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Hmm, it would seem that I am among the first to like, follow, and comment on this. I've got to say, I REALLY like the idea of this one. I kinda wish I had used some of these ideas in my Displaced fic, instead of giving Melissa Shields OFA. Oh well, what's done is done. Anyway, REALLY looking forward to seeing where this goes!

An interesting choice of character and background, that's for sure. But I felt either the main character is an experienced Displaced or the story line is a bit rush in this first chapter. Let's see how the story would progress from here.

Is this a displaced story? Are crossovers going to happen? I'd be up for one at some point if they are.

Okay, looks like the story is more complicate than I thought. Let's see where it leads to.

So, cell activation eh? Wonder if that means Nana's dad was Katsuma, or perhaps his son? Based on the supposed timeline, gonna say the former. Unless we're counting Eri de-aging people.

A hero with prior knowledge should use it to keep everyone safe, but… I know these events have to play out, for Equestria’s future safety.

If she has knowledge about the show, she can't be anyone from the real Deku's universe. Unless there was a MLP show in that universe too.

it's already been specified, Nana is someone from the real world who watched both MLP and MHA, and it's just her soul in that body, the body being what's from the MHS world.

She has prior knowledge of MLP due to watching it here in the real world before being yanked into Deku's granddaughter's body.

“Katsuma? Katsuma was Nana’s dad?”

And there it is. Called it. Interesting she kept the name Midoriya if that wasn't her father's family name. Now i wonder who Isuku's daughter was?

More like an avid fan fic reader aware of the displaced genre

although... who's to say only the four of them or the CHS students with Quirks? might there be another?

Is it twilight.

Question will you still continue W. I. T. C. H story

Damn it.....I wanna read this but I don't read the manga ;-;

The bit on the symbol of peace she has a point, plus being only one symbol of peace is bad as it only ONE PILLAR it falls everyone falls with it.

There a fic where Izuka spoke out how All Might now going to be around forever, once he falls everything falls, so his idea was to make the next generation have SEVERAL symbols of peace not just one.
So everyone could share the burden and benefits, and cover more and help more.

Okay. If I’m right, I’m now channelling 1% of Deku’s Quirk, All For One.

Uh....that's not deku's quirk. His quirk is one for all. All for One is the villain not the hero.

To say she was stunned to see a human in Equestria is an understatement. She was flabbergasted. Since Rainbow Rocks has not happened yet, the idea of a human somehow being in Equestria is understandably shocking for her.

Does twilight know rainbow Rock's hasn't happened yet?

“Subject DC52? How’re you even in this world?!”

Don't tell me there are several MHA alternate universes mixed in this story alone?

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