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Life's a bitch and then you die.


Twilight Sparkle has been ruling Equestria for over a thousand years and she has had it. Magic has been replaced with technology, ponies whine and complain all the time and after a certain trio visits her, she decides the time has come to wipe it out.

A G4/G5 crossover. Since we know nothing about the G5 ponies' personalities, I worked freely with them.

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Excellent Chatter 1 keep it up the story don't stop in till you reach Chatter 100 .
Ps a have brand new fanfic ideas you mite like to write


Well the next thing would be in a different story....perhaps Moondancer's party. This one was specifically about the future which turned out to be pre-Ponyville Twilight's nightmare.

How about this story the nightmare from the west.
The story is about scottish equestria take over Equestria and ponyville.


Scottish Equestria? Is that something from your ponyverse?

I like how everyone is doing G5 fics after only a few days of the leak designs lol :rainbowlaugh:


Well I just thought a Twilight freakout story involving G5 would be fun. I could see the Twilight from the night before Moondancer's party reacting like this to everything too. After all, her primary goal in life was to become as talented and well-learned as Starswirl, nothing more. I doubt the Twilight from right before the series began even thought about becoming a princess and taking over Equestria....and if attending Moondancer's party and actually being friends with her Canterlot friends was how to avoid the events of the series, I'm sure she'd gladly socialize. Yeah G5 fics are quickly coming a thing. I would put this in G5 groups but it doesn't portray the characters in a real positive light and in the end they just wind up being part of Twi's nightmare, that likely wouldn't sit all that well with some people.

Speaking of which, did they ever reveal their character. Like I’m terms of personality


Not that I know of. That is why I took the liberty of giving them the personalities I gave them. That is why I made Izzy a valley girl, Sunny as a pony who wants Twilight to make her teacher pass her and Hitch as a self-entitled gamer pony.

"Ooooh, that's not all. Then we had to stop the Everfree Forest from eating Ponyville, then we had to defeat Tirek because that dumb mutt Cerberus can't stay put. Then I had to face off against this crazy unicorn that stole cutie marks and perfected Starswirl's time spell. After that, Cadence's baby broke the Crystal Heart and we had to save the Crystal Empire. Then the unicorn that stole my cutie mark had to save me from Chrysalis. Then I unleashed the pony of shadows before opening a friendship school where some psycho filly stole these artifacts and nearly drained all the magic from Equestria!"

Don't forget about Celestia's dumb plan of dumping the princesses magic onto you, Twilight.
That is one huge problem with the finale there.

Also, loved how Nightmare Moon/Luna got a happy ending there too.

Thank you for making my day when they mentioned if Fluttershy ate animals.


Well Twilight was freaking out and not every detail stuck in her mind....thanks for reminding me about that. I did the Nightmare Moon thing because that is what would happen but Twilight doesn't want any of what was in her dream to come true so she befriended Nightmare Moon, as did the rest of her Canterlot friends to prevent the events of the series from coming to pass, particularly the ruling Equestria thing and living so long that she saw Equestria become what it does in G5. To her, being a loyal student and friend to Nightmare Moon is worth it, well that and they do become genuine friends.

Well Sunny wasn't doing so well in history class and that is why she brought up her eating animals and said that wasn't very loyal. She didn't even tie the right element to Shy.

I didn't see that twist coming of everything being Twilight's nightmare! Nice touch.


I was initially going to just have it be everything after she took over for Celestia and Luna but then I figured, why not have EVERYTHING in the whole series be her nightmare? Because let's face it, she initially was not thrilled about having to go to Ponyville in the very beginning.

Wonder how well does Nightmare Moon/Luna rules in this case?
With all the others popping up to cause trouble and such.


Well here is the thing, while she did have the Elements used against her, she is still tied to them....not Twilight and the gang so the power of the petrification spell holds, Chrysi knows better than to mess with NMM, yes Sombra does return but NMM is strong enough to handle him on her own. Cerberus never leaves his post with NMM in charge so Tirek never escapes, the cutie mark bond never happens so Starlight stays out in her village....as she is never discovered because there is no map. Flurry was never born so the season 6 premiere never happens. Like it was with season 2, Chrysi knows better than to mess with NMM so that finale doesn't happen. Twilight never attempts to free Starswirl in season 7. The school of friendship never happens so Cozy never surfaces and since the petrification spell holds, Discord isn't around to make the evils of season 9 happen. Nightmare Moon provides a much more stable Equestria, especially once the Canterlot 6 convince her that daytime is necessary for crops and temperature control.

Long story short: A series with Nightmare Moon would have a completely different setting, well Chrysi could choose to challenge her but let's face it, NMM would crush her.

Well... That was a load of stupid that once again makes me glad Hasbro doesn't listen to fan ideas.

Have a favorite anyway :D And I'll be glad when G5 doesn't do this. Because they're not that stupid.

I hope.


I doubt G5 is going to make them that way. I simply did that because this was in Twilight's nightmare and given we know nothing about their personalities, I took the liberty to give them personalities that would drive Twilight up the wall. If Hasbro listened to fan ideas, nothing would do all that well.

Thing is, I know none of this will happen, I just wrote this as a fun project....oh and thanks for the fave.

Is it odd I keep imagining Chrysalis acting all adorable when NMM gets her or something?
Like boop da buggo or something.


She could try to be all adorable but I don't see NMM falling into that kind of trap.

Meant like actual adorableness.

Yeah.. can't stop imagining Chrysalis having this adorable buggo side.
If only the show could have touch on stuff like that than just making her 'evil because evulz" with how they handled her.


That is something that could have been explored. WHY would she be evil? Was it simply because she wanted to take over Equestria or was there some other reason? A lot of people bring up Cozy Glow having no back story but I made one for her. She had horrible parents who neglected her and simply pawned her off on Twilight without even asking her if she wanted to go. That made her bitter and cynical and I think it wasn't long after that that she wound up communicating with Tirek.

You know how Discord set everything up for Twilight as a test, I know now that HE was the one who helped the two communicate. How else would Cozy communicate with someone in Tartarus? Cozy was horribly bitter but it was Tirek that helped push her past the point of no return....ok, I know I went WAY off topic here but I just thought I'd share my opinion while it was fresh in my mind.

If Discord was the one that allowed the two to communicate, he essentially corrupted Cozy Glow by allowing her communicate with a criminal pretty much.
Discord sure screwed certain characters over for sure.


Well Discord ADMITTED to setting up all these tests for Twilight in "The Ending of the End." Discord did a very good job of fooling folks for so long. He can say that everything was well intentioned but still, he put Equestria at risk so many times. I'm honestly shocked that they apparently had Discord and Fluttershy in a relationship in "The Last Problem." The Fluttershy we are most familiar with would have been too hurt and felt so betrayed by him that she'd never associate with him again.

Whats worse is how Discord still has that "people are my playthings" mentality due to this plan.
He intended on using the trio and Sombra as disposable pawns.
Which is something only bad guy's do.
Even if they are bad guys, they are still living beings. And yet, Discord disregarded that and used their lives as cannon fodder for Twilight.
That is something he needs to be called out on. He's supposed to be above this kind of thinking at this point due to reforming.


I'll be honest, I don't think Discord was ever fully reformed. Not only did he use the Legion of Doom as pawns, he put the very life of the Mane Six and the welfare of all of Equestria at risk just so he could "test" Twilight. Twilight didn't need to be tested in my opinion. Draconeqqui are chaotic by nature and I don't think Discord truly understood what he did could result in. Like you said, he also used living, breathing beings for his plan and what really seems to be "calling the kettle black" as some put it is that he was able to decide their punishment despite probably deserving the same thing himself.

The season nine finale wiped out all of his character growth and made him not much better than he was at the start of season two in my opinion. He used the Mane Six for his own amusement then, he used the Legion of Doom there in the end. Yes he apologized for what he did but still, he wound up not being the nice caring friend he had fooled them all into thinking he was. That is one reason I'm not fond of the implied ship with him and Fluttershy. I don't think Fluttershy would ever forgive him for what he did. I'm shocked she forgave him for what he pulled in the season four finale but to me, this would be unforgivable.

Wonder if his plan damaged Luna and Celestia's reputations?
I am sure even if his plan didn't go haywire, it would still make them look like failures.
For all we know, this might be more part of his "revenge" on them if he hasn't fully reformed. By destroying the sisters' reputations further than it already is damaged.


Oh I'm sure their reputations were damaged further. Throughout the show they always appear to be incompetent. Like in the episode where they go on vacation, they start out by fixing tiny little problems just so they can feel relevant. To me, that is reducing them to jokes and I was not a fan of that. Why not have them have to save Twilight and her friends, allow them to have one final glorious moment before retiring instead of having their big moment only being joining Discord in turning the Legion of Doom to stone?

Luna really needs the glory due to she returned from the moon only to fail and fail again.
And the fact the story literally started with her given how the book opening on her.
Luna starting the show off as a villain but ending it as a big hero would have been fitting.
Like make things come full circle.


My thoughts exactly. I think it would have been far better had they had her go out as a hero, the savior of Equestria instead of being depowered by Cozy Glow and being held prisoner most of the time. The more I think about it, the more frustrating it becomes.

The two not being included in using the final rainbow laser despite their cutie marks were on the tree and they used the Elements before adds more salt to the wounds too.

Speaking of the final rainbow laser, I do hope they touch on why Spike was finally included.
Hopefully its not going to be "everyone can use the magic of friendship", it will ruin the specialness of the rainbow laser if anyone can fire it. But it also screw Spike over since he's not being truly included with the girls, like its just he isn't "chosen one" that got to use the rainbow first like the girls are. It would also screw with Luna and Celestia too.


I personally think Spike was always treated as a second tier character throughout the series, much as Luna was treated as a second tier princess. Everyone LOVED Twilight, ponies use expressions for Celestia "Sweet Celestia, what in the name of Celestia, etc." Cadence is adored by the crystal ponies while Luna is basically crammed in the trunk with little if any acknowledgement of even existing half the time it seems.

I wished the show could have had Spike and Luna bond and such.
I know Spike is loved by the Crystal Ponies but outside of that, he got nothing.
(And in the Crystal Empire, the Crystal Ponies don't seem to be focused much on Luna and Celestia)
If only the show had Luna and Spike interact alot.

Aww, it's over. I want to see this story world expanded and how the timeline went after this NMM event


Well I could do a sequel I suppose. I am working on a season 10 and am in the planning phases of a G5 crossover. I swear, I said I was not going to put too much on my plate but that is exactly what I'm doing, again! The next one would involve Moondancer's party if I do decide to do a sequel.

They could have had them expand on the events of "Sparkle's Seven." Spike and Luna worked together there, they could have had them interact more throughout the series since both are in the shadow of somepony else.

Maybe even Spike and Luna teaming up for a finale to stop some big baddie or something.


That would be an idea. Definitely unexpected from me.

Wonder how Celestia and the Mane 6 reacts to the fact those two saved them?

I loved the afterword. In your version, they befriended NMM and reformed her, but in the actual canon timeline, Celestia was all like, "Friendship is super freaking important, so I need you to shoot my sister with a laser."


Well here is the thing, Twilight did not want to go through everything that went on in her nightmare, basically everything that happened after she skipped Moondancer's party so she figured that rather than fighting Nightmare Moon, that befriending her would be much better. She and her friends (the Canterlot 5) knew that you catch a lot more flies with honey than vinegar. Yeah the idea of Nightmare Moon realizing that Equestria needs sunlight for things to grow and be warm sounds odd to some but my view is that if you befriend somepony like her, you can be her moral compass.

I totally agree. I always saw Nightmare Moon as a villain that wanted to be loved, but she had fallen so far into despair that she decided that fear was all she would be able to get, so she went for that instead.

And I also never got over how Twilight never chose anything that really happened to her either. Twilight likes Friendship, Magic, and Books. Those are the things she likes. So seeing her stuck in a throne, stripped of her Ponyville friends, practicing politics of all fuckin' things, in a body she never asked for that would be able to do that for millennia... really bummed me out.

This story is very cathartic.


I added the Nightmare Moon part in at the last minute because that is what would have happened had Twilight put her Canterlot friends first. I also thought that a return of Nightmare Moon didn't have to be a bad thing or lead to a disaster. She is a pony with feelings like everypony else, she just went about expressing her displeasure the wrong way. Hell with enough exposure to the Canterlot six and their positivity, they could maybe even get her to free Celestia and they could try and patch things up.

Very funny, the ultimate Twilight hates everything scenario


This was a nightmare that Twilight had, including a bad case of Twilighting. Yes she hated everything involving how things would come to be but now, Twilight won't have to worry about it because since she started spending time with her Canterlot friends, she never got sent to Ponyville and of course, in a way anyway, the Canterlot Six reformed Nightmare Moon.

Yeah I know.... I did read the whole thing ;)

And aka "essentially brainwashing my sister despite the issues that led her to snap are not resolved lol".
All while she acts like Luna alone is at fault for this whole mess.
That certainly didn't sit right with me in the season 1 premiere there.

Twilight grabbed the tennis ball in her aura and ripped it off her horn. She snapped, "There, happy!"
Izzy pouted, "No cuz now my horn looks boring!"

According to the internet tennis balls on horns is a new trend these days.

Finally a blinding flash and explosion blew out the palace windows.

And about 200 years later we will see this mare running around, wondering just what the ll had happened back then:

Good story!
I enjoyed reading it.

But now I wonder what happened to Celestia in the alternate timeline? Is she still banished somewhere?

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