently alot of other people think so as well. ^^;

VERY nice, instant favorite. Ignore haters.

Love the cover picture and the overall concept, but why does it have to be human? Why not a griffon or an adolescent dragon? It's just that human-on-pony porn gets featured WAY too much. Also, I'm scared to read this based on the comments. Always will be after "Miss Me?"

why every fic I find in FF centering in Silver Spoon or Diamond Tiara has to involve sex?....:raritydespair:

is not that I dislike it either...:trixieshiftright:

Read. Came. Regret. Wtf man :ajbemused:

Thanks, guys. Appreciate it, truly. :3

i like human on pony
it's always been kinda my thing

>Always will be after "Miss Me?"
oh man
i loved that story

This was... an interesting read

I have read this story out of sheer curiosity since I don't normally read clop related material. But I must say, bravo. You have destroyed my perception of an evil filly.

You're sick, vile, and disgusting, AP.

But you seem aware of this, and you seem to love your job, so keep on, sir. Wahahahahaha

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