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Rarity is a complicated mare, more than I can realise even now. But even then, I wouldn't change anything. Even with her romantic silliness and lofty nature, I can't help but love her, and this is why.

Written for the A Thousand Words contest under the category: Fluff.

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Comment posted by JayJay_playz deleted May 12th

Yeah, well you know, that's just like your opinion, mare.
I don't think this is the fic for you then :b

If you don't like romance stories, or romance stories between certain characters, then don't read them. When you go and leave a gratuitous, undeserved dislike on someone's hard work because just you don't like the subject or the genre, you're not "sharing an opinion", you're just shitting on someone's love and labor for no reason. It's as if people rang on your doorbell to tell you they don't like your face or the color of your house. If they don't like that, it's not your problem, is it? So if you don't like stories about the mane 6 having romances with each other, then consider just not walking up to the people that do and making it their problem. Yeah? Consider just finding something you like instead going out of your way to try and make someone else feel bad over what they do like.

i just joined today and everybody hating on me i just shared an opinion sheesh:facehoof: plus i'm new and...tired:ajsleepy:

TCC56 #5 · 1 week ago · · ·

Well that was a familiar question and conversation.

And one that makes rather a lot of sense for those two. Nicely done.

If "everyone's hating" you out of the blue without any experience with you, then maybe look back and see what you're doing that may cause people to "hate" you. I'm not hating you here. But you just went into someone's story that they just posted and you left a dislike for no reason. Imagine if I just went into your profile right now and just left a comment saying "I'm sorry but I don't think avatars should be made in MS Paint :rainbowwild:" would you like that? Would you feel like I did something for you? "Oh, it's just an opinion", right?

No, that would not be just an opinion, that would be me being rude and mean. You can have an opinion. But if your opinion isn't going to help anyone, then maybe keep it to yourself. Yeah? Maybe don't leave a public dislike on a new story and make it look publicly bad just because you don't like romance. Maybe don't be mean. And then maybe people won't be angry with you, call you out on it on your first day, and you won't have to whine about it when they do.

It's okay to have an opinion. But before sharing it, ask yourself this: is it going to help them be better? And then, ask yourself, is it something they could have already thought about? And only then consider sharing your opinion.

It's only familiar because it's natural for these two!
Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it, it took me a bit of work to capture their essence here but I think I did a good job of it.

also i didn't say it in a mean way all though u can't rlly tell it's a comment box

I'm an absolute sucker for these two! They're too damn adorable

also how exactly do ppl make the stories i'm just asking anyone cause i am very much clueless:twilightoops:

You may wanna have a look here

thx sorry if i sounded mean

Same, they're my OTP and I absolutely need to write more of them.

adorable as usual. Good work!

this is a mashup a made a while ago hopefully it can do some good for authors with no inspation or ideas a mlp mashup

This was so sweet and adorable!

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it, I had a good time writing this, even if making it all fit in exactly 1000 words took a bit of work.

... ppl still don't like me? no one else gets this type of treatment

This was a nice sweet story, good job!

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