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Not all Alicorns are female and not all Alicorns are royalty. Some are working class ponies that the masses can relate with.


Colgate is bored, very bored so she decides to take a walk through the Everfree Forest. She journeys into the darkest part of the forest and discovers a portal. She goes through it and discovers a different world from an earlier time. What she discovers there amazes her and piques her interest. She finds something that not only her, but her sister Lyra Heartstrings would want so she returns home and tells Lyra about this. The two sisters decide to go to this world and acquire what they want but the inhabitants will not make it easy.

A crossover of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and G1 MLP

Chapters (13)
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Comments ( 14 )

Dis seems good to me so far.

Majesty replied, "I am not sure but I do know this, no one in Ponyland can do that.

'Winking', as teleportation is called back then, is one of the few magic powers demonstrated by Unicorns at all.
Not only should both Majesty and Megan know what happened, it should have been the very first conclusion they came to.

Megan put her mouth over Majesty's mouth and interrupted,

...Huh. okay. I mean, I know what you meant, but that part still made me do a double take on it.

In any case, hoky crap. Lyra...is crazy.

Um...are they supposed to seem like the bad guys, or...?

7123850 Who, Colgate and Lyra or Megan and Majesty?

7123817 I fixed it to where it reads "Megan put her hand over Majesty's mouth."

Thanks for pointing that out.

7205218 Nopony is supposed to be bad in this story. Lyra just wanted her human and Colgate sought to punish Queen Majesty for firing energy at Lyra.

I'm not saying that they're supposed to be bad, I'm saying that they seem that way, what with the enslavement and kidnapping and whatnot.

7205279 I'll admit, they do seem like the bad ponies going into Ponyland and foalnapping Megan and Majesty but I never meant for them to seem that way.

Bah, Majesty would disintegrate Colgate without blinking. :flutterrage:

Cool idea having Dream Valley be a comic book story for equestrians. And Lyra wants to kidnap Megan? Ohhh boy. :rainbowlaugh:

7857053 I'm not sure if there were in our world but in my Equestria, there are. I look back and the only thing I regret is having Lyra only having one of them. Had I been thinking, I would have had her have tons of them.

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