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At 19:47 on 19 July 2157, eight students of UA’s Class 1-A vanished off the face of the Earth.

Due to a series of cosmic coincidences, a bored god of chaos, and the unpredictable effect gravikinetic quirks have on each other, an interaction between [Zero Gravity] and [Warp Gate] ends with a group of superpowered high schoolers landing in the Everfree Forest. It’s a good thing that UA’s motto is “Plus Ultra,” because these teens may need to push past their limits just to survive their first night in Equestria. Let alone figuring out a way back home.

Well, at least the locals may be able to help—assuming Bakugo doesn’t scare them off first.

Cover art is a placeholder for now.
Romance tag is specifically for Green Tea.

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Alright. I'll bite. For now... (I'd highly recommend watching the rest of the currently available anime though. A LOT happens in the next three seasons.)

good start lets see what comes next shall we

I do plan on watching it eventually, and probably relatively soon at that; I fell off the show after the Provisional License Exam arc, but since falling back into the fanfic scene for MHA I've wanted to catch back up. But for the moment with writing this fic, I feel like just having general knowledge of characters, locations, and the timeline is enough. With most of the main protagonists and half of the League missing, canon has been defenestrated at this point.

After all, with [One For All] MIA, things might get...messy post-Kamino.

And I'm out. The out of place and out of character swearing is just too much, and that's just the first ten sentences. On top of the characters just not acting like themselves.

I don’t know what this due below is talking about - THIS IS GOOD

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