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There's canon, and then there's "canon because it's a show for children with an E/I rating". The former is my playground, the latter I ignore at will.


Starlight Glimmer is one of the most trusted members of the Special Branch of the Equestrian Intelligence Service. When the job must be done, she is the one they send.

Sometimes, those missions are filled with action and danger, romance and violence.

Other times, they involve lying prone on a rooftop, waiting for just the right moment to help somepony take a one-way trip to Tartarus.

Cover art crafted by my friend CrazyDiamond, using art from a few different sources. He also did the pre-reading, so extra thanks for that.

Now with an audio reading by StraightToThePointStudio!

Featured 4-27-21 to 4-28-21, peaking in the #3 spot. Thanks, everypony!

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I haven’t watched the old Bond films in a long long time.

I love this fic!

Very well written.

The idea of Starlight as a James Bond-like agent is an intriguing one, but here it works.

Looking forward for more of her adventures.

This is an interesting concept... and I can dig it. Good stuff. :moustache:

I think the title is a reference to The Eiger Sanction, a 1970s Bond-esque film starring Clint Eastwood.

A very intriguing story, well written and executed too.

However, there's one point where Astral Meadow is referred to as "August Meadow". You might want to fix that.


Whoops, that's what I get for editing after it's been pre-read. Fixed! Thanks for that, and I'm glad you enjoyed it!


The overall concept is a blend of Bond, but yes, the title is closer to The Eiger Sanction.

Thanks to everyone else for your comments.

I really enjoyed it. Not often you get good spy stories on here.

Really cool story !

Short but good, dipping a hoof into the AU. I like.

Man I love that your stories are fairly simple and short but still pack a big punch. Top marks for that.
Also Super Spy Assassin GlimGlam with a license to kill sign me up.


great story, glad Starlights cleaning up the trash

Enjoyable short fic!

Hope to get more character development in Starlight in the sequel.

I loved this a lot, it's definitely a new favorite of mine.

Starlight Glimmer Will Return...

You have earned yourself a follower.

I know Bond was the main inspiration, but this has hints of Jason Bourne *the title mainly*

I always like a fic where you can see the real world inspiration for the villains.

Hm, and then you get that Iron Cuff was there on his own undercover investigation to arrest Meadow and get from him the rest of the chain... but with him dead all is in vain...


It's funny you say that - I felt like this short didn't have much 'kick' compared to my usual stuff, but since it was meant to be an extra-short intro piece I wasn't too worried.


Yep, I'll be giving her a nice grand adventure.


Word of author says no, he's dirty. I'll probably give an update on his 'future' in the follow-up.

Thanks for the kind words, everypony!

Quite an interesting thing ya made here, and it fits pretty well from what I can see! From Starlight's little backstory to the lead-up of the ending, all of it is a damn good satisfying read! I hope ya didn't mind, but I made a lil' reading of this undercover fic of yours!

Audio Linkyloo!: https://youtu.be/iX1O5-OVU2A

(I don't mean to offend anyone with this comment in any way!)


Hey, thanks a bunch! I'll add it to the description.

Yeah, gonna need some more stories in this AU.

"On Her Majesty's Special Service"...

Title for the next one, gratis, to get it started...

I love Bond. I have followed them since I went to a theater with my mother, and saw "Thunderball" on the initial run...

Not too many "deux ex machina", please. Though Aston Martins are very cool...

Liked, and following...

:twilightsheepish: Hi Spike, back from your date already, What happened?
:moustache: Everything was great touring the castle until her head exploded . . . What a mess. The guards asked me a bunch of security questions too.
:twilightoops: Wut! why? who? Are you okay?
:moustache: Yeah, Rarity was right about my bad luck with others...

:raritywink: Do you think he suspects anything?
:trollestia: Not a chance Starlight has your back. . . Who's there? Oh hello my favorite student
:moustache: I do love a good James Bond story can I do "Mini Me"?
:twilightangry2: Wrong character! That's "The Spy who shagged me"

Nick Nack?
Odd Job?
Sheriff Buford P Justice?
P Galore?
Dr. No?
:rainbowlaugh: No


Hey, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

As far as gadgets and gizmos go, the original version of this story had the lead character (which wasn't Starlight) using a combination cracker similar to what Connery uses in You Only Live Twice. Those sorts of 'cool but not outlandish' gadgets, along with things like the acid Starlight uses, are as gadget-heavy as I plan to get. For the most part, Starlight's going to get by with wits, magic, and a gun.

I hadn't considered the car angle, actually. If I do include them I'll have to figure out how to ponify Bentley or Aston.

Ooohhh...a true fan!!!

Not many know about the Bentley...even with the brief appearance in "To Russia With Love"...

Okay...this is in safe hoove...hands...

Q's gonna be dissapointed...


I've read and own the bulk of the original books, so in my mind the Bentley is as 'Bond' as the Astons are.

I'd have to say Moonraker's my favorite of the novels, but I'll be going for a blend of book/film Bond in the follow-up.

I'll try not to take too long...and don't worry about Q. I have that problem solved.

This was a very good one-shot.

To blazes with pedophilia and child smuggling, and slavery of all kinds!

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