• Published 11th Oct 2021
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Fragments Of The Past - Applefai

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The Last Of The Past

Sunny Starscout stood at the border of Hydra Heights as she looked at the map. Taking in a contented sigh, she took in the majesty of where she was and how she got there. It felt just like yesterday that she and her friends brought unity back to earth ponies, pegasi, and unicorns.

Looking back at her friends, she smiled in remembrance as she remembered their grand adventure. Izzy came to Maretime Bay because of a drawing she sent with her dad, Zipp who wanted to find out about magic and her sister Pipp who reluctantly joined because of the situation they were in, and Hitch who after some hesitation finally joined in their ragtag group to bring magic back to the ponies.

"I'm not sure about this, Sunny. According to your dad's research dragons are highly territorial." Hitch said worried about his friends.

"Ah, c'mon Hitch, it's not like we're hostile conquerors, we're just here because according to Sunny, there should be remains of the past protectors of Equestria here." Izzy replied, chipper as always.

"Don't worry, Hitch. We'll be careful and alert." Sunny responded as she folded up her map and put it in her saddlebag.

Venturing into Hydra Heights the fog grew thicker and the mountains higher as the group pressed on, a chill swept through them as a gentle breeze howled as it passed through rocks and crevices.

Sunny looked around eager to see dragons of all shapes and sizes, but her optimism soon faded as she saw that Hydra Heights seemed pretty much deserted.

Pressing forward, they came to a spot that was supposed to house the remains of one of the guardians. "Alright, let's start digging." Sunny exclaimed as she laid out shovels and pickaxes.

Examining where it was Zipp saw that it seemed treacherous. "Are you sure this is the spot Sunny, it looks highly unstable."

"Of course I'm sure, don't worry we shouldn't be making that much movement." Sunny replied as she started digging. After a few minutes of digging, the mountain Sunny was digging under started to shake as boulders started falling down. Trying to get out of the way, Sunny tripped and sprained her ankle, a boulder was on a collision course for her as her friends screamed in terror with little time to react the closed their eyes, fearing the inevitable.

But instead of a crash, all that was heard was a roar and an explosion with the trinkle of rock pieces hitting the ground. Opening their eyes they saw that Sunny was ok, surrounding her were fragments of rock as it singed from the intense heat that hit it.

"WHAT ARE YOU FIVE DOING HERE!" a monstrous voice roared out. The five ponies looked up to see a colossal purple dragon with green scales.

Shaking a bit, Hitch speaks up. "Please pardon our intrusion, but we were led to believe that we could find some remains of the past protectors of Equestria here." He informed the drake with fear in his voice.

Turning down the volume of his voice, the dragon spoke again. "Be that as it may, this place is still too dangerous, leave now." He told them before turning to fly off.

"WAIT!" Sunny called out to him, the dragon turning to face her. "I-I recognize you." Taking out her notebook, Sunny turned to a page with a description and drawing of a dragon. "According to the description written in this journal, you must be Spike, right?" Sunny asked.

Hearing the name caused the drake's eyes to widen, he came down to meet the pony's eyes and gently spoke. "I am, and might I ask who you are, my little pony?" Spike asked gently.

Sunny looked deep into his emerald green eyes, they told a story of great sorrow and pain. She knew immediately that he was the last of his friends from the past. He's seen all of his friends go, one after the other. His eyes told of the pain and sadness he held in his heart. Finally answering, Sunny told him her name.

"My name is Sunny Starscout, I've come in search of one of the remains of the past protectors." She said as Spike listened.

"Ah, I see." Letting out a sigh he looked down at the group. "Follow me, I may be able to help." He said as he started walking through the terrain. Following the dragon, the group walked past several remains of dragons.

Hitch, thinking it strange, leaned over to Sunny. "I thought this was a nesting ground for some dragons." Hitch said.

"I did too, at least that's what I was led to believe, it says dragons have been spotted here, migrating from near and far." Sunny responded as she looked through her book.

Overhearing the conversation, Spike responded. "Indeed, dragons migrate here, but not to live or nest." a grim silence quickly falls as Spike stops to look at a skeleton of a dragon with gold armor on, in its claw rests a scepter with a red stone adorning the top.

Spike closed his eyes and quietly said. "I love you, Ember. I'll be seeing you soon."

The ponies hung back in silence, letting Spike have his moment. After a couple of minutes of silence, Spike opened his eyes and turned to the ponies. "As you can probably guess, this is where dragons come to die." Spike said.

Hearing this caused Sunny's ear to droop a bit. "So, you're….." Sunny began to ask before Spike nodded, knowing what she was going to ask.

"Now please, let's hurry, my time draws near." Spike said as he led them into a cave, illuminated by torches of his fire. Inside the cave lay six display cases on wheels, inside one that had an apple encrusted on the front, was a brown Stetson hat with two red ribbons in front of it. Another display had a rainbow encrusted on it, and inside was a series of books titled Daring Do, another display, with a butterfly crest held a tea set, a display with a diamond crest housed a heart-shaped fire ruby, a display with a balloon crest held a canon of sorts, and a display with a six-point star crest which housed a crown.

"These are some of the remains, Pinkie Pie's party canon, a gift I gave Rarity, Applejack's hat and bows, Rainbow Dash's Daring Do books, Fluttershy's tea set, and Twilight's crown when she became ruler of Equestria. I've held on to them for many years, keeping them to remember my friends, I've kept them clean and free from dust. I brought them here so I could die with them in spirit, but I didn't think of what would happen after." Looking back at Sunny, Spike met her eyes. "I'd like you and your friends to take them when I die, and share their stories. I've seen the world forget, and it pains me. With these, you could help oh and here." Spike took off one of his scales. "Take this also, to complete the collection."

Sunny smiled and placed a hoof on Spike's claw, followed by Hitch, and them Pipp and Zipp, and then Izzy. Sunny then spoke. " We promise, we'll do our part. Hoof to heart." The others repeated the phrase as Spike smiled, "that's a nice saying." He said as he with drew his claw.

Looking behind the five ponies, Spike saw his friends beckoning him to come over to the other side, along with them Ember stood holding out her claw, taking Ember's claw in his, Spike smiled as his eyes closed one final time, leaving Sunny and her friends there in a cave with what they came for, and maybe something more.

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Well this was a very sad short story and it must be very hard for Spike to see his friends go and throughout his thousands of years how Equestria fell apart but it looks like there's still some hope for it and he trusts it sunny and the others to keep an eye on the items of the main six and himself so their legacy will never be forgotten this was good a little fast but it was good keep up the good work

What even happened to the dragons or the other races???!!! Was there another villain that actually cause all of this to happened??!!

Where did the unity go in the first place, what about the sisters and Discord? When we last saw a races where living happily as one. I get divides form over time but everything seems to separated for all that had happened. During Twilight's time there was still quite a bit of interaction between all races at least.

Ah, the backstory, currently in the fan's hands, which (if any) will the series use or will they strike out on their own ....

The pacing felt rather fast, to be honest. One paragraph they were searching and the next they run into Spike immediately hands over Mane 6's stuff.

"Now please, let's hurry, my time draws near." Spike said as he led them into a cave, illuminated by torches of his fire. Inside the cave lay six display cases on wheels, inside one that had an apple encrusted on the front, was a brown Stetson hat with two red ribbons in front of it. Another display had a rainbow encrusted on it, and inside was a series of books titled Daring Do, another display, with a butterfly crest held a tea set, a display with a diamond crest housed a heart-shaped fire ruby, a display with a balloon crest held a canon of sorts, and a display with a six-point star crest which housed a crown.


Thanks for the reply.ill fix the canon .

11010269 Hasbro, carrying a huge armload of G4 canon, "Well, we won't be needing this!" Tosses it into incinerator.

I think it went something like that. :trollestia:

Probably, but oh the fanfic possibilities.

I haven't watched the movie, honestly.

But the premise alone makes it a worth read, and boy, I liked it.

A cute idea for a story, but as someone else said, (now that I think about it), it could use a little more "meat" so to speak. If you were only intending to write a cute little fluff piece, that's fine and you did well.

You've actually got to feel sorry for the current heads of the franchise. They're in the same bind that Beast Wars found itself in with Transformers. This is a new cast, and a new world of sorts, to try and make new stories with, without trampling on the toes...hooves of the old in this case. That said, Beast Wars is remembered now as one of the best parts of Transformers, and given what we've seen in this movie, I think that same dedication is present in the G5 cast and crew, to make their mark, without forgetting their heritage. We will, of course, have to wait and see.

That said, a neat little story, the ending pace is a bit too quick, but I can see why you didn't want to linger on that final moment. Overall, a good job.

Spike can finally rest in peace. :fluttercry:

we'll do our part hoof to :heart:

Weird jump from trying to keep them away and then going:

"Heres my most valuable treasures. Take them when i die"

I might try to see if I can make a few edits, but the treasure is not why he wanted them away, he feared they would get hurt in the terrain.

Spike, loyal to the end...

judging by his head size alone, that Spike was the size or maybe even bigger then Canterlot (Mountain), o.o

I feel like this could have been fleshed out a lot more. I like the premise, but it felt pretty rushed. It needs to breathe a little.

Well Spike at least you made it buddy now you can be with your friends in the other side you can rest now buddy.


Which sentence would that be


Well think about it he's been through a lot seeing his friends go one by one like the mane 6 gabby thorax ember little strongheart big mac and everybody he knows and how Equestria fell apart that is a lot of think he went through but at least there are still hope when he saw Sunny and the others they can make a difference and at least he can count on them to keep their legacy go on and now he can finally rest easily now

Wow that's pretty deep boy I feel bad for Spike 😒

oh hecc another spike in g5 fic πŸ‘

Okay, I'm a sucker for anything featuring old Spike. Upvote. I'm reminded of The Centerpiece Of My Collection, only I'm not shorting out my laptop with tears this time.

More important... what happened to DISCORD?

This brought me to tears not going to lie. Especially the part where it hint of spikexember my favorite#1 mlp ship. This is a beautiful story^^

Not bad though was kind of hoping Spike could maybe fill us in on what exactly happened. Obviously Rainbow, Rarity, AJ, Pinkie and Fluttershy died of old age but Twilight, Celestia, Luna and Discord should still be around yet they aren't. Would've liked some kind of info on that.

Otherwise a nice, bittersweet story.

Such a heartfelt and beautiful work of writing! And it's nice to imagine how Sunny and the others would preserve the old times and artifacts as to never forget them! Awesome stuff! Hope ya didn't mind, but I just couldn't resist making a reading of this lovely fic of yours!

Audio Linky!: https://youtu.be/iP4R1DJiVzM

(I don't mean to offend anyone with this comment in any way!)


I don't mind at all, I eagerly await the premier. I am overjoyed that you loved in that much.


Pleasant concept - my enjoyment was very much wounded by the size. Could've very much benefitted from a bit more detail and buildup. Regardless, still fun.

Thanks for the tears and goosebumps, this is a nice end for the great and mighty Spike.

i read it with Spike having Paarthurnax voice.

Did you know he is voiced by charles martinet who did the voice the ever-popular Mario Luigi Wario and waluigi

what a nice short story

yes and no. i am a spanish native speaker, so i played Skyrim in spanish. so the voice i have in mind is from another voice actor.

This made me realise something. We never saw Ember in G4's final episode, did we? I mean, probably in one of the massive group pics they showed, but not like Spike. We saw him having grown quite a bit, but not Ember. Bit of a shame that.

Fear not, Spike. You can count on Sunny and the others to carry on the legacy of Twi and co. RiP, good derg. :heart:

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