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Twilight Nightmare

Kind of new to Pony Fanfiction and though I originally made this account for reading, I really want to try writing some.


After feeling unwanted and abandoned during the Canterlot Wedding, Twilight leaves to try and make a new start for her only to fall prey to a gang. Now Twilight tries to rebuild a life with no memories of her past until circumstances guide her home.

Even after losing her memory, circumstances guide Twilight home to Ponyville.

(This is NOT a romantic pairing between Twilight and Trixie)

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I love stories that cover the Canterlot Wedding crisis and I see real potential in this one. Please do continue! :twilightsmile:

5113957 Thanks, I plan to concentrate on this story as my other story I'm reworking. I'm just debating putting my other story on hiatus since this one will get most of my attention for now. I don't plan to cancel or abandon either one though. :twilightsmile:

So no one in Fillydelphia knows about Dame Twilight Sparkle, Knight of Harmony, Bearer of the Element of Magic, 2 time champion of Equestria, who restored Princess Luna and defeated Discord? :pinkiecrazy:

You also need an editor, badly.

5117094 I'm not too sure where Fillydelphia is in respects to Ponyville and Canterlot, but in my story it is pretty far. They know who the Princesses are of course and they have heard of the elements, but many of the residents there either believe it to be rumors or don't care about the elements. There are those who do care about it though, but not enough to ID Twilight when they found her, especially when she was covered in blood and hurt pretty badly. And since the others are still searching Canterlot and maybe even Ponyville, messages for other villages and cities have not been sent out yet informing the guards in those cities to keep a look out for Twilight.

My version of Fillydelphia is probably way different than the canon version since I don't know anything about Fillydelphia, if it really is canon or not. Since I've seen more than one story mention it though I'm guessing it is canon. For this story though, the larger cities that aren't that close to Canterlot is looked over by nobles such as Blueblood and others. The lord in charge of the Fillydelphia area is pretty crooked and treats ponies badly sometimes. Because of this, many of the towns residents don't really trust royalty and don't really love Celestia that much believing that she is partially to blame. The city has gangs, violent crimes, homeless and a lot more that you would find in some of the larger dangerous cities anywhere.

I hope that makes sense, I'm having trouble getting everything from my mind to paper, or in the case the computer lol.

Okay Spike is a big jerk in this.

How could it take 2 years? She is easily identifiable with her cutie mark. If they put pictures up, I'm sure she could be easily found within a month or two.

5171786 It's because of the cloak she was given at the end of chapter two as well as some of the ponies she meets soon after chater two. I don't want to give too much away yet as they are huge spoilers for the story.

Comment posted by Dark Colt Sabata deleted Nov 22nd, 2014

Oh dear...I have a feeling with the way everyone (Expect for Candence and Luna) were acting, I wouldn't be too surprised if they think Twilight running away is ANOTHER of her jealous fits! Heck, I believe that's the reason they didn't bother looking for her when Shining got that letter!

They need a serious wake-up call over the next couple of years

The Mane Five: Abandoning your friend to go kiss up to someone for an oppurinity (which they wouldn't had gotten in the first place if they WERENT friends with Twilight), and then choosing to ignore what they did until AFTER the wedding.

Spike: Nearly getting his mother into a lot of trouble serveal times without any remorse, abandoning her to go with his crush multiple times (Which I believe to have played a role in what he did at the wedding), and taking too long to say sorry for what he did, leading his mother to believe her son hates her.

Shining Armor: Casting his sister out of the wedding, and not bothering apogolzing when she was proven correct. He didn't even look for her when she ran away (And I wonder how he's gonna take it when he finds out the worst crime to happen to a female happened to her because of him and everyone else)

Celestia: Just choosing to focus on the wedding

And..I know I'm going to get told off for this...But now I can see another possible path this story can take..Where Twilight ends up having a foal because of the crimes commited against her.

Blame those writers from the first Fullmetal Achlemist anime for having Rose get pregnant after she was..you know..

5177161 Totally not going to say anything bad about you suggesting that as it is a very strong possibility of happening. Twilight will have it hard, but despite having someone who is mean, she will also have someone who will genuinely come to care for her though it won't be a romantic interest but the new point my friend wanted me to put in the story. Originally she was going to just have one pony helping her and be nice, but with the small change the nice one became mean and there is a new nice one added. If you don't mind spoilders send me a message and I'll send you some of the plot points we are planning to happen in the story.

way to go Twilight. She was bang on and even Cadance caught on. Celestia SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER. Twilight hadn't seen Cadance in years but saw something off but Celestia saw her far more often didn't pick it up?:facehoof:

And Twilight and Trixie related?:twilightoops:

..Okay, Night Light...Which do you think would had hurt more? Being honest, or Twilight finding out, because she was called to say good-bye to you while you laid in bed dying? Sure he's gong to be fine, but I'd NEVER forgive anyone who hid from me my family was suffering until they were on their death bed!

And did Spike, the Mane 5 and everypony else see this letter? I can just image Pinkie when she read Twilight's accusations of her laughing at the unicorn's suffering and wanting to throw a party because she is gone.:pinkiesad2:

And I wonder if Celestia was intending to lecture the phony after she was married for her behavior, or just shrug it off, thinking she will magically 'return to normal without the stress'

If this were a genuinely medieval setting...this kind of stuff is totally possible. Without photographic evidence, anyone could claim to be anyone. The Mane Six - or someone who knew Twilight - would have to go and personally check out each and every potential siting.

But this is a story with DNA evidence and totalitarian rule. All Celestia has to do is slap down a sizable bounty for bringing her Twilight Sparkle and every purple mare with a star-based cutie mark that looks vaguely like her picture will be dragged in front of her sooner or latter by bounty-hunting hopefuls.

NOOO!!! I need more!!!!

Thank you everyone for your support and I'm glad that every pony that has enjoyed the story has liked it so far. Thank you so much for all the thumb ups and favorites also. I hope that every pony continues to enjoy the story also.


Sorry it's taking so long, I'm trying to get another chapter done by Saturday night to post. I want to release at least 1 chapter a week, but if I can get some more time I think I would like to write more chapters a week.


This is kind of a mix of medieval world, as there isn't tv or anything like that though there will be newspapers. Only news takes much longer to spread so by the time Twilight is hiding no one will recognize her and most ponies won't put 2 and 2 together at the few sightings of her because of how hurt she was. And Nomad is manipulating her to keep herself disguised by her cloak that covers most of her body. Celestia will be putting out bounties and rewards for Twilight's safe return and while most cities and towns will be on the lookout for her, the lord in charge of Fillydelphia really doesn't care and is too lazy to bother with it as he doubts Twilight is there or just really doesn't care.


She would have been a lot more upset for sure if she found out over his deathbead, but sadly sometimes parents try to hide things from their children to protect them when in the end it would only backfire and hurt them worse. Every pony has seen the letter as well as the diary and some of the reactions will be in the next chapter. Hopefully they will learn from their mistakes and be better for the experience. And truthfully I don't think I've actually thought about what Celestia would have done after the party.


I always did find it weird that Celestia overlooked the odd behavior while Twilight caught it so easily. My friend is actually the one who suggested Trixie and Twilight be related in the story, twins in fact I can easily see the logic in a way as both have special talents for magic even if they are in different fields.

5268020 Kinda feel bad for Shining considering how much he did love Twilight. He gets a by on the wedding incident.


I do feel sorry for Shining also...he isn't my favorite and I will admit at first I debated on wether if I should have him at fault for his actions or not. While I don't really like him much, Twilight is probably my favorite character and I prefer to keep her family less at fault over what happened for this story since she's already going through enough as it is for when they do find her.

Wow...I didn't know Fluttershy would go to that length...I'm definatly worried about her once they found out about Twilight's whereabouts...And if Trixie tells them Twilight got raped because of what they have done.:fluttercry:

And magic does make sense when it came to why everypony abandoned Twilight. I just wonder how they were enchanted. Maybe the Changeling slipped something into their drinks or food? :ajbemused:

As for Shining..according to all this, the one most to blame is Celestia. She failed to be a proper authority figure, and put on a wedding distracting every pony from the real issue because her 'neice' demanded it. Just how long was it that Celestia had LAST seen Candence, which lead to her thinking Cady was like that? :facehoof: So unless she was enchanted as well, what she did was inexcusable! :flutterrage:

Wow. Incredible story. I can't to see how this progresses. Good luck the next chapter. I wonder what else is going to happen before Twilight is found, then what happens when she is found. Good luck with the next chapter. I can't wait to read it.

I called it when she was throwing up. And I feel for Rainbow, she knew she screwed up and has no excuse like the others.
Shining, well I always gave him a by on this since he was under Chrysalis's influence and Give Celestia the least since she KNEW Cadance.

And Cadance. Rock on girl. I hope they find Twilight just for her.


I also had a feeling about Twilight getting pregnant...Blame the soliders who gang-raped Rose in the first FullMetal Aclehmist anime..

5271863 I agree, that's my biggest problem with the episode, holding a wedding when you've received a threat of a possible invasion, seriously?!


I wonder what was going through her head when 'Cady' demanded the wedding 'But there's many Cganlings that want to invade but my dear little niece wants this...Oh well, Anything she wants!'

Because of that....Celestia better NOT try anything if she finds out about Twilight's child! Because I don't think anypony else will approve. Especially not Cady, Shining, Trixie or Rainbow!

5273136 well it's my biggest problem with the episode now, they had no knowledge of the invaders

Since Twilight's having a foal, and Celestia wants her back...I think the princess will use the foal to her advantage. Something like 'for the good of your foal, you should come back so I can help'

Not really that different from the Celestia Twilight saw before she left, trying to control her life!

The others, I trust as they learned their lessons.

Fluttershy is really upset for sure, and probably will be finding out that what they did had a hand...err...hoof in what hapened to Twilight. She felt that she absolutely betrayed her friend and element and thought she wasn't worthy of either, or any of her other friends. She will be ok though, as will the others, but they will hopefully be a lot better when it comes to being friends. Chrysalis came back around to see each pony seperately to put them under her power after hearing Twilight voice her concerns to them the first time since she was eavesdropping. Celestia really messed up, no doubt about it, she was too overconfident in their ability to keep the city secure. I guess even a pony as old as her can learn new lessons.

Thank you very much, there will be lots of things happening both before and after she is found. I hope you keep enjoying the story.

Everything will definately turn out okay for Twilight and Cadence. Rainbow is suffering for sure, but she may be on to something about why not only she messed up as bad as she did, but why the others messed up also. Celestia will hopefully lean from this and realize that she can easily make mistakes.

I never understood that one myself...I also never understood how little they apologized to Twilight after trampling her heart yet everything seemed to be fine between them with so little actual making up.

Celestia will want Twilight back for sure, but hopefully she won't be foalish enough to try and manipulate the situation using Twilight's foal. The others learned their lesson for sure though.

Thank you every pony for your wonderful comments and I'm happy you seem to be enjoying the story. :twilightsmile:

5274066 If shw tried that she have both Cadance AND Luna against her. Celestia get some sun tan lotion for you are going to the sun if you try it.


Not to mention the Mane 5, Spike, Twilight Velvet, Night Light, Shining Armor and Trixie!!


If Fluttershy was that upset..I shudder to think on what happened with Spike:pinkiesad2:

And if Celestia does try anything..I know everypony and dragon will come down hard on her and try to protect Twilight and her foal, having seen that journal, and now knowing how Twilight felt regarding Celestia, on how she controls her life. That I believe in.

I think this is a very interesting story.I cant wait to see more.

I think this is a very interesting story. I cant wait to see more.

I think this is a very interesting story. I cant wait to see more.

I think this is a very interesting story. I cant wait to see more.

I hope there is more soon love this :heart::heart::twilightsmile:

welp, at least the fucker's dead and no longer going to be a problem. i've been waiting for him to get his.

Yep, finally, hope your happy with how it happened though. I really debated writing the whole scene out but I wanted to try and avoid a gore tag. I hope your enjoying the story and continue to enjoy it. :twilightsmile:

Hope there is more soon love this :heart::heart::heart::twilightsmile:

Wow. That was intense. Great chapter. I wonder what is gonna happen next.

I'm calling it now, Trixie is Velvet and Nightlight's daughter.

I'm glad you love it, I'll be posting a new chapter in a few minutes actually. :twilightsmile: Hope you enjoy it. :twilightsmile:

Thanks, I hope you like what happens and how the story goes.

Pretty much safe to say you are correct. :twilightsmile: Though that idea is more accredited to my friend, I can so see the logic behind it as both unicorn's special talents deal with some kind of magic. :twilightsmile:

5304375 And Trixie and Nightlight have similar coat colors

Issue, Issue, issue. How can Discord be around? They didn't release him till way after the wedding and needed the Elements to do so. Without Twilight they couldn't pull that off. Tirek i could by since the sisters had to have gotten rid of him before. But Discord andthe plunder seeds are big issues here.

Wow. Great job. I looks like their is going to be a spotting of Twilight soon. I wonder how everypony is gonna react. Great job with this chapter.

Discord freed himself again, but this time played it different than in the cartoon taking the form of a pony and got to know the Element Bearers in an attempt to corrupt them in a way that would make it impossible to use the Elements. As he got to know the others, especially Fluttershy, he slowly started developing feelings of friendship for them. In the end he just couldn't turn against them and came to value his friendship with Fluttershy and the others. Because of this he didn't hide the truth about the Plunder Seeds and Cadence, who was sent after Celestia and Luna went missing, brought the elements and they eventually figured out that the tree needed them and relinquished them to the Tree.

As for Tirek, Discord didn't help him at all this time and they confronted him much earlier, all three alicorns with Discord, and overpowered him before he got too powerful.

Hope that makes some sense. :twilightsmile:

I'm glad that you are enjoying and next chapter will be Twilight arriving in Ponyville, though they won't know who she is yet since she will still be hiding under her cloak. It'll be a few chapters before they find out who she really is. :twilightsmile:

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