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Set after Season 9 Episode 13- Between Dark and Dawn

It's feeding time for Fluttershy's many animals in her cottage, and Twilight and Celestia agreed to help after Celestia got back from her vacation with her sister. The downside was that the last animal to be fed are the chickens. Can Celestia be brave to face her fears with the help of her former student and friend?

Artwork on DeviantArt by SadTrooper
Title: Pony Greatest Fear

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Well, I feel sorry for what Scootaloo would do/say.


XD :rainbowlaugh: I remember this running gag

Let's just take a moment and bask in how a Monarch/Diarch has a phobia who's name sounds like 'Electoral-phobia'.

This is pretty funny. Is there more to it though, because the story is marked incomplete.


It is a one-off ^^ I'll change the status soon

I see. Still it was a funny story, especially Celestia explaining why she was so afraid of chickens in the first place. Anyone who has played a Zelda game knows how persistent chickens can be when angered.

Why is it that the Princess of the Sun is afraid of a little chicken?

I guess we'll never know for sure

Obligatory rage at the fact that bantam chickens can fly better than Scootaloo can, with Surf and/or Turf establishing her as a penguin instead. (No, that isn't my downvote).

Because someone at the studio is a Legend of Zelda fan. This may not be the primary proof of that, but it's hard to unsee when you remember the background pony that was.

Twilight and Fluttershy were in shock to find Celestia above on a tree branch, quivering like a stranded cat not knowing how to get down. Twilight was the most puzzled out of the two of them. She glanced between the chickens, now having some seeds to eat, to the quivering shape of Celestia before it clicked.

Oh my gosh it was the most funniest and yet adorable at the same time lol

Plus if she ever played Legend of Zelda do not hit the chicken

“I tried to teleport it back or levitate it, even used a barrier around me,” Celestia sighed, “But the Tartarus-damned thing wouldn’t stop pestering me and I didn’t want to hurt it.” Fluttershy gasped at such language spoken to a common animal pet.

Oh dang Celestia

Oh my gosh I did remember that episode and that moment that Celestia was afraid of chickens as I said before it was very funny and adorable at the same time but it was nice of Fluttershy and Twilight helping her to get over her fear even though it's still there it's like what Fluttershy said baby step this was a very good story keep up the good work

Oh yeah I forgot to mention I really do like how you use the episode as the aftermath I say that's a pretty cool idea can't wait to see what episode we'll see

As a fellow person who may/may not have dealt with this themselves, I can officially say that this fear is NOT an illegitimate thing.

This is a pretty hilarious Story how Princess Celestia is so afraid of a chicken boy that would be very interesting if silverstream bring that a cockatrice Eden to the mix lol


That won't go well XD

You know, she could've got a council from Starlight.

I too had been attacked by a jealous chicken when I was small. I can be a bit scared when I come near chickens, but I'm not that scared of them either. Maybe in time.

Fun Fact: Marvel's Domino also has Alektorophobia.

Kichi #19 · 1 week ago · · ·

Irrational? The chickens or Cuckoo are one of the most violent and dangerous species, worse that any final boss, that any final season villain. They multiply and you can't stop them, there is no stop when the attack you. (Except go to a house and get out)

Working with chickens for my studies, they actually quite friendly if held properly ^^

In the world of Equestria? I imagine a bad experience with a Cockatrice will give you alektorophobia

I have a crippling fear of spiders. Can't stand em.

I'm the same way, but with wasps

Kichi #24 · 1 week ago · · ·

Maybe they are like bulls and hate green hated young boys?

This story has earned its place in my comedy shelf, and has earned you a follow!

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