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The night before the real wedding of Princess Cadance and Shinning Armor, Twilight finds herself in trouble. Still feeling hurt and alone when her friends, brother, and mentor all abandoned her to comfort the fake Cadance, Twilight notices her coat has lost it's color, just like it had when Discord had made her lose faith in her friends. Fearing that something serious might be going on, Twilight visits the Canterlot library, where she finds a book by none other than Starswirl the Bearded, and about the journey he went on to create the Elements of Harmony. Feeling inspired by the book, Twilight takes off on a journey to follow in Starswirl's hoofsteps, hoping that it will help heal her wounded heart, and once again show her the magic of friendship.

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Hmm...seems very interesting and I can definitely see potential in this story. Hopefully Sombra gets more personality here than he did in canon.

I can't wait for Twilight to arrive at the Crystal Kingdom and find out there's nothing there.

Now this looks promising! Faved.

i'm curious to see what happens with the crystal empire and its needing to be saved...

I'm enjoying this, but I feel that it is my duty as a fellow fanfic writer and Brony to point out the most constant error so far: you've been spelling his name as Shinning Armor, when it is actually Shining Armor. You've been including an extra N.

Other than that, fantastic job: can't wait for more.

Doh!:facehoof: I mean, I meant to do that... see, this version of Twilight's Brother has... The Shinning! Yep, that's my Simpsons based excuse. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go fix this and pretend that I'm not crazy. Thanks for pointing that out to me, will get it fixed asap!

I like stories that go into this direction following the wedding scene, Twilight was just SO devastated there. I hope you are still writing and close to a new chapter soon. I noticed in the paragraph after spike reads Twilight's letter near the end of the last sentence you say "Appledash" instead of I assume 'Applejack". Sounds like your OTP is slipping through.


Thanks, I'm actually trying to flesh out the outline a bit more, but I've got a good bit of chapter 2 written.

And the Appledash thing is actually a pure mistake, I'm more of a TwiDash fan myself :) But heck, as long as it's a good story, I'll read anything.

Yep, chapter 2 is almost finished.

She couldn't seriously think that he didn't want her to be here... could she?

Well, as cynical as this sounds, that is what he said at the rehearsal. That being said, if he was willing to borderline disown his own sister over what was apparently a misunderstanding, then he's going to have to accept the responsibilty. If it is now coming back to bite him, that’s his fault.

P.S. Bonus points for whoever can guess what the last two sentences are a reference to. If anyone wants a hint:

Team Four Star? Or I suppose the original Cooler movie, but I haven't seen that in years.
And yeah, that's one thing that really got me at the end of A Canterlot Wedding, how Shining just assumed that all the hateful things he said to Twilight would be okay. I mean, maybe he apologized to her during the whole second wedding preparations, but we never saw it so I just assume that he didn't. But hey, it's okay right? Cause he was being mind controlled? Only he wasn't, as they even showed the fact that he could argue and make decisions that Chrysallis didn't like.

Heh, there should be an edited version of A Canterlot Wedding:

Cadance (Chrysallis) walks over to the table where Twilight is discussing with her friends about how Cadance is evil.
Cadance: Hey girls watcha doing?
Twilight: Oh you know, just talking
Cadance: Just talking?
Twilight: Just talking.
Cadance: Thwarting my plans?
Twilight: Thwarting your plans?
Cadance: Are you?
Twilight: No
Cadance: Good cuz that would be bad.
Twilight: How bad?
Cadance: I'd have to lock you in a series of caverns from which there is no escape.
Twilight: That's bad.
Cadance: Indeed.

Then during the rehearsal, as Twilight is revealing to Shining, Celestia, and her friends that Cadance is EVIL!

Cadance (Bursting in): HEY! WHAT'S UP GIRLS?
Pinkie Pie: I'm never gonna get my hoagie.
Twilight: What am I doing?
Twilight: Nothing much
Twilight: Thwarting your plans?
Cadance: ARE YOU?
Twilight: ... Yes.

Meanwhile, Super Goddess Celestia sits in the background and continues calling for Luna...

So yeah... that's a thing.

Good night folks!


First order of business:
The two lines were indeed from Team Four Star's version of Cooler's Revenge.

Speaking of Celestia, how is she going to take the news about Twilight's departure? Better yet, how are Twilight's parents and CADANCE going to react if they find out about the fine details behind the wedding fiasco? What if Princess Luna hears about this? This would prove interesting considering both the relationship she established with Twilight on Nightmare Night and the possibility that not even she was borderline, if not outright, disowned when she became Nightmare Moon (Sure she was banished to the moon for a millenium, but Celestia demonstrated that she still acknowledged her as her sister and desired for her return).

P.S. Though if I had to guess the reactions of Night Light, Twilight Velvet, Cadance, and Luna, I would recommend this course of action to a certain Captain of the Guard: Better start running for the Crystal Empire!

Uh oh, I just thought of a few other things. Could the unresolved issue of the incident at wedding rehearsal make Twilight especially vulnerable to Sombra? Or worse, considering that Twilight was feeling enough negative emotions for herself to start turning gray, what if DISCORD breaks free?

Is this fic put on hold, because if it is, I'll be :fluttercry: .

Nooope. I've been working on chapter 2 for a while now, but I've been sidetracked by other projects along the way. Didn't even realize it had been almost six months since the first chapter. My goal is to have the next chapter out by next week.

With regards to writing stories I can relate. :twilightsheepish:

On another note, I think I can predict what a few individuals are going to be feeling like in the next chapter when it's revealed to everypony else that Twilight is gone and why she has gone (Hint: they'll still feel like equines, but of a different sort) :


P.S. Are we going to see the reactions of Twilight and Shining's parents, Luna, and Cadance by any chance?


Chapter 2 begins with Celestia and Luna finding out, and later on Shining and Cadance. I don't know of I'll show Twilight's parent's reaction, simply because they don't really have any other part int the story, but I will say that twilight's absence was not unnoticed. Cadance so far has my favorite reaction. Poor Shining may have forgotten to mention what happened before they left for their honeymoon...

I look forward to reading that chapter.:twilightsmile:

Somehow, I have a feeling Shining Armor is going to be finding himself in the dog house very soon...or would the Equestrian equivalent in this case be the Diamond Dog Caves? :rainbowhuh:

While on the subject of possible things that could have happened after the Canterlot Wedding, I myself had thought it would be very likely for what had happened to be brought up again in the Crystal Empire episodes. To me, at least, it seemed feasible considering that Sombra, the then new villain, played on people's fears. However, since the show is targeted at a younger audience, such potential impacts may have been glossed over in favor of promoting messages of forgive and forget (Though if the show HAD been targetted towards older audiences, the impact probably would have been explored).

On a related note, I myself have also toyed with the idea of the consequences of such an event, a few of them being dark humor, not to be taken seriously stories. One such story involves Sombra, Chrysalis, and Discord (pre-reform) each finding out about what transpired at the rehearsal, the comedic twist being that it shocks and appalls even them. Sombra, despite being a tyrant who enslaved an entire nation, claims that even HE would never have done what Shining did to a relative. Chrysalis, despite knowing that a fight had occured and benefitted from said fight, is shocked to hear what exactly had been said and done, and like Sombra, would never dream of doing that to one of her changeling subordinates. Finally, Discord is unable to comprehend how anypony could actually do what Shining did without being corrupted by his chaotic magic, otherwise it would have made sense to him.

Looking forward to chapter two now that the TwiDash contest entry is finished (which I very much enjoyed as well) :twilightsmile:

Add more! This story is just mind blowing! You got a real good talent for making storys, hope yo read more chapters soon

Sorry, I don't mean to be one of those people, but do you have an estimated timeframe for the next chapter?

update this soon please

so, now that you'r back to writing again, are you gonna be writing for this as well?

you should continue this


we'll be watching you, buddy! you try to disappear like that again, and we'll hunt you down and tie you down in front of your computer.

Well, it's good to see this finally updated after a long hiatus, and right on the heels of a mass publishing of new stories by you.

I must say, it's nice to see that Twilight knows by now that Sombra is nopony to be trusted. For a while, I had a feeling that with Twilight's resentment towards her friends and mentor, the Crystal Tyrant would use the same tactics as the villain from a certain underappreciated Disney sequel that Tara also starred in, pretending to be friendly towards her while using her as a pawn in conquering the Crystal Empire and Equestria, but thanks to Rose Quartz, Twilight now knows the King is the villain of the story, and will soon be getting the history of the Empire after Starswirl departed from it.

This version of Twilight, is one of my favorite one's. She's confident, she knows the extent to her abilities. And she's not afraid to do things her own way if no progress is made. She is independent and this journey will change her, she will return wiser. With new knowledge with how the world works much like Starswirl did. Twilight will become the new prodigy, the legend of this age. And even though she learns new things she is still the same book loving mare that she always is. She probably even will get more powerful with this journey, not to mention her alicorn status in the future. And perhaps bring her own magic into the world. Dear author, i got to say. This is gold and i will wait eagerly for the next chapter. Imminent Royal Sorcerer Twilight ahoo!! :pinkiehappy: :twilightsmile: :raritystarry: :moustache:

1) The story is back, yay! :yay:


"...have him send a letter to Princess Cadance stating that her and Shining Armor need to return to Canterlot immediately.”

On another note, I am so looking forward to what's going to happen when Cadance finds out about the situation.

As Ricky Ricardo from I Love Lucy would probably say: Shining, you have some explaining to do...:pinkiecrazy:

What I really hope will happen is that Twilight will beat Sombrero's ass then take off for the next part of her journey just before Celestia/Luna/Cadance and the rest show up to try and fix the Crystal Empire ... :scootangel:

Welcome back. I like the idea of this story and Twilight having to find herself and hte true meaning of her life and friendship. I hope the next chapter pops up....soon.

4538302 Well it is constantly referenced even before Twi became an alicorn that she's got tons of magical power so that could be the case. She did break Sombra's spell on RQ with ease after all.
(I seriously hope that she does it alone without help too)

Oh wow.

This is great. And to see something come back after such a long hiatus is awesome.

Of course, I just found it for the first time, so I skipped the wait. :pinkiesmile:

Happy writing!

Sombra is not without his own tricks, but it was never intended for him to use Twilight. I can't ever see her being that gullible, at least not in a situation like that.

I actually wrote a chapter for Sparkle Dash Family about an Archmagus Twilight, who lived in a more warlike Equestria, with little twists on all the Mane 6 (Applejack was Applejewel, etc). I love strong Twilight as well, and hopefully this story will showcase here more as the mare I think we see she could become.

Cadance will not be happy. Shining is definitely in the dog house over this, but he actually feels even worse about it.

That's actually the plan, for Twilight to go about her journey, always moving on, and her friends arriving to see the changes she's wrought.

Hope it was worth the wait!

Awwww, I don't want you to feel left out. Tell ya what, I'll wait to post the next chapter for like a year and a half, just so you can have the full experience :derpytongue2:

I'm kidding, please don't lynch me.


*Reads the final line of the comment*


*turns to the rest of the mob*

"Well, this is awkward guys. The author was just kidding. We should let them live."

:rainbowhuh: - "What?"
:facehoof: - "Well, it isn't their fault it took me a year and a half to reach the Crystal Empire..."
:trollestia: - "5/5 for the troll move, but 1/5 for admitting it was a joke."
:fluttercry: - "Don't scare us like that."
:ajbemused: - "I didn't buy it for a second."
:raritydespair: - "Oh why would you do such a thing?!?!?"
:pinkiegasp: - "Wow! So this is what happens when ididntthinkidlikethis makes a post when they should be asleep."

4554228 Glad to hear that she will continue to grow. I am planning something very simmilar for my fic. I will await the next chapter and i am confident this story will be one of the best i've seen. Keep it up! :yay:

This has been bugging me
When the crystal empire appeared was it always princess celestia's plan to have monarchy of the empire turned over to the canterlot couple
It's basically means she is forcing a country to accept who she is putting in charge

Wow, after soo long, you're finally back :pinkiehappy: i'm really glad that you are continuing with this story because I really liked the first chapter and I wanted to know what happened next. I came up with a similar idea to yours months ago but never decided to create a story, this is great!! Hope to read the next chapter soon, also that steven universe reference :rainbowkiss::pinkiegasp::scootangel::twistnerd:

when is this freaking story going to be updated?!? i'm all for being patient so that the author can refine the story to what they want it to be, but this is ridiculous!

I really hope you continue to update this so we don't have to wait a year for it, you have gotten my attention and I crave more!
This truly interesting to me!

I cannot wait to read the rest of this story. Please keep on writing

PLEASE KEEP WRITING!!!!!!!!! I need MOAR!!!!!:flutterrage:

are you going to keep writing this story I like it:twilightsmile:

4554228 hey, is this story going to be continued? it's been a while, and we're all really curious as to whether this is going to be continued.

HI, just wanting to ask if you are updating this story anytime soon? Just wanting to know where this leads too. If you need help bouncing ideas off this one, I can help.

can there be another chapter please

Great chapter. Twilight was able to use the elements of harmony without having the actual elements with her. Will Twilight be able to stop Sombra without her friends? Or will her friends meet up with her first? If not then how will they react when they find out Twilight stopped Sombra on her own? Can't wait for the next chapter.:twilightsmile:

I really like this story so far. Are you going post more I really like to know what happen.:twilightsmile:

Come on man! You can't just leave us like this again! This is a great story I'm already enjoying it I really hope that you pick this story back up again! Please. :pinkiesad2: I'm beggin ya.

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