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The purpose of a story is that it's a story. It can be more, but it can never be less.

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UV for just not featuring Anon.

Not bad. I hope more fics in this universe are made.

He already has a girlfriend several parsecs out of his league

It must be real awkward to be both a fan of Star Wars and aware of what "parsec" actually means.

Less than you might think, now than you might want.

They solved that issue in the Solo movie. He actually found a shortcut in the route through some spacial anomaly :rainbowwild:
(Actually a really decent movie. Took me less time than expected to ignore how different from Harrison Ford the main character looks. His character was pretty spot-on.)

I think the expanded universe did too. I'm just pointing out that the iconic line was a problem that needed to be solved in the first place. (The correct answer is that Han Solo was a conman scouting for easy marks by spouting obvious bull****, but neither continuity went for that because he's a "dashing rogue" and main character in his own right now)

Yea, kind of hilarious they felt the need to correct this.

This was published yesterday? I wonder why I didn't get notified...I'll read it right now!

i would so love to be Micro chips right now, aria is the best siren

"It is if I don't want it slipping the wrong way." He could practically hear her eyes roll. "Sorry if I don't want the whole nerd collective seeing my nips."

"...They are very nice nips." He muttered.

"Yes, but excuse me if I don't want to share them." :ajbemused:

Suddenly he didn't give two shits about missing those first panels.

But, but, the Sci-fi Stars Against Global Warming panel! Those things are important, man! :raritydespair:

Micro's nerd brain couldn't stop itself. "You, uh, didn't change your hair."

Oh no! She looks more like a Twi'lek with those long ponytails! That's just bonus points, and you know it, pal :trollestia:

"Clearly the secret to being adored to the point of enslavement is sexy nerd costumes."

Ironically, a slave outfit :rainbowwild:

"Given the spirit of things... maybe we could try something different."

Oho. She wants to commit to the role :rainbowlaugh:

"I don't want to miss too much of the con."

I call bullshit :rainbowlaugh:

"Did I tell you to touch it yet?"

Technically, yes. It's difficult to take it out without touching it.

"I love you."

Aria Blaze smirked. "I know."

Per-fect :yay:

Remarks and corrections:
> "...They are very nice nips." He muttered.
This is a "s/he said"-type construction. That means you need to connect these parts, to show they belong together. To do that, the quoted part should end on a comma, and there should be no capital letter on the part after it:
--> "...They are very nice nips," he muttered.
There's a bunch more of these throughout the story, by the way:
> 'Joke's on you, geek.' She couldn't help thinking.
> "I want you to stay right where you are." He ordered
> 'Fuck it.' He decided.

> her naval
I know she's a siren, and those are said to be aquatic, but still, that should probably be "navel".
> finally gave up it's losing battle
"it's" means "it is". That should be "[its] losing battle".
> she'd come to hid bed
"to [his] bed"

Dan #12 · Jan 28th, 2022 · · 2 ·

Fuck Disney.
Long live Real Star Wars 1977-2012.

"I've talked to Flash about it. He and Sunset never use protection, and they've never even had a scare.

That's the sort of truth that's only true until it's not, plus Sunset is a different species to Aria, so in this case unsafe sex may lead to little fish ponies.

What if they did it 24/7?

This? This shit right here?

This is why I held this contest.

It's the ultimate balance of dominant tsundere uber-bitch Aria (someone I would immediately sell my soul for) and her potential for being softer, more gentle, even loving. It's very good at what it is, although I will say it feels a bit safe. It's more or less exactly what it looks like it would be, which isn't a bad thing, per say. I just sorta wish there was a little more oomph to it, y'know?

Very strong offering, and thanks so much for your submission!

Now I'm kinda curious what the other two Sirens are up to in this universe.

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